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116 Responses to “Recall Update: Monday”

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  1. Ruth says:

    ” Tyson requires a pure food guarantee from its ingredient suppliers.”
    This was the answer I got from Tyson back on April 24,07, when I wrote asking about how safe their products were to the public.

    Guess they didn’t think their story would come out almost 2 months later in the L.A. Times today June 11,07 concerning safe ingredients.

    Tyson foods you missed that one on your PR. BS> and you think we are supposed to believe what you say…..and eat your Mela-chickens too.

  2. Rick says:

    For all you folks who live out that way…

    ‘Dog Stew’ delivers pet food alternative
    By DAVID KROUGH, Staff

    With scares about the tainted deadly pet foods in the U.S., a Portland man is finding a way to help concerned pet owners and be convenient at the same time.

    …Woodford started his recipes after his dog Jackson was diagnosed with lymphoma. He said raw diets did not boost Jackson’s immune system, so he set out to research what would make the best homemade meals for dogs.

  3. Ann H says:

    Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

    THAT 1% that Menu Foods Threw in our Faces…

    Has turned in 11% choking them!!!!

    Menu Foods Income Fund (TSX:MEW.UN) (”Menu Foods”) previously disclosed in its first quarter results that a significant customer had put orders for cuts and gravy product on hold. Menu Foods announced today that it has received notice from that customer, stating that the customer will no longer purchase cuts and gravy products from Menu Foods. The customer continues to purchase “loaf” products from Menu Foods. As also previously disclosed, the cuts and gravy product purchasers from the customer accounted for approximately 11% of total sales in 2006.

  4. HomeGrown says:

    Did you know that there is a Consumers Union?

    Go here and click on food at the top.

  5. randy says:

    New Info from Don

  6. YaYa says:

    THANK You AnnH!!!!!
    Girl You Go!

    YiPeEeeeeee! Push em Back-Push em Back-WAAAAAAAAY BACK!

    PETS: 100
    MENU: 0

    PETS WIN!!!!!!!

    {well we got a whole lotta more to go Team! but don’t this just Pump the Engine?! :-D }


    Randy, Thanks for the Heads up on the Up-date at Don’s too!

  7. TC says:

    YaYa - I lost track of where I posted what, happens at my age! Thanks so much for the link:)

    Oh, I am freaking - the one horse still eating a bit of grain is my absolute favorite and yeah, we’ve likely just lucked out. My horses are total air ferns, and get fat as hens on hay/pasture, so given what is going on right now, I think we are going reconsider our options. No point in doing the horses a small “favor” by treating them to grain if it will compromise their health, huh?

    I was reading on another board about a rash of horse illnesses/deaths that some posters fear may be grain related. They don’t know yet, so they won’t disclose either the name of the grain or the feed store chain involved due to lawsuit concerns if they are wrong (they did say it started with a T).

    I will post results should it turn out that the grain is implicated.

  8. Floridian says:

    Karma - no doubt about it..

    Rabies kills 201 people in China in May

    BEIJING, June 12 (Reuters) - Rabies killed 201 people in China last month, staying at the top of the list of the most deadly infectious diseases in the country, state media said on Tuesday.

    Rabies has topped the list for the last 13 months, except in March when tuberculosis came first, the China Daily said, blaming dogs for spreading the disease.

    Beijing has introduced a “one family, one dog” policy and last year launched a campaign against unregistered dogs.

    The State Food and Drug Administration also said last year it would severely punish companies that produce fake and poor quality rabies vaccines, after several people reportedly died from substandard vaccines.

    Fake or bad drugs have killed dozens of people in China in recent years and raised questions about drug safety.

    Last year, Shanghai implanted digital chips in the ears of 65,000 dogs to improve “canine management” and prevent the spread of rabies.

    Pet dogs were shunned in the days of Mao Zedong as a symbol of bourgeois decadence but have become increasingly popular in the past decade with improved living standards.

    Rabies is an acute viral infection that is nearly always fatal. It can be transmitted by the bite of an infected animal, usually a dog.

    Rabies kills about 50,000 people across the world each year.

  9. DMS says:

    Floridian Says:

    June 12th, 2007 at 12:25 am
    Karma - no doubt about it..

    That’s really harsh, Floridian. These poor people who died of such an awful disease probably have nothing to do with the pet death’s in the US or anywhere else. They are probably just victims of a terrible condition. I would not wish that on anyone or think they might cosmically deserve it.

  10. YaYa says:

    TC, could you post the other Forum for horses here so I could have a looksee?
    Is it horsecity? What thread if so?

    I’d not heard of any specific for sick Horses yet! So this is defintely of interest to me.
    Got plenty of horsey friends who need to know to be watchful right now.

    I don’t know for sure if maybe TractorSupply has it’s own brand?, there are alot of those stores around now.
    Are folks sending feed to be tested???

    Wonder if it’s that Binder? {Grrrr}

    Wonder what Melamine would do to a horse after digestion. {or any of these other poisons}

    And of course it’s Not in the News.

    Thanks TC.

  11. YaYa says:

    Homegrown, That CU site is a Wealth of Info! Thank You :-D

  12. TC says:

    YaYa - Took me a minute to track down a board with an actual post from one of the owners (I heard about it on a horse board; the link provided is to another board which I don’t know much about, but bet you could email this person and ask more ?). From what I gathered, the vet is having the food tested and I also guess Tractor Supply, but who knows? This is in Ohio, so that is where Tembec sold the melamine binder to Uniscope, right? I feel pretty unsafe right now, from many directions.

    Kent feeds doesn’t have any dealers out where I am, but thanks for that link. My horse is at the end of his Omolene bag, and I just made the executive decision to quit using any grain products for the foreseeable future. We just stacked 4 tons of hay, and am calling to check availability for more, as it is first cutting now here, and I have room. Could be a tricky year, because there quite a bit of rain damage this cutting for certain hay guys who cut at the wrong time.

  13. YaYa says:

    Sounds like a good decision TC with the bagged feed. I know the friend I bought my current horse from had her and the others on Sweet Feed that she had special mixed at the local Mill. Of Coures the horses Luv it ;-) But mine/she has adjusted very well to her bagged Kent after that.

    When she was being bred by my friend she got more of the alfalfa for the added protein of course. My friend was pick there too tho wanting the 3rd cutting with the right % of protein. When I moved my horse here I had a hard time find such an alfalfa, but lucked out at a TB farm who grow their own.
    Took me a couple month of slow mixing of what’s grown Here with that alfalfa to switch her over entirely.
    {had shipped with her, enough for a month to begin with}

    Many folks don’t realize you have to really watch switching grain,feed, hay, with Horses closely.
    {I always forget- horse can’t? is it Cough or puke? :-P } They get can get colic and colic in a horse Kills.
    I’m thinking they can’t Puke, cause my horse has shot/’coughed’ a blob of feed at me when she’s being a PIG and wofin’ it down fast! LOL
    Least many other animals can Puke bad stuff up. Or part of it.

    I’m Glad to hear they are Testing the bagged feed. Keep a look out for Us! Thanks a Bunch. And thanks for the link too :-)

    OH TC, have you ever fed a banana to a Horse? Do you think it’s Ok? {safe?}
    I’ve got some that are Too Sweet for me, real yellow, I like them a bit Green still :-p
    Thought she might like em!

  14. TC says:

    YaYa - they cannot throw up, so if the bad stuff stays in their gut instead of passing out the other end, they can colic (anything from a mild stomach ache which might go away to violently rolling and causing their intestines to tangle/twist up, and causing their death). These big beasts are actually kind of fragile in some areas, which I always found surprising, but that’s how they are built.

    That is why you have to be careful what you put into those tummies! I don’t know about bananas. I do apples and carrots, just because they never give me any issues (colics = spending much vet money). Since the pet food recalls, I buy 25# bags of carrots, making homemade dog stews, human stews & casseroles & freezing some, and giving all the peelings and end pieces to the horses (takes about a week to use them in various things I am cooking).

    The only thing I still feed is a supplement, esp. for the selenium, as we live in a selenium deficient area, and one horse actually showed symptoms prior to giving the supplement (the horses don’t seem as affected).

    But where does that supplement’s ingredients come from? I am going to email the company. But there is no end to where contaminated ingredients may show up now days.

  15. TC says:

    P.S. I have seen people feed horses all kinds of treats - you name it, I have seen it, and the horses are usually just fine.

    This is just me being way careful with an animal that works like a horse:)

  16. YaYa says:

    Oh Yeah! Went through a friends colt with colic and it was the worst thing I/he’d ever been through. Never again.
    I did the oil with the Vet for him and everything. The friends had spent alot of money on his breeding and could not stand to watch. Ended up I went out to the big sand arena with him and just rubbed him and talked real gentle to him.
    He rolled and rolled. In the end they put him to sleep. It was awful.
    Luckly my horse has never coliced. Never want to see that again.
    I know bananas are good for the tummy {kids, adults, saw that story here bout the dog and the banana sandwich :-)

    I think I’ll give her part of one and see.
    Probably will like them cause they are so sweet :-D
    Mine is hypothyroid {I supplement} so I should probably look into where it comes from- sheeesh.

    They are Huge but Yep, fairly fragile. I am a mother Hawk with her too :-P

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