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(UPDATE) Food-safety news:

(ORIGINAL POST) Recall-Related News:

PetSmart Responds To Toxin News:

PetSmart responds to the lab report on acetaminophen in pet food. Says information is “not based on facts”. In our opinion, that’s strong language while the jury is still out on the subject. Read the full email to an Itchmo reader after the jump.

China says they have rejected US products that do not meet Chinese quality standards:

Inspectors in the ports of Ningbo and Shenzhen found bacteria and sulfur dioxide in products shipped by three American companies, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said.”

The products failed to meet the sanitary standards of China,” the agency said in a brief notice posted on its Web site. No details were given on when or how the inspections were conducted.

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PetSmart’s response on acetaminophen:

The information regarding the aecetominophen (sic) is not based on facts, at this time. We are investigating this story and have found nothing to substantiate these allocations at this time. PetSmart will make the right decision when the investigation is done. Thank you.

Barany Chittenden
Product Care Specialist

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  1. DMS says:

    Well, I just tried to email Nancy Pelosi to see if she is behind Durbin and DeLauro. I want to know why she isn’t speaking out and calling attention to the problem if she is behind them, since she is Speaker. Surprise, surprise, her mailbox is full and mail cannot be delivered. Somehow, I doubt it is full of food safety inquiries.
    I’m just not buying that Durbin and DeLauro are having so much trouble fighting big business. If they would take advantage of the media, they could get somewhere on this. Where I live, an educated middle-class neighborhood(no stereotypes intended, but it is a bit like Edward Scissorhands) hardly anyone knows or seems to care what is going on. It’s the land of ostriches sticking their heads in the sand. Florida. Maybe it’s flamingoes,Idon’t know anymore. Anyway, IF the pol’s would use the media, which they have access to, to tell the people how bad it really is, I think America would be even more interested than they are in Paris Hilton. I really do. So why aren’t Durbin, DeLauro, and Pelosi getting serious? There will never be a better time. Each new found contamination could only serve to strengthen their platform. Of course, there may be a better time, if things get worse.

  2. KimS says:

    Wow, to be turned down by China means the product must have been 1000% poo.

  3. 5CatMom says:

    Don has another report from a pet owner:

    The pet owner has reported lab findings of actetaminophen and cyanuric acid in Hill’s Science Diet Light Adult, a dry cat food.

    Many thanks to Don for collecting this information.

  4. kalija says:

    More than likely there was nothing wrong with it. Its a threat meant to intimidate the US. “You keep blocking our products, we’ll start blocking yours”. Knowing the politicians who are supposed to protect our safety it will probably work since all they care about is money.

  5. Leigh-Ann says:

    OMG, “Barany Chittenden”’s spelling makes my eyes bleed! I loved his/her reference to unsubstantiated “allocations”. Maybe that’s their new red herring — Petsmart will be investigating “allocations” instead of “allegations”. That should prove fruitful :p

  6. Sandra Alawine says:

    Hi, How do you add the badge to your site?

    Does anyone know what petfood they found the Tylenol in?

    I don’t know what to feed my kittens and surviving cat. Thanks for a great site Itchmo

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Here’s where you can find the code:

  7. YaYa says:

    Hi Sandra, I’d recommend making your own pet foods.
    They are plenty of references for recipes in the ItchmoForums. Just keep it simple and use a Crockpot.

    Hopefully someone or *Itchmo Admin* will let you know about the Badge application today.

  8. Rick says:

    Sandra Alawine Says
    Does anyone know what petfood they found the acetaminophen in?

    some of the foods are talked about here–

    As for Petsmart, they sound like some polticians these days–even when hit in the face with the facts–which lab reports are–they STILL deny. I stopped shopping there a while back. All they push is Hells Science Diet & Eukanuba.

  9. Rick says:

    Wow, Bush & Co. just won’t stop until everything is just completely wrecked & unsafe. This administration has brought us the era of “call it what it’s NOT”–the “clean air” act, the “no child left behind” act–and now, “organic”…

    USDA may relax standards for organic foods
    The agency is considering a list of 38 nonorganic spices, colorings and other ingredients that would be allowed in products it deems ‘organic.’

    With the “USDA organic” seal stamped on its label, Anheuser-Busch calls its Wild Hop Lager “the perfect organic experience.”

    “In today’s world of artificial flavors, preservatives and factory farming, knowing what goes into what you eat and drink can just about drive you crazy,” the Wild Hop website says. “That’s why we have decided to go back to basics and do things the way they were meant to be … naturally.”

    But many beer drinkers may not know that Anheuser-Busch has the organic blessing from federal regulators even though Wild Hop Lager uses hops grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides.

    From LA Times-,0,4944942.story?coll=la-tot-topstories&track=ntothtml

  10. straybaby says:

    Um, wasn’t at least one of the positive for acetaminophen samples submitted by a manufacturer? Just because a lab is honoring their confidentiality agreement doesn’t make it untrue . . . imo.

    Oh, yeah, forgot about PetSmarts connection. Masterfoods isn’t it? Makes one wonder about that there sample ;)

  11. HomeGrown says:

    The USDA Stamp is about as reliable as FDA Approved. Betcha all the recent Beef that was recalled had the USDA Stamp of Approval.

  12. HomeGrown says:

    Rick Says:

    June 9th, 2007 at 9:12 am
    “Wow, Bush & Co. just won’t stop until everything is just completely wrecked & unsafe. This administration has brought us the era of “call it what it’s NOT”–the “clean air” act, the “no child left behind” act–and now, “organic”…”

    I totally agree, he can’t get out of office fast enough for me.

  13. Elaine says:


    Well, yes, it did have the USDA stamp on it, even though each pound of hamburger may have beef from many countries in that one pound! None of it actually inspected, and much of it from countries with cleanliness standards well below the U.S.

    A few years ago they found kangaroo meat in boxed beef from Australia.

    The Big 4 meatpackers are fighting Country of Origin Labeling because they buy cheap beef from other countries and pass it off as U.S. beef because most people don’t realize the USDA stamp does not mean it is U.S. beef, OR that it has been inspected!

  14. HomeGrown says:


    Yeah, it’s a sad state of affairs all around.

  15. HomeGrown says:

    Please look around at this website. LOTS of info.

    Also, breed specific diets!

  16. e wem says:

    Elaine - thanks I didn’t know about the meatpackers.

    Country of origin is what I want. The FDA and Dept of Ag can never inspect or test all food. But if I have country of origin, I can decide my own risk.

    I am so sick of ‘Distributed by’

    They should change that phrse to ‘Distributor Lie’
    because they use that phrase to completely hide where the product originated.

    I didn’t know Master Foods was related to Pet Smart. That explains too much. They are churning out pet food labels so fast I cant keep up

    I am tired of being smashed from all sides from giant interests who want to force feed me their junk

  17. Rick says:


    good links-thanks. Also liked the Kraftyfoods link in another thread!

    On the topic of labeling, can we even count anymore how many pet foods have the word “natural” somewhere on the bag–even though it may be only a small percentage natural? If anyone remembers in the 80’s when Almay came out using the word “hypoallergenic” for their cosmetics–now almost every makeup line has the word somewhere on the label–and it means NOTHING anymore. The same is happening to “natural” and next it’s “organic”…all in the name of $$$$$$$$$

  18. Elaine says:

    E wem

    I’m in agreement with your statement about distributed by!

    I just went to some of the pet food websites recommended to check out their ingredients, and NONE of them stated they did not have imported ingredients in them, so I won”t try them.

    If you are feeding home cooked for your pets, a good source of meat products can be found at . They also sell grass fed beef, buffalo, chicken, etc., and I think their ground beef is quite a bit less expensive than what you said you paid on the other thread on Itchmo.

  19. Steve says:

    Don’t forget there is one thing to keep in mind. The Rubber Stamp GOP Congress ended lasted Nov. It’s a start. Putting on the breaks works.

    Roll Call reported this week that Republican lobbyists aren’t sure how to get anything done in a Democratic Congress.

    Several Democratic and Republican lobbyists agreed GOP consultants often get it wrong with Democrats because their corporate pitch is such an easy sell in Republican offices, which already are ideologically sympathetic to businesses’ concerns.

    Meeting with Democrats, some Republicans neglect to factor in a much wider array of constituencies that hold sway with the new majority, including labor, environmental and consumer groups.

    “Republican lobbyists are used to walking into an office and just saying, ‘I’d like you to do this,’” said one Republican operative who regularly lobbies across the aisle. “With Democrats, you really have to hone your arguments, and you really have to sell them on policy.” (emphasis added)

    Before Nov 06, corporate lobbyists had it easy. Their clients had a wish list, and the GOP majority was anxious to deliver. Now these lobbyists are finding that when they ask the Democratic majority to do something, those darned liberals want reasons. They ask pesky questions, such as, “Why?”

    No matter how frustrated we may get with congressional Dems, it’s worth remembering that when it comes to running Congress, there is a difference between a Democratic majority and a Republican one.

    (Source. . . .Benen @ 5:04 AM - PDT)

  20. Guardian956 says:

    Turned down by China? And this means WHAT to us?
    Why, use our OWN products instead of importing THEIR chit…how silly of me to think of this…and millions of others!!

    Ok…sarcasm fit over now.

    *lights another cig and sips on mela-free coffee*

  21. HomeGrown says:


    My list of non-purchase foods list is getting quite long. lol And on the use of the words “Natural” and “Organic” I totally agree. I have noticed a few of the Pet Food Companies (including some of companies who have recalled others) have started putting in a “Natural” Pet Food. I shake my head and laugh. Too little, too late for me.

  22. HomeGrown says:


    “Distributed By” only means “Don’t Buy” to me.

  23. Ann H says:

    Another illegal import from Taiwan brings a very nasty critter with it… way to go US GOV! 2001?

    Hey, song time- name that tune: “how long has this been going on…”

    HONOLULU — A pest with a nasty sting has turned up at a nursery on Oahu, state agriculture officials said.

    The stinging nettle caterpillar first turned up in Hilo in 2001, officials said. It came through an illegal shipment of seedlings from Taiwan, according to officials.

  24. Elaine says:


    Very true! I have been having an ongoing battle with the produce department in my store. I ask them what country? And they answer with the ‘distributed by’ on the label.

    I make them go look ON THE BOX the produce comes in. They don’t like it, but it’s their job and I am tired of being conned and schmoozed!

  25. Rose says:

    The FDA refusal actions was an interesting read. Poison wheat, unapproved rice powder, medical items! Wonder if that would make people think twice about any surgery they have for themselves and pets.

    Did anyone else catch the FDA rejected breast implants? Patient to plastic surgeon, now are you sure it’s just silocne in those implants, can you prove where they’re made and with what? If our dieing and dead pets didn’t get everyone attention as it should have, maybe (potentially) toxic inported breast implants will.

  26. Lorie says:

    has anyone seen this article about the teenage who died from over use of sports creme this is pretty scary mom doesn’t believe an over the counter item could cause a death.

  27. DMS says:

    Steve Says:

    June 9th, 2007 at 10:48 am
    Don’t forget there is one thing to keep in mind. The Rubber Stamp GOP Congress ended lasted Nov. It’s a start. Putting on the breaks works.


    We’ll see, Steve. I wouldn’t hold my breath. It took them all of 3 days to cave on the war funding without timelines. They are a pretty staunch bunch!!! Lots of talk…….

  28. FedUp says:

    We let in illegal immigrants. We let in crappy food supply. We let in insects. We let in disease. Hey, don’t upset anyone and make sure all those other countries like us. Someone better upset the damn melapple cart thats full of stinging insects or this country is hosed.

  29. Amy says:

    Lorie - Good article, here’s another one, little kids are getting drunk off hand sanitizer, and it could kill them if they ingest enough. So, once again, a product that’s supposed to make us safe by protecting us from germs, could actually kill us. Good job, Corporate America. For the record, I never use these hand gels just like I rarely take an antibiotic, as I believe it weakens your ability to fight off infections and it is thought that all of these ‘preventative’ measures will actually result in a strain of superviruses that will someday kills us all. But of course the corporate giants want to play on immediate fears - cold & flu - and not think about what they’re doing to our long-term health.;rss=77

  30. Anonymous says:

    Amy Says:
    June 9th, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    Drunk on hand sanitizer. I must be living in a bubble; hadn’t heard that one. There was a hand sanitizer product that was on the FDA refusal list in May.

  31. 3FURS says:

    People who are home-cooking for dogs , should go to the site re Breed Specific food needs. HomeGrown provided it in her post at 10:13 am today. Also read the related articles there. Some very informative facts there, the example that Chow Chows were bred as a human meat source and can’t digest many meats. Dogs best digest what their forefathers ate, just the same as with human digestion. Thank you HomeGrown.

  32. straybaby says:

    3FURS Says:
    June 9th, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    another good source is breed specific yahoo groups and other lists. I’m on the Yahoo Raw 4 Dals list because they do have specific needs. Also on a few other Dal specific lists. Great for exchanging info on more than just nutrition. There are also some very good general canine/feline feeding groups on Yahoo which are grat for support and a wider range of opinions/feeding options.

  33. E. Hamilton says:

    Join the Alice Army in the forums.
    Link is there for filing FCC complaints.
    And here it is right handy for ya-

    You do not have to beg the media to cover this important issue, begging for the last 3 months has gotten diddly done.

    Get up off your knees and let the bastids have it!

    Every single TV station that blew off the citizens who begged for this to get coverage needs to get a complaint, several people complaining for that station would be nice.
    Next there will be challenges to the renewal of the stations

  34. Susan says:

    You go E. WHO LOVES YA?

  35. HomeGrown says:


    You’re quite welcome! I like someone with integrity as he seems to have. If you look around at his site he cuts right through the crap to get to the heart of the matter.

  36. E. Hamilton says:

    Get the FCC complaints going, spread the word to other pet sites and blogs.

    And we are having a FRIDAY SURPRISE PARTY!

    And this Friday you will LIKE what is gonna happen.

    Info will be posted on the Alice Army thread.

    The Alice Army features no pay, no health coverage and no saluting.
    It is, however, going to be a lot better than begging and tons more fun.

  37. JanC says:

    E….I want to be part of the Friday surprise party…..oh goody, I love parties. Earlier, I said I wanted to join EPPB (E’s Pet Parent Brigade)… have such great ideas & you call ‘em like you see ‘em…….love that.

    Can’t find anything on the forum…..are you talking about HERE? I even did a search & can’t come up with anything. Pls advise…..thanks.

  38. E. Hamilton says:

    Thread is in the make a difference area here, called it the Alice Army because of the song and this is for doing things other than begging, which offends me, does not get results and makes pet parents look like needy beggars!

    Fooey on that!!

    Over half the nation has pets, they need to know how bad this situation is, we are going to tell them.

    And we are going to have fun too!

  39. HomeGrown says:

    I think that with everything going on if I was this teens mother I would be sending that cream to a lab to find out what’s in it.

    Muscle Cream Caused NYC Teen’s Death

  40. HomeGrown says:

    I’m with you E.! Going to the Forum now.

  41. Steve says:

    Associated Press - June 9, 2007 4:54 PM ET

    BEIJING (AP) - China says it has rejected a shipment of pistachios from California because it contained ants.

    A state television report today showed inspectors wearing face masks and sealing the shipping container that held the pistachios.

    The nuts appeared to originate from Cal-Pure Pistachios based in Lost Hills.

  42. Maureen says:

    Saturday: BIG Ground beef recall/possible E. coli: 5.7 million pounds

    California Firm Expands Recall of Ground Beef for Possible E. coli O157:H7 Contamination
    Recall Release CLASS I RECALL
    WASHINGTON, June 9, 2007 - United Food Group, LLC, a Vernon, Calif., establishment, is voluntarily expanding its June 3 and 6 recalls to include a total of approximately 5.7 million pounds of both fresh and frozen ground beef products produced between April 6 and April 20 because they may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, the U.S. Department of Agriculture�s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced today.
    (…) these products could be in consumers’ freezers and it is important that consumers look for and return these products if they find them.

    The fresh and frozen ground beef products subject to recall were produced between April 6 and April 20 and were shipped to retail stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

  43. Ann H says:

    File at the FTC for consumer issues too - like truth in advertising complaints, consumer protection - how much did that “safe” food cost you. Pet got sick/dued after menu or brandx pet food said safe.. deceptive advertising.
    Rules of the Road - info on the FTC complaints

    File a complaint on this link:

  44. straybaby says:

    Maureen Says:
    June 9th, 2007 at 5:58 pm

    wow, that’s alotta beef! ’specially when you add in the Texas recall!

    Is this the same as the Mid-West one?

    Beef is the new Pet Food Recall? perhaps?

  45. YaYa says:


    {it’s grown into a monster with people sick now}

    This one goes with the Recall from about a week and a half ago in stores like Albertson’s etc. Please Read:

    Please check it out if you are making Homemade with beef. Or having yor own burgers etc.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ann H good idea!
    safe.. deceptive advertising.
    Rules of the Road - info on the FTC complaints…..eroad.shtm

    File a complaint on this link:

  47. Maureen says:

    The beef recall above is an extension of the same company’s June 3rd recall of beef for suspected E. coli comtamination (75,000 lbs).

    These two recalls mean approximately 1,500,000 men, women, children and elderly people could have eating hamburgers using this beef. By the time this second recall came out today, the expiration date should have expired, so people either ate it or have it in their freezers.

    Aren’t these processing plants (assuming they were processed in the U.S.) inspected by USDA? This is very scary stuff.

  48. Maureen says:

    Maureen Says:
    June 9th, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    Oops. Bad math. The beef recall means that approximately 15,000,000 MILLION PEOPLE each could have eaten a hamburger made of this recalled beef.

  49. randy says:

    Associated Press - June 9, 2007 4:54 PM ET

    BEIJING (AP) - China says it has rejected a shipment of pistachios from California because it contained ants.

    I guess the ants have decided the pistachios would be safer than getting into a bag of pet food!

  50. Maureen says:

    The featured story on home page has the recalled beef story:

    According to the MSNBC story: “The grocery stores affected included Albertson’s, Basha’s, Grocery Outlet, Fry’s, “R” Ranch Markets, Save-A-Lot, Save-Mart, Scolari’s Wholesale Markets, Smart and Final, Smith’s, Stater Bros., Superior Warehouse and Trader Joe’s.”

    Again, here’s the USDA’s prs. release with all the recall locations:

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