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  • Shrimp feed contaminated with melamine.
  • Pet owners whose pet food samples came back positive for acetamenophen have been making the rounds with several media organizations, including CNN, USA Today, etc. We hope that more information will come from the FDA.

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We’re still getting quite a bit of people looking for information on recalled foods — especially now that lots of stores have taken down their recalled food signs. If you have site, please consider adding this badge. It goes directly to our concise recall page that is always kept up-to-date.

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Salmonella Recalls:

In response to Ol’ Roy dry dog food being recalled for salmonella, here’s an article we wrote to explain the relationship between salmonella and pets and the FDA’s vets’ focus on finding salmonella.

In short, you are far more at risk from getting sick from salmonella than your pets.

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  1. Faith says:

    EHamilton, You’re right! I’m an idiot! And that reminds me…

    HEY ALL YA’LL STINKING PET FOOD COMPANY LURKERS! Just keep telling yourselves that this is only a group of wacky animal people. Instead you’ll find that we’re for the most part highly educated, gainfully employeed, motivated, and most importantly good-hearted people.

    Something I don’t even tell my coworkers and hate bragging, but this is “my personal call to duty”, I will act, and you need to know who I am…

    I’m a full-fledged genius, good job, still young enough to stay up till the wee hours spreading the work and I WILL NAIL YOU eventually. I KNOW I have the power to do it legally and honorably. Bet you can’t say the same about yourselves.

    Gang, speak up, this isn’t the time for humility…. tell them who you are and what they’re up against! Be proud! Be strong!

    Remember all those babies mentioned above! They’ll be proud of us!

  2. E. Hamilton says:

    Susan, please PM me.
    Anyone seen Ally?

  3. Debbie4747 says:

    E. You are really bringing out the baby boomer in me here. Think way back when, how idyllic we were in how we thought we were going to change the world. Drop out of society, eat “organic”…remember “eat organic”? Look what we’ve got now. Somehow I don’t think we pulled off what we tried for but the intentions were good. Too bad they all got lost over the years.
    I think maybe targeting the organic bloggers and some of the politcal bloggers would be a good idea as they may already be in the thick of it or at least aware. ?????

  4. menusux says:

    FDA Science Board to Meet on June 14

    June 8, 2007 FDA News

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Science Board will hold a public meeting on June 14, 2007. The board, an advisory committee to the FDA, provides the agency with expert outside advice on specific technical issues, as well as emerging issues within the scientific community, industry, and academia. Members counsel the agency on regulatory science, the formulation of an appropriate research agenda, and on upgrading FDA’s scientific and research facilities.

    “Science provides the foundation for FDA’s regulatory decisions,” said Janet Woodcock, M.D., FDA’s deputy commissioner and chief medical officer. “Science and technology are creating products with enormous promise and, frequently, considerable challenges. This in-depth review of our scientific capacity is critical to assuring that FDA will continue to meet the regulatory challenges of the future.”

    Members of the board will address food protection, the agency’s interim safety/risk assessment of melamine, a report on the Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS), and an agency-wide review of FDA science. For a complete agenda, briefing documents, and a list of subject matters experts that serve as advisors to the subcommittee and their affiliations, please see:

    The Science Board meeting is scheduled for June 14 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 2 Montgomery Village Ave., Gaithersburg, Md.

    Public comments can be submitted; please see the Federal Register notice for this meeting for more information:

  5. Susan says:

    E-PM sent.

  6. 4lgdfriend says:

    Ruth, I am so sorry–I know the quiet feeling from all too recently . I hope another furry companion will find you soon. Help spread the word.

  7. 4lgdfriend says:

    Menusux: Members of the board will address food protection, the agency’s ***interim*** safety/risk assessment of melamine

    interim??? do gongs go off for anyone else?

  8. 4lgdfriend says:

    E.Hamilton - way to go. save some strength for the long haul too - this won’t be over until the fat petfoodpoisoners sing.


  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, us baby boomers did it once. e can do it again. Go for it!

  10. Amy says:

    Ruth - I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Carol, LorieVA - I’m like you, I have a survivor (Lorie already knows as we share info offline). But it’s not the same, our routine of daily play and laughter has been interrupted by worry and stress, and daily subcutaneous fluids. I am not a needles/blood/medical person but I have stepped outside my comfort zone to care for my beloved pet. Instead of knowing I’ll have to say goodbye to her sometime in the distant future (she will be 8 this summer) I worry that I’ll have to make that awful decision much too early… I worry that we now only have months to a few years when without this petfood tragedy we could’ve had a decade or more. A decade. That’s a lot of time. She still sleeps curled next to me or sprawled across my chest, close to my heartbeat. We are still bonded, and when she’s feeling good I still get sneak attack lovebites on my back while I’m trying to do my eye makeup in the morning (haven’t lost an eye yet!). But other things are missing, she no longer attacks my shoestrings when I’m tying up my sneakers to head to the gym. Her meow is scratchy sometimes, and she seems to sleep so much more like any ill creature would, and I watch her obsessively to see if anything’s changed, different, worse. I keep telling myself I should write a journal just so I can remember all her funny little traits and I’ve become obsessive with the camera - both kitties (one is still healthy) are sick & tired of having a camera in their face. I hate the PFI for doing this to us. I hate them so much. I hate them with a hot, fiery passion. They’ve cut deep. And yet? I’m one of the lucky ones, my girl’s still alive and breathing and I know so many have been through so much worse and my heart breaks for each and every person going along on this horrible ride that none of us signed up for…

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    I meant We can do it again!! all of us.

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to free pet parents from feeling helpless and gather recruits for the army.
    Finds allies wherever you can and post the FCC complaint form link on pet blogs, regular bogs, groups where you are allowed to post, whatever you can think of that might help.

    There are pissed off pet parents who need us as much as we need them, find em.

    Use the PRIVATE MESSAGE system here in the forums for any sensitive stuff and further instructions will be posted as we come up with them.

    We have all already been disavowed by our government and the press and everyone else so no need to worry about that.

    You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

  13. pat says:

    i think it’s quite possible that the shipments rejected by China are every bit as bad as they said they are. i think that it’s a tenet of business in this country that if it can’t be sold here because of problems with quality, it can be unloaded in many foreign countries with impunity. i think it’s good that China is becoming more vigilant about what it accepts, no matter what their motivation might be for doing so. i hope they will also become more vigilant in what they export. for myself, i will be doing my utmost to avoid both imported food and that produced by mega corporations in this country.

    and, i will enlist as a footsoldier in Hamilton’s army.

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    Ruth, I;m so very sorry. I can’t even imagine .
    Ruth, LorieVA, E Wen, Faith, Could You PLEASE get in touch with Me. We don’t want this to be swept under the rug. The pets deserve recognition.
    And so do all of you!!

  15. Trudy Jackson says:

    Lorie Va, is that Virginia, or veterans adminitration, or just a name? It’s because i’m in N.C. that I ask,

  16. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Whoooo hoooo..Channel 10 in Phoenix finally aired the Ole Roy Dog Food recall…imagine that!

  17. Susan says:

    I will be shipping off one can of feline z/d to the lab on Monday. The vet wants to be the witness. He probably has more credibility than I do anyway.
    So we shall see what happens…

    (I know this is off topic, but I see Trudy is here.)

  18. Faith says:

    BTW I also have a survivor of a related nightmare. One of my cats is back in the hospital because his 9 inch scar from his recent cancer surgery is breaking down - the skin is compromised in that area after all the radiation treatments. He doesn’t have cancer - we beat that monster - so this seems minor in comparison.

    This is his 2nd bout of the most virulent form of sarcoma caused by a rabies injection 9 years ago. The pharmaceutical companies never publicly owned up to that one either…..

    We’d appreciate your prayers and good thoughts sent his way. He’s holding up well and fortunately is friends with nearly everyone at the closest vet school where he’s treated.

  19. Trudy Jackson says:

    Wow, susan. I can’t wait for the results. I wish i hadn’t gotten rid of Mine but maybe Your’s will tell us something. I sure hope so. Thanks and let Me know.

  20. Trudy Jackson says:

    Faith, our prayers are with you and yours.

  21. E. Hamilton says:

    I am getting very fond of this woman Lisa Wade McCormick

  22. Kiki says:

    Well, I have a true story I want to share with everyone because I think if this doesn’t shed CFL lighting on the true state of affairs this country is in -then I don’t know what will.

    I received a late afternoon phone call from my car service technician. My car has been in the shop for about 3 weeks. Reason? A very subtle sound that shouldn’t have been there. At first the guys couldn’t hear it, but then the entire staff could hear it and could also feel the ever so slight excess vibration that occurred occasionally, every now and again. If I was a normal person, with cd’s playing or talking or AC on, maybe I never would have noticed. I drive the car quiet - so I noticed. It took everyone else to be quiet to also notice and then they all noticed a strange, subtle noice and vibration.

    These guys took three long weeks of a step by step take-down, literally looking at every part. I did not ask them for this level of diligence, but they were so intrigued because NONE of their state of the art diagnostics (routine tests) showed anything even remotely odd.

    Finally they called and said, we found the problem. Great, I thought. They said they found aluminum deposits in some place in the engine (not usually looked at) and I said OK. They said, well, there just should not be aluminum deposits there for ANY reason. I said, OH, how did it get there and they said the only way would be because of the gas. I said (which is absolutely true) that I have only ever put in premium gas (Octane 93+). They said, we know, but we took a sample of your gas and had it tested and there was SO many contaminants and pollutants in it and excessive alcohol. I was completely silent (guess what I was thinking about). Then I said, but I was buying premium - high octane and they said that octane did not really address the level of contaminants in gas and that the EPA standards are so low that even just meeting standards would not be good enough to address the level of contamination if people were intent on selling contaminated gas. I asked if there is any gas that has lower contamination levels and they said the only gas they know of that is pretty pure is Shell. Shell invests in doing alot of testing of gas - theirs and others. So now only Shell V-power for me for now.

    So, I am getting like a brand new car since they cleaned out everything (this car only has 20,000 miles).

    Purpose of the story? Can we say MELA-GAS??????

    PS. BP gas has been found to be the worst (meaning they consistently find problems with cars run on BP) and they have the most environmentally savvy ads, by the way.

    Moral of the story: This just takes the cake - contaminated pet food, contaminated human food, contaminated personal care products, contaminated gas….Unless there are strict regulations and stiffer penalties, companies will opt to cut corners to increase profit margins. Just like the premium pet foods of Iam’s and Science Diet - many of us had spent more to assure better quality nutrition for our pets, I bought premium gas to assure better quality gas to protect my engine. At the end of the day, the premium brands are not only LOW quality, but it is also contaminated.

    Like the other poster stated - we have been absolutely abandoned by our government - glaringly during Katrina but insidiously everyday by the products they allow to be put on the market for us to slowly poison ourselves, our familes and pets, and now our vehicles. It’s no wonder the quality of life/shelf life of everything has gone down tremendously. We live in a suboptimal state (rather then expiring) only because we have the medical profession manage our chronic conditions, we buy new pets (in a few years after our other ones face rare conditions and diseases at super young ages and eventually are euthanized - even though our pets are so protected and pampered), we buy new cars in 3-4 years time because they start running rough and unreliably and maintenance costs outprice the cost of a new car even though many cars and trucks cost in the $30 thousands. An investment like that SHOULD last at least 20-30 years for everyone, not just for the expert laypersons that know how to fix vehicles.

    This is crazy, as I contemplate the stuff we have to deal with.

  23. Buster says:

    FCC COMPLAINTS: Broadcast stations MUST operate “in the public interest.” If they fail to do so, YOU may file a challenge to their license renewal. As outrageously cold-shouldered and evasive this media has been to this ONGOING MASS FOOD POISONING, I urge everyone to do so.

  24. Trudy Jackson says:

    Don’t wait for Bush to do anything about any of this.

  25. Susan says:

    That works for me, Buster!

  26. straybaby says:

    totally OT, but does anyone know how to hamdle an anti freeze spill?! just came home and there is a car parked that looks like it has leaked all it’s anti freeze out and i’d like to make it safe before some poor dog or cat gets into it . . .

  27. Trudy Jackson says:

    Cover it quickly with dirt. Cover it with something.

  28. Susan says:

    For antifreeze - soak up spill with rags, put them in a sealable container and ask your local gas station to dispose of.

  29. Straybaby says:

    Thanks you 2!

    I’ll have to go with rags as I’m in Brooklyn with no avaiable dirt!!!

  30. Ruth says:

    Thank you all for your thoughts. I breaks my heart for the rest of you guys who have pets that are still suffering. It so hard to imagine that the food we gave made them so sick. And the pet food companies still not doing their part to make it right.

  31. Lorie says:


    You can also soak it up with kitten litter it will absored it all adnd the scoop it in a bag and throw it away,

  32. Lorie says:


    I am in Virginia, never thought of Vetrans affairs sorry if I misled anyone

  33. 3FURS says:

    Straybaby–My first thought would be to throw lots of cat litter on it to soak it up. Then shovel up the mess into a garbage bag. Then pour laundry soap on what’s left add small amt. water and mop it up. worth a try.

  34. YaYa says:

    Straybaby, since cats and dogs like the taste; can you 1st try paper towels to sop-up as much as you can. {and put those in a plastic bags or 2 or 3 and into something like a tin can and more plastic bags, then the trash}

    And then put down some sand or clay powder or dirt or last resort- cat litter??

    You could call a service station for advice/product but, you need to remove as much as possible 1st anyway. {and I sure yu now that} And the other part so they won’t lick the pavement.
    Takes a long time to ‘dry’.

  35. straybaby says:

    Thanks all! I just grabbed an absorbent cotton bed sheet, cut it into wide strips and lined the gutter. also cleaned up the puddle under the car. worked well and i can drop them at the station tomorrow. have the bag in the hall with a warning note on it (top floor and only pet owner in the building)

    i’ve seen kitty litter used and thought about running out to get some, but this went more than the length of a building. I was def close to a bottle full. nice river in the gutter. i wasn’t sure how i would do the clean up after the fact or if the city would have an issue with it. lol!~ the downside of apartment living!

    It’s pretty clean if i do say so myself, but i’ll print out some warning stickers to put on the curb. sheesh. drives me nuts when folks change or add it and leave the empties on the curb around the ‘hood, a river of it is a bit nuts! GRRR!

  36. YaYa says:

    Terrible Flooding in China {can’t remember which ‘provinces’/counties}. It is estimated at 600 million in damages- HUGE.

    {those poor people!}

    Flooding is very bad for the Agriculture aspect. Contaminants any of the Growing crops.
    Very nasty by-product of Flooding anywhere.
    Hope they get on top of it.

  37. Trudy Jackson says:

    Starbaby, You did very good.

  38. YaYa says:

    I argee with Trudy, Hero of the day: Straybaby :-D

  39. Susan says:

    Thank you, Straybaby on behalf of your neighborhood animals!

  40. YaYa says:

    On Kiki’s Gas contaminants: How the heck would Alumimun get Into Gasolines?

    I thought Alumimun was a Totally Man-made metal {not mined or found in the ‘ground’}

    The only thing I can think of that it is contaminanted During Refining of Crude.

    {and depending on the ‘cafe-blends’ {how many ‘cleanings’ it goes through} could there be/must be, some wearing of the pipes and tubes and where metal meets metal pieces, rubbing off/shirring In-to the product.
    Great Refinery maintenance!

    What do we do?
    Can we Buy a filter for the tank at the mouth??? {get out my Grandma’s fine screen sieve?!}

  41. DMS says:

    “Over the past two years, 99 percent of food exported to the United States was up to safety standards, which is a very high percentage,” said Li Yuanping, senior official in charge of imported and exported food safety in the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ).
    could this be because only one percent is inspected?

  42. E. Hamilton says:

    The comments finally showed up Consumer Reports with a rather… limp statement from an editor

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I hope you’ll all take the time to read this entire post, as well as the linked articles from Consumer Reports. We share the concerns of pet owners everywhere, and acknowledge that the “16 cats and dogs” figure is the official count; as we say above, “many more are suspected.” As you’ll see from the article linked above, Consumer Reports has been advocating against contaminated animal feed for years. The linked article appeared in January 2005, long before the current crisis, and concluded that “our investigation raises concerns that the federal government isn’t doing enough to protect the feed supply and that as a result, the food we eat may not be as safe as it could be.” We will continue to report on this serious issue, and we look forward to a continued dialog with all of you.

    Marc Perton
    Executive Editor

    I doubt they will repeat the hated 16 unless they want another pounding.
    The look forward to a continued dialog stuff made me laugh. I just bet they are.
    They do the 16 again and he will be looking back at the smoking ruins of his career.

  43. Susan says:

    I had just about given up on them. I hope next time they can say 16 of Menu Foods test animals died and untold thousands in the US alone.

  44. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just posted to consumer Reports. How long does it take to get it on there?

  45. Trudy Jackson says:

    LorieVA , Are You still on here?

  46. E. Hamilton says:

    Many more deaths suspected?
    The vet and I were both real sure MY pets were really dead.
    They were dead enough to be cremated.
    The editor really should have apologized.


    I can’t deal with this guy tonight, I just can’t.

  47. Trudy Jackson says:

    When the Hell are they going to tell us what foods the acetaminophen is in? We demand to know now!!!

  48. JJ says:

    Faith my prayers are with you. My previous dog went thru 26 days of radiation treatments - yes we beat the cancer but her elbow developed a sore which opened up cause the bone was coming thru the skin. I did a search and found that cottage cheese in small amounts (if your cat can have this) helped to heal the skin and it had started to grow over the bone again. But as luck would have it I had to take off her leg anyway. She did fine til the kidneys started to go so know where your at. Please make sure the clinic/hospital explains everything they are doing and what home care your baby should get. The cancer facility I used in Buffalo Grove, IL slapped a bandage on her leg after her last cancer check-up and sent me home - never, ever telling me the dog should have been on a high protein diet to heal her fully. My best to you and yours.

  49. Trudy Jackson says:

    My letter is still not on consumer Reports?

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