Recall Update: Weekend

Recall Reimbursements:

We’ve received multiple emails from pet owners who say that pet food companies (not Menu Foods) are “dragging their heels” in paying for veterinary bills. If you have been experiencing the same, please email us your story and progress so far. We’d like to publish a report on how well companies are living up to their promises.

Whose Market Is It Anyway?

And billions of dollars of pet food market share may be up for grabs. A report predicts “double-digit growth rates for alternative pet foods over the next two years,” according to a recent report from Packaged Facts, Product Safety and Alternative Pet Foods: North American Market Outlook.

The analyst who wrote the report continues: “This is a highly emotional issue for many pet food companies, with many now actively reexamining and restructuring their operations as a result of the recall.”

We’re certain it’s a life-or-death issue for pet owners. The FDA disputes ExperTox’s acetaminophen findings, and the PFI goes on the offensive. But, consumers are clearly concerned with their pet food.

Vets And Pet Food:

A blog written by a veterinarian looks back at how pet food companies influence veterinary education with subtle, but clear results. While thankful for their financial assistance in school, she says that the influence of pet food industry on veterinary practices is “extreme.” Read more after the jump.

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[Source: Southwest Nebraska News via Offy]
Highlights on vets and food from

Hill’s and Waltham routinely paid for our parties, our canine blood-drives, our faculty awards, our own pets’ dietary needs, etc. etc… The list of all their contributions to US vet schools is taller than a tower of pet food cans stacked to the moon and back.

I, for one, am thankful of their contributions—and not just for my reduced indebtedness. It’s hard for us to imagine now (especially with the pet food recall still in full flourish) but pet nutrition was in the dark ages before these companies started legitimately researching pet nutrition. In fact, pets often died of nutritional diseases until Purina did its thing in the’50s and standardized pet food requirements with its Dog and Cat Chow brands.

I believe the era of pet food-sponsored vet school nutrition has come and gone. Yet too many institutions rely on food-sponsored grants and scholarships (like mine) to relieve them of the very real burdens of running worthwhile, bleeding-edge programs in animal health. Essentially, we’ve subsidized the sexier service arms of our profession (surgery, neurology, internal medicine, dermatology, etc.) by outsourcing the bland field of nutrition.

To make matters worse, the influence of this pet food industry oligopoly on real-life veterinary practice is extreme. Not only does the modern vet practice believe in the science behind the bags of food, it has come to rely on the income these foods provide. Read the next installment of this series for a continuation of this discussion.

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  1. mittens says:

    ya ya

    i posted the specs of a company called melamine chemicals inc under another post- where i can’t recall as ive been at work for 20 hours straight). they were an american melamine producing company located near a fertilizer plant. they were bought by borden and changed their name.borden sold them.

    “The MCI operation is the second largest producer of melamine crystal in North America. Melamine crystal is used as an ingredient in a wide range of products including adhesives, plastics, coatings, countertop and flooring surfaces, fire retardants and other applications. Borden Chemical has owned MCI since 1997.”

    MCI was located in Donaldsonville, La. they shut it down when the couldn’t find a buyer. i’m not sure they ever found a buyer.

    borden still manufactures melamine based resins for various uses.

    “Borden Chemical Specialty Resins is a global supplier of phenolic, urea and melamine resins.”

    dow chemical makes or at least offers both melamine and a large variety of agricultural and food producing products including pesticides and fertilizers.

    monsanto, the largest seed producer in the entire world creates an array of non food products also- the gave the world PCB contamination.

  2. deej says:

    Anne H is a good place to start.

  3. Purina Puke says:

    You know who’s really going to make money in all this mess? Therapists who people go to when we go bonkers.

    I used to love buying toys for my cats. Smokey is really playful. Now I guess I have to check every single toy I buy to see if it has made in China on it.

  4. deej says:

    oops - except in this case - just took a quick look and don’t see them listed there. ??

  5. Krista says:

    There is a USA patent that allows melamine to be used in the making of Biuret, a NPN (non protein nitrogen) animal feed for cattle and other ruminants.

    Biuret purification

    11. The method defined in claim 1 wherein said higher molecular weight urea condensation products comprise a member selected from the group consisting of triuret, MELAMINE, cyanuric acid, ammonium cyanurate, ammelide, methylene diurea and combinations thereof, said desorbent is aqueous, has a pH below 7, and is contacted with said biuret-containing desorbent at a temperature of at least about 50° C., and said higher molecular weight condensation products constitute about 5 weight percent or less of said biuret-containing extract.

  6. High Note says:

    It is so unbelievable! Everything I pick up any more says made in China! I never realized I was buying so many of their products. Those manufacturers should be really rich by now with their child labor. I am really upset. Just bought some underwear and it said made in china too. Can’t the U.S. get anything from another foreign supplier? What happened to our manufacturers in this country? Are there any left? Did China put them all out of business with their low prices? This is so sick! The U.S. buys all these low price products from and then really marks them up for us to buy!
    My dad said years ago to only buy U.S. products and now I know why!

  7. YaYa says:

    Menusux Great lead!
    Mittens- thanks and get some Sleep!
    Krista that’s one i’ll look into too {esp. for the Agri aspect}

    Royal DSM what a ‘lovely’ company tho. Another rule the world one.

    Royal DSM {I believe the dsm part stands for Dutch State Mining} A very old company. Originally a Dutch state owned Coal mining company :-P

    Now involed in Nutrition/pharma/petrochemicals/GM and biotechs. I could go on but won’t.

    Oddly I kept getting a link for but it won’t come up for: “American Melamine Industries” I believe linked to, DSM had diveseted/quit a 50/50 partnership with them on either June or July 30 or 2006. The links to it won’t work anywhere. Not even the “annual report” that talks about the break-up.
    {I find that odd}
    here’s that one {of 2} link: http:/

    They had/have an office/branch in Tempe Az, and one on the East coast in like NC I think.

    DSM has a partnership too with the North China Pharmaceutical Corp. Ltd.
    DSM is building anew plant in Shanghai.

    They also just aquired a large plant in Canada.

    This was a blast to spend time at diging if ya want :-P

    We’ve also been talking about polymers alot.

    this one just popped up, haven’t looked.

    It makes since to me that a “pure” melamine would come from a Corp. IN the USA for and “industrial” Tembec. There aren’t that many either.

    I also think someone Knew exactly what they were doing. IMHO

    They might have not had anything t do wth the Begining, but they are certainly in the middle of this.

    Here are the names too, I found of in the last few days of 2 chemicals; might be involved in the Bee issues. I don’t remember see anyone post them so I will. Maybe ya’ll can take a look at them?

    1st: Imidacloprid
    2nd: Folidol

    {second one caught my eye, might have something to do with “folic acid”? those pesky antagonist?}

    The name of the Rice I was talking about this morning early on another thread was Ventria,gonna be some yummy stuff.

    I’m working on the Bt63 {rice} it’s from China and illegal. {Japan was back testing shipments to Aug. 18 of 2006 for it over the winter}

    Also a {3} shipments of it in “Rice Protein Meal” form was shipped to Greece and discovered. 88 tons of it. It says some was destroyed some was “re-exported” back to China. {it was meant for Animal feed products}

    Other shipments of this Rice was discovered in Sweden? back in the Summer of 2006. Some was destroyed some ‘re-exported’.

    I know I’ve got anther one from last summer of discovery and ‘re-exporting’ it to China.

    Now to me- that’s alotta Rice products getting dumped back on ones door step that NOONE wanted.

    All last Summer 2006

    All Illegal. {not to mention reports it is in the China crops {regular rice crops} and Their food chain now too}

    Then we’ve got the usual characters like Monsanto and Bayer with their “illegal” grain crops being sent out in Export and rejected and RETURNED to the USA. Now I Keep wondering WHERE the HXLL is this CR@P?????????

    And when the China Bt63 Rice goes out, its goes out for Animal Feed products.
    And It’s Illegal for Humans OR Animals.

    All GM/GE grains Rejected. Rice, corn mainly.

    WHERE is this stuff and where does it go once back on the Exporters doorstep Hmmmmmmmm?

    Do ya thank maybe “someone” there got a cut-rate deal and maybe made Glutens etc. from it?

    I’m looking at this as only 1 aspect of the whole sickness issue here.
    But one with some Real bad ‘air’ to it to begin with.

    What about the last 2 years of USA rejected and re-exported Corns and Rice?????

    You wouldn’t think a company would sell it Real cheap would you, to get rid of it?

    And WHY the Heck they don’t Destroy ALL of the Bad shipment instead of sending them BACK to the country of origin for them to “do something with” it???? DUH!

    Let’s say you are a Farmer and a bag of regular soybean seed cost you 6 bucks an acre for seed, and a bag of a “primo-superdooper ” manufacturers soybean seed cost 42.00 bucks an acre to plant; would the Primo crop grown one be considered “expensive”?????

    Get my drift???????

    Disgsting what the mind can come up with in this mess! :-P :-D

    Juuuuust thinkin’ here.

  8. Steve says:


  9. Krista says:

    It’s the month of April/May and Tembec delivers/distributes for/to Uniscope it’s product which by their own admission (according to FDA report) contains melamine.. It’s in their formulation and they make and sell to distributors. So because of the pet food recall and the melamine scandal Uniscope decides to test and they find melamine in their livestock feed ingredients.. (well yeah) Tembec didn’t just now start using melamine, especially at a time like this, they have been and they say so….FDA says several comapanies have found it… The gist of this is that Dr. A - said melamine was not allowed in any form in animal feed.. FDA responds by asking them to please stop and for others to watch for it. Try to avoid it… they say.. not much teeth in this release when you use words like “ask” and “please avoid” in the title……..01643.html

    FDA REPORT - May 30, 2007

    Tembec and Uniscope Voluntary Recall Feed Ingredients. FDA ASKS Feed Manufactures to AVOID ingredients containing Melamine.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Alerting livestock and fish/shrimp feed manufacturers about a voluntary recall of products used in feed production because SEVERAL have been found to contain melamine and related compounds.

    THE FEED INGREDIENTS were MADE by Tembec BTLSR Inc. of Toledo, Ohio and Uniscope, Inc. of Johnstown, Colo.

    Tembec, a contract manufacturer for Uniscope, makes AquaBond and Aqua-Tec II, which it distributes for Uniscope. Uniscope makes Xtra-Bond using ingredients supplied by Tembec. All of the products are binding agents that are used to make pelleted feed for cattle, sheep, and goats, or fish and shrimp.

    The COMPANIES have confirmed that TEMBAC ADDED MELAMINE as PART OF THE FORMULATION of the products to improve the binding properties of pelleted feed. Melamine is not approved as an additive for animal or fish/shrimp feed.

    The companies have stopped adding melamine to the feed products.

    TO CONTINUE with this FDA press release click the LINK….

  10. Steve says:

    As far as bee deaths Organic Bee Keepers have reported no problems with the Organic Farms they serve. Just your standard problems they normally deal with time in and time out that have been part of beekeeping since it began.

    Bee Dies offs are closely linked to Large Scale Chemical Based Farming.

    Go Figure

  11. Krista says:

    High Note -

    I share your feelings!! It’s beyond awful.. But wait, there is more!!!! Did anybody see Lou Dobbs the other night?

    Chinese Cars to be exported to USA………….

    Communist China is also, well, now exploiting a gapping loophole in that wonderful trade arrangement called NAFTA. Are you ready? One of China’s largest car makers is about to build an assembly plant in Tijuana, Mexico, the purpose? To build and export vehicles into the United States. And it will be duty-free. (all by 2009)

    Here is the transcript if you care to read it all…click and scroll way down

  12. Steve says:

    Krista Says: at 8:20 pm

    Americans want cheap stuff right? Or is it Corporate America’s joy ride after decades of running on the legs of Americans and the free ride are rapidly coming to an end?

  13. YaYa says:

    Steve, you Nailed it perfectly!

    We’ve been lead to believe that the cost of products to make things for us, were Not within the manufactureres control.
    Prices Had to go Up. Not!

    Profits. They’ve wanted Profits to go Up, and we get a Cheap, cheaper “duplicate/replica”, of what things WERE, {once upon a time}.

    Actually, nothing like the Real thing “inside” {now} at all.
    Oh yeah, maybe the product label’s picture’s the same :-P

    Many of the same companies who make the Foods we {and our pets} eat Now are Huge in the Pharmaceutical Biz, wonder why.
    Don’t they have confidence in their Food products making and Keeping up Healthy?

    GM crops, alot of the push and thinking behind them are to “feed a starving world”; but in the process are the ones eating it right Now, getting sick from it?

    Such a nobel quest. Profitable too.

    They try to shove it down our throats too and Sneak it in to the food supplies. Over and over. Until they have no fight left and allow it.

    As far as the Bees, some of those GM crops and their “special” abilities, with built-in pesticides etc. are Highly suspect. And the GM crops are hard to contain and spread to normal crops.

    I think the Rice genome was only completed in 2000.
    And Nowwwww it “children” are Out.

  14. Purina Puke says:

    High Note I share your feelings too. What makes me so angry is they don’t even NEED all that money. It’s all GREED. They’re making much bigger a profit then they’ll ever need at OUR expense. They don’t care if it makes us sick, and they do whatever it takes to keep things quiet as long as they get to be rich.

    It’s a sad day when you realize your government will sacrifice it’s people’s health for wealth. It reminds me of all those medievel stories about Kings who ate well and over taxed their people to leave them poor and nearly starving…

  15. thomas says:

    An interesting link is ther is another one also that puts ADM front and center with the chinese gov. Also looking up cofco provides a lot of insight.

  16. thomas says:

    The link did not come out o.k. So here we go again

    Another is

    One link has a chart that really shows ADM connection.

  17. thomas says:

    links still are not right listedco/listconews/sehk/20070308/606/f118_e.pdf and for the last one put in f121_e.pdf

  18. Krista says:

    Are you all aware of the extensive GM Rice contamination in the USA as of last year? ( can’t help but wonder where this went when countries started sending it back to us in 2006… ) Europe pulled it immediately from their grocery shelves under emergency order.. Japan also. We left it on our shelves and when the news broke out here, USDA decided to fast track it for approval instead of contain, destroy or alert Americans… The southern states Rice crops now have not one, but 3 contaminations…No studies done. We do not know how harmful this could be to health/safety or how it happened.. Quote from Japan….
    “We will watch the Children of America for the next 10 years and see how they do”

    GM rice contamination disaster spirals out of control as a THIRD contamination incident is identified. Press Release March 2007…

  19. Ruth says:

    Here is another story I read in today’s paper, If importing stuff from China wasn’t bad enough now people should worry about India importing meds. to the U.S.

    Nice reading, now one more thing to worry about if you take medicine.

  20. xyz says:

    For those keeping up with the industry- check rendering publications.

  21. Trudy Jackson says:

    From what I know and hear [I don’t want to affend anyone] India is one of the filthiest countrys’ around the world.

  22. Trudy Jackson says:

    And what os a rendering publication? I’ll look it up when i get back. Have to take a cat to the vets. got something stuck way up in His paw pad. I need more vet bills!!

  23. YaYa says:

    Thanx for the links and articles guys, I’ve got them saved. Now I’ve got to come up with a System! :-D

  24. james ryley says:

    I saw and wanted to mention a useful site:

    It provides free patent searching, free PDF downloading, allows annoting documents and sharing them, and free alerts for new documents.

    If you have a spot, a link to let your users know abou the site would be great.

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