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  1. Jan says:

    To all of you:

    Thanks for your comments & help……I’m bringing it back. Sorry, doesn’t look right to me. This looks like somebody sprinkled salt on it…..the white things are not IN the food, just all through the food. Plus, the outside of the food is gritty……I’ve never used it before so I’m probably being paranoid but when my friend said her dog threw up & she saw little white things in it, that was it for me.

    Heard nothing but good things about Canidae except one person, posting yesterday, said her dogs were having problems with it. I sent a post asking her to explain but she hasn’t responded yet.

    I sent an email but may still call tom’w……it is going back today. I’m just not sure where to go from here. My poor dog has had little tests of a zillion foods but right now she’s on the old dry (just a little) & the rest is food I cooked. Old dry has been ok so far but they just recalled the cat dry & that’s enough for me to want to switch. Plus, she’s had a rash on her belly & I think something in the old dry isn’t agreeing with her.

    Oh my, what to do……friend has her dogs on Bench & Fields holistic from Trader Joes for a very long time now…..both dogs doing super. Guess that’s my next trial………

  2. susanUnPC says:

    Evy: “I don’t use any canned.”

    That’s counter to the recommendations of Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins (who testified before the Senate last week) and Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, who both — with different emphases — explain the absolute necessity of wet food in a cat’s diet. And they both MOST of all explain why cats’ unique dietary needs require wet food.

    Feline Diabetes and Obesity: The Preventable Epidemics

    These are the two articles that I’ve taken most seriously, as well as the writings of Dr. Michael Fox, who I met many years ago when he was head of HSUS.

    I’ve “met” several pet food formulation experts at Daily Kos and other venues who are eager to share what they’ve learned. While I appreciate the great study they have done, they haven’t treated cats for decades or learned firsthand through clinical trials which diets prevent or turn around disease. Dr. Hodgkins has become well-known to us here because of her superb testimony and follow-up rebuttal to the pet food industry experts at the Senate hearing. Dr. Pierson is a similarly important figure in nutrition. I am going with their recommendations. And WET FOOD is the core of both doctors’ recommendations.

  3. 5CatMom says:

    On a different, but related subject.

    Last week, I called a company that makes yummy human snacks and learned that their products are manufactured in the good old USA.

    The customer service rep was aware of the melamine thing and she said her company was testing for melamine because they though it would be a good thing to do.

    I suspect there’s a lot going on behind the scenes - FDA is way too quiet.

  4. petslave says:

    FYI - says the EVO canned cat food is very high in phosphorous, so may not be a good choice as an only food choice:

    Seems like Innova & Nature’s Variety are good picks. I used the grainless for both before the reacall (plus Wellness canned which is staying in the cabinet for a few more weeks just in case). Sounds like the Canidae line is good also. I used to use it until I went grainless for my pets.

    I’m home feeding right now waiting for my Honest Kitchen order to be delivered this week. Spent many hours cooking & processing food for 3 dogs & 6 cats yesterday–it was “interesting” handling all that meat again as I’ve been a vegetarian for many years.

    I was feeding Farmore & Nature’s Variety raw for a few weeks but put an email in to NV since they don’t specify human-grade ingredients in their raw–haven’t heard back but that was on Friday. Farmore seems great–all US, human grade, they even wash the veggies first, dogs did really well on it. But it’s expensive & hard to find & is for dogs only. I don’t have a lot of freezer space which makes raw a problem with this crowd. My dogs are allergic to chickin & I have a diabetic cat & one that gets bladder crystals so have some restrictions going on here.

    Keep up the good work everyone, this is a great support & information system & is keeping many of us sane right now.

  5. Jenny says:

    And another site that discusses that dry foods are not good for cats:

    In all the research i’ve done over the past few weeks - I have not found a single expert (outside someone that sells food) that indicates that dry food in general is better for cats than wet.

  6. 5CatMom says:

    Thanks to all for the good info wrt wet food.

    I’m using a combination of dry, wet, homecooked, and some raw for those who will eat it.

    Would like to use more wet but want to avoid any food (wet or dry) that is made by a contract company.

    Have tried many of the wet foods, but my kitties weren’t impressed with some of them.

    If anyone knows some good and tasty wets that are made “in house”, I’d love to try them.

    Many thanks.

  7. Joan Steik says:

    5catmom - I like Primal Raw, you could lightly cook this product for those that won’t eat the raw.

  8. Evy says:

    Good day everyone!!

    susanUnPc love your nickname :) did you read my little bit about the ‘urge to splurge’ ??

    Jan - Canidae is a really good product line and you may just have a ‘fluke’ bag and taking it back and opening another one at the store to compare is an idea if you haven’t already left to return it.

    5CatMom - did you see my post up a bit further on the ‘in house’ urge stuff?

    Thank you Itchmo!!! It’s like having a wonderful corner cafe of pet lovers to gather with.

    petslave (another kewt nickname we can all relate to) - the statement of saying ingredients or a pet food is ‘human grade’ is still under scrutiny right now in the industry and honestly shouldn’t be used - I mean, companys can and do, but the ‘definition’ hasn’t been ‘defined’ by AAFCO ‘officially’ - same thing happened with the word ‘natural’ since adding vitamins wasn’t ‘natural’ - it’s all kinda crazy, but please don’t hold it against Nature’s Variety if they don’t come out and say that, since they’d just be trying to comply is all - it is a good product line from what I know

    5CatMom - will you change your nickname if you get another cat?? lol

  9. Evy says:

    Anyone splurging on new toys for their FurAngels?? I just got my dog a new ‘hedge hog’ since he loves the noise they make and his old one was getting scrungy. And my cats still favorite are those little shiny soft spiked balls that she can bat around so I stocked up on those. It’s all been so tense and it’s always so much fun to get them things to play with :)

  10. petslave says:

    Evy–thanks for the NV boost–my pets were doing really well on the raw, just wanting to see if they would come out & say directly like Farmore does. I’ve had absolutely no problem with them & have been feeding their dry for several years.

    This may be overreacting but I’d be careful with the pet toys right now –almost all are made in China. Kongs are not, but all the cute fuzzies & the dog-safe tennis balls are. I wash the fuzzies before giving them to the pets. Some catnip stuffed toys, the basic tube shapes, are made here & I only buy those since you can’t wash catnip toys. Also the Happy Hips line of treats, which are pure chicken, were made there last time I checked–wonder what THEY did with all their slaughtered avian flu chickens??? Nice profit in US pet market?

    I’ve been label reading for years & avoid China products if at all possible, but some things are only made there. Try to find a toaster or food processor not made there. Check out the dental floss & toothbrushes next time you get those for yourself–ChinaChinaChina–scary!! (There are a few brands made in Europe & I look for those).

    Oh– a great dog treat are the dried sweet potatoes that have recently come out. They come in all sizes from french fries for my Schipperke to big thick slices for my 2 big hound/retrievers. It takes a few minutes for them to chew up & they are made in the US–Sam’s Yams buy Front Porch Pets. My dogs love them.

  11. Evy says:

    Sorry to post again so soon, but I thought I was the only ‘weirdo’ (in a good way lol) that tossed their pet toys in the laundry. I found a really cool teepee shaped ‘fort’ thing covered with carpet that she loves to hide in.

    And there is a mom n pop shop here in my area that is uber careful in the things they carry and even get into Bach remedies with folks and alternative therapies. I am glad to see more people getting into those things.

  12. KatieKat says:

    Evy, yes I went on a toy binge yesterday, took my JRT, Shelby with me so she could pick some new toys, she loves the squirrils and the ducks!! And she also helped pick out new toys for the kittys lol the kittys love her choices. It’s funny as all getup to see a little JRT carrying around a stuffed duck that is bigger than she is!

  13. linda says:

    has anyone out there tried Newman’s dry cat food?

  14. Lynn says:

    Duh…..the “Pet Stick” shown on the main page of Itchmo’s Blog……what’s it made of? Not melamine, I hope.

  15. Ruth says:

    Sharon, here’s another campy movie, Planet of the Apes series, people turn to keeping monkey’s and chimps as pets when all the cats and dogs in the world died after a virus killed them all.
    How scary is that. Started thinking about it the other day….its hitting home because we don’t know whats safe for our pets to eat….

  16. Stephanie says:


    My dogs have been eating Canidae. I noticed the salt like stuff in there too. Like everyone else, I have had total paranoia when it comes to what to feed now. My dogs have been eating it with no problems. I have noticed that they both like the food a lot and they no longer have doggie breath. I am quite happy with it, but I do check in with their site a couple times a day, just in case.

  17. Seven says:

    How about Costco’s pet food? My family feeds the wet@ dry dog food, and the dry cat food. I don’t know the manufacturer. Does anyone have any imfo on the Costco brand?

  18. Jan says:


    Have you bought Canidae before? Has it always had the salt like stuff in it? I’ve never used it before but I just didn’t like the looks of that…..all I could think of was maybe they changed their ingredients & that was melamine……me, paranoid?

    Everyone says it’s a wonderful dog food & is rated very high at the dog food analysis website. Maybe when this is over, I’ll be a little more daring. Not knowing which companies got the tainted rpc & therefore not knowing which companies quite possibly have tainted foods still out there is scaring me to death. So I’m suspicious of just about everything……isn’t this awful? I think the thing that really did it for me is when NB, supposedly a premium food that you would think wouldn’t use any glutens, snuck that in there & the consumer had no way of knowing that. It didn’t even show on the ingredients on their website until a day or two later when somebody went in & changed it.

    I’m so afraid that I’ll be feeding my dog a super premium dry food & three days later I’ll find out I just happened to pick the next one recalled. I’m so afraid for my dog & don’t want to lose her.

  19. Stephanie says:

    This was my first bag. I kind of thought it was strange, but since it didn’t have any glutens, and I haven’t heard it come up in forums like other foods, I felt okay with it. They have eaten 20 pounds of it so far, and they are fine.

  20. Jan says:


    Thanks so much for sharing that info with me. Maybe I shouldn’t have returned it but I freaked out. Somewhere down the road I’ll try it again. I’m trying to back off dry for a few days to see what the next thing recalled might be……she’s really enjoying her rice & hamburger or rice & chicken…..she has no problems with this……

  21. 5CatMom says:


    Yes, I did see your “urge” post, thanks. I’m doing something similar, only a few pieces at a time until my heard gets up to speed on the home cooked stuff.

    If I get another cat maybe I’ll be “Previously5CatMom”. LOL. Got to tell you though, after this food debacle I may not get any more when these guys are gone.

    Evy, do you know what is meant by “hot protein” vs “cold protein”. One of the natural store owners mentioned it. She said chicken is “hot protein”, and not to overfeed it. That was a new one for me.

  22. petslave says:

    Seven–ie Costco food. A coworker told me on Thursday that after opening a new bag of Kirkland (Costco brand) dry cat food, the next day her cat was drinking a lot of water, urinating blood & seemed very uncomfortable. She changed food & he seemed to recover so I emailed her some of this info so she could educate herself on what is really going on & keep an eye on her cat. Like most people, she just thought it was wet food recalled & stores had taken care of everything.

    I haven’t heard of anyone else having any trouble with that brand but with those symptoms I don’t think I would try it. Maybe just read the list & avoid the gluten/plant protein thing as suggested earlier, but as we saw with Natural Balance, it might be in there & not listed.

    I took a bunch of Felidae products to my mother today. She was feeding her cats the Fancy Feast with wheat gluten in it. After reading comments on these pages about FF, I was really concerned for her cats. She figured a spoonful a day wouldn’t hurt them. I’m really shocked at how little most people know about this whole horrible ongoing episode. Thank goodness we have this message board to talk about all this.

  23. 5CatMom says:

    Joan Steik,

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to find some Primal Raw and give it a try.

    I bought RawSome Food Organic Chicken by Back to Basics, but my kitties didn’t go for it.

  24. straybaby says:


    Kirkland dry is made by Diamond and they swear they only used the RPC in NB foods (mmmk!). Don’t know where the wet is made

    check thepetlist dot com for more info on where foods are made.

  25. Lorie says:

    has anyone been having issues with merrick my cats have been eating it since the end of March and were doing fine, now they both seem off again…………..worried I got a bad batch or something the time stamps on bottoms of cans of different bigger print etc…Any input would be appreciated. I am convinced my littlest one is never going to survive this. I think there was to much damage all ready.

  26. Kiki says:

    Here’s a response from Fromm’s Pet Food about where they source their canned food. What do you think????

    Fromm Family Foods wrote:

    Thank you for your email and interest in Fromm Family Foods.

    Our canned products are made in a human food facility in China. This is not a pet food facility and it is completely human edible. The facility we
    chose is the same where other high-end American and international companies are making their people food and have been for many years. The facility is in fact inspected and regulated and certified by four different government bodies including the EU, USDA/FDA, Canadian, and China.

    I have enclosed the statement our company released today which I feel will
    better and more accurately address all of your concerns. Please read below.

    If you have additional questions, please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Fromm Family Foods
    >Phone: 1-800-325-6331
    >Fax: 262-242-3571
    >Mailing Address: PO Box 365, Mequon WI, 53092
    >Fromm Family Foods is dedicated to assuring unprecedented quality and safety
    >in all its pet food products. The Fromm Family has over a 100 year history
    >in animal nutrition and promises to continue to deliver the finest in dry,
    >canned and treat products for pets.
    >Recently, another ingredient has been identified in the recall related to
    >tainted pet food. Fromm Family Foods does not currently use rice protein in
    >any of its foods, and hasn’t done so for over a year and half. If you happen
    >to see an old bag on a store shelf that actually contains rice gluten meal,
    >it is over a year old and past the best before date printed on the bag. Be
    >assured that even if this product is fed past its best before date, the
    >product is perfectly safe as the rice protein used was purchased from a
    >company in Holland. The Holland company’s plant from whom we purchased Rice
    >Gluten Meal has an FDA number and produces only products for human
    >consumption such as starch derived sweeteners like glucose and rice syrup.
    >Whereas, the contaminated rice concentrate shipped to other pet food
    >manufacturers was from careless “rogue” ingredient blenders who
    >unfortunately were not thoroughly evaluated by the pet food trade prior to
    >its use in other pet food products. Although we no longer use Rice Gluten
    >Meal in any of our products, our Four-Star Duck A la Veg and Gold Cat foods
    >still have rice gluten meal printed in the ingredient panels as we are still
    >running out existing empty bag inventories.
    >With the recent number of pet food recalls, many pet owners have become
    >painfully aware that many of their trusted brands are made by less that a
    >handful of third party private label manufacturers. Unlike many other pet
    >food companies that have all their products made for them by third party
    >manufacturers, all of our Fromm Dry Pet Foods and Treats are manufactured at
    >our plant located here in Wisconsin.
    >Regarding our “grain free” canned foods, we process all of our products in a
    >fit only for human consumption plant, and only the highest manufacturing
    >standards are used to produce our products. All of our canned products have
    >FDA registration numbers and certificates of manufacturing integrity are
    >provided for each and every load before it is allowed to enter the USA or
    >Canada. Each facility has been rigorously inspected on site by the CFIA
    >(Canadian Food Inspection Agency). As per these certifications by the FDA
    >and CFIA, we are mandated to purchase our ingredients from only certified
    >suppliers according to government directives. There are government
    >inspectors on site during production, and these facilities supply canned
    >goods world wide including the USA. These facilities also have EU (European
    >Union) and Kosher Certifications.
    >We do not use wheat gluten, rice gluten or rice protein concentrates in any
    >of our products, including our canned foods Wheat gluten is frequently used
    >by other companies in their canned pet food to make a manufactured meat
    >substitute product that can be made to look like chunks and slices or dices
    >of real meat from lower quality meats or inedible (not fit for human
    >consumption) meat by-products. If you see a rubbery chunk of meat in any
    >canned pet food it is likely to be a piece of reformed meat made with wheat
    >gluten. Rest assured, when you open one of our cans, you will only see real
    >cuts of whole meat and vegetables. There is no mystery meat and you will not
    >see anything in the can you don’t recognize as real whole food. While many
    >people are understandably concerned with products from China, we feel it is
    >important to assure our customers that our products are made and certified
    >to strict government edible food standards .
    >In reality, nearly every pet food sold in the USA or Canada has some
    >component in it that comes from China, whether it’s the vitamins, minerals
    >or the packaging. Our products are technology based and carefully
    >designed with an unprecedented visual presentation that allows our customers
    >the security to see exactly what they are feeding their four-legged family
    >We feel it is most important to think through a purchase decision based on
    >the product’s quality. We can with 100% certainty say that our canned foods
    >are inspected and certified to be 100% edible; 100% natural, and not
    >affiliated with any by-product operation. What other pet food company can make that statement? We stand by our products 100%.

  27. Lorie says:

    I just brought home Fromm dry Salmon today along with a can of there chicken and tuna. Fed them some of the dry and my little one loved it but still scared to actaully let them have the bag. Not sure if I will ever have enough guts to open the can. that letter Fromm sent sounds like everyone elses story blah blah blah the best the safest.GEEZ A lady at the pet food store today swaore by the Fromms I bought, but I feel like I will be the one to end up with the bad can. : (

  28. Barbara says:

    I know how you feel. I looked at Fromm’s web site and it looks good, BUT they are made in China. How can we trust them to be telling the truth about human grade food. Maybe they’re saying that just to sell there food. I don’t know anymore. As far as Merrick, I bought some and one licked off the broth. The other 3 ate some. I don’t think they like the chunks of veg. and fruit in it. I also bought some Performatrin Ultra can which is made here( so they say). It’s made for PetValu. They kinda like it. Also got some of there dry food. Two like it. Now one is itching again pretty bad just like when he had Purina Urinary Track food. I heard off and on about NB’s Venison and Green Pea can. Some said it’s a problem, but the co. says it’s fine. They were eating that and had no problems including no itching. What could the other can foods have in it that he could be allergic to? I’ve read the lables. Does anyone know?

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