Recall Update: Monday-Tuesday


Due to a technical problem, we were down most of Monday. So here’s what you missed.

We are going through the reports of reimbursements and post highlights tomorrow.

Also from Monday: How important is salvage pet food to hog farmers?


It’s been more than 3 months since the first of the melamine recalls were announced. We’re still collecting your experiences with filing for reimbursements from pet food companies. Please send us your stories.

Looking Back:

Here’s are some posts from the first days of the recall:

Related News: Deja vu all over again - FDA investigated toothpaste risk 10 years ago. Highlights after the jump.

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Highlights from the New York Times via International Herald Tribune:

After a drug ingredient from China killed dozens of Haitian children a decade ago, a senior American health official sent a cable to her investigators: find out who made the poisonous ingredient and why a state-owned company in China exported it as safe, pharmaceutical-grade glycerin.

The Chinese were of little help. Requests to find the manufacturer were ignored. Business records were withheld or destroyed.

The Americans had reason for alarm. “The U.S. imports a lot of Chinese glycerin and it is used in ingested products such as toothpaste,” Mary Pendergast, then deputy commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration, wrote on Oct. 27, 1997. Learning how diethylene glycol, a syrupy poison used in some antifreeze, ended up in Haitian fever medicine might “prevent this tragedy from happening again,” she wrote.

The FDA’s mission ultimately failed. By the time an FDA agent visited the suspected manufacturer, the plant was shut down and Chinese companies said they bore no responsibility for the mass poisoning.

Sound familiar?

In a global economy, ingredients for drugs are often bought and sold many times in different countries, sometimes without proper paperwork, all of which increases the risk of fraud, the authorities say.

The Panama poison passed through five hands, the Haitian poison six. In both cases, the factory’s original certificate of analysis, attesting to the contents of the shipment and its provenance, did not accompany the product as it moved around the world.

(Thanks carmamil)

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  1. Trudy Jackson says:

    I still keep hearing Evo is a great food. I wish I could afford it.

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, I hope I helped someone tonight.It’s late here so i have to go and get things done.

  3. mittens says:

    i’ve been using EVO( the copper bag with the cute abby on it) for several months- to switch my baby torties away from the dry Pukrina’ kitten chow ‘they were addicted to. my older girls were also becoming kitten chow closet junkies-they were sneaking into the feral quarantine that was my bedroom and devouring it.

    they all seem pleased with it and the ones who eat it most- the torties- are all plump and have shiny coats and are full of energy. my older cats snack on it-i was switching them from their cat chow when i’m at work leave food out choice- and seem to really like it. ive noticed less puking, less fur balls.

  4. Pukanuba says:


    I don’t know what the red danger sign flashing is all about……every now & then my antivirus will warn me about a website but this time both my antispyware & av came up. AV blocked it & the other one was the danger sign & said it was a phishing site which I believe is a phony website. Something triggered that… I was just letting everyone know. I’m sure they can be wrong but I decided not to visit that site. I also have McAfee SiteAdvisor & that turned red… means the site is ok. Maybe they programmed something on the website incorrectly & it’s flagging my security software. Who knows.

    Stranger things have happened.


    I did notice that Diamond had a place in Georgia when I was looking for Georgia Pet Food Co. That put me off right then & there. It may be a small company but anything that pops up now, I think I’ll stay away from…..these jokers from the PF companies will try anything to suck our money away from us whether it’s by deception or not.

  5. chris says:


    I noticed that also. When searching for Georgia Pet Food Co. The first and many others after come up with something about Diamond Recall plant in GA. They may have nothing to to with Diamond & the name never came up. Bothers me that I cant find a listing in the phone book for (GPF Co.).

    The search for kibble continues.

  6. petslave says:

    Wow Stella, looks like you’re right about that Great Life pet food–it looks like those websites are just retailers for it. Interesting. None of those sites say who actually MAKES the food for them though. I’ll bet the Great Life people don’t have their own dry food manufacturer, so they must be using one of the other plants for it.

    This time when I got on this page, I got the red banner–proceed with extreme caution. Guess Itchmo is on the red list of websites!

  7. petslave says:

    Does anyone remember seeing this Great Life brand before the recall started? I did a lot of research on pet food last year & don’t remember running across it then. Wonder if it’s a recently created food–the raw coating is similar to what Nature’s Variety Instinct & Innova Evo have on them, & all those fancy ingredients–mushrooms & berries & mangosteen–are along the lines of the timberwolf foods. Wonder who DOES make this food?

  8. YaYa says:

    I think the Great Life one said something about starting business in 1996. You guys can find more Food! LOL It’s amazing!
    What I think I might do is tomorrow try to get phone number from each of these Food sites and CALL them. Ask the the questions and Who or Where specifically they are made.

    But we’ve decided to do the Summer schedules for the horses and that means an adjustment period for them like tonite. I had to go out and entertain my horse {as she is spoiled ROTTEN! :-P } because she gets routy and kicks the stall some and I don’t like that One bit.
    It’s Boredom. They are a little routy right now.

    They get bored from being IN their stalls in the Daylight hours and then have to wait till it cools off and go out at night. Their meals are turned around too.

    It’s just TOO Hot for them outside right now and getting hotter for the next 7-8 days.
    We’re up and working out there and they should Sleep in the day time right now. It’s a little difficult in the begining.
    You’re tired and at the end of your day and they are bustin’ at the seams to get Outside!

    So I got home kinda late tonite. And I’m pooped too.
    Things will be upside down for a while. Gooooood Bath time weather for em tho :-D

    You know a drought happens over a long time {years} usually, but it can be fix, in just a few days! {actually a month+ of rain and storms here :-þ }

    BUGS Galore now! Man-O-Man!

    I’m a little leary too about all these foods we’ve never heard of. Makes ya go Hmmmmmmmmmm

    I’mstill wondering too about that Simmons pet food private label cannery. The site made it sound Huge and it expanded to Arkansas in 2005.

  9. Ann H says:

    We know that in January, Consumer Labs found Virbac Pet-Tabs Vitamin to have excessive lead in it.

    Wow, who would have guessed what the company insinuated in a press release… pattern here folks?

    From Consumer Labs:
    Virback AH, Inc Pet-Tabs®: (1/19/07) Issued a news release
    inaccurately claiming that CL’s results were based on a “single
    test” of their product. In fact, the results were confirmed in
    a second laboratory prior to publication, per our published
    protocol. Virbac also claimed to be “actively investigating”
    the report, but, on 1/29/07 it announced that it had still not
    completed its investigation. Typically, a lead test can be
    properly conducted in one day. We would expect Virbac to have
    announced its findings by now. The release also stated “the
    level reported is more than 2,800 times below the chronic
    toxicity level determined safe for dogs…” Virbac’s statement
    suggests that a dog can tolerate approximately 4,000 mcg of
    lead per day. This is difficult to believe considering that
    children may experience lead toxicity at over just 6 mcg per
    day and adults at less than one hundred micrograms per day. CL
    has not claimed that the amount of lead found in the product is
    toxic in itself to pets, but recommends that pets, like people,
    should avoid unnecessary lead exposure.’s testing methods are always immediately
    available within its reports. CL maintains a cooperative policy
    to provide manufacturers of failing products detailed test
    results for their product upon request and the opportunity for
    re-testing of the tested product by a third party.

  10. Pukanuba says:

    Somewhere in this thread (at least I think it’s here) there was discussion about Pet Promise & somebody came back & said it’s a Purina product. I would check any new pet food on the market because I still say they will try to give new names & fancy labels to the same old same old. I just saw an ad in a mag for a new cat food called natural something or other but it does have the Purina logo on it. Not all of them will display a logo of the company but will look like a new “all natural” pet food. I could be completely wrong on this but something tells me a lot of new foods are going to be coming out, all claiming great & wonderful things.

    Also, have read a few articles recently about prices going up big time. Apparently, PF companies are actually seeking out decent ingredients for a change. The little guys, who have been using the good stuff all along, are finding they are becoming more & more scarce……which, we know, is what causes prices to soar. It’s bad enough for most of you with vet bills & also the expense of home cooking without pet foods going up & becoming more & more expensive. There MAY come a time when some of us will want to go back to commercial pet food……

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is to check out any food that appears to be new to the market. You could be paying money to one of the big PF companies that you swore to boycott.

  11. thomas says:

    Prices going up because their seeking better ingredients . Prices also go up to cover their losses. We are not buying the crap anymore.

  12. YaYa says:

    Prices will also be going up for a couple more reasons. Simply because it’s their Habit to raise prices {despite years of cheap imported CRAP}; they have set a pattern with their Stockholders of Great profits, and Stockholder demand results with Profits {or you just might loose your job}; and they take advantage of Any market trends and use that as reason to Hike prices, right now one being Corn, it’s gone way up in price due to the Insanity the world thinks Ethanol willl “save the world”. Ethanol is a Corn product.

    I read an article recent that is a few years old it was something like “We’re “feeding” our Cars and Not ourselves”.
    It’s Very timely now.

    In the nuttiness to rush out and make *profits* off of Corn for Ethanol right now, noone has taking the time to consider MANY of the products we EAT are corn based or have corn products in them, {including the pet foods we USED to use so much}

    Corn syrup is in Everything.

    So why not take advantage of the Markets {intead of making a Good SAFE pet product} and rip the customers Off evenmore Now! Everyone ele is doing it.

    Almost every aspect of our Foods here in the USA are Corn related. {from the grain the cow eat to make milk butter ceese etc to the cattle for Meat, hogs, birds, horses, squirels, the Deer in the Fall at Harvest time feed on the field spillage, mice steal every grain hey can get out of feed bags and Corn is Primo :) Think of what Corn alone means to ‘US’.
    Corn syrup is in Everything.

    Now Much of it’s going to Fuel.
    Feed is Expensive, so Milk and butter and meat and and and Go UP for the consumer. We pay Now at the Pump, we pay Now at the Market too.
    Consumer bears the double whammy. And NOONE Planted Grains for BOTH purposes to prepare and for this Crunch WE have to bear right now.

    Ethanol can Not be moved by Pipeline either. It must be shipped by Tanker trucker. {hmmm is that diesel in that tanker truck? to Move that Ethanol?}

    The Stock market has been Insane for the past 6 years or so. Profits are Up. Could be Good could be bad, depending on who you are and how much you know about what’s Coming IN from where and what that cost.
    We’d venture to say that W HERE, have learned Alot in a few months on how the “economy” Works.

    Plain and simple, Pet Food cos. aren’t any different than the rest. Cheap for High bucks for Profits Only.
    Use every excuse to Raise a price they can.
    EVEN when they buy Cheaper Poison on the International markets cause it Made them a Profit.

    Now when they should EAT a profit Drop, they Use the market as an excuse, to Hike prices. {as are all the other Food Manufacturers}

    BETTER ingredients?
    And here, that’s What I thought I’d been Buying all along.

    We don’t buy their Crap any more either. THAT should help the economy! :-P

    On the LEAD thing. Since When is Lead good or ok in Any-thing regarding {Food} consumption?
    For any Creature that wants to Live and be able to Think?!

    So I guess this means, Animals don’t count.

  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    Have You all tried this site? If you have, i’m sorry

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    And this-

  15. Trudy Jackson says:

    Is this the same one you had?

    I think all of these are out of Ga.

  16. Ann H says:

    I don’t think they are all from Georgia - the miraclemix URL is registered to a guy in Marietta. If it is a DBA, you might want to ask him - or search the Georgia Secty of State Records for corporation, and make sure they have a sales tax id if they collect taxes (esp GA). Rubicon seems to be a pet product company.

    For the heck of it see if the address in the url domain is a business area or residential.

    If you want to know who owns the urls (site name)

  17. YaYa says:

    Thanks AnnH. I changed my mind about calling them all individually.
    I read in this thread or another the post by Menusux? where they said a pet food site “steve’s” I think had All the info PUBLISHED for you. Suppliers for each ingredient and their websites, so you can call Them if you want. States on the site All American ingredients etc..
    Everything a Pet Parent would want PUBLISHED!
    So I thought, Why should I do the phone work when it is Entirely possible for Food compnies, IF they Want your Business to do This Same Thing!

    Sort of makes me mad they Do Not Do This Yet. At least following the Recalls and concerns, And Now when we Highly suspect More Poisons in Foods too.

    THEY need to get with the program and Aid the Consumers.
    If they want to alieve our fears then thats the Program they should be following.

    Plenty of Us and folks we don’t even know Have called tons of Food companies. And asked “the questions”. And mostly what we get is DUH or I’ll call you back once I find out.
    I’ve got 3 that told me that, more than a month ago and No call back {yet}.
    Wonder why.
    Others were much better and Knew.

    Food companies PUT It Out There in Plain Sight! Time for the guessing games to Stop.
    Otherwise they won’t get the Business.

    I really Doubt this are “trade secrets” involved!
    Safe, Wholesome, labeled properly.
    Get It?

    So there is that.

  18. Ann H says:

    I asked that and from what I understand there are “subtle” differences in formulas that occur.

    I have 3 varieties of my rotation cat foods that surely had those “subtle” changes cos I’m sitting here now with new product they gag over and the last old cans they ate. Same day feeding - different UPCs - rejected the new ate the old..same variety/flavor/brand. And guess who doesn’t have anything they want to eat and am now scrambling for cat food? Moi.

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