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PetSmart Responds To Toxin News:

PetSmart responds to the lab report on acetaminophen in pet food. Says information is “not based on facts”. In our opinion, that’s strong language while the jury is still out on the subject. Read the full email to an Itchmo reader after the jump.

China says they have rejected US products that do not meet Chinese quality standards:

Inspectors in the ports of Ningbo and Shenzhen found bacteria and sulfur dioxide in products shipped by three American companies, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said.”

The products failed to meet the sanitary standards of China,” the agency said in a brief notice posted on its Web site. No details were given on when or how the inspections were conducted.

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(Thanks to Offy, klondike and menusux)

PetSmart’s response on acetaminophen:

The information regarding the aecetominophen (sic) is not based on facts, at this time. We are investigating this story and have found nothing to substantiate these allocations at this time. PetSmart will make the right decision when the investigation is done. Thank you.

Barany Chittenden
Product Care Specialist

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  1. HomeGrown says:

    Ya Ya

    I know it is all very frustrating. That’s what I meant when I said they are going to do themselves in. Maybe everyone doesn’t know about it YET. But just wait. They screw around long enough, enough peoples pets get sick or die and word of mouth will spread like wildfire. We have all looked at news and said “That’s too bad.” but when it happens to you or you know someone it has happened to it hits closer to home and you sit up and pay attention. The big downfall for us is that more furkids will be affected. :-(
    That is what breaks our hearts.


    Yeah, we all expected the new foods didn’t we. Just further proof that word of mouth HAS spread and that they have lost more sales than they are letting on. Not for one minute am I buying any of the sales pitches any longer. Got my furkids on homemade and that is where they will stay. My Lab Sophie looks better than she ever has. Shiny coat, lean muscles. My older cat had a problem with oily coat and dandruff. No more. Goodbye commercial pet foods…..Hello Pet Health!


    Our little FCC thing might have done some good. Within 1 hr. today I saw 2 news casts on the beef recalls and the one on even mentioned the pet food and the spinach recalls. Unfortunately like always they downplayed it by saying at the end that we still have the safest food here in the USA and that with the amount of imports we have, the recalled problems have been relatively small. Sigh….and I have a bridge to sell. Like how would they know with only 1% inspected? Would be great if someone would actually do some investigative reporting instead of what is easy.

  2. menusux says:

    kellie Says:

    June 10th, 2007 at 7:16 pm…..14650.aspx

    Remember g the name of certain products to create a new market and distance the product from previous recalls?
    Well this is the “new” super preimum food that Walmart is toting on their site and offering free samples.

    Does anyone know of this brand or who makes it?
    I’ve never heard of it.

    Smells fishy to me. Those of you with the researching and digging for info talents please get the low down on this new food toted as “super premium at a great value”

    According to the post at this website, it’s made by Doane, just like Ol’ Roy dry is:

    Both have some baggage:

    “February 3, 1999


    Multiple brands and formulas of dog food with corn as the primary ingredient:

    1 Formula 100
    Dura Life 21%
    Feedin Time Premium Chunk Style
    Golden Boy Chunk Style
    Retriever Chunk Style
    2. Formula 102
    Ol’ Roy Premium
    Sportsman Choice Original
    3. Formula 103
    Country Acres 21%
    Wendland Chunk Style
    4. Formula 104
    Dura Life Puppy
    Ol’ Roy Puppy
    5. Formula 106
    Country Acres Hi Pro 27%
    Feedin Times Premium Hi Protein for Dogs
    Golden Boy Hi Pro
    Grand Paw High Protein
    Remarkable Menu for Dogs
    Retriever Hi Pro
    Wendland High Protein
    Winchester Hi Pro
    6. Formula 107
    PMI Nutrition Puppy
    Feedin Time Premium Puppy for Dogs
    Hill Country Fare Puppy
    Remarkable Menu for Dogs
    Retriever Puppy
    Wendland Puppy
    Winchester Puppy
    7. Formula 110 - Winner Chunk Style
    8. Formula 111 - Ol’ Roy Lean
    9. Formula 116 - Slick
    10. Formula 123
    Feedin Time Krunchy Bites and Bones for Dogs
    Hill Country Fare Small Crunchy Bites & Bones
    Ol’ Roy Krunchy Bites & Bones
    Remarkable Menu for Dogs - Bites & Bones
    11. Formula 136 - PMI Nutrition Hi Protein Performance
    12. Formula 137
    PMI Nutrition Adult
    Country Acres
    Winchester Adult
    13. Formula 138 - PMI Nutrition Canine
    14. Formula 139 - PMI Nutrition Premium 22
    15. Formula 150
    Hill Country Fare Bite Size Dog Food
    Remarkable Menu for Dogs - Chunk Style
    16. Formula 151 - Hill Country Fare Hi-Protein Dog Food
    17. Formula 171
    Exceed Professional
    Maxximum - Performance
    18. Formula 177
    Maxximum - Performance
    Ol’ Roy Performance
    Sportsman Choice Performance
    19. Formula 180 - Wendland Meat Base
    20. Formula 181 - PMI Nutrition Prime 26
    21. Formula 207
    Dura Life Gravy
    Feedin Time Premium Gravy Style for Dogs
    Hilly Country Fare Gravy Style Dog Food
    Retriever Gravy
    22. Formula 261 - PMI Nutrition Exclusive Adult Growth.
    Recall #V-005/026-9.
    Sell by dates JUL 01 99E through AUG 31 99E — All lots manufactured July 1 through August 31, 1998.

    Doane Pet Care, Temple, Texas.

    Manufacturer, by telephone and press release on November 2, 1998, followed by fax and express mail letters. Firm-initiated recall ongoing.

    Texas and Louisiana.

    1,362,516 bags were distributed.

    Aflatoxin contamination.”

    This is the 2006 MO Summary of Feed Inspections–You’ll find Maxximum Nutrition on page 159 of the 165 page pdf under Wal-Mart. Page 13 shows Doane’s average with a 94.44% rating for 18 samples taken.

    Diamond’s record for 59 samples taken was a miserable 79.66%–it’s shown in full on pages 63 & 64.

    Nothing new about it–as you see it’s been made by Doane for quite some time–long enough to have gotten in the 1998 aflatoxin recall. Wal-Mart’s been selling it for a while too, so don’t know whether this is an attempt to “hedge” their bets because Ol’ Roy has taken so many “hits” in wet & dry forms or what.

  3. menusux says:

    Whoops! Here’s the URL for the 2006 Mo Summary of Feed Inspections:

  4. kellie says:

    thx menusux.
    i knew it was another crappy food walmart is pushing as “super premium” they will probably make it their new store brand since nobody will touch old roy anymore

  5. menusux says:

    While looking for Maxximum Nutrition, this came up for you folks with cats:

    What company manufactures Special Kitty Dry Kitten food?

    The person who answered this says at least some of it is made by Doane; he/she came up with the answer by Googling the 1-800 “contact number” on the Special Kitty bag. Using this method might just work for other brands of food we’re not really sure who makes.

  6. randy says:

    I HATE THE PFI!!!!

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Oh, we aren’t done with the FCC thing YET, word has been spreading and we are getting some more help on that too.

    Helpful info will be posted on the Alice Army thread all through the week and things to get ready for the Friday Surprise Party.

    The FCC complaints and challenges to the renewals of the TV stations and calls to advertisers won’t work overnight but it does work.
    Three months of begging ….not so much.

  8. YaYa says:

    Here’s what I found, and of course nothing Specificaly Points to WHO the manuacturer Really is {but I might mention Purina is Great at running under the wire like this with “other” foods}

    {I notice the blog/recall info above from menusux is from 1999}

    I Did see Doane’s mentioned only once.

    Time frames are from 2002 to 2004 until {the present?} the Walmart deals and many free sample offers all over the place on different sites.

    I found it rumored to be Purina’s several times and 1 x for Doane’s.
    It’s toted to be “soy-free”

    The biggest lead I found was for:
    Pet Division of Martin’s Feed Mills Inc. Edinburgh, Texas.
    Found 1 phone number I believe associated with “Maxximum Nutrition”: 1-800-624-7387

    Martins Feed Mills Inc. appears to now be called only Martins Farm and Ranch {supply}

    Somewhere in the last couple of years it might have changed from a Feed Mill to just, Farm and Ranch Supply.

    {it’s possible Purina bought out the Feed Mill portion of the business in the last couple of years.}

    Thus on their website they Toted Purina Feeds. Cattle, Horse, rabbit, hog, wildbird, cat, dog etc.

    One thing I can say about Purina Feeds {in particular, and with personal experience}
    Is that, Purina will not deliver unless you will Order more than 25 Bags at a time. That’s huge for some places, when a horse might get only 2 scoops a day of a 50LBS bag and you’ve got maybe 8-10 horses. You’ve got to keep it Dry in storage and mice free etc too. So got to have Space for that amount.
    {in other words, if you are a “little” guy, forget the special care services {delivery} from Purina at the Farm}
    This was knowledge to me within the last 3-4 years. The farm was interested in one particuar Feed product from them that WAS Good.
    They would not supply the Farm Store {Farm Store wanted to carry several OTHER Companies Brands too} nor the actual Farm.
    The Barn/farm found another and Better Feed :-D

    In the Area I live in now, they will not supply any stores with Purina feeds on the store shelves Unless They are the ONLY product on the shelves Period.

    Like a Country Hardware type store that supplies some Farm and Ranch supplies- for example.

    So Maxximum Nutrition must be the new deal at Walmart {bag picture resemble Purina Dog Chow}

    But take your Pick, Doane’s or Purina the actual Co.? :-P

  9. HomeGrown says:


    LOL I anxiously await instructions.

  10. Ann H says:

    MenuSux - Thank you for the Missouri feed tests!!

  11. randy says:

    Maxximum Nutrition

    Recently, a number of pet food manufacturers reformulated their products. Unfortunately, they’ve added soy to new formulations, making them unsuitable for growing animals. Some “old favourites” that now contain soy are Science Diet and Pro Plan Feline Growth (Purina).

    Some rehabbers moved to Eukanuba, a very good brand. However, some reported that their animals didn’t like it.

    Always on the hunt for new, reasonably priced (and soy-free) cat foods, we went to Wal-Mart to look at their Maxximum Nutrition products. The ingredients appear to be the same as those found in old formula ProPlan: chicken first, no soy. For those who would like to use ‘old’ ProPlan, Wal-Mart is the place to go.

    Rumour has it that Maxximum Choice is made by the Purina company for Wal-Mart. Continue to check the labels. This one may be reformulated in future, too.

    Maxximum Choice dog and puppy foods weren’t checked, so if you’re in the market for these foods, make sure to look at the ingredients list.

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    homegrown, all you need to do today is get your digg account , instructions in this thread.
    Anyone who wants to help can do this.

    There are reporters who *are* writing good stuff, be nice to make sure they know we appreciate it.
    This lady has done a good job.

    Digg her.

  13. randy says:

    Food and Drug Administration/Center for Veterinary Medicine

    Report on the risk from pentobarbital in dog food

    This is all I can take at this point. I must turn off the computer!

  14. menusux says:

    Here’s what the Doane website says about their foods:

    “Doane Pet Care manufactures a full range of pet food products for both dogs and cats, including dry, semi-moist and soft dry foods, soft treats and dog biscuits.

    “Doane Pet Care manufactures store brands for over 200 customers in the United States including the three largest mass merchandisers, the five largest grocery companies and the largest national pet specialty retailer. The company also manufactures packages and ships dry pet food and treats for four of the six largest national branded pet food companies through co-manufacturing agreements.

    “Doane Pet Care has been the primary supplier of store brand pet food for Wal*Mart since 1970 - manufacturing and distributing a variety of products direct to their stores including Ol’Roy , Wal*Mart’s store brand and largest selling brand of dry pet food by volume in the United States .

    “Doane Pet Care also produces pet food for such nationally recognized grocery chains as Kroger, Albertson’s, Winn-Dixie, Safeway, Food Lion, Bruno’s and Bi-Lo, who market the products under their own store brands.

    “Trail Blazer dog foods, available in six formulations, are complete and balanced for all stages of a dog’s life. Trail Blazer products have no artificial flavors, are routinely tested to ensure high digestibility and taste appeal, and come in a variety of package sizes to meet different consumer needs.

    “Kozy Kitten cat foods are established and popular products that provide all the nutritional requirements for adult cats. Long known as a leading national value-priced brand, Kozy Kitten caters to the taste preferences of different cats with three flavor varieties, and is available in a variety of sizes for households with one or many cats.

    “G. Whiskers is an affordable premium cat food offering gourmet flavor in the economy segment while still delivering a complete and balanced formula for all stages of a cat’s life. G. Whiskers is high in protein and contains linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and taurine for good vision and healthy organ functions.

    “Bonkers cat treats have been a favorite of cats for over 16 years. The five flavor varieties come in fun shapes to make Bonkers more entertaining for both cats and their owners. The colorful packaging is specifically designed to seal in freshness.”

  15. High Note says:

    Mary Smith
    That was a good article at I was upset about reading that the U.S. may start letting China import their chickens. I thought they still had bird flu in the country. We would not even know if any of the chicken was from China since some distributor would be only name on it. I am sure they don’t feed their chickens any better then what they have been giving ours. Hope the FDA does not do this!

  16. High Note says:

    Sorry did not mean the FDA. but my brain has been fried lately with all of this.

  17. HomeGrown says:

    Did you know that there is a Consumers Union? Well, looky looky.

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