Recall Update: Saturday

Cat and dog food recall on Friday:

(UPDATE) Fish contamination:

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70 Responses to “Recall Update: Saturday”

  1. Kiki says:

    Ah…boy these guys must’ve waited til late Friday to post…but sure nuff, like clockwork there was another Friday recall.

    FDA, when will you have this problem under control? Name-brand commercial pet food is NOT safe to eat as long as there are continued volunteer recalls…

  2. Kiki says:

    Meaning, not that people shouldn’t be recalling their pet food. Meaning only that you don’t have the problem under control.

  3. xyz says:

    OT: Topic brought up elsewhere but you may be posting comments here as well. I’m not aware of a problem with Colony Collapse in hives considered organic but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. If anyone contacts organic beekeepers it would be interesting to know what they’ve experienced. There’s a thread in the forum for those interested in the topic.

  4. 3FURS says:

    Let me tell you a long winded story: When I was growing up our dog ate only table scraps and lived to a ripe old age and only saw a vet to end his life when old age wore him down. When I retired I got two pups a Shiz Thu(sp?) and a yorkie, paid big money. Our friend had a mutt. Their dog lived tied to a dog house and was freed only when they went into the country. He was fed tea bags, egg shells and table scraps.Saw a vet to be neutered only. My dogs got their vaccinations yearly ( I’d mark the calender to not forget), fed Iams (which was supposed to be the best), tog treats, biscuits, chew toys, taken for daily walks and went everywhere with us in the car, had their own dog beds but they preferred the sofa or our bed( I made a step for them to get on the bed) etc. etc. My dogs got chronic ear, eye and skin infections, one got colitis, one got diabetes. Many, many vet trips–antibiotics, steroids, ear and eye drops, ointments, shampoos ,insulin etc. My dogs lived for 8 and 9 years in misery–neighbour’s dog lived to be 14 yrs.
    You tell me ?????

  5. pat says:

    3furs, that’s a sad story…. but i’d still rather have been your pet than the neighbors’. tied to a dog house all his life. at least you tried to do right by your pets.

  6. lainie says:

    3furs Was Just Talkn Bout That Subject Yesterday With An Old Friend. And How She Was Always Told Get A Mutt Theyr Healthier Then Pedigres And In Mozt Cases Its True. My Husband And I Both Had Shepards Growing Up That Both Lived Lng Healthy Lives Mine Til 17 His Til 15 Now Get A Shepard And If He Has 10 Good Yrz Your Happy. Grandpa Always Told Me Steak Fat Was Gud For The Dog. My Dalmation Is Almost 10 And Except For Her Ears Healthy My Cats Are 11 And 12 And Have Always Eatn What My Kids Eat The Rule My 10yr Old Had As A Toddler Was A Piece 4me And A Piece 4a Pet. I Now Have Cats That Love Peas And Pasta With Sauce And String Beans And Anythng Else My Kids Manage To Sneak To 1 Pet Or Another. I Had 1 Cat That Ate Doritos With My Dad And U Knw What Other Then Yearlys My Pets Dont Need To See Their Vet. So Guess What I Believe Grandpa Was Rite. Plus Now Theres Way 2much Bad Breeding Going On And I Think Its Shortening Life Spans Of Our Pets

  7. Steve says:

    Meet the “New Chemnutra”

    ‘We bridge the business and cultural gaps including all regulatory, compliance, import and transportation requirements.’ (Isn’t that what they’ve always done?

  8. xyz says:

    A concern that’s been brought up before. Would any chemist or someone witha working knowledge of the toxins please post in regard to tap water and any possible interactions for those known to have to have ingested melamine, and related compounds in food?

    Tap water varies enough in content and manner of treatment that it would be helpful to know if additional filtering would be beneficial.

  9. pat says:

    in a civilized society chem nutra would be closed down by now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    pat Says: at 10:23 am

    Wonder how much cash under the table changed hands letting these guys slide without even so much as a slap on the wrist.

  11. Dr. Annette says:

    Someone suggested that the water quality in PRC is so poor that it is most likely treated with chlorine and that chlorine may react with malamine. I’m sorry my inorganic chemistry is sumbarginal ;-)

  12. bw says:

    3furs, thank you for your story. I am sure that your dogs were happier than the poor dog chained to his house, however…. I am 74 now, and I also can recall how dogs, were fed table scraps and lived long lives. Cats were given table scraps too, if I recall correctly. Back then you put the cat out at night, and it probably caught wild prey to augment what it was given, and very often, one day they just didn’t come home, and that was the way it was with cats, I was told as a child, or the cat got really old, don’t remember ages now.

    As far as table scraps are concerned for “cats” I wonder about the salt. I am sure it tastes better, and then maybe my cats would eat it; they don’t want to now. and catfood has sodium chloride in it, but I fear putting salt in my people beef for them having been told salt is bad for them. Does anyone know just how much salt would be too much salt?? To be sure when cats ate people table scraps they were getting some salt.

  13. lainie says:

    Bw I Nevr Thought Of The Salt In The Food My Kids Always Gave And Still Give The Cats Just Knw They Love Cand Peas Lol And Thr 11 And 12 Now And Healthy So It Workd This Lng For Them And They Love It

  14. 3FURS says:

    lainie, I don’t know if it’s bad breeding or bad food plus all the poison “medications” the vets use. I think we need to go back a few years and copy how our family pets were fed and give only first puppy and kitten vaccinations with the neutering. Then resort to home cures for any minor ailments such as you would for a child, like washing cuts and bites and then 1/1 and 1/2 peroxide. Of course broken bones or serious illness would need a vet. Don’t let the vet give you steroids if it’s at all avoidable. Steroids weaken the pet’s immune system and begins a cycle of sickness. This is how I’m going now with my Golden. I clipped the hair around her hot-spots washed them and the peroxide. I used home food ( portion of ours) as her wet with the Pedigree. Yes there is some salt added to our food. It’s been over a year since any hot-spots. I think the steroids and Keflex(antibiotic) just caused a vicious cycle for nearly three years.
    Since the first of May, thanks to following this site , I feed her totally home food. She does not smell doggy when wet, she is shedding less and she is more playful and she got her ‘ Golden smile ‘ back.

  15. 3FURS says:

    I meant to say the first of April. I don’t mean to sound preachy but I do think that we can feed our animals ourselves. I’ve scoured all the dog feeding sites and learned a lot. Like a meal of 1/3 meat or fish !/3 grain ( I use cooked oatmeal or sweet potato) and 1/3 of two cooked mashed vegs. Check the vitamins in vegetables and rotate them. The potato skins have value. Powdered egg shells have calcium. Go easy on meat at first, our animals are not used to real protien. And as for protien, many vet sites say older animals need more protien because as they age,( same as with people our organs are not what they were) , the kidneys loose more protien so more has to be supplied to the body. I’m not a vet but I am a BIG TIME animal lover. I hope we can share any thing we learn to try to help each other. People and animals need varity in their meals and in the end get good nutrition.

  16. 7dogMum says:

    Regarding lifespan and health of dogs today, first off there are breeders and there are puppy producers, you gotta do your homework when looking for a dog. Vaccinations, yearly vaccinations can cause all sorts of health problems, many professional dog people are opting to vaccinate every three years, some just do the puppy shots and that’s it for life.
    Dr. Jean Dodds, has an excellent website about the three year protocol, also I believe in Texas, there is a class action suit launched by pet owners that claim that yearly vaccinatins caused their pets harm. Back fiftyyears ago
    no one had wall to wall carpet, or furniture stuffed with foam that gives of formaldyhyde (sp!) gasses, the air was cleaner, and there were heck of a lot fewer cars. I have white dogs, and when I take them out for a walk they come in with black legs, carbon from the cars, we all breathe the stuff. On top of that the processed foods we give them…….the flea crap we are told to put on them - it’s poison. My gosh, it’s amazing any make past 10! There are some hardy bloodlines out there, in my breed it’s not uncommon for the dogs to live to seventeen, nineteen…’s a combination of strong genetics, environment, and nutrition, and luck and not vaccinating your dog to death. We are pushed to buy buy buy and protect at all costs…..when all we are doing is pumping them full of poison.
    My dogs get their puppy shots, then one booster at age three and that’s it for life. All seven are healthy, my oldest is 12 never been ill a day in his life, and he is exposed to lots of dogs. Show me the studies they have done on mongrel dogs, there are none… don’t compare purebred health to that of crossbred dogs, and if you plan to purchase a pet, do your homework, make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder that is in it to produce healthy dogs that conform to the standard and not in it to make bucks.

    Good post 3Furs. I’m with you 100% A fabulous book to get that includes great home made diets for cats and dogs and home health care and natural flea control, is: Dr. Pitcairns complete guide to Natural Health for
    Cats & Dogs, Richard H. Pitcairns, D.V.M. PH.D. & Susa Hubble Pitcairn.

  17. 7dogMum says:

    3Furs, a fabulous book you should get. Dr. Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health for Cats and Dogs, Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V. M. Phd. & Susan Hubble Pitcairn.

    and for vaccination info on how it’s killing your pets look up Dr. Jean Dodds. She’s got a great website.

    My purebred dogs are doing great, not a problem… oldest is 12 and looks like he’s six. I did my homework getting my first dog, from someone whose bloodline is long lived, nineteen is not being unusual.
    I bred the rest of my crew myself, no hot spots, no diabetes, nothing.
    My breed was horrbily overbred to meet public demand, and there are so many poorly bred unhealthyexamples out there, it’s sad.

  18. 7dogMum says:

    oops, thought my first post was lost in cyberspace……..sorry about the repeat info.

  19. Barry says:

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  20. maddy says:

    Pet companies for fish meal was mentioned in the beginning of the fish contamination story………a load going to pet companies??????? is someone investigating this?????

    Also is someone investigating if pet companies received the contaminated chicken/chicken parts??????????????????

  21. 3FURS says:

    Thanks 7DogMum– And not to belittle good pet food brands, they are convenient for many people. I’m just saying that we who have time can feed our animals ourselves. And I agree with you on vaccinations , they are totally over done. Flea treatments are poison to flees, what must they do to an animal ?? Vet’s intentions might be good but I think all these are over-kill, to the detriment of pets. I’m so sad for all the pets and families hurting from this. We will take control now.

  22. slt says:

    3FURS - any idea what the thought was behind feeding tea bags to the dog? That’s a new one on me and I’m curious.

  23. 3FURS says:

    slt—I didn’t ask. I just asummed it was part of the garbage they fed the dog, like potato peels. egg shells. I wanted to call the humane society, but my husband held me back. Now I see potato peels and ‘powdered’ egg shells have value. And I read in some post somewhere, that this person gives her dog green tea. I thought that I was the superior one because this stuff went into my compost and I fed commercial dog food to my dogs Hah ! He he laughs last laughs best. I was the fool.

  24. Anonymous says:

    7dogs I Wasnt Implyn All Dogs Are Poorly Breed I Have 4dogs All Pedigrees And Recently Breed My Mini Dachshunds So I Currently Have 6. My Oldest Is Around 9 A Dalmation Who We Rescued Frm A Local Shelter And Except For Ear Infections Shez Vry Healthy Which Surprised Me. I Agree On The 2much Meds Thing With The Vets. I Only Do Vaccines And Then Holistic For The Flea Treatment Evn In The House. If My Kids Cant Touch Thr Pets Is A Warning How Safe Is It For My Pets.

  25. lainie says:

    Didnt Mean For That To Post Anonamus 7dog Got Distractd By My Chaos. On The Mutt Thng No Studies Just Remembrn The Dogs All Around Me When I Was A Kid. Besides The Dogs Being Over Breed Now Are Mutts @ Least Whr I Live Evrythng U See In The Pet Shops And The Paper Are Poos Or Pugle Or Sumtimes The Store Clerks Dnt Knw What Mix They R Selling That Day For 700 To 1500 Dollars. Didnt Think Of The Changes In Enviroment In The Lazt 20yrz Definetly Sumthng To Think About.

  26. Rosy Baldwin says:

    This situation is getting so out of hand with the pet (and human) food being tainted with a coal by-product that it makes one’s head spin! I worry every minute about my poor little Stripes kitty, especially since he has been sick with hyperthyroidism and other problems going back to November 2005. That kitty NEVER used to vomit; I could literally count on the fingers of one hand the numbers of times he got sick to his stomach from March 1998-December 2005. Now he barfs nearly every day, sometimes SEVERAL times a day and it can’t be his thyroid anymore because that was cured this January with radioactive iodine treatment.

    SOMEBODY (who wants to help all of us and make lots of money in the process!) should invent a home-testing kit of some kind, so we consumers can test our individual cans for contamination with melanime and toss those that fail the test. :-O


  27. JanC says:

    I read either here or over at Pet Connection that someone is putting together a list of foods that have not been recalled but have a lot of reports of making animals sick plus a second one with a list of pet foods that have been tested & the results of those tests. Both of those will be a blessing to all of us who are totally confused.

    I’m giving my dog a tad of dry & the rest home cooking. Until this is over (will it ever be?), I’m not sure I can trust any food. I’ve been one step ahead of the recalls…..change to one food & another product under that brand is recalled, changed to another & it happened to me again. That’s when I gave up & went to a holistic dry food that a friend has been using for a while now & just give my dog a little with each home cooked meal… she gets her ground eggshell & vitamin every day. Her coat is really shiny, her energy level is unreal & those little brown eyes are perky as could be. It’s a royal pain in the butt but I’d rather cook for her & know she’s not being poisoned…….long term, I’d prefer going back to at least half dry & half home cooked but not until I can trust a commercial food. Right now I trust none of them.

    I’m afraid that there will be more dry food recalls & the one I’m giving her will be the next recalled. One just never knows these days. I can’t believe they are still recalling stuff…..wonder if this will ever be over.

  28. Annie C says:

    I’m on week 3 of cooking for our 3 cats, a recipe I got from Dr. Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health. (weight loss for cats, lightly cooked and then added taurine). All three of them have tond more energy now, and as a side effect the husband reported at least 50% less poop in the litter boxes. Aparently it used to get kinda mouldy (we have covered boxes in the bathrooms) and now it’s just dry. Also, the ammonia smell from their urine is 90% gone. Makes me wonder what was coming out of their systems before.

  29. Steve says:

    Well I guess I got kicked off PC.

    Getting to big for my britches I guess. Taking on those PFI apologists.

  30. Steve says:

    Anyway I was explaining my approach is similar to a writers article.

    “What is least likely to kill me?”

    Thats what I’ve been thinking for two months now. That and picking through my meals thinking “what is that?” when I spot a speck or something that looks odd.


  31. straybaby says:

    Anne C,

    one of the joys of a well balanced meal is less to clean up ;) i noticed a major difference when i switched 8 cats to raw a few years back. in the last year i had started using some commercial, and i could always tell which they were *using* more of and which they didn’t. and having a 50lb dog in the city, smaller deposits are much appreciated!

  32. Genny says:


    What happened?

    Everytime I’ve tried to go there today, I get “Internet Explore has encountered a problem and needs to close.” Very aggrevating to lose all my windows opened and to have to start over again.

  33. JanC says:

    Steve: WTF happened? I was wondering why I didn’t see any of your amusing posts over at PC today. I always get a chuckle out of your smartass remarks.

    Genny: I have Firefox & haven’t had any trouble with PC today.

    Anyway, I have to agree that home cooking isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be & I have also noticed my dog’s “output” has really gone down. I imagine it’s all the fillers in the dry food but don’t know for sure. You know the old saying…..garbage in, garbage out. Oh my, aren’t I the clever one……

  34. Garyn says:

    PC is making my computer shut down everytime I go to it today. So Steve I don’t think it is you.

    And why is there pea starch is my sour cream? Ingedients for sour cream should be…sour cream.

  35. Steve says:

    A bully started posting over there and I don’t like or tolerate bullies.

    I think I’ve been put in the penalty box for a while.

    Nothing major.

  36. JanC says:

    Garyn: Thanks for a good laugh. You know we are all reading labels now & it’s just amazing all the crap that’s in food that I never would’ve imagined (because I never bothered to read labels….but that was back in the good old days before our food & our pet’s food was loaded with poisoned ingredients). I see more glutens & “made in China” than I ever thought possible. Very very scary.

    I’m just thankful I don’t have babies or small children…..that would make it even worse. I’m an old fart so it doesn’t matter much I guess…..we all have to go sometime. However, my dog will not die from poisoned pet food if I have anything to say about it.

  37. Steve says:

    Never mind. Just got out of the penalty box.

    I know I must give Gina and Christie more headaches then they deserve sometimes.

  38. Genny says:


    You’re going down, too? What’s up with that? China blocking us from our websites, also?

    Put the sour cream down and step away!

  39. JanC says:

    Steve: I think they have some people on some kind of filter…..they go to never-never land until somebody looks at it & approves it for posting. So if it’s taking a while, I bet that’s what they’re doing. You must have really made somebody angry over there. Glad to see you’re back…..I do enjoy your posts.

  40. Steve says:

    We the people need to hire this guy.

  41. Sylvia says:

    Did you see Klondike’s posting on the Law forum? I hope he might help pro bono.

  42. Steve says:

    Sylvia I agree with that. Time to go big time.

  43. Sylvia says:

    Even at this point a letter to stop the nasty trolling. I saw some people were still smarting over remarks made to them a few days ago. That type of thing could probably be traced and generate a lot of nasty blowback for some company.

  44. Steve says:

    Don’t forget the lies, deception, spin, maneuvering, and cover up by the PF Industry thats angering people more then anything.

  45. straybaby says:

    “Don’t forget the lies, deception, spin, maneuvering, and cover up by the PF Industry thats angering people more then anything.”

    as sad as this is, there is some beauty to it. people are learning marketing speak/actions, reading labels, getting pissed and many are changing their ways and looking for more from the producers and government. *our* farmers/ranchers/producers will win along with us. if we keep at it, we will have a very positive impact on our future.

    ya know, even though this hasn’t gotten the media attention it deserved/needed, it’s still getting enough. it’s that little nagging thing that won’t go away and can no longer be ignored. a smart company/politician/lobbyist would be noticing this and be re-evaluating things going forward if they weren’t on board in the past.

  46. Steve says:

    straybaby you got that right. Food safety be it for pet or human is going to be a BIG issue for the politicians whether they realize it yet or not.

    If America continues allowing traders and insiders to run amuck like wild beasts with zero regard for the safety and well being of people we are going to be in even bigger trouble then we already are.

    No more of this self regulation bulls*** because it’s obvious it does not WORK. It’s a complete joke to permit these Corps to self regulate. Because they are NOT going to.

  47. molly says:

    about the earlier posts, “in the old days” I thought about vaccinations (sp?) being over done, too. 2 years ago, my cocker got a immune mediated general sepsis (sp?) basically he had a major infection , was 1/2 dead when we brought him to the vet and they really didn’t know what to do so they gave him a few blood transfustions, steroids and 4 different antibiotics. He was there nearly 3 weeks. Becasue they knew it was immune related, he no longer gets vaccinations because it is thought those may be what set off the problem. (though it may have been him getting the cat’s poop w/ litter and/or the cat food, no one knows for sure.) He is fine now, 2 years later, about to be 11. Used to have seizures, hasn’t had one for awhile. His voice is now higher (when he barks, he yaps like a little dog) , although I don’t feel the steroids or the antibiotics hurt , I also feel ok without vaccinations.
    My mom’s cat lived to about 17 and never saw the vet until the end, she was put down for kidney failure (off the charts, at 17 , I can’t blame the food, purina friskies her whole life) and I know other people who have cats that do very well (over 15) also with no vet visits, and therefor no vaccinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love the vet, he saved Sam (our cocker) and another vet saved Dude when he had a staph infection (my cat, he was about 5 at the time.) But maybe they can do without the vaccinations.
    Ive always been one to avoid flu shots and any medicine I felt was unnessary, maybe the same for our animals is a good idea. Even in people, my husband who pops a pill for the slightest ache and looks like a big, strong guy, is frequesntly sick while it it very rare (every 2-3 years) I get a cold for 2-3 days max. (Im not the vitamin taker, he is) Im rambling but if it makes sense for us, should make sense for our babies, too , to a certain extent. My dogs eat A LOT of people food and not a regular brand of dog food (though they are now mostly on Bil Jac Senior) My cats are Purina friskies, dry and wet and about a year ago ,when my 12 yr old was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, she is now on hills prescription diet k/d, mostly canned with less than 1 cup of dry per week as a treat. Seems to be doing well on it but like everyone else, we’re just hoping these aren’t next on the recall list.

  48. Marilyn says:

    In Canada, they are now reporting 57 hatcheries and fish farms received the tainted feed. Article by CBC News

  49. Mandy says:

    Did anyone ever find the safe food list that the ASPCA approved of? If so, I’d be very greatful if they could post the link. I know other people were trying to find it too.

  50. Karen V says:

  51. Marilyn says:

    Our clinic has adopted the new Aaha vaccination protocols. We used to suggest vaccinating yearly, now in our area it is every two years …. that is, once they’ve had the 1st year of vaccinations. If you are interested, those new protocols can be seen at

    There is flexibility built in to the protocols for what disease risks exist in given areas. For example, in our area we have a lot of heartworm both in dogs and cats, a lot of lymes disease in dogs, we see a lot of feline leukemia, feline infectious peritonitis, and a lot of panleukopenia (feline distemper). We just diagnosed a sweet kitty this week with end-stage leukemia. Her parents are heartbroken and are trying to decide what to do for her. Last year, our local shelter had to euthanize 80 cats due to distemper. They had to shut down for a month to disinfect before they could take in any more cats.

    Anyway, we frequently see clients who are concerned about vaccinating and we understand those concerns (we are too). We do a “lifestyle profile” on all pets and based on that we can discuss with clients what their pet’s real risks are. Sometimes they refuse our recommendations and that is ok. Often, once they find out what diseases we are actually seeing, they decide to go ahead and vaccinate for those. It’s their decision - and our job is to pass along all the necessary info they need to make that decision.

  52. purringfur says:

    Steve Says:

    May 13th, 2007 at 12:20 am
    straybaby you got that right. Food safety be it for pet or human is going to be a BIG issue for the politicians whether they realize it yet or not.

    I’m trying to make the politicians realize this when I write to them.


    I wrote to my state senators and Prez candidates and told them I would give them my vote if they have food safety as a top priority! Write in, people! Let them know how important this issue is to you!! We all have to eat FOOD.

    Start in with this sentence: I am a registered voter in (list your state)…

    And add a suggestion at the end of your letters to your senators’ sites/candiates’ web masters: The web master needs to add a separate category for “FOOD SAFETY” to the drop-down menu for selecting a “topic.” The closest ones I could find are “agriculture,” “public safety,” and “other.”

    I think often there are just tallies by aides of the number of letters received under each category in the drop-down menu box to check the pulse on what the “hot” topics are.

    FOOD SAFETY deserves its OWN SUBJECT HEADING because this is a topic that is going to be with us forever! Don’t you agree?

    Make a PLEDGE to yourself and others on the “recall” blogs & boards: 50% of my “pet food/human food safety” time will be spent on writing to the blogs/boards & 50% on writing to my politicians, food manufacturers, media, etc.

    The letters & emails are what will effect change, and we are ALL agents of change with our LETTERS and WALLETS!

  53. kellie says:

    Hello all.
    I have a request for opinions or ideas only. Please dont direct me to websites or recipes because i’ve read them all trust me.
    I’m on the fence right now between trying Merrik, evangers and frozen raw from the heath store, or making my own(ive already made a small fresh fish batch with powdered egshells that is going over pretty well. my one cat wont touch the fancy feast now after just 2 days of the fish mix my other wants his ff but im working on him.
    I had a hard time finding a butcher who would help me out but i did, 45 mins away.
    i just want to know how this sounds to the raw feeders who visit this site.
    I’ll make my own fish flavors since i can pound eggshells in a ziplock bag into powder no problem, i also added 1 egg and one yolk to a big bowl of salmon, sole and cod fillets( all wild caught, bought months ago in vacum packed freezer fillets) i hand shredded. i powdered the 2 eggshells into the mix and just a handful of kibble to soak up the fish broth and eggs . Fish is high in taurine so i wasnt worried about that in the fish mix.
    For the meat i can have a few batches ground with bone and organ meat at the butcher and frezze portions out. 1 beef mix with organ meats, one chix, and one game type like lamb and whatever else they have. as long as they have the bonemeal in it and organ meat it should be fine, right? and since they will get plenty of omega 3 fatty fish as well they should be balanced i think.

    If this isn’t an ok way to home feed i’ll have to go canned. i dont have a food processor and cannot afford the kind that will ground bones. I also dont want to use a bunch of supplements since i don’t trust them and the whole home chemist thing scares me. i’m afraid i’ll od them or they will still get fillers that way.

    what do you all think?

  54. elizabeth says:

    Molly, my vet is very understanding about my not vaccinating my cats after the first time when they are completely checked out and brought into the house to join the family. They are completely in house all the time and I believe they are at minimal risk. The vet asks each time, and I decline each time, and he smiles and says “fine” each time. Were they to spend time outside I would probably think differently

  55. JanC says:

    Just wanted to add something about vaccines, heartworm meds, topical flea meds, etc.

    I have come to the conclusion that dogs are overmedicated PERIOD. I recently changed vets & went in prepared to fight over yearly vaccines (she was due for rabies but that was all I was going to allow). The vet agreed that dogs are overmedicated…..I nearly fell over. She said they have found that most vaccines are good for two to three years. A blood test can be done to tell them the level left in their system & whether or not they need a booster. I also took my dog off heartworm meds….not a lot of mosquitoes where I live & few cases around here… said that was up to me when I told her what I was going to do. I do have to keep topical flea meds on her…..big area for fleas & ticks & the places where we walk also have lots of wild animals. I find lots of dead ticks in the house so at least I know the stuff is working. Much as I’d love to stop that also, I know I really can’t.

    My last Lab used to get really sick for two days following her yearly shots & I used to beat myself up over it……when I got my latest Lab, I decided no more. Rabies has to be done because it’s the law but the others will not be yearly. And I found a vet who didn’t argue with me……yeah! A friend of mine also stopped yearly shots…..titer tests (I believe that’s what the blood tests are called) have confirmed that her dogs haven’t needed boosters for three years. So that tells me all I need to know.

  56. martin says:

    Glad to hear someone talking about vac’s here. I’d like your advise.

    My two baby girls (both 18 months old) had their first round of complete vac’s as pup’s. The vet now wants to give them 1 year boosters which is good for 3 years.

    Since I know little about the 3 years vac’s I have been hesitant to allow them to get these 3 year vac’s. My 6 year old girl has not had any vac’s in 3 years. We have done the titer tests and found it wasnt necessary. My vet is really suggesting that I get this 3 year vac’s on my little ones. Any advise would be appreciated. Does nayone have any experience with the 3 year vac’s? I think they just started using them about 18 months ago.

  57. martin says:


    The only thing I have advise on regarding you recipe is the fish: be sure it’s wild, not farm fed since the farm fed ones have been fed melamine.

  58. JanC says:

    Martin: Let me tell you my experience & you can take it from there. I got my Lab when she was a year old. She had recently had her rabies vac & the last round of puppy shots when I got her. I brought her in after a year for her rabies……as I said before, I didn’t want any other vacs but the rabies. She hasn’t had anything but her puppy shots & her regular 3-yr rabies shot & that’s all she’s going to get. When she goes back for her rabies shot in three yrs, I’ll have the titer done to see if she needs any others.

    Like I said before, watching my other Lab throw up for two days after her shots was just awful. I swore I’d never let another dog of mine get those shots every year.

    My dog walks on a leash & now & then goes nose to nose with another dog but she isn’t regularly exposed to other dogs (as in a kennel). I guess it would depend on how much your dogs are exposed to other dogs & if they’ve had any outbreaks of anything in your area. I’m certainly not an authority on the subject but watching your dog throw up for two days & mope around the house tells me that those shots can’t be doing her all that much good. Plus, like I also mentioned before, a friend of mine has not been allowing her dogs to get vaccinated every year…..after either two or three yrs, she had a titer done on both of them & they still had plenty left in their system.

    What my vet told me is that they have found that these shots, that they always recommended your dog have every year, last a lot longer than a year. They now say to get them tested in two or three years. That’s all I know.

  59. martin says:


    Thanks for the advise. I am also worried that they give them too much of the stuff and it’s not necessary. Mine kids have no other contact with any other dogs except each other. My 6 year old also get’s ill for a few days after the vac’s. As I mentioned, we are going on 4 years now with titer tests and she still has enough in her system.

    I think I will have the titers done on my little ones. I do have one that refuses to give up any blood which may be a problem????

    Thanks again, I appreciate your thoughts. :-)

  60. petslave says:

    On vaccinations - I don’t bother with my indoor cats, although they are allowed to go out in the fenced dog yard occasionally. I’ve always kept the dogs up on rabies vacs in the past because of law & fear of them contacting a rabid animal, but now I’m really worried about getting them updated. I probably won’t have any of the other vaccines done though. Leptospirosis is on the upswing in our area–that’s one of the most problematic vaccines & the disease sounds terrible. Hard choices.

    One bad thing about not vaccinating is all the doggie day cares & kennels require them up to date on everything, & yearly vaccines. I haven’t found any that are changing to the 3 year routine like a lot of vets are doing. I don’t have much need for either of those types of facilities, but may need them sometime in the future. If I had the energy, I would go around & try to educate them on the new protocols, but am spending too much time on pet food issues right now. Maybe in another life.

  61. martin says:


    I am as well spending a lot of time on the pet food issues & the vac’s are not the biggest concern right now. I just hope this food issue will be over soon. I do think we are in the middle of more to come. I hope I’m wrong. We have had a fairly quiet week with just the one recall. I wonder what this next week has in store for us? :-{ Friday’s are always the worst. I used to look forward to Friday’s (until now).

  62. Mandy says:

    I fear I have to get my cats vaccinated regularly because we have a lot of stray cats around the neighborhood and all it takes is one cat hissing at another through a screen door to make your baby sick.

    Now that I have this information though, I won’t worry about it getting done one year ago on the dot, like I used to. So thank you for that!

    My cats have never shown a bad reaction to getting their yearly shots though. I wonder what that means. That they just have really healthy immune systems?

  63. petslave says:

    well while we’re drifting away from the food topic for awhile, can anyone recommend the best (ie, least harmful) heartworm preventative? We don’t have heartworm in our area, but a friend is moving back east & will have to put his dog on the preventative. I don’t know what the latest is. Back when I lived in the SE, it was a once a day pill but that was a long time ago. I’ve heard some of the chewables have some bad ingredients.

  64. lainie says:


  65. lainie says:

    If Your Interested The Oil Is Called Dream Coat Made By Halo Pets Its Only Clain Is To Skin Coat And Immune System But It Got Rid Of My Dogs Fleas And Dont Knw A Dog Using It That Has Gottn Them And Ive Gottn Quite A Few Friends Using It. I Feel Alot Bettr Puting Natural Oil In My Pets Food. Then Puting Possibly Toxic Chemicals On Thr Skin. And Oh Yeah I Was Able To Give It To My Pups From The Time They Could Eat.

  66. JanC says:

    I took my dog off heartworm meds when I started reading how bad they are for your dog. I have her on Frontline Plus but I believe Advantix also repels mosquitoes so I’m going to put her on that instead. Not only do we have a wicked flea problem here but I think I mentioned before that ticks are an even worse problem. When I first got my dog, the people who had her before put no flea/tick meds on her…’s assistant picked 19 ticks off her. I found them on me & in the house…..sorry, I’ll take my chances with flea/tick meds as much as I’d rather not use them. I still find dead ones around so they are still taking up residence on her but the tick stuff is killing them.

    I don’t know anymore……like you, I am obsessed with pet food right now…..but I can’t put my dog through getting sick after her yearly shots & I got really freaked about heartworm meds when I read how poison it is over the long term. Vet didn’t seem to feel strongly either way…..she just said to do what I thought was best. I did think about giving her one every other month instead of every month but that’s probably just as much poison so I stopped.

    However, I think it’s wonderful news that vets are finally coming around to the fact that yearly shots are just too much. Probably kill the dog eventually rather than help the poor thing. Bad enough that we have to try not to poison our animals with pet food, we also have to worry about shots & other meds. Geez, cut me some slack here……

  67. JanC says:

    Petslave: I had my dog on the Heartguard chewables but don’t know what’s good & what isn’t. I figure maybe a mosquito repellent would be the next best thing. Tell your friend to talk to a vet & tell him/her about their concerns. Most pet owners are starting to get a little worried about overmedicating their pet & vets are starting to get the picture.

    A groomer told a friend of mine to lessen the toxins by choosing flea meds for a smaller dog so they will only get a partial dose instead of the full dose for their weight. My only concern is whether or not it’ll still work as effectively. Because the problem isn’t as bad in the winter, I do use a dose for a smaller dog. But in the summer, having live ticks on me or around my house doesn’t do a thing for me so I use the correct dose for her size.

  68. 4lgdfriend says:

    Martin et al:
    FVRCP VACCINE Links to Kidney Disease in Cats,
    Colorado State U Dr. Lappin and Dr. Jacqueline Whittemore will study which feline tissues react with anti-CRFK antibodies; determine the concentrations of CRFK proteins in all commercially available FVRCP vaccines; and determine if the presence of CRFK or feline kidney cell antibodies are associated with the development of particular illnesses in cats including kidney failure, uveitis, pancreatitis, and hyperthyroidism.
    World-Famous Scientists Donate Services to The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust
    will demonstrate 5-7 year immunity from vaccine with goal of changing the vaccination laws.
    “I have studies that show duration of immunity at seven to nine years for all the core vaccines except rabies, and even on an antibody basis I can show that rabies gives much longer protection than three years,” says Dr. Schultz.

    Although AAHA recommends vaccinating against distemper every three years after the initial puppy shots, challenge studies have shown that the minimum duration of immunity can last five to seven years, and perhaps even longer. In fact, titers have indicated that dogs can be protected for nine to 15 years. “To be honest, although canine distemper is a core vaccine, I think a dog only needs to receive it once in his life,” says Dr. Schultz. “The same goes for canine parvo and adenovirus-2. That’s the vaccination program I’ve been practicing on my own dogs without any difficulty whatsoever. We’ve never had a vaccine-preventable disease occur.”
    Pet Vaccine information

    Toxins come from “pollutants (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, benzenes, pthallates, PCB’s, carbon monoxide etc.) that contaminate our food, water and air. They come from drugs, antibiotics, cortisone, flea control chemical products, heartworm prevention products and vaccinations.” See http://www.holisticvetpetcare......ukemia.htm (GLORIA DODD DVM)

    also see

  69. petslave says:

    Thanks, JanC, on the heartworm info.

    Tip on flea control - when I was doing shelter work, I learned a tip from the vet we used for applying ADVANTAGE: put on 1 drop per lb. of body weight. It comes in a pack of 4 tubes, almost the same price for 4 tiny tubes as 4 huge tubes for 70 lb dogs. The dog & cat formula is the same for ADVANTAGE–some other formulas are different & the dog formula will KILL a cat (I think Advantix is one of these, its a different product from Advantage), so make sure to check this CAREFULLY. Plus I don’t know if this dosage works for the other formulas.

    We bought the big 4ml tubes for the cats & could get a lot of them treated with less money that way. I do the same for my six cats when there’s a flea outbreak, but not before. I squeeze out the tube contents into a disposable container & use a needless syrynge to take up the right amount for each cat. Saves a lot of money & reduces dosage to each pet.

  70. kellie says:

    Hi all,
    I just have to get this off of my chest.
    As i posted earlier i was on the fence about trying some foods I feel safe with or homemade raw.
    For 2 months now I’ve been constantly scared giving them their fancy feast, but, it wasn’t recalled and Everytime I would consider a premium it would be recalled as well.
    After endless hours of research and forum reading i decided on Merrik, Felidae and solid gold for wet and innova reg and evo for dry.
    It was hard to find but finally Pet supplies plus carried everything i wanted and more.
    Those of you concerned about price, don’t be. It’s almost the same as grocery store cheap food. they are raising the prices of grocery store brands anyway, so why not pay the same for quality food?
    I got 30 cans of wet 5.5 and 6 oz. cans, and 2 bags of dry for under 40$, most cans were 79 to 98 cents. The variety astounded me many flavors to choose esp. in the merrik. A 3 ounce FF can is now 90 cents at my Krogers.
    I’m telling you I left the store and for the first time since this started I felt the stress and fear slowly leave me. I’d pay double what i did to feel that way. It’s been a long scary 2 months and i actually cried relief on the drive home.
    I had no idea how bad the stress and fear i kept secretly hidden was affecting me until it started to lift.

    This food looks and smells like people food. I see chunks of meat and real veggie pieces. Real bonemeal grains etc.

    The girl who helped me is an eastern michigan journalism major and as i chatted about my new thoughts on grocery store pet food she asked to quote me for an artice about all this she’s writing for a final project. I gladly let her and told her about this site and a few others so ITCHMO she may be mailing you asking to use or quote some of your site content, i hope that’s ok.
    She said it will appear next month in their college newspaper, Eastern echo I think it’s called.

    Anyway I just thought i’d share and say the few extra cents a can was more than worth the peace of mind i now have.

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