Recall Update: Saturday

More recalls on the horizon? Menu Foods says ChemNutra was one of three wheat gluten providers. ChemNutra also imported rice protein from China. FDA has yet to test all sources.

(NEW) 45 people ate melamine tainted pork. We’re on the “verge of becoming a full-fledged public health scare.”

(NEW) CBC: Canadians start testing Chinese vegetable protein.

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48 Responses to “Recall Update: Saturday”

  1. 5CatMom says:

    So WHERE are the 60 MILLION CANS of contaminated pet food?????

    FDA News Conference:

    “CAPTAIN ELDER: That has not happened. Recalled pet food has not been put into animal feed for hogs or any other animal.”

    “That is the salvaged product that we’re talking about that is gathered up by pet food manufacturers and sent to places like salvagers or farmers for use in animal feed. It is not recalled product that was salvaged and turned into animal feed”

    NOTE TO CAPTAIN ELDER: If the 60 million cans of contaminated pet food weren’t fed to hogs and chickens, WHERE ARE THE CANS? That’s a LOT of pet food, you know.

  2. 5CatMom says:

    Fed up with FDA?

    Contact your District Field Office and ask for a decision maker:

    Contact FDA Commissioner von Eschenbach a clue:

  3. Anonymous says:


    At the rate it’s going probably in a corn field with Jimmy Hoffa.

  4. Lorie says:

    5catmomma, Just wanted to let you know Geisha’s kindey levels and urine were fine last night she is not a CRF cat. HOORAY However what ever this food does it is attacking her GI track, new symptom, and this morning Topaz was having same symptoms. Nothing like being on the edge of a learning curve. I need DR HOUSE

  5. Lorie says:

    Getting my postcards ready this morning I think this is a wonderful idea esp to the guy from 360 CNN. Using SPCA freebie cards with dogs and cats on them. What are we suppose to write . Just general stuff or what food etc…..

  6. Donna says:

    I remember seeing a link for buying taurine that does not come from china. There have been so many links this past week, I can’t remember which day I saw it. Did anyone who is making homemade for their cats happen to bookmark it?

    Lorie, excellent news about the cats. I was thinking about you and your kids.

  7. mandy says:

    I have been feeding my dogs home cook meals for the last 3 weeks….I need to get them on some kind of dog food that is (loaded word) SAFE

    I was feeding them NB but it was recalled…I was also feeding them the wet NB food too. Which was recalled. I am just sick about this. HELP

    Is Canidae dog food or California Natural okay…I have looked on their sites and called them but wanted feed back from you guys. I am having a hard time trusting any dog food company right now. Please help me because I cant seem to get it right. I really love my dogs.

    Thank you

  8. 5CatMom says:


    Very happy to hear that sweet Geisha’s kidneys seem to be ok. That’s interesting that you should mention GI tract problems. Have your docs ruled out pancreatitis? It’s hard to diagnose, but there’s a test that’s pretty good for that. I believe the blood has to be sent to the GI lab at Texas A&M. If you want more info, please post.

    I lost my beautiful Abyssinian, my “beautiful girl” to Hill’s. She had her annual physical exam last summer, blood tests, the works, and she was a very health 12 year old.

    We bought some new food in December, and my girl was eating both the canned (that was recalled) and some dry. Her symptoms began with massive vomitting. One of the emergency doctors called it a “food allergy”. She was in and out of the emergency room for about a month. She had a feeding tube, and the whole nine yards, but we weren’t able to save her.

    So I hope you have much better luck treating Geisha and Topaz. Sounds like you caught it early. Good for you for being a great catmom!

  9. JanC says:


    I’m with you……I don’t know who to trust anymore. I have heard good & bad about Canidae & nothing bad about California Natural (thought about switching to Innova or Evo but still a little afraid to try anything). Canidae is rated very high, as is Natura products, but people claim dogs got sick on Canidae. However, with all of us having to switch their food so much, that could be causing a lot of this.

    I am home cooking for my Lab…..she’s a happy camper with all that yummy food. Even if I’m a little lacking in vitamins & minerals, at least I know I’m not feeding her poison & sleep better at night. I don’t think a couple of months of home cooking will hurt her, even if she is lacking some essential vitamins. I don’t have the heart to try a new dry food right now…..someday, when these recalls are over with (geez, will that day ever come?), I’ll put her back on dog food but will never use wet……not sure I’ll ever trust that stuff again.

  10. Helen says:

    Mandy: Both Canidae and Cal Natural dry are made by Canidae and Cal Natural. They do not outsource their dry. Natura (Cal Natural) makes dry foods in their own plant. I don’t trust any food either, but my cat is eating Innova dry and not sick from it. Switch was easy with no GI upset. I have not read anyone accuse Cal Natural, and very little complaint about the Canidae either. Hope that is helpful. I won’t recommend anything to anyone.

  11. Helen says:

    Lorie: I am so happy for the diagnosis on Geisha! I hope it’s just tummy upset from all the food switching, but that is weird they both had same symptom appear on same day!! Let us know what you find out? Well wishes to your babies.

  12. Danielle says:

    I haven’t seen any reports of problems with Canidae, other than people being upset because they won’t name their dry manufacturer (but it appears to be Pied Piper). A couple of my dogs vomited once each when I was switching them over, but no problems since and they really like it. If you have seen reports of serious problems, please post a link as many people (myself included) are considering this to be a safe food.

  13. Danielle says:

    Ooops, my mistake. It was JanC who said she heard of dogs getting sick on Canidae. So JanC, can you post a link to any reports of problems?

  14. Lorie says:


    That is so weird that you said food allergies tha is what they said last night. Food Allergies my butt it is more poison, in something new I used. They are only getting people food till my KUMPI arrives. That holistic vet siad her cat died from GI issues from the food he never had kidney problems this is so messed up. Well of to the post office to mail my cards missed noon deadline but still sending.

  15. Karen says:

    Good Morning All:
    I check for new propaganda on Hills website daily. I gave up emailing (and feeding) awhile ago.
    I can’t seem to get on today………
    Maybe it is just me.

  16. Helen says:

    Lorie, what food are you thinking caused the GI, and what food was your vet giving?

  17. Helen says:

    Can we all write our Senators and Representatives demanding that the FDA be bound by law to disclose the names of companies that refuse to recall hazardous products????? I have so HAD it with the refusal to name Purina.

  18. Jenny Kat says:

    Actually the information I have about Candidae/Felidae- Canned food packed by Evangers. Kibble made at Pied Piper in Texas. I have seen some comments regarding quality for the canned cat food - including my own observations. Don’t know about the dog food.

  19. Helen says:

    I just sent this to both Senators and Rep.:

    I cannot begin to tell you how distressed I am by the FDA’s gross mishandling of the current threat to our food supply. Only 1% of food imported to this country is ever inspected, and uninspected foreign ingredients are even used in baby food. The FDA is still claiming only 16 animals have died in the ongoing pet-food recall when the actual number is somewhere in the thousands. Poisonous products are still being sold. The public is uniformed of the situation by the media, and companies are still selling hazardous items without any action from the FDA. The FDA budget has been cut to the point of disabling the agency, and I would very much like to see legislation passed that would require the FDA, by law, to disclose the name of any company that is selling hazardous food products and to give the FDA authority to instigate an immediate and mandatory recall. The American people have a right to know the country of origin for every food item, and we also have a right to know if a food is shown to poisonous. We have a right to know what we are feeding our families, including our pets.

    Thank you for your attention.

  20. Danielle says:

    great letter Helen! I hope you will allow me to plagiarize and send it to my elected officials. Of course, one of them is Hillary Clinton, so good luck with getting her to take on Purina.

  21. Helen says:


    Yes, you can use it, and anyone else. Just so you know, letters have more impact when they are in your own words. If one Sen. or Rep. gets mutiple copies of the same letter, they tend to ignore it as the doings of one person or a campaign. They will pay more attention if you re-word it, but feel free to use my letter or your own version of it or better yet, write a letter that reflects all of your personal concerns. I chose “Civil Rights” from the options given as a subject for my email.

  22. Barbara says:


  23. DukenCC says:

    Food allergy???
    Allergic to poisoned food!
    Poor babies, sorry to hear all this sadness and turmoil, I am sick over it and have been crockpot cooking for my doggies. I rarely cook for myself, so thot it best to load up the crockpot with simple foods and we can all eat together. Freezing it and doling it out little by little.
    Thanks to all for your information, research and caring.

  24. Danielle says:

    Thanks Helen. Actually as I started editing it I thought of a few more changes I’d like to see enacted. To anyone who wants to use this letter, I’ve sent it to Sens. Clinton & Schumer and Rep. Louise Slaughter, so if you are in the same area, you might want to edit yours.

    Dear _______:
    I cannot begin to tell you how distressed I am by the FDA’s gross mishandling of the contamination of our pet food supply. The FDA is still claiming only 16 animals have died in the ongoing pet food recall when the actual number is in the thousands. Poisonous products are still being sold. The public is uninformed of the situation by the media, and companies are still selling hazardous items without any action from the FDA. The FDA budget has been cut to the point of disabling the agency, and I would very much like to see legislation passed that would require the FDA, by law, to disclose the name of any company that is selling hazardous food products and to give the FDA authority to instigate an immediate and mandatory recall.

    I would also like to see a law which requires pet food manufacturers to list the exact name and location of the packing company which produced the product on their product label. An educated consumer shopping for a new dog food cannot obtain this information from the pet food companies. Most companies are saying that the packing company is “confidential” or “proprietary” information. It is virtually impossible to find a pet food that the consumer knows to an absolute certainty is not manufactured by Menu Foods, Diamond Pet Foods, or American Nutrition Inc. This is scary and extremely frustrating for pet owners. If you need further proof, visit and read the true stories of bloggers and their experiences dealing with pet food companies and their stonewalling tactics.

    Further frustrating the pet owner is the fact that product labels do not have to list every ingredient in the food. There is apparently a grace period which allows the manufacturer to continue using up their old labels after the product formula has been changed. Again, the consumer who actually does his or her homework cannot know for certain what they are actually buying. What happens if there is an ingredient that causes an allergic reaction? Again, the consumer will be stuck paying the vet bills.

    The cost of treating an animal with kidney failure is anywhere from $400 to $8000. There are a reported 4,500+ deaths from this contaminated food, not to mention the thousands of others who were treated for weeks and may suffer long-term health problems. This disaster will cost taxpayers millions of dollars, while the pet food companies are protected by the current product liability and intellectual property laws.

    The American people have a right to know if we are potentially feeding poisonous food to our pets, and we should have the right to know what is in the actual product we buy, and where the food is manufactured so we can truly make an educated decision when purchasing pet food and feel safe that we are not killing our beloved pets.

    Thank you for your attention.

  25. Lorie says:

    Hooray my post office doesn’t close till 1:30 today I made, mailing those mailing those me good

    Helen here i the list of what they had this weeK

    Merrick Canned wet lots of it
    Solid Gold Tuna wet 5 3 oz cans totally last used Tuesday night
    Fromm kibble handful last given wed evening
    felidae kibble handful
    eukanuba handfull form old bag before recall Friday morning
    FF savory salmon no gluten etc only 1/4 can each friday morning

    also do not know if this is just part of the stuff that happens from original exposure.

  26. Barbara says:

    This may help you with regards to feeding Canidae.

    I earlier posted on this site and another the following:

    I think it is time I posted our pet’s story. We were at our vets at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning 3/17 with our Huskie mix unaware of the Menu recall. Our dog , Brewski, was ill exhibitng all the symptoms listed later that day with the recall info. He had been fed dinner earlier in the week from a new bag of Nutro Senior dry kibble purchased on March 3, 2007. He had been in excellent health but woke the next morning disoriented, lethargic, had excessive thirst, developed diarrhea. He would lay by his water bowl to drink, had difficulty standing. I tried to hand feed him kibble mixed with ground beef . He would spit the Nutro kibble out. Refused to even eat Iams Lamb Meal & Rice Biscuits. Extensive blood work sent out to a lab on Saturday showed elevated liver levels. After I learned of the Menu foods recall later in the day on 3/17, I discontinued trying to entice him to eat his kibble just on the chance the kibble too was tainted. I hand feed him chicken, rice, vegetables and ground beef. Everyday he grew stronger. It is almost 2 weeks now that he has not eaten Nutro Natural Choice kibble and he is like a different dog. None of the earlier symptoms remain. His energy level is back and he is very alert. I have saved a sample of the Nutro kibble just incase a link is found.

    We were lucky that our beloved pet is recovering. Our heart aches for those who were not as fortunate.

    Here is an update. Hope this helps you:

    I have been feeding Brewski Canidae since late March. My husband and I are amazed at his overall improvement. His fur is thicker and he sheds less, he is much more alert and active, fatty tumors along his side have disappeared.
    He is also eating treats that contain no sugar or grains. Brew gave up his beloved Snausages. I started reading what was in most treats. Not good!
    Can’t believe all the sugar.

    Sent my postcards today. Thanks Itchmo for such an informative site.

  27. Helen says:

    Lorie, I am losing track, so I don’t remember who it was that said cats eating Merrick had sores in their mouths and drooling and lip-licking as symptoms. I do remember it being Merrick that was said about though.

  28. Helen says:

    Barbara: I had the same experience with Nutro dry cat food. It appears no permanent damage, and she showed rapid improvment after the removal of the Nutro dry.

  29. Cynthia says:

    I Just got this email from the FDA Recalls. NOTE THE LAST PARAGRAPH…

    Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Recalls Products in Response to American Nutrition Inc. Pet Food Recall

    Natural Balance Consumer Contact:

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Pacoima, CA — April 27, 2007 — Because of the pet food recall initiated today by American Nutrition Inc., Natural Balance Pet Foods has announced it is issuing a nationwide recall of a number of canned products manufactured by American Nutrition. This action is limited to four specific Natural Balance canned formulas: Chicken Canned Dog Formula 13 oz , Beef Canned Dog Formula 13 oz, Lamb Canned Dog Formula 13 oz, and the 3oz and 6 oz Ocean Fish Canned Cat Formulas.

    Natural Balance Pet Foods is taking this voluntary action after learning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed rice protein concentrate used by American Nutrition contained melamine, a substance not approved for use in food. These products are being recalled in addition to our previously recalled Venison and Brown Rice canned and bagged dog foods, Venison and Brown Rice dog treats, and Venison and Green Pea dry cat food.

    Natural Balance Pet Foods has not received any indication of quality or safety issues, including pet illness, with the four withdrawn formulas. However, because American Nutrition informed the company that these four specific products may include rice protein concentrate, Natural Balance Pet Foods felt this action was necessary for the protection of its customers and their pets.

    It should be noted that the products being recalled were not formulated or labeled to contain rice protein concentrate. While the FDA is investigating this, current information indicates this error is a result of a manufacturing deviation by American Nutrition. Natural Balance is working with the FDA in this matter.

    So this should tell us just because it’s not on the label, doesn’t mean that it is safe. Pretty scary isn’t it?

  30. Barbara says:

    Our vet couldn’t believe the improvement in Brew at his recheck visit, two weeks ago. He kept shaking his head and asking what dog food he ate before the Canidae. Kept feeling his abdomen that was swollen with fluid on 3/17. All the fluid was gone. He still won’t say Brew’s sudden illness was food related because the Nutro dry hasn’t been recalled. All he will agree with is Brew’s liver was under assualt from a toxin. Brew has received no meds. The only thing changed was food.

  31. Helen says:

    Barbara: Nutro said they did NOT substitute wheat gluten for corn gluten, which either means they are lying or theCORN gluten is also poisonous. My cat ate that stuff for years (I feel like a bad mama) and suddenly didn’t like the last bag. Since she gets wet and human food too, I wasn’t too worried that she was eating less dry, but she started throwing pieces out of the bowl and eating other pieces, vomiting, increased water consumption, increased urine even though she was eating little dry food. I feel like an idiot for not making the connection sooner. She tried to tell me something was wrong with her food. I will never try to make her eat anything she doesn’t want ever. She is much more active and playful, and currently healthy. I can’t understand why the rest of the poison DRY food doesn’t get recalled. It is SO infuriating!!

  32. Barbara says:

    Brew ate Nutro, Senior dry for the past 18 mos. He is a very handsome looking large mixed breed. He always would receive compliments when we met people on our walks. Probably beginning in February he seemed to age overnight. Less energy, more fatty tumors, slower gait. He would throw pieces of kibble out of his bowl. People would comment about how old he looked. My husband and I began to prepare ourselves for the day we would have to say good bye. Brew is 11 yrs old. Then the incident when he refused to eat his kibble after waking up so ill as explained in my earlier post.

    Because of his age no one wants to listen that it could be food related,
    that is why we are so amazed at the recovery with a change of dog food. Yesterday on our walk again someone told me what a beautiful dog he was. His normal prancing gait is back.

    I noticed when this recall started and I was checking dog food websites for ingredients that Nutro’s website showed a new Senior dry for large breeds. The old formula Nutro Senior bags in the stores have had 10% free in them since February. I still believe something was wrong with the kibble over the past few months.

  33. ally says:

    I know this question has been asked a million times already, but after all the recalls reported over the past 48 hours I have to ask again…….

    Dear FDA, PFI, et al:

    How many more trusting pets must die before ALL affected pet food companies come forward? Anyone?

    *sound of crickets*

  34. Lorie says:

    helen are you serious someone else said about the Merrick I know Amy was concerned with it. Was there someone else too. THis stinks

  35. Amy says:

    Lorie - didn’t you say something about drooling and lip licking and being concerned because they had eaten Merrick along with a few other products and you were trying to determine which one caused the problems? Is that what Helen’s referrring to? I did see in friday’s posts something about renal failure and lesions in the throat. I have stopped the Merrick - will not use it again. For now they’re getting some of my canned chicken and dry Innova and Nature’s Variety and they both seem to be doing fine. My girl who’s still getting daily sub q fluids is really doing great - is even ‘talking’ to me again and she who hadn’t been as vocal recently. Actually the more I see her acting normally again the more I wonder how far back her illness goes…

  36. Carol says:

    I had posted Friday that my cats had lesions in their mouth and throats which my vet said is a side effect of the renal failure–that is why he has them on Pepcid

  37. Helen says:

    Lorie, Amy, it was probably you two, but I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, I threw the Merricks in the garbage. I am too disgusted and scared to feed it to her. She will NOT eat the Evo wet. :( She wouldn’t eat it even with chicken AND tuna. Sigh. I said I wouldn’t push it because if I had tried to make her eat the Nutro dry when she didn’t want to she would be dead now. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Evo wet, which is why I am disappointed, but I am not taking any chances. I have not tried the Cal-Natural wet yet. She may like the fish.

  38. Helen says:

    Carol, someone else was talking about mouth sores. Just can’t remember. Anyway I don’t trust the Merrick.

  39. K9Rescue says:

    Re MERRICK CANNED …. it *may* be mftd using 4D meats from the rendering plant next door that is under the same ownership. Go to the “Merrick recall - not glucose related” thread in the Itchmo Forums:

  40. teric says:

    Any thoughts from anyone about Missing Link??????

  41. E. Hamilton says:

    Merrick has claimed that they do not use products from the rendering plant, that it is another family member who has a stake in the rendering plant, they also state in a letter posted on petconnection ( good luck finding it but it is there) that using rendered products in pet food is 100% illegal.

    I am pretty sure putting poison in a pet food is likewise illegal but gee, it happens. Seems to happen a lot.

  42. Helen says:

    E Hamilton: Someone posted here several times what Merrick said about the rendering plant. He said rendering is just cooking. He also said “if (we) put any rendered in pet food, it comes from a USDA inspected plant”. Meaning he was trying not to say he uses his own rendered product. Why would anyone say that? If he said both these things then he is lying, which makes me ever more uncomfortable about what might be in his food.

  43. Mikken says:

    Mouth sores, drooling, and lip licking are all side effects of renal failure.

    I highly recommend slippery elm syrup for affected cats ( It’s safe and effective and helps to combat nausea and constipation…two biggies with renal failure.

    Good luck folks. It’s a crappy hand, but you have to play with what you’re dealt.

  44. Lorie says:

    My cat GEisha was checked for the tird time with blood wolr last night for renial failure also her urine all numbers are in normal range the highes her Creaintine was was 2.1 on Apr 16th which was a concern because it was 1.2 on March 23rd when she first showed symptoms. last night in her relpase which the thought was toxin buld up her kidneys were 1.4 and her urine was in ratio no kidney damage. Her issue with this has now turn GI which now that I have mentioned it several people have said they were told was the problen before the recall. This whole thing is a mess. My vet clled me tonight and gave me a link which has a consultant for a fee help you plan their homemade dietbased on their needs like crystals my issues etc or their likes chicken vs beef etc.. she pretty much said at this point if they are hit agian by a comapny not recalled yet they are not going to get lucky twice

  45. Ruth says:

    This is for Barbara: My pet Chihuahua/terrier dog died 3/11/07. Age 6yrs old. She had the same symptoms as your pet. The Vet didn’t know what was causing it. Her liver also failed. She had eaten IAM’s mini chunks. And yet IAM’s keeps saying their food is safe.
    I have spoken to some people who have had the same problem with Nutro dry food. Their pets also died and didn’t know why, it was before the recall too.
    I am sooo glad that your pet is OK. I am not OK. I am so depressed. My little puppy looked at me with her pleading eyes wanting me to help her. She died in my husbands arms. That look will haunt me forever….

    I sent out my post cards today. I made them with her picture on one side and pasted them onto a cut thin poster board. And wrote on both sides MY PET COUNTS. Her name on the picture and date of death.

    I really hope it makes a difference. We also wore our brown ribbon with her dog bone shape ID tags. They sure were head turners today.

    All this mess makes me so angry. These companies knew since Nov. maybe even earlier about pets getting sick. They waited on their as…es and hoped no one would notice. While our pets are mysteriously sick and starting to die. And Vets don’t have a clue.

    Now its coming into the human side. More and more pet food recalls.
    And our wonderful president has kept silent. Has anyone heard anything from him about the recalls? The media is downplaying it, saying people will only get kidney stones or bladder stones from eating tainted pork.( No big deal.) Yeah, this was on CNN. So have there been studies already with people eating Melamine that this kind of statement can be said on TV?

    SORRY for venting…. but this mess has really gotten out of hand….and its scary….very scary…..

    Thanks ITCHMO for keeping us informed…

  46. mandy says:

    I want to thank everyone. Thank you for taking the time to write back to me. You guys are great.

    TERIC….as far as missing link …. it has yeast in it and I am not to keen on yeast. I keep away from anything with yeast.

  47. Helen says:

    Having a loved one with kidney stones, I can tell you they are a BIG DEAL. OUCH!

  48. Anonymous says:


    Yeast is everywhere in the environment. It is an excellent soure of B vitamins. Yeast infections are not caused by the same species of yeast that bread, beer and wine are made from.

    I see no reason to avoid yeast.

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