Recall Update: Monday

By the time you read this, we hope that the problem of tainted pet food and the supply of toxic ingredients should be front-page news. Everywhere. If it’s not, it should be.

The New York Times (and the International Herald Tribune) is reporting that melamine spiking of ingredients in China has been “going on for years”. And that it’s such a widespread problem a few reporters have been able to get the participants to talk to them in the open. It’s what we’ve feared, but suspected all along.

The practice is widespread in China. For years animal feed sellers have been able to cheat buyers by blending the powder into feed with little regulatory supervision, according to interviews with melamine scrap traders and agricultural workers here.

More highlights here.

No one knows how long we have been feeding our pets such tainted foods, and how long it has been in the human food supply. We hope someone — FDA or not — will find out everything we need to know.

Despite the apparent magnitude of the problem, the FDA and the USDA continues to wish us good eating.

To follow up on the recalls from last week:

American Nutrition says there was no deliberate deception. Says they were following customer requests. Full release after the jump.

In other recall news:

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American Nutrition Responds to Criticism
American Nutrition Inc.‘s announcement yesterday of its voluntary recall of certain products that contain rice protein has prompted questions concerning the labeling of those products, and about whether or not American Nutrition engaged in deliberate wrong-doing. A complete list of the products subject to the voluntary recall can be found at
To set the record straight, American Nutrition did not engage in any deliberate or intentionally wrongful conduct relative to the inclusion of rice protein in certain products it manufactures.
Rice protein is an ingredient commonly used in pet products to fortify protein content and provide proper texture and consistency of canned pet products. It is not harmful to animals. To the contrary, it is believed to be a healthy additive that assists in providing appropriately high protein levels without creating unacceptable levels of fat associated with meat products.
Concern exists about rice protein not because of its inherent qualities, but rather because rice protein shipped from Wilbur-Ellis to American Nutrition was found to contain concentrations of melamine, an industrial chemical used to make plastics and fertilizers that may be harmful to animals if consumed. To be clear, the possible existence of melamine Å“ not the inclusion of rice protein in pet products Å“ is the root source of recall concerns. The melamine in this instance unfortunately happens to have been found in the rice protein used by American Nutrition and other manufacturers.
While rice protein was used to fortify products involved in the recall, many other pet foods manufactured by American Nutrition (including their own house brands and products manufactured for several other companies) were not affected. The unaffected products rely instead on soy, corn and wheat as their primary non-meat protein sources. Conversely, the products affected by the contaminated rice protein recall had customer-driven formula specifications for non-soy, non-corn, and non-wheat ingredients. Those customers specifically required rice-based formulations, which necessitated certain fortifications to meet label guarantees. As such, American Nutrition selected a fortification source from the same family of ingredients already incorporated into the formulation (in this instance, rice).
The products subject to the American Nutrition voluntary recall are contract manufactured for other companies. American Nutrition is investigating the circumstances surrounding labeling, formulation and related inter-company communications, but it is simply false to state that American Nutrition was engaged in any deliberately deceitful and/or unlawful conduct. Labeling responsibility is a cooperative effort between American Nutrition and its customers. American Nutrition believes, for their part, that they were compliant with all applicable label regulations. Additional information will be released as American Nutrition completes its own investigation and as they continue to cooperate fully with ongoing FDA and other governmental agency inquiries.
—We want to express our deep concern over this situation. American Nutrition places a tremendous emphasis on honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business. Our utmost concern is for the health of the pets that consume our products“, said Bill Behnken, CEO of American Nutrition, Inc.
Ogden, Utah based American Nutrition, Inc. manufactures pet foods under its own name and for many other companies. American Nutrition has 150 employees.

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  1. ally says:

    “Not yelling at you purringfur”

    Sorry, meant SmileOnADog - my bad!

  2. Beth says:

    How about two more forum headers . One for “In memory of” and one for “Get well soon” where people only listed the pet….the diagnosis and the food fed. The number “16″ is our biggest problem. I would have listed my pet in your header….but it seems like its more for support.

  3. purringfur says:

    ally Says:

    April 30th, 2007 at 6:17 pm
    “Not yelling at you purringfur”

    Sorry, meant SmileOnADog - my bad!

    No problem. At first I thought a troll had adopted my name!

  4. Chad says:

    Gonna repost this in case a evening memember can help me out. Thanks,

    Started home cooking for my boy (dog) but I want to add a single vitamin supplement. The only ones I could find in stores where only designed as a supplement to commercial food. The calcium was only 75mg, vitamin A was really low too etc. etc.

    I was looking at Furoshnikov’s formula from Does anyone have any experience with this product? Or do you know of any other products like this that contain all the vitamins etc. I would like powdered form if possible.

    Thanks for your help. I need to order this today!

  5. robin says:


    The B-Naturals site has some good info. I use some of their products.

  6. purringfur says:


    It’s wayyyyyy too early to judge the effectiveness of the campaign. Sometimes a letter takes 3 days just to go across state lines! Mailing on Saturday, Apr. 28, was also a half day for a lot of post offices. Mine is only open to the public till noon on Sat.. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes after the windows close, but maybe the mail was not even yet stamped by Sat. afternoon. I have mail carrier pick up & delivery. I doubt if the carrier gets back to the PO before 4 p.m.

    I agree that the Itchmo forums have to be the place to organize content and any furture concerted efforts to “target” officials or another type of campaign..

  7. SandyC says:

    elizabeth Says:

    Elizabeth, I couldn’t agree with you more. Whether 15 people sent post cards or 3000 people sent post cards, the blitz was a success. Each card represents a pet that someone loves. Each card let someone tell their thoughts to another person. Each card represents one person willing to stand up for their rights. And each card will be like a small stone dropped in a pool of water. The ripples will be far reaching.

  8. robin says:


    The Melamine is nitrogen rich, most fertilizer’s are full of nitrogen. It probably does contaminate the soil. Lucky me, I have horses so nitrogen rich soil the good way.

  9. Debbie4747 says:

    To all,
    I made that post about the full page ad in the forums under “Making a Difference”. I hope people will be interested and we can get this going!

  10. E. Hamilton says:

    Got an idea for a topic on the forum? Then either post in the forums that are covering that subject or START one.
    Want some so called celebrity to help us, have at it, get them the news about this site , have a flunkie read it to them, whatever it takes.
    Heather Mills donated money? I am as impressed as I think it deserves, her shiny face giving a press release about the scope of this tragedy would not cost her a dime, or get her a tax deduction but we won’t go there. Is she ALLTHAT concerned about the poisoned pets? Seems not.

    Yes, there will BE a new postcard blitz but we are not going to make the same mistakes, maybe a whole new set of mistakes but not the ones we made this last time. That topic is over for me. Discuss, debate, do whatever you like but if you are not getting the info posted in the forum, in USEABLE form, then, hon, your opinion is not gonna matter much to me in planning the next one.

    Clearer than that I cannot get.

    I am not going to hold hands and weep for my lost pets, or yours.
    I am not going to debate this commercial pet food or that one, until I SEE a shiny face up on TV saying that pets drinking too much water is a sign they have been POISONED ,then who cares what else they do? I sure as hell am not gonna beg them to “lie to me some more, so I can spend more money on your crap”. I DO NOT CARE what they say, I do care WHAT THEY DO, so far they aint doing what needs to be done. The big pet food companies simply do not matter to me now. You want to beg for info, listen to the lies, do it, but while you are asking pretty please of the very folks that KILLED your pets, made POISON that you paid good money for and left you and your pets hanging in the breeze, why not ask how come they are not on the tube telling the pet owners the signs of the poison? Since they CARE so much.
    Where were they while the pets were dying?
    Care, do you,? Did I miss the information, because I damned sure did not miss your commercials?

    What I WILL do, with you or without you, is STOP that damned 16 ‘Official” deaths. When I am done every human being in this country is going to KNOW that MENU FOODS caged and tortured those 16 animals and then they started in on MINE and that every single person who quoted the death toll as 16, OWES me, and you , an apology. And more, but the apology is step one.

    My pets, and yours, did not die from tainted food, or contaminated food, they died from POISON that perhaps every single human in this country has eaten, and if they were just “canary’s in the coal mine” that died to save others, then they WILL be canary’s who COUNT.
    OUR pets died and WE alerted the world and as far as I am concerned we ALL deserve a sh1tload more respect than we are getting.

    The sick count too, and all the money in vet bills and food we dare not use, and the total disrespect of “your dead don’t count”, “you are just a bunch of hysterical cat ladies” and this is “just” a pet food recall.
    My view is that WE, and our dead pets, SAVED their ass. Not sure I would do it again, as matters stand. Choke on the poison, I will try not to laugh springs right to mind.

    For NOW, for TODAY, what I care about is destroying that 16 “official “deaths and either you FOCUS and help or you can get out of my way.

    Here is a hint, the FDA aint the only folks that can issue an “official” death toll.

  11. ally says:

    “ITCHMO ADMIN: Added. Make a difference:”

    Merci buckets - you ROCK!

  12. SmileOnADog says:

    Hey Ally, no worries.

    I don’t understand what you mean by posting on the forums? You mean 15 other people mentioned Oprah ineffectively mentioning the pet food recall? I’m lost here. : )

    I was just saying, in agreement with E. Hamilton, that Oprah has her head in the sand, and then, that the show was a joke. I hadn’t seen any posts referring to that Oprah episode last week, but I didn’t find it so important because it was no help. Am I missing something?


    ally Says:

    April 30th, 2007 at 6:16 pm
    SmileOnADog Says:
    April 30th, 2007 at 6:04 pm:

    “On Oprah’s … show …. had about 5 minutes dedicated to the pet food recall, in the tone of, “There’s been a recall or something, right? What’s that all about?”

    If you review E. Hamilton’s comment made above at 4:08pm:

    “every single person working on the blitz had already tried to get Oprah to be involved, go look at her site, she gets a ton of money from Proctor and Gamble and Oprah is NOT going to help us, ok?, not happening.”

    This is another expample of why E. Hamilton, myself, Itchmo Admin & others are urging people to share their information in the forums. The Oprah thing has come up at least 15 times. Not yelling at you purringfur, just illustrating a point and another plea to share on the forum as well, so tid-bits of info like this don’t constantly get buried or missed.

  13. Donna says:

    An email from Canidae:

    To all our valued customers, retailers and friends,

    Unfortunately, we are being inundated by recall questions, and we may not be able to return all e-mails in a timely manner. To reiterate, CANIDAE in no way is affiliated, nor has any common characteristics with the current pet food re-calls. We do not use soy, wheat gluten, rice gluten, rice protein concentrate or corn gluten in any fashion, and we are not produced in any of the recalled facilities. All ingredients are proudly raised and grown in the USA.

    To reiterate, CANIDAE Pet Foods is in no way is affected by the current can re-call, and we aren’t, or have never been, produced at any of the recalled facilities. We do not produce Cuts and Gravy, Pouches, and none of our products contain wheat, or wheat gluten.

    With the current cuts and gravy recall by a large co-packer, and all the misleading information, we thought we would help explain the production of canned foods. There are only a hand full of co-packers that are located in the US and they produce most canned foods. A few companies choose to have their cans made outside the US , and may or may not disclose that information to you. The pet food industry co-packers are no different from the human products we ourselves eat or drink on a daily basis. Each formula is different and unique to the specific pet food company in which the formulas are owned. Ingredients, quality grade of meats, grade of carbohydrates, vitamin and mineral formulations, to name a few, are all at the discretion of the pet food company in which the products are produced for, and are apparent by the governmental regulated labels. Our heartfelt concerns go out to all involved and or affected by the re-call.

    All Canidae products are produced in the USA. We do not purchase ingredients from any suppliers outside of the US. All Canidae ingredients are grown &/or raised in the USA. In addition, we only purchase the absolute best USDA grade “A” hormone and antibiotic free meats. Our rice is also grade “A” Pesticide free. Our fish is FDA inspected and passed residual free of ethoxiquin.

    Our cannery is a small facility located in IL. and able to produce the highest quality products. This small family operated facility only produces products that are of the highest quality human grade ingredients. Our formulations were created by an outside nutritionist that has been developing canned foods for over 35 years. You can feel assured by our quality and product performance that our cannery holds the highest standards in production, and is regulated by AAFCO by (NRC), USDA, FDA, IDA, EU Approved and is Organically Certified.

    Our dry foods are produced in TX. Our plant has been involved in animal nutrition for over 75 years. The original pet food extrusion mill was built in 1978. CANIDAE’s involvement with the plant sparked the introduction of our own extruder in 1999. Our dry goods facility also regulated by AAFCO by (NRC), USDA, FDA, TDA and EU Approved. We are currently under production with a brand new plant at the same facility to keep up with the growth and demand of our product line.

    In order to ensure the highest quality meat based biscuit ever created, we ventured into the biscuit production business in 2003. Our 100 foot oven runs our fresh biscuits daily in a building opposite our extrusion plant in TX. Our biscuit plant is also regulated by AAFCO by (NRC), USDA, FDA, TDA and EU Approved.

    We thank you for your business and placing your pets trust with us.


    Canidae Pet Foods

  14. Jenny says:

    Well, have only had time to quickly scroll through the messages this weekend and today. Thanks itchmo, pet connection, e hamilton, others for your continued great work on this. The forum is a great idea.

  15. Grace says:

    Senator Patty Murray - the Buck Stops Here!

    Your pets were poisoned thanks to unrestricted trade with China and now our human food supply is tainted, too. Who is the biggest promoter of free trade in our government? Senator Patty Murray of Washington State. Check it out on her own website. All that seems to matter to her the the huge amount of money free trade with China brings to the elite of Washington State. (Don’t blame most of us WA state residents: the money does not trickle down!) And don’t blame the average Chinese citizen, either. They are being poisoned, too, and their honest exporters’ websites had warnings about cheap, contaminated grain proteins as far back as 2005. The ethical Chinese business people are being hurt, too, by the criminals that have taken over our foreign trade system.

    Here is a link to Senator Murray’s web page about her position on free trade:
    And here is a link to e-mail her and let her know how trade with China is currently impacting you:

    Let Senator Patty Murray know that we demand safe trade!

  16. Donna says:

    I have put together a Webshots photo album of affected pets. My pets have not been affected, so I don’t have any photos in it yet. Please feel free to give the email address below to anyone with an affected pet…have them email me a photo, pets name, food they ate, date of passing if they died, and contact name/email address. I think this will serve a similar function as the postcard blitz, but may be able to reach more people.

    My email address is AngelSimba61 at yahoo dot com.

  17. Amy says:

    Sorry - I haven’t read all of the posts today so I don’t know if this was already mentioned but I did see the Oprah pet food segment and the one glaring point was that she has someone feed her pets human food - rice, carrots, and beef.

  18. ally says:

    SmileOnADog - sorry I used for an example but it was handy!

    I meant that by asking why Oprah wasn’t more involved, something you mentioned, that others have suggested or commented on about her in varying formats, numerous times, on this blog, Pet Connection’s, Itchmo’s forums, the Petfood List forums - you name it. If we use a central place (now the “Making A Difference” forum here) to point peops to, we might avoid having the same things brought up over and over again. Hopefully that clarifies what I meant above?

    I hope that makes sense. Sorry - I’m tired. I think we’re all tired from reading the blogs and forums until our eyes our bleary beyond belief while trying to keep a handle on this recall…for the sake of our pet’s lives….and for the pets who gave their lives in order for us to uncover the lies spilling forth.

  19. ally says:

    Itchmo -

    Can we move the following threads (now in Misc. forum) to the new Making a Difference forum:

    Medical Costs for Treating Affected Pets
    Changing or vanished pages.

    Are there others we should move too? E. Hamilton - this is your baby - what else do you want centralized in the new forum?

  20. ally says:

    Donna Says:
    April 30th, 2007 at 7:40 pm
    “I have put together a Webshots photo album of affected pets”

    Please start a topic with your link in the Making A Difference forum here:

    Your photo album is a wonderful idea.

  21. kristy says:


    I have fed one of my dogs with irritable bowel disorder Evanger’s canned Duck and Sweet potato formula for about a year now. She has done extremely well on this food and has had none of the recurring intestinal disorders she had when I was feeding her Solid Gold’s chicken formula. I also like the idea of knowing that they are the manufacturers of their canned food. I don’t think that they manufacture their dry foods in-house.

  22. Lorie says:

    I am going to say something that I may get blasted for, do think the FDA or who ever is squashing the true story is keeping a lid on it, because they know it was intentional and do not want the group who did it to know how successful they were.

    Go a head scream at me, it would make sense to downplay it though so they would think it was a failure and not proceed onto the next phase.

    Maybe I have seen to many movies.

  23. gracesfurbabies says:

    I agree with moving some of this to the forum and asking people to stick to the d*** topic! It’s much easier to use the search engine there if you’re looking for something specific. I want a thread that’s just about what food people are using and which they’ve had problems with. Think I’ll go over there and start it now.

  24. Jenny says:

    And actually when I am looking for discussions on specific foods, I’m finding thepetfoodlist forum very handy.

  25. Annie says:

    Lori,I think your right on the money about the FDA. I think there is going to be BIG Time Arrest MADE !!!!!!. To Many Pet Foods were in this Recall And To Many Pets have Died. I’ve also notice the news media isn’t saying much.

  26. Annie says:

    Nutro,Iams,Eukunuba,SD, Natural Balance are the food’s most people are saying their pets got sick from. I’ve read alot of people are switching to,Canidae and Natura Pet{Innova,Califorina Natural}

  27. Diane says:

    ********** What I can’t quite wrap my mind around is, if this melamine ‘enhancement’ of animal feed has been going on for years, why did our pets only just recently become exposed? Is it that they (whoever ‘they’ are) have just now begun to also enhance the export protein compounds? **********

    I thought it was the chemical reaction between that and the cyanuric acid that was the issue…..

  28. Amy says:

    Lorie you have a point however I’m more apt to think the FDA has their heads too far up their collective a$$es to have any idea what’s really going on!

    On a separate note - I hope your kitties are doing better! My girl seems so much better today. After work I stopped at Wild Oats and got some live wheat grass which she dove into when I put it by her food. It’s great for clearing toxins from their systems… actually with the threat to the human food supply I might have to start eating wheat grass, too!

  29. Lorie says:


    I would like to buy some grass but afraid it is spread with pestickde out here in the DC Metro area need to grow my own. If I bought wheat grass seed do I just plant it in regular potting soil or do I need to buy a special kind that won’t grow poison grass. Probably a stupid question but I am not sure. Glad to hear your kits are doing well, mine have been off all petfood since Friday morning and they seem to be improving each day. Gave pepcid this morning going to see what happens if I do not give them any tomorrow. Chat with you via email at work. I will say prays.

  30. Lorie says:

    Geez I need to go to bed meant to say prayers

  31. E. Hamilton says:

    There is now an OFFICIAL OPRAH thread, I never want to hear about it again.
    Refer everyone and anyone who mentions the “hot” idea that Oprah might want to help us to THAT thread.
    That subject is finished.

  32. Amy says:

    Lorie - like I said I bought the wheat grass at Wild Oats which is like Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s if you don’t have Wild Oats in DC - I know you have the others (I actually travel out there for business periodically!). Anyway, I normally have a pot of wheat grass growing and they love it. You can buy kits online or just the seeds… all you need is soil and a few days for the seeds to germinate. Of course you’re going to want to watch what kind of soil you use to make sure it doesn’t have anything weird but everything I’ve ever read about wheatgrass is that it does wonders to cleanse toxins from the body.

  33. june says:

    Helen In response to Evangers, I feel their food is a large reason that my cat is still alive. She is elderly, is diabetic and has had chronic ear and rear leg problems. I blame yrs of Science Diet , Purina1 before the S D and fancy fst for a lot of her problems. I put her on Ev, her diabetes disappeared, she started walking again, stopped mucosey drooling etc. She also was having tremors that stopped. 2ce I gave her other foods, 1st time S D, sympyoms all returned and she developed a very scary respiratory inf. 2nd time I’d run out of Ev and gave her Friskies for a day and a night. She went into convulsions and is diabetic again. I keep her only on Ev and Felidae. Serengetis for dry as that is the only one that she will eat, she is going great again. Also have another cat that developed Diabetes. same muc drooling and rear leg problem, and he is doing well on the same foods. His diet was mainly Friskies since the recall. Realize that the diabetes can cause some of this but am amazed at how the symptoms disappear when they have Ev. Also blame the foods for the diabetes. Have a great vet for which I am very thankful. I feel these 2 foods are the only answer to the current recalls, if they are recalled there is nothing else.

  34. june says:

    Forgot to tell you that the food can be mealy and thick. Mixing some baby food chicken or veal with it helps a lot. Beech Nut is the only brand I use as it doesn’t have the additives. Check the labels.

  35. SmileOnADog says:


    I hear you, but it doesn’t sound possible, IMHO. I don’t read all the other blogs, (with my rescues, don’t have that much time in a day), I’m sure others here don’t either , so we don’t know what is repititious. I see no reason anyone tired of hearing about Oprah (which I’m not, by the way. I find it interesting, myself) could just, as soon as you see the word “Oprah”, skip to the next post. Not a biggie.


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