Recall Update: Weekend

Recall Reimbursements:

We’ve received multiple emails from pet owners who say that pet food companies (not Menu Foods) are “dragging their heels” in paying for veterinary bills. If you have been experiencing the same, please email us your story and progress so far. We’d like to publish a report on how well companies are living up to their promises.

Whose Market Is It Anyway?

And billions of dollars of pet food market share may be up for grabs. A report predicts “double-digit growth rates for alternative pet foods over the next two years,” according to a recent report from Packaged Facts, Product Safety and Alternative Pet Foods: North American Market Outlook.

The analyst who wrote the report continues: “This is a highly emotional issue for many pet food companies, with many now actively reexamining and restructuring their operations as a result of the recall.”

We’re certain it’s a life-or-death issue for pet owners. The FDA disputes ExperTox’s acetaminophen findings, and the PFI goes on the offensive. But, consumers are clearly concerned with their pet food.

Vets And Pet Food:

A blog written by a veterinarian looks back at how pet food companies influence veterinary education with subtle, but clear results. While thankful for their financial assistance in school, she says that the influence of pet food industry on veterinary practices is “extreme.” Read more after the jump.

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[Source: Southwest Nebraska News via Offy]
Highlights on vets and food from

Hill’s and Waltham routinely paid for our parties, our canine blood-drives, our faculty awards, our own pets’ dietary needs, etc. etc… The list of all their contributions to US vet schools is taller than a tower of pet food cans stacked to the moon and back.

I, for one, am thankful of their contributions—and not just for my reduced indebtedness. It’s hard for us to imagine now (especially with the pet food recall still in full flourish) but pet nutrition was in the dark ages before these companies started legitimately researching pet nutrition. In fact, pets often died of nutritional diseases until Purina did its thing in the’50s and standardized pet food requirements with its Dog and Cat Chow brands.

I believe the era of pet food-sponsored vet school nutrition has come and gone. Yet too many institutions rely on food-sponsored grants and scholarships (like mine) to relieve them of the very real burdens of running worthwhile, bleeding-edge programs in animal health. Essentially, we’ve subsidized the sexier service arms of our profession (surgery, neurology, internal medicine, dermatology, etc.) by outsourcing the bland field of nutrition.

To make matters worse, the influence of this pet food industry oligopoly on real-life veterinary practice is extreme. Not only does the modern vet practice believe in the science behind the bags of food, it has come to rely on the income these foods provide. Read the next installment of this series for a continuation of this discussion.

124 Responses to “Recall Update: Weekend”

  1. 5CatMom says:

    From Itchomo’s news:

    “This is a highly emotional issue for many pet food companies”

    Translation: Pet food companies stock price has declined.

  2. Karen V says:

    5CatMom Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 7:04 am
    From Itchomo’s news:

    “This is a highly emotional issue for many pet food companies”

    Translation: Pet food companies stock price has declined.

    LOL, and it is DEFINITELY a highly emotional issue for pet owners (who have to feed the critters.)

  3. Karen V says:

    Here’s the link to the story, $1495 to get the actual report (okay, who wants to donate?)

  4. 5CatMom says:


    If you want to understand emotional issues, come on this website and read about grieving pet owners who have lost beloved family members because of your greed and incompetance.

    Because of you, I lost my sweet abysinnian, my “beautiful girl”. She was my constant companion during the day and slept with her arms around my neck at night. People who were NOT cat lovers thought she was the greatest.

    I held her head and she purred sweetly as the vet euthanized her.

    Lastly, since you pet food companies are only interested in your bottom line, her vet bills were $7K.

    Shame on you pet food companies. Shame on you. I hope you all go bankrupt.

  5. Karen V says:

    On your behalf (I think abysinnians are very special) - they do go broke (but they are obviously trying to chime their way out of this one).

  6. Deb G. says:

    I know we are making the petfood companies “feel the pain” not that they could EVER truely understand what horrible pain pet owners have felt. Just reading the above post of 5catmom makes me cry and then get very angry. We need to make sure these companies no longer have the opportunity to do to our pets what they have done and are still doing. The control we have is in our purchasing power, & I know as someone who was in radio advertising for years we are doing it. Yesterday I heard a National Supermarket running commerials 2 times an hour about how their petfood prices are lower than ever! Of course, to those who don’t have an ear to hear you would think they are doing you a favor. These are sale prices ALL THE TIME! WOW, isn’t Price Chopper GREAT! But, to those of us who have the ear to hear, (especiallly someone who has been in radio) I know they are really saying, NOBODY IS BUYING PETFOOD and we need to get rid of it so we’ll have so many commercials about it you will HAVE to hear it and hopefully you will rush to the store to buy it. In order for justice to be serve and that our “furbabies” didn’t die in vain, tell everyone you know about Itchmo and the truth about petfood. We do have the power and even if the govt. doesn’t want to support us in this fight we can still fight it on our own! I’m so sorry, 5catmom and all of you who lost your pets, my prayers are with you for peace and healing.

  7. Steve says:

    From Itchomo’s news:

    “This is a highly emotional issue for many pet food companies”

    Oh cry me a river. Yeah we’re really emotional. I mean, we’ll be just heart broken and devastated if we have to settle for a 2000 sq. ft. home instead of the 20,000 Sq. Ft. estate we deserve.

  8. cats says:

    I did demonstrate at times for two different pet food companies at different pet food stores.

    I told people how wonderful these foods were because the companies told me what good nutrition the bags and cans contained.

    Then I poisoned my cats with one of the companies “great nutrional food”.

    How ironic–thankfully, my two cats recovered when I switched to really wholesome foods.

  9. JanC says:

    5catmom……your story breaks my heart.

    I went to that consumer affairs website yesterday where everyone posted about the sickness or death of their beloved pets…..that was so hard to read. I got angry & sent the link to one of the PF companies that was mentioned a lot on that page. I told them to spend some time reading it. Maybe I should send it to the other PF companies.

    We all know they are following our posts so they know we are beyond angry. I will never buy any of the big brands again because now I know that they could care less about my dog, they only care about the money. They certainly didn’t care no matter how many emotional pet parents called them to tell them that their food had sickened or killed a pet……which shows you what kind of people you’re dealing with. I would call them insensitive criminals (my perfect description can’t be posted here). Therefore, they’ll never get a cent of mine. And as long as I live & breathe, I’ll talk to as many people as I can to stop them from buying their products.

    I have been in the grocery story & Petsmart…..I keep checking the pet food aisle & I haven’t seen a lot of activity there. However, I go into the little specialty pet food stores that carry only the premium brands & they are very busy. That’s the only thing that does my heart good these days. No matter how hard we hit the big PF companies, they will never admit it publicly. However, I do believe the only thing that would cause any of them any emotion at all would be for them to be losing market share.

    I think we’re hitting them where it hurts…….WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO

  10. Steve says:

    Don’t kid yourself these guys don’t have feelings.

    As hard as it is you are going to have to keep your emotions in check. We’re going up against guys who think people (their customers) who refer to their pets as “fur babies” are sensitive weaklings to be exploited and taken advantage of.

  11. Steve says:

    I know because I worked in Marketing.

    It’s Pathetic. It’s not even promotion now days it’s just brazen and dishonest manipulation.

    And thats why I left Marketing and said goodbye to that fantasy world.

  12. Steve says:

    Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Pet Food
    Companies and Retailers For Misleading Consumers Regarding the Contents of Pet Food. May 15, 2007

    Probably the best of all the legal action that has been taken against these liars.

  13. JanC says:


    I can’t believe you worked in Marketing for one of these hellholes. Man, the stuff you must know…….I’m angry enough without hearing more about these jerkfaces (the ones who are supposed to be human beings with heart & soul). Bull pucky…..

    I joined that lawsuit & I hope everyone else has too. I have never been involved in a lawsuit in my life but I certainly feel that this is a worthwhile cause for everyone who owns a pet to get involved in. I don’t care if I get a dollar, as long as it makes these jerks squirm & costs them big bucks to fight it. Then it will make my day.

    Also hoping those who lost pets with huge vet bills will join a class action lawsuit. I don’t have a clue how much money they might get back but I wouldn’t try to do business with any one of these crooks directly…..let the lawyers sue the pants off them & cost them a lot of money trying to fight these suits. Now that really makes my day. Couple that with sales being down & maybe they’ll see that we aren’t weaklings who are easily manipulated.

  14. HomeGrown says:

    I thought this site worth visiting. I got to wondering what happened to the Barbi Twins who lost a cat to this trajedy. Well, looks like they are on the case and have assembled other celebrities for a Candlelight Vigil on July 13.

    The BARBI twins And jennifer pryor
    will be at W LA FEDERAL BLDG
    at 7:30 p.m., on July 13
    11000 WILSHIRE BLVD.,
    (at corner of wilshire and FEDERAL)


    Here is a link to the homepage.

    Let’s all give them our support and if you live in that area you might want to attend the vigil.

  15. Lorie says:

    Good Morning All,

    Just checking in for the day


    your story made me cry as I read how she was still purring as you held her held, just typing that made my eyes start to swell with tears again.

    I know I will never buy any of the PF ever again with my own drama and stress from my 2 girls and all the pain and suffering of all the horrible stories I read on here and other sites, they DO NOT DESERVE ONE FREAKIN DIME OF OUR MONEY EVER AGAIN.

    Like I said I was pleased at the dealership yesterday to her older gentlemen boycotting pet food and home cooking for their dogs saying they trust none of them. Words like that do my heart and soul good.

    My girlfriend brought her cat with jaw cancer home for his final days to say good bye, she said he is a trooper he was actually trying to eat Flint River Ranch hard food and it kept following out his hole in his mouth, still loves to eat his wet, and still foloows her from room to room. Once his interests in wanting to live start to slide she will know it is time to let him go but for now he is still fighting.

  16. menusux says:

    From my experience with the big pharma company I had to reckon with, can tell you that Steve’s right. Personally know people who’d been the emotional route with them re: withdrawal of the life-sustaining med they themselves used. This did no good-the med was taken off the market by them anyhow.

    When we discovered the problem with the life-sustaining med they made that we used, I checked on more of their info. FDA records showed that the company had serious cGMP (quality problems) problems at the plant producing the med which was recorded in 2000 and was ongoing.

    So I knew what was wrong with the meds we had when I called them. Got their standard line about the drug not being approved for use in animals; my response was now I am a consumer calling who has X amount of your flawed product in my possession. And you could hear their CYA gears grinding. Their tired old BS lines weren’t working (Over there, you know they’re stuck when they put you on hold–this kept happening repeatedly, the more I said to them. They even tried pretending they couldn’t hear me on the phone and I began to speak louder, saying I was shouting so they could hear me.) Before long, they were volunteering information regarding switching to another form of the drug–this is in violation of FDA law, as the drug was not approved for use in animals.

    We forced them to make a report to the FDA Green Book (Veterinary adverse drug reactions) and they had to settle with us. My baby came through, thank God–and he got his revenge on them. We helped a reputable pharma get the drug on the market where it is today–the other company’s version of it is no longer sold.

    Emotion didn’t twist their corporate you know what–being hard and tough with them did. I’ve never stopped fighting them because I know what they are and what their meds can do to anyone using them.

    They continued to lurk on a message board dealing with the particular disease–you could see their IP lurking daily there. The message board allowed HTML, so I did a little programming with my next message. When they came by to spy again, the MASH Theme (Suicide is Painless) was played along with the post–to honor the people harmed by the antidepressant meds they also sell.

    We have the records of that–nobody in that corporate office knew what to do for over 50 minutes (they were on the post that long). They couldn’t take legal action, since nothing was written there re: the drugs killing/harming. Their former MD mouthpiece was exposed for not being a specialist, but a Family Practice MD near their offices.

    Hanging tough is the only way to make them bleed.

  17. Animal Lover-AJ says:

    My heart is broken to all those people who have lost their beloved pets. My deepest sympathy goes out to you all. I am searching for a dog food-puppy food that will not kill my dogs off and a cat food. I have gone through 3 major brands and have thrown them all out. Wellness seems to be helping my animals now. Before, Wellness - they were having all kinds of problems. I hope Wellness never changes or if it does ,I hope it gets even better. For now, all my pets seem to be on the road to recovery and have lot more energy than they ever did and their coats have a gloss to them and their other symptoms caused by the other dog foods has subsided.

  18. Ticocats says:

    Good story today in an Australian newspaper about the massive problems with Chinese food/drug production and potential for international boycott of Chinese products (and it reports number of US pet deaths from recalled foods at 8500):

  19. e wem says:

    5catmom I am crying as I read. Your pet sounds so much like my little tortie who had health issues since I got her and clings to me everytime she is ill. Whenever she purrs I know she is suffering

    Based on Steves comments, I found this advertising news about The Good Life ad campaign. This Mars pet food showed up at our stores just as the recall news appeared.

    From the article:
    “TV and print ads play up moments of bonding between pets and their owners.”

    If any pet food maker put out an ad honestly addressing the problem, declaring they use only 100 percent American origin ingredients my trust might come back. I don’t expect that to ever happen. That seems to be the biggest taboo in American business - they refuse to promise to use American anything anymore. They are more loyal to the Global solution then their parochial ignorant customers

    Do I believe they care one whit about my beautiful dear pets?

    They don’t want to rile the masters in the new superpower and lose the supply of cheap ingredients. If you use a middleman after all, you do not have to say it came from overseas, it came from an American supplier

    I am old enough to remember the days of cats all being tossed outside to go potty, male cats serenading on the fence by our window, and the canned catfood that looked like ground fish heads. I can’t remember kill offs from non-nutritious cat food that the pet food industry rescued us from.

    We lost more cats from outdoor accidents, being caught by dogs etc but there are few memories of sickly cats being taken down by the old fishy smelling food. The vet article doesn’t jibe with my memories.

    Did the pet food industry invent memories of bad ole days for pets before they came along?

  20. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    The things I read at were definitely an eye-opener. I’d read about the pet food industry’s domination of nutrition classes at veterinary colleges before and felt that was bordering on unethical, but to read one student’s story of being thwarted when she tried to learn more than what the PFI people want them to hear was a bit of a shock. They’ll go to ANY length to protect their huge profit margin.

    If the PFI does not wake up and change their ways now, they are going to suffer greatly. Their secret is out and the cat cannot be put bag in the bag, so to speak. They may think of us as “sensitive weaklings to be exploited and taken advantage of”, BUT…us “sensitive weaklings” are holding the purse strings and we have the power to make or break a pet food company. This is a very dangerous and delicate time for all the PFI.

    Come on Hill’s…Menu…and all of you. Start doing right by our pets and we’ll do right by you. Stop buying the cheap tainted Chinese ingredients. Stop putting junk and garbage in your food. We “sensitive weaklings” are not sensitive or weak about not buying your lies anymore or seeing you go bankrupt. We care about our pets, but we do not care about your profit margins. It’s time for you to start caring about our pets more and your wallet less, because our trust cannot be bought with money. Our trust must be paid for with action, and what we have seen from you so far is more of the same that got you in this mess to begin with- deceit, finger-pointing and butt-covering.

    It’s not going to buy you back that trust which filled your pockets before you betrayed us.

    Wake up and change NOW, or later in the unemployment line. It’s entirely up to you.

  21. High Note says:

    In the good old days most pets got the scraps off a farmers table and the only time they had trouble was with the bones hurting the pet. I really do not agree with this vitamin thing at all. I don’t think our animals lacked much back then. After all there was vitamins in the food they ate! The food may have been scraps off a table but it didn’t have fake vitamins in it or melamine or bad preservatives. It was fresh food.

    Triocats that was a great article from the Brisbone Times! Thanks for sharing it. At least it was a honest reporter for a change. 8,500 pet deaths was honest! Too bad our News media in this country does not bother to care as much!

  22. cats says:

    Went to PetSmart just for kitty litter at lunch time. Pretty quiet there when before the poisoning was revealed, that was one of their busiest times.

    The specialty pet store where I now shop is pretty active now. Also, my cat’s coats look so much better. Best of all, my girl cat hardly wheezes at all because she gets no wheat, wheat gluten, or (hopefully) melamine.

  23. menusux says:

    One of the most-often asked questions here has been re: suppliers. If you’re willing to follow these links, I think you will have 2 answers to that question:

    MF Sues

    “The Company is taking this voluntary action after learning today that wheat gluten containing melamine, a substance not approved for use in food, was provided by the same company that also supplied MF.”

    “The Company took this voluntary recall action immediately after learning this morning from the FDA that wheat gluten supplied from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine.”

    “shipped from its Kansas City warehouse to three pet food manufacturers and one distributor who supplies wheat gluten only to the pet food industry.”

    Your count now should be 3 PF companies after clicking the links.

    ““He rents space in five warehouses around the country and provides a variety of pet food ingredients to manufacturers and pet food ingredient distributors.

    “MF is the only customer lost, leaving 17 others.”

    “Many tons of contaminated wheat gluten sit untouched in an Allegheny County warehouse, too dangerous for pet food, too valuable to throw out.

    “The wheat gluten being held in an Allegheny County warehouse was destined for Pittsburgh-based Company, but that company never bought or received any of that shipment, Gardine said.
    “Company previously recalled some dog food and cat and dog treats that had been made with some of the contaminated ingredients.

    “The supplier holding the contaminated product wants to find an industrial use for it to avoid having to trash it, Gardine said.”

    My count was 3 to start with but now 2–I think you all know what I’m trying to show you but am doing it like this for legal reasons. You can all connect the dots.

  24. Garyn says:

    Deb G, I heard the same ad many many times on the radio except here it is for Shop and Stop. They go on and on about how their pet food is now at a low low price. What made me particularly nauseous was that they used the word “healthy” about 15 times thoughout the ad referring to previously recalled brands by name. It is a disgusting display of desperation.

    I was also in Pet Supplies Plus to buy some toys for my kitten when the Hills Science Death, oops I meant Diet, no actually I meant Death, issue first came out. What I noticed was that the employees were opening cases and cases of new Hills canned food. Interesting. A silent recall perhaps?

    5cat mom, I am so sorry for your loss and for everyones loss. I lost my little Mabel girl and the pain just does not ever go away.

  25. Ruth says:

    To 5CatMom: I am so very sorry about your fur baby it just breaks my heart to read about everyone who has lost a pet to these pet food companies.

    I think back and never ever gave it a thought before how just feeding our pets and just leading an every day life could have made such an impact today. We are all grieving and angry how these greedy companies have never cared about our pets. Now we can hit them in the pocket book.

    It makes me angry that they are still hiding behind the FDA’s apron skirts. And the FDA doing nothing.

    I hope ExperTox continues to stand up to them and not let the bullies make a mockery of the work they do.

    I’m Marley’s Mom.

  26. JennyG says:

    I’ve started to avoid buying my cat food at a local feed store - they continue to support all the big name brands that have been part of this recall. I instead have started to purchase at a local store that is proud to announce it is recall free. They dropped Pet Guard when they refused to respond to their questions about where the food was canned. They dropped IAMS, Eukanuba, and Pro-Plan (Their reason: We took a look at these brands early in the recall. They were all involved for the same reason - they all use lots of cheap grain-fillers (glutens) in their foods. We had carried these brands for some time, while never actually recommending them. We wanted to be more consistant with our offerings and recommendations.). They also dropped Nutro and Science Diet. They then dropped all Chicken Soup cans when they began their recall (Even though the recall was limited to select types of cans, we have pulled all ANI canned product (Chicken Soup) from MadCat shelves - permanantly)

    I applaud this local stores efforts and have decided to support them even if it means driving a little bit out of my way.

  27. JanC says:


    LOL over your “silent recall” remark. I’ve been saying all along (& have also seen posts from people who work in “large chain stores”) that many of these companies, when they started getting a ton of calls about a certain product, pulled these “silent recalls”. To me, it’s chicken ****…….first, because they only care about covering their butts & not having to announce publicly that their food is filled with poison & foolishly thinking they were saving their reputation (yep, & all pet parents just fell off the turnip truck)….but second, & worst of all, what about those innocent victims feeding this **** to their beloved pets. If it’s not on the recall list, people were still buying it. I personally think if we had any idea the magnitude of these “silent recalls”, we’d be one hell of a lot angrier. I believe this was huge.

    Doesn’t matter to me anymore. All the biggies out there, you can count on me never again buying any of your products. I think you’re a pretty sad excuse for human beings. And I don’t care what “wholesome” ingredients you start using… lied once (you know that old saying “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”) so I wouldn’t ever believe you again. Do what you feel you must but I’m hoping you’ve angered enough people that they feel the same as I do. Oh oh, no more million dollar bonuses. You know what? That bothers me about as much as knowing your food was killing pets bothered you.

  28. menusux says:

    Any PF company who proved that they didn’t test the product purchased, or they would’ve known they were sold wheat flour for wheat gluten and rpc, doesn’t deserve my or anyone else’s business.

    Same goes for any PF company who has or had a supplier who also didn’t test, regardless of whether the PF company was buying wheat gluten or rpc from these suppliers or not.

  29. 5CatMom says:

    To all,

    Thanks for your kind words. I didn’t mean to start the day on a sad note, but Itchmo’s comment seemed like a good link in order to let the corrupt pet food companies learn how their negligence affected one family.

    Many here have lost several (or all) of their pets, and we grieve for everyone who has been affected by the recall.

    We are “fortunate” to have only lost one.

    The pet food industry spies who lurk here may well jump to conclusions about our sensitivity, weakness and ability to be exploited, but IMHO any such analysis only demonstrates how STUPID they are.

    We may be sad, but we’re fighting mad!

    Winston Churchill said “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

    So “wise up” pet food companies, ’cause we’re not buying any more of your junk.

  30. Ann H says:

    I am getting the impression that the pet food industry thinks they can come out on top by producing “natural” or “organic” products. In the large companies? At Menu?

    I sincerely hope pet owners drop the big companies in favor of small, owner operated, self manufactured products.

    If the big ones are the ones that are pressing self-regulation then I hope they discover that they sunk their ships.

    By now, after 3 months, you would have thought they would realize that the consumer abhors not only their products but their attitude/pr which is just as contaminated and toxic as their product.

  31. menusux says:

    Here’s a link to a 2006 pdf report re: Organic Pet Food Task Force.

    Page 2 shows who’s on the Task Force–Nancy Cook from PFI was its chairperson and Rodney Noel became part of the PFI’s “Petfood Commission” formed after the recalls began. You’ll see some other names from large PF companies on the Task Force too.

  32. Steve says:

    at 12:01 pm

    I found this advertising news about The Good Life ad campaign. This Mars pet food showed up at our stores just as the recall news appeared.…..od_121606/

    Oh boy here we go. Okay, arm bulls*t deflectors. This is an alert. Repeat. Arm deflectors. Deflector shields up.

  33. 5CatMom says:


    Just saw your post about your friend’s cat with jaw cancer. The poor thing.

    Hope your friend can keep him happy and comfortable for a while.

  34. Tom Paine says:

    For those of you interested in class action lawsuits, know this. The bulk of any settlement funds goes to the attorneys and not to the individual plaintiffs. I have been a party to several class actions, not willingly, not by choice, but by circumstance. In most of these instances the awards for individual members of the class was miniscule. In no way am I suggesting that one not take part, just be an informed participant. One does not have to take part in a class action, although oftentimes a presiding judge will consolidate individual lawsuits into a class because individually it is too time consuming for the court to proceed otherwise.

    Just be as savvy a participant in the class action as you have become in the matter of pet foods.

  35. JanC says:

    I just went to a holistic pet store to get some samples of good cat food for a neighbor. While in there, the owner was talking about some new holistic food she had just gotten in. My first question was “who makes this?” She gave me a strange look & told me.

    I’m not going for any new holistic pet food because I really believe the big names are going to start peddling their junk under a new name with a new wrapper with the same old junk inside. They fooled us once, they can do it again under a new name with a pretty wrapper with meat & veggies on it. I’m going to stick with the small companies that I know are testing & not putting junky grains in their food. I could be wrong but I’m afraid some of these new holistic foods may be no more than another marketing ploy.

    Cooking for my dog is not all that much trouble so I’ll stick with a touch of dry & some of mama’s home cooking…….

  36. High Note says:

    Whether a person gets their pet food from a big company or a small company it will make no difference if any of them buy preservatives, vitamins, etc from China! There are very few companies left in the U.S. to get these things.
    I do not know if a small company could afford to do this but they really need to be checking all of their ingredients in the future that they get from other sources then the U.S. I think even the U.S. products should be checked too! They have not been perfect in the past! There is always going to be a problem in some way or another in the pet food till they start doing this. Corn gluten has been recalled because of mold many times. We all must insist that our pets have the same food that we can eat or we will not buy it!
    These companies have cut cost any way they can and our pets have suffered for it!

  37. JanC says:


    I think most people understand that the lawyers will take a huge sum in a class action lawsuit. However, with thousands of people out big bucks & so angry at the PF companies, it would be impossible for each person to sue individually…..some may, others will try to work with the PF company. Some people are out thousands of dollars & still lost their pet(s) which is really sad……while the PF company CEO collects his millions of dollars in bonuses. I’m lucky, I’m only out a couple of hundred for blood tests & a urine analysis plus all the food I’ve thrown out.

    My point was that these lawsuits are going to cost these PF companies big bucks to fight & spend time in court plus whatever they have to pay out. That alone does my heart good. Whatever we can do to inconvenience them & cost them money is well worth it in my book. If this leads to any kind of investigation, that’s just an added plus. I can only pray that some of them lose a ton of business & their profit margin takes a nosedive. Hate to sound vindictive but I guess this whole thing has made me into a very nasty person.

  38. High Note says:

    Thanks homegrown
    for the kitty liberation sight. I signed their petition and sent it to all my friends!
    Wish I could attend the vigil but live too far away! I noticed there were a lot of people that signed. Wonderful!

  39. 5CatMom says:

    This just poped up on NYT’s home page:

    “F.D.A. Tracked Tainted Drugs, but Trail Went Cold in China”

  40. menusux says:

    For a mere $3,500, this can be downloaded:

    Pet Food in the U.S.: Riding the Premium Wave
    Sep 1, 2006

    “The U.S. pet food market is experiencing healthy growth as marketers continue to convert pet owners to better quality, higher priced, more upscale fare. Premium pet foods cover all bases—natural/organic, fortified/functional, weight control, lifestage, breed-/size-specific, gourmet, etc.—and are increasingly being positioned not just as human style but as human grade. As a result, much of the growth is occurring at the upper-income tier of the pet owner spectrum, with U.S. households earning $70,000 or more now accounting for an impressive 44% of the aggregate pet food expenditure—up from just 15% in 1994.

    “Top marketers including Nestlé Purina, Mars, Iams, Hill’s, Nutro, and S&M NuTec clearly have their fingers on the emotional pulse of American pet owners, as well as some very big advertising guns. During 2005, they spent nearly $300 million on national advertising for pet food, virtually all of it encouraging the deep attachment Americans feel for their pets, while also launching the biggest surge of new products in the history of the market. The high level of interest in all things pet has also spurred a number of high-profile acquisitions, including Mars’ recent purchase of S&M NuTec (Greenies) and private-label producer Doane, Del Monte’s purchase of Milk-Bone and Meow Mix, Bain Capital’s purchase of Nutro, and Central Garden & Pet’s purchase of Breeder’s Choice. ”


    From Quakertown: All-natural dog food
    Philadelphia Inquirer June 16, 2007

    “Freshpet, the Secaucus, N.J., company that owns the plant, has standards. The manufacturer of all-natural dog food, launched last summer, began shipping products from the Quakertown plant in August to just 75 stores. By the end of 2006, they were in 200 stores. That is expected to grow to 1,000 by next month.

    “Freshpet says it now uses only domestic ingredients. In March, the company cut its European supplier of taurine, an amino acid. It wanted to avoid any negative perception customers might associate with a foreign supplier, Morris said.

    “The company has outperformed the industry trend so far this year. Since December, sales of the top 35 dog foods have declined more than 9 percent, according to Information Resources Inc., a Chicago research company.

    “At Freshpet, sales nearly doubled during the same period.”

    So you see by the research figures that Duane-o and his bunch are hurting. You also see that before the recall, the sky was expected to be the limit for these PF companies by the 2006 report above.

    If part of that $300 million spent on advertising had been spent on safety checks and testing and/or not sourcing ingredients from questionable areas/vendors, none of this would have happened.

  41. purringfur says:

    From NY Times article cited by 5CatMom:

    1997 - “The following May, Mr. Pulham, who was part of the original F.D.A. investigative team in Haiti, tried to revive the investigation. “Is it possible to block-list all Chinese pharmaceutical products until we gain cooperation?” he asked.

    The suggestion went nowhere. Five months later, Ms. Pendergast of the F.D.A. wrote her memorandum, imploring investigators to keep digging.

    “China is turning into one of the major bulk pharmaceutical producers in the world,” she wrote. “Unless they have an open, transparent and predictable system for dealing with problems and other countries, it is going to be rough sledding in the years ahead.”
    And it HAS been rough sledding… Look at the constant stream of recalls for food, drugs, toiletries, toys, and household items! And, just think… We only inspect around 1 - 2 % of all imports!

    This was 10 years ago, and the unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers are not cooperating any more now than they did then. Deny! Deny! Instead of just destroying documents, with the pet food scandal, they razed an entire factory!

    Why didn’t we stop pharmaceutical trading back then? I’ll bet every bit of industrial scrap they can find is in our drugs and vitamins (and food, of course).

  42. JanC says:


    Thanks for that nifty bit of information……don’t know why but I bet 9% is a conservative estimate. I think they’re down by a lot more than that…….best news I’ve had all week!!!

    I agree about the $300 mil in advertising…..that really torques me. What they could’ve done with that money to make a healthier pet food…..& none of these pets would’ve gotten sick or died. None of this would’ve happened… are so right… you usually are.

  43. menusux says:


    If you ask my family, I’m NOT always right ;-)!

    They’ve realized that the $ is there for pet products, but they completely underestimated the intelligence of those doing the purchasing of them. While we might watch the ads featuring cats doing the cha-cha and dancing dogs and are amused by them, they’re not what’s going to be the deciding factor on what we spend our $ for. If they are, we’re not old enough to be trusted with money.

    You can’t eat the TV commercial, slick magazine ad or the full color photo on the label–not if you expect any nutritional value. Putting it IN, not ON, the package is the key here.

    Especially in the case of food, the thought “If we make it, they will buy.”, sank just like the Titanic some 95 years ago. It’s not what you’re willing to sell us, but what we are willing to buy from your company; if we don’t like what we see, we’re going to keep our wallets and purses closed to you. Belonging to Duane’s Dummies isn’t going to fix that.

  44. xyz says:

    If you haven’t run across it Don has some information links on his site near the bottom of the page about sulfa drugs.

    If anyone bookmarked the comprehensive AG site that was referenced here a couple of months (?) ago that might have something as well.

    Search terms “Stevens Jonhson Syndrome” and “sulfa drug list” were helpful as far as human sensitivities and overview.

  45. Purina Puke says:

    5catMom so sorry about your loss. All this is just terrible. My family thankfully hasn’t lost any pets, or had any of them become seriously ill.

    Ever since this whole thing started I’ve become really paranoid. I check my kitties so often now. Do their ears look okay? Their eyes, noses, paw pads? Do they have any lumps or rashes? My cats must think I’m nuts, but I can’t help it.

  46. Donna says:

    The public is NOT aware of the depth of this food tainting problem.I am in a position,where I meet with thousands of the pet loving public.I send all pet owners to itchmo and hand them packages of safe food with information on the company.I am NOT tied into the company.My own pets were switched in January . They are doing excellent and I also cook top quality for my fur family & guests. So………..if we have PFI lukers looking at the boards.HEAR ME ! I command the POWER to reach thousands of pet families,and I am TURNING them ,away from doing business with companies that agreed to “murder pets for profits”. I change guests diets in a heart beat and inform the owners with “proof”. PFI,………do not think of us a weak.We are in stealth mode………….we are going to reap “justice”. You wanted our money,BUT……….you took innocent lives,by deception and created terrible suffering and pain for all that “shared the loving bond”. I and thousands of other pet parents have a serious job to do. SHARE YOUR knowledge on the murders of pets from corporations. The general public has been kept “blind” on purpose.The purpose is GREED.

  47. Purina Puke says:

    Power to the people Donna! Tons of people are at the sites Catster and Dogster and I have managed to direct some of them to itchmo as well. The word MUST be spread!

  48. Purina Puke says:

    WARNING: This article is EXTREMELY disturbing, detailing how in China dogs and cats are sold to restaurants and other people to be used as food. I found this post over in another thread about the cat being saved from inside the house.

    This really shows what kind of people we are dealing with in this country.

    7dog mum Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 9:41 pm
    Then there is China…………and how they view cats.…..ge_id=1811

    what is the USA doing supporting a country that is so barbaric

  49. JanC says:

    Donna, you go girl. I spread the word as much as I possibly can but I don’t have a lot of contact with the public (except all of you & most of you know more than I do about what’s going on).

    Maybe my memory isn’t correct on this but I thought a few weeks back I read that the PF companies were reporting their sales were down by 4%… it’s 9%. If we keep going, perhaps we can get it to 50%. You have to understand that even at 9%, we’re talking some serious bucks here. Their sales are in the billions so no matter how much they’re down, it’s hitting them where they live… their almighty profits. One less beach house for a CEO & one less Porsche for yet another. Like I GAS………

  50. Purina Puke says:

    Sorry this is the full link.

  51. menusux says:

    China admits child slavery in brickworks

    Reuters June 15, 2007

    “A thousand children may have been sold into slave labour in central China, enduring maiming and brutality in primitive brick kilns, state media says, amid an expanding scandal about official neglect.

    “The owners ran the prison-like kilns with fierce dogs and thugs who beat the children at will, state television said.

    “One accidentally killed a child with a shovel and buried the body at night, it said.

    “An army of 35,000 police in central China had so far rescued 217 people, including 29 children, the official China Daily reported.

    “But state television said many more may be trapped, making bricks for little or no pay in brutal conditions in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

    “As many as 120 suspects had been detained.

    ‘”Now our conservative estimate is that at least 1,000 minors from Henan have been trapped and cheated into back-breaking work in these Shanxi brick kilns,” a reporter from Henan said on the current affairs program Oriental Horizon.

    “The program showed workers who had been recently rescued - ragged, emaciated and mute and some bearing injuries.

    “But even amid the high-profile rescue effort, criticism is rising of official indifference to the poor farming families.

    “Local media reports and websites have cited what they say is a petition from fathers of boys kidnapped from Henan.

    “They complained that Shanxi police were unwilling to help Henan authorities to find and rescue the children.

    “”We are too weak and our children face constant threats to their life. We can only beg the government,” said a copy of the document.

    “The China Youth Daily noted that local officials had apologised for failing to rescue the workers.

    “”But we have even more reason to ask why was it only after the case was widely reported by the media and shocked the central leadership that the local government then thought to apologise to these poor rural workers,” it said.

    “”What were they doing before?”

  52. Phoebe says:

    At least the media is acknowledging (sometimes) that thousands of pets have been poisoned:

    “Wheat gluten tainted with the industrial chemical melamine has been blamed for killing or sickening thousands of dogs and cats in North America.”

    The rest of the article is stomach-churning, too.

    “The problems in Asia are not limited to China. Ice cream and sweets made with the same industrial dyes used for coloring garments have been found outside schools, and farmers have been caught dipping fruits in herbicide, to add shine, a day before going to market.

    In India, pesticides often taint groundwater and produce. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been dueling with a New Delhi environmental group, which alleged it found unacceptable levels of pesticides in soft drinks.”

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Well, I’m so proud. Not. Can’t get more American than those two companies.

    We have a lot to clean up here at home in this country, too.

  53. Purina Puke says:

    The more I learn about the people in China the sicker I feel…

  54. JanC says:

    I think it’s time I take on a new name: Pukanuba. Someone coined that phrase a while back & it just cracked me up. Between menusux & Purina Puke, I think that’ll fit in perfectly. We are soooooo bad……but I love it……

    menusux: I just want to tell you that I completely lost what you were trying to say earlier. I followed all your links but still didn’t get it. Am I dense or what? You always find such good stuff so I’m sure this was also important but I got lost along the way…..duh…..

  55. menusux says:

    Website with a petition to boycott the 2008 Olympics:

    The US boycotted the 1980 Russian Olympics over the invasion of Afghanistan, so it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before.

    Why did everyone look the other way when granting them Most Favored Nation trading status, as we’d seen their disregard for human rights when they rolled the tanks over the protesters? We all knew slavery was practiced there, as we have laws against importing any goods made with slave labor.

  56. Purina Puke says:

    Okay so what do we know about China so far? They beat cats and dogs half to death for food because it makes them “taste” better. They spike food with false protein. They sell children for slave labor.

    The ONLY reason our government is doing business with them is for profits! Holding the Olympics there is like spitting in our faces. I signed the petition menusux, and I hope a lot of other people do too. No way am I watching the Olympics next year if they hold it in China.

    I can completely disgusted! Every time I think I’ve heard the worst of China, I’m proven wrong. Ugh!

  57. menusux says:

    JanC Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 10:41 pm
    I think it’s time I take on a new name: Pukanuba. Someone coined that phrase a while back & it just cracked me up. Between menusux & Purina Puke, I think that’ll fit in perfectly. We are soooooo bad……but I love it……

    menusux: I just want to tell you that I completely lost what you were trying to say earlier. I followed all your links but still didn’t get it. Am I dense or what? You always find such good stuff so I’m sure this was also important but I got lost along the way…..duh…..

    What I can’t post in case there are any legal rumbles is who some clients of a certain company appear to have been at the time the recalls started and which ones appear to remain. We know one left–they’re on record as such and there’s a link re: legal action. The others have not admitted their association with this company. When you see things like “provided by the same company that also supplied MF” and “from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine”, think wheat gluten–those who recalled for “rpc” don’t factor into this. One news story link deals with wheat gluten in a Pittsburgh-area warehouse. I wish I could post it flat-out here!

  58. menusux says:

    Just found this suit–it might help with one:

  59. High Note says:

    It is not only tainted food and slave labor that China does but they also grab the poor and take a kidney or whatever the need is at the time and sell them!
    I wonder what the guests will be eating at the olympics? I seen a special years ago on TV about China and their animal cruelity! They club cats over the head and throw them in boiling water to remove the skin and at times they are not dead but are boiled alive. They think nothing of this. They think of a cat or a dog as a piece of meat and nothing more. It is the most sickening thing and I cried out when I saw it on TV. It broke my heart because the sweet little cat was so beautiful. And we get imports from this barbaric country and it just makes me sick!!!

  60. Garyn says:

    And while all of these imports are allowed in this country uninspected, along with the deadly products comes the Asian beetle. I just found out that my 100 year old beautiful pine tree is infested with this bug which has no natural predators here in the US. It cannot be killed. It kills a tree in a few weeks. So serious is this problem, that the town is going to quarantine my tree, chop it down at my expense, burn the wood and inspect all surrounding trees.

    The imports are supposed to be inspected at the border to make sure first and foremost that they will not kill us and our animals and also to make sure that it is not infested with this insect. Our government is a failure on so many levels that it is sickening.

    So first they kill my cat and now they kill my tree. I guess I am next. And they are worried about our ants. What a joke. They are killing our entire country, literally.

    And while I am ranting, have you noticed that nearly all pet products, toys, bowls, bedding etc is made in China. Are we not capable of making a small mouse toy. I wanted to buy my kitten a little cute bowl. Every single one was made in China of melamine no doubt. I am so disgusted.

  61. Ann H says:

    Does anyone know the founder and the background of Pet Defenders?
    Are they credible & have appropriate credentials to donate for supporting for political action?

  62. Pukanuba says:


    Thanks for clarifying that. I think I know now what you were driving at……I wasn’t sure exactly where you were going with that. Also noticed the mention of who owns all those bags of tainted product in PA that “they hate to throw out because of the value”……I hope & pray that it doesn’t wind up in OUR food, not that we don’t have enough crap in our food already.

    Also signed up to boycott Olympics. I don’t understand why we can’t stop ALL trade with China (or any country for that matter) until we can trust them to send us what they say it is, without the additional junk. If even a small portion of what we have or will consume has any of those toxins, we already have plenty in our bodies, along with our pets. Probably wouldn’t take much to throw pet or person into renal failure. That’s a very scary thought.

    I hope this Olympics turns out to be a real dud.

  63. 5CatMom says:


    So sorry to hear that you lost your Mabel. I believe they’re all in kitty heaven comparing notes on how to take revenge on the PF companies.

    You’re right about all the imported stuff. The US manufacturing sector is in bad shape thanks to corrupt politicians and the lobbists who own them.

    The free trade globalists have sold us down the river.

    I don’t buy cat toys anymore ’cause they’re all imported. Instead bought a sewing machine (probably imported as well) and now I sew my own.

    Also, make their beds, cat saks and purr pads. McCall’s has a cute pattern for a cat igloo.

    Made a cat hammock, then bought some 1 inch PVC pipe and made a window level hammock frame.

    My husband pruned a tree and we used a large “branchy” limb to make a 7 foot tall climbing post. The indoor cats love it.

    Maybe you could use part of your 100 year old tree (what a cryin’ shame) to make something, or send a branch to the USDA!

  64. Steve says:

    Ann H Says: at 7:11 am

    I don’t know who they are or what they are really up to. Who they work for.

    It’s gotten that bad. Kind of like Oil Companies Pitching themselves as “Green” and Defenders of the Environment.

  65. Steve says:

    I think the President of Pet Defenders needs to put more information on that Web Site about who he is, his background, and what his goals are with this organization and how it is going to get it accomplished. There is no way I am investing in something without knowing what I am investing in.

  66. Elaine says:

    Before donating to ANY organization, remember what we have all learned with this FDA/PFI mess. It is ALL about the money!

    Take environmental organizations, for instance. Save the forest, save the owl, save the snail darter etc issues. The name of the game is to create Controversy, Conflict, and Crisis. Using these 3 strategies they can get their issues before the public and in this way generate donations from folks who have no idea what it is really like in our vast, unpopulated areas. If they can keep the donations coming in, they can keep their cushy jobs!

    Don’t think that I am not for taking care of our environment or animals and birds, etc. I just KNOW from many years of doing so myself on my own ground, what is a lie and what isn’t!

    It is ALL ABOUT the MONEY. The CEO of the organizations make big money, The on-the-ground employees make a decent wage, and spend their working days strolling through the forests, observing nature. Many of us would love a job like that! If they have to lie to the public through newspaper articles, and put a farmer or logger out of business, it doesn’t bother them, they like what they do, and have folks thinking they are SAVING something, when they are only saving their jobs.

    I only donate to local organizations that I can truly know about. Remember the financial mess with the Red Cross after 9/11? Not to say that your local Red Cross wouldn’t be a good place to donate.

    I have heard a good way to decide what organizations to donate to is to look up what percentage of the donations actually go to the on-the-ground problem. If most of the donations go to administration costs, and CEO makes big bucks, they probably are more concerned with perpetuating their wages.

    As frustrating as it is to know about those cats and dogs in China, there is probably not much we can do except what we are doing now, putting the word out, keeping our congressman’s feet to the fire, refusing to buy products from China.

    Sorry about being on my soapbox, I will get down now. After reading the article about the cats yesterday, I wanted to curl up in a fetal position and cry my eyes out—

  67. Steve says:

    Well what I see at first glance having just visited Pet Defenders for the first time is they want money.

    Call me to hard core but the fact remains the party ended on March 16 for me.

    The only thing a person has to do is donate their own time and energy and sweat equity in their own way to make a difference. Take it one day at a time.

    I am not going to donate to ANYTHING anymore unless an organization is willing to be completely transparent and open the books upon request.

    If they don’t have anything to hide that shouldn’t even be a problem.

    People who donate money have the RIGHT TO KNOW what management is doing with it.

  68. menusux says:


    Am going to try it again, calling them Company A, Company B and Company C to see if this makes it clearer-here goes:

    We know that a certain company, Company A, had a certain PF manufacturer as a client and that the client not only dropped the company but filed suit.

    Company A

    We also know that Company A shipped wheat gluten to 3 PF companies:

    “shipped from its Kansas City warehouse to three pet food manufacturers and one distributor who supplies wheat gluten only to the pet food industry….notified its other three wheat gluten customers about the FDA’s investigation. Those customers had all purchased smaller amounts of the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten commencing in January, 2007.”

    “On Friday, March 30, the FDA announced they had found melamine in samples of the wheat gluten imported from Xuzhou Anying. The FDA did not inform Company of any other impurities in the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten, nor of any impurities in the wheat gluten from Company’s other two Chinese suppliers.”

    I believe these are other clients of Company A:

    Company B

    This one had 2 recalls, one of the food produced for them by MF and one for non-MF produced food. Keep remembering that the melamine was found March 30–

    “products that were produced by MF from December 3, 2006 through March 14, 2007″

    Made by MF and recalled March 16.

    “The Company is taking this voluntary action after learning today that wheat gluten containing melamine, a substance not approved for use in food, was provided by the same company that also supplied MF…The contamination occurred in a limited production quantity at only one of this company’s 17 pet food manufacturing facilities.”

    Recalled March 30–date FDA issues findings re: melamine. Says this recall was for product produced at a facility of this company, not a contract manufacturer.

    MF isn’t mentioned here but the others are.

    Company C
    And now this one:

    “The Company took this voluntary recall action immediately after learning this morning from the FDA that wheat gluten supplied from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine. The adulteration occurred in a limited production quantity on select product codes of the brands below.”

    This was dated March 31 and says this recall is for products produced at a facility of this company–not a contract supplier.

    MF not mentioned here either–the others are listed here also.

    So we have 3 PF manufacturers who received wheat gluten from Company A and its certain supplier. The one who dropped its supplier and is suing began its recalls March 16.

    Let’s look back at the Pittsburgh-area warehouse story:

    “The wheat gluten being held in an Allegheny County warehouse was destined for Pittsburgh-based Company, but that company never bought or received any of that shipment, Gardine said.

    “Company previously recalled some dog food and cat and dog treats that had been made with some of the contaminated ingredients.”

    And a news story about rented warehouses and customers:

    “He rents space in five warehouses around the country and provides a variety of pet food ingredients to manufacturers and pet food ingredient distributors….MF is the ONLY customer lost, leaving 17 others.”

    And if the news story is correct, they remain clients.

  69. Elaine says:

    Quite a few years ago I read a book about a major disease and the organization that purports to take in money for research to find a cure. They take in BIG BUCKS, the CEO and administration make BIG BUCKS.

    Every now and then they put out a teaser on the news media that they have a new cure, but it is being tested, and the FDA won’t let it be used on the general public, even tho a person may be dying of the disease and desperate to try it.

    Years go by, more people die of that particular area of the disease, and you never hear anything more about this new cure! Instead the same old, same old treatment is used on everybody.

    Now, do you suppose that maybe big Pharma makes enough money on the same old treatment and then, do you suppose that the organization wouldn’t really be all that in a hurry to find a cure?

    As we have seen in this mess, people and pets etc. don’t mean diddly-squat to powers that be.

  70. Steve says:

    Excellent Point from the comment section of that apologists cry me a river puff piece on Miller.

    Jim wrote on May 19, 2007

    This is what is wrong with America. A guy with a law degree and an MBA with no expertise in chemistry, biology or animal health can import ingredients from a 3rd world country that poisons the nation’s pet food supply, and pork and chicken industry. Three people in a warehouse in Vegas can do this because the only thing American companies care about is cheapness. These people depended on the certification from the seller in China? Their web site talks about their expertise in obtaining ingredients from China. From the results, I’d say they aren’t very good at this. They did no independent testing? What about all the consumers who thought they were buying top quality brands when the stuff is really made from industrial chemicals from China. I’ll bet none of the labels said that…

  71. Elaine says:

    menusux Says:

    June 17th, 2007 at 10:41 am

    Am going to try it again, calling them Company A, Company B and Company C to see if this makes it clearer-here goes:

    Thanx, menusux!

    Pukanuba wasn’t the only one that didn’t get it, and it was quite an exercise this morning on ONE cuppa coffee.

    So is there a way to find out the names of the other 17 companies ChemNutra supplies?

  72. menusux says:


    Posted an answer but everything went to “page not found” when I tried doing that. Let’s see if it appears here in a while. If not, I’ll repost it.

  73. Trudy Jackson says:

    How do We boycott the Olympics? Is there really a way?

  74. Steve says:

    Elaine Says. . . So is there a way to find out the names of the other 17 companies ChemNutra supplies?

    Yes, putting the nose to the grindstone and begin digging. Where there is a will there is a way. I don’t expect it to be easy. But not impossible.

  75. Steve says:

    One way to do it is to call Pet Food Brands. Ask if they use ingredients supplied by Chem Nutra. Anything other then a Yes or No is reason to suspect someones not being on the level.

    The PF industry knows now not a single Pet Owner-Parent in the United States will EVER purchase a food with ingredients supplied by ChemNutra or The Millers.

  76. e wem says:

    Menusux, I was checking your links above and found the recall of “Pounce Meaty Morsels Moist Chicken Flavor Cat Treats”.

    I had stopped giving it to my cats last year when it got new and improved. The cats wouldn’t touch it. The big guy held it in his mouth, let the jaw go slack so the Pounce fell out drool and all. I hope I can find that last can to see if it was on the recall. Sheesh

    5catmom, everyone should read the NYT article you link to. Ten years ago when the FDA tried to trace ‘glycerin’ that killed people in Haiti, the factory in China was gone. Does that sound familiar?

    Warning to toothpaste users. What good does it do to stop using toothpaste made in China, when ten years ago the FDA said we were buying a lot of our glycerin from China?

    Garyn I stopped getting real fur cat toys from China when I found that many were made with Cat Fur.

    I can never forget the photo of a cat like my dear tortie crushed in a cage too small to move in a market in China waiting to be the next one in the boiling pot with eyes so sad and hopeless. What life did she have before her execution? She probably was never allowed to leave that wire basket. Or the scenes from the Chinese cat fur factory you can see at

    Those people make me sick. No refrigeration and they want fresh food, so the animals are kept alive at market so they won’t spoil, and then killed in front of the other animals on order. God have mercy

    Steve you are right about charities. I used to send checks monthly directly to a hospital to help a girl with a rare cancer get treatment. About six months after the newsletters about her progress stopped coming in the mail I called the hospital. They told me she had died a long time ago but they were putting the money to good use helping others. They couldn’t resist keeping her death a secret, I guess, because the money was so useful

  77. Elaine says:

    I saw an ad on tv last night about mouthwash. My first thought was, “Do you suppose IT is made in China, and, if so, would diethylene glycol be substituted for glycerin?” After all, we aren’t s’posed to swallow mouthwash either, so, according to the “experts” in China it is “SAFE”.

    Like Steve said above “On March 16 the party ended for me.” Now I suspect EVERYTHING, and it takes me a long time in the grocery store. No more popping in and grabbing what I need! ALL labels need to be read!

  78. IAMSickofcrapinpetfood says:

    Elaine & MenuSux: We can start here with members of the PFI to see which ones have PF manufacturing plants.

  79. IAMSickofcrapinpetfood says:

    Here’s the PFI member list:


  80. Trudy Jackson says:

    I no longer shop at the Dollor Tree at all. Most all of there things are made in China. As well as the Dollor General, Etc. I saw an American Flag that siad on it- Made in China. that made Me crazy. I just got rid of My mouthwash, My body lotions, etc. that came from these places.

  81. IAMSickofcrapinpetfood says:

    PFI Members w/ phone #s & websites:

    3D Corporate Solutions
    P.O. Box 478
    204 Third Street
    Monett, MO 65708
    Phone: (417) 236-9602

    American Nutrition, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1405
    2813 Wall Avenue
    Ogden, UT 84401
    Phone: (801)394-3477

    Bil-Jac Foods, Inc.
    3457 Medina Road
    Medina, OH 44256
    Phone: (330)722-7888

    Breeders Choice-Central Garden & Pet
    1340 Treat Blvd., Suite 600
    Walnut Creek, CA 94597
    Phone: (925) 948-3636

    Castor & Pollux Pet Works
    14340 SE Industrial Way
    Clackamas, OR 97015
    Phone: (503) 802-4700

    Chenango Valley Pet Foods
    P.O. Box 720
    8 West State Street
    Sherburne, NY 13460
    Phone: (607)674-2121

    Dad’s Pet Care
    18746 Mill Street
    Meadville, PA 16335
    Phone: (814)724-7710

    Del Monte Coporation
    375 North Shore Drive
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212
    Phone: (412)222-8429

    Delight Products Company
    1200 Industrial Drive
    Springfield, TN 37172
    Phone: (615)384-7546

    Doctors Foster & Smith
    2253 Air Park Road
    PO Box 100
    Rhinelander, WI 54501
    Phone: (715) 369-3305

    Eight In One Pet Products, Inc
    2100 Pacific Street
    Hauppauge, NY 11788
    Phone: (516)232-1200

    Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
    P.O. Box 148
    Topeka, KS 66601
    Phone: (785)368-8523

    Kent Feeds
    1600 Oregon Street
    Muscatine, IA 52761
    Phone: (563)264-4540

    Land O’Lakes Purina LLC
    10380 Executive Hills Boulevard
    Kansas City, MO 64153
    Phone: (816)459-6000

    Mars Petcare US, Inc
    315 Cool Springs Blvd.
    Franklin, TN 37067
    Phone: (615)373-7774

    Menu Foods, Ltd.
    8 Falconer Drive
    Streetsville, ON L5M 2C1
    Phone: (905)826-3870

    Merrick Pet Foods, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2257
    FM 2943 East Highway 60
    Hereford, TX 79045
    Phone: (800)858-4384

    Midwestern Pet Foods
    9634 Hedden Road
    Evansville, IN 47725
    Phone: (812) 867-7466

    Natura Pet Products
    1101 S. Winchester Blvd., J-225
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone: (408) 261-0770

    Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.
    12924 Pierce Street
    Pacoima, CA 91331
    Phone: (800) 829-4493

    Nestle Purina PetCare Company
    Checkerboard Square
    St. Louis, MO 63164
    Phone: (314)982-1000

    Nutro Products
    445 Wilson Way
    City of Industry, CA 91744
    Phone: (800) 833-5330

    Old Mother Hubbard
    285 Mill Road
    Chelmsford, MA 01824
    Phone: (978)454-8083

    P&G Pet Care
    7250 Poe Avenue
    Dayton, OH 45414
    Phone: (937)264-7387

    P.O. Box 369
    1400 McKinley Road
    St. Mary’s, OH 45885
    Phone: (419)394-3374

    Southern States Cooperative, Inc.
    P.O. Box 26234
    Richmond, VA 23260
    Phone: (804) 281-1261

    Sunshine Mills, Inc.
    500 6th Street, SW
    Red Bay, AL 35582
    Phone: (256) 356-9541

    Texas Farm Products Company
    915 South Fredonia Street
    Nacogdoches, TX 75961
    Phone: (936)564-3711

  82. 3FURS says:

    And speaking of products made in China, those little furry cats and dogs sold as ornaments, in gift stores—that’s NOT fake fur. Since I read that, I have to turn away when I see one. The brutality is so disgusting. And to learn that they raised Chow Chows as a human meat source. Sometimes I read so much that I get overwhelmed.

  83. Elaine says:

    Thanx for the list of PFI members. I will call and email some and see if they give and ANSWER, or a NON-ANSWER! I am sick of non-answers and quick replies that make you KNOW they aren’t being truthful.

  84. Elaine says:

    E wem,

    Your story about donating money to a hospital for a little girl with cancer truly illustrates the problems with charities. We all know someone within our circle of friends and acquaintances that could use a helping hand, and our donations would be better spent at home.

  85. Elaine says:

    A question from a stupid old person about bookmarking a page to view later: Is there another way besides saving it in Favorites?

    I am sure there must be a way to save it and organize it by subject, but I don’t have a clue how. Help me, someone? and keep it simple, one step at a time, I am used to reading directions in a book and referring back to it.


  86. 5CatMom says:

    e wem,

    Just saw your post from last night. I hope your tortie hasn’t been affected by this terrible poison food ordeal.

    Hope she gets better soon.

  87. IAMSickofcrapinpetfood says:

    Just a reminder about the newly formed NATIONAL PET FOOD COMMISSION:

    It was formed by the Pet Food Institute (PFI), the group that represents 22 pet food companies and/or manufacturing plants.

  88. Pukanuba says:


    I was taking notes & making up little flow charts trying to get to the bottom of this. I THINK I know what you’re trying to say. Thanks for being so patient with me. I’ll check that post once it hits & see if I’m on the right track. You do manage to come up with some great research.


    You’ll find a post from menusux earlier with a link to a website to sign up to boycott the Olympics. If you can’t find it, I’ll repost. I think everyone should sign up.

    I can’t go to the links about animal abuse. Can’t deal with that. Just knowing it’s going on is enough to make me sick.

  89. menusux says:

    We also need to discover who the distributor is:

    “shipped from its Kansas City warehouse to three pet food manufacturers and ONE DISTRIBUTOR who supplies wheat gluten only to the pet food industry….notified its other three wheat gluten customers about the FDA’s investigation. Those customers had all purchased smaller amounts of the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten commencing in January, 2007.”

    “On Friday, March 30, the FDA announced they had found melamine in samples of the wheat gluten imported from Xuzhou Anying. The FDA did not inform Company of any other impurities in the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten, nor of any impurities in the wheat gluten from Company’s other two Chinese suppliers.”

    The company who’s suing Company A didn’t need to be notified as they’d already begun the recall:

    “In response to a news release – issued during the evening of April 3, 2007 - MF today voluntarily expanded its pet food recall for selected “cuts and gravy” pet food products, manufactured back to November 8, 2006…As a result, MF today announced an expansion of its recall to include all products manufactured with wheat gluten purchased from Company A which MF’s records show was first used on November 8, 2006 and last used on March 6, 2007.

    “As a result of actions previously taken by MF, the vast majority of the products affected by this expansion are already off retailers’ shelves. No new brands have been added.”

    The release at the link was dated April 3, but keep that March 30 date in your head:

    “during a two-month period in early 2007, wheat gluten for that product was provided by a company that also supplied wheat gluten to MF.”

    The release at the link above was dated March 31. And it fits with this from the April 3 link above:

    “Those customers had all purchased smaller amounts of the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten commencing in January, 2007.”

    Keeping the April 3 recall announcement above in mind, this one is dated April 5:

    “The company is taking this voluntary action of recalling the dog biscuits listed below after learning from the FDA that wheat gluten supplied from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine.”

    These appear to stem from the distributor referred to in the April 3 recall link, as we’ve accounted for the 3 PF companies.

  90. Trudy Jackson says:

    Menusux, I found it and signed it. I also sent it to everyone I know,

  91. menusux says:

    Pukanuba Says:

    June 17th, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    I was taking notes & making up little flow charts trying to get to the bottom of this. I THINK I know what you’re trying to say.

    It appears to be like this, on the basis of the links at this post above:

    Company A had 3 direct PF company clients–one has admitted to cancelling and is suing Company A–that leaves us Company B and Company C who appear to have been the other two. If the news story link re: the rented warehouses is correct, the only one who left would be the company who is suing Company A.

    Wish we didn’t have to put it in this way!!!

  92. Pukanuba says:


    Gotcha that time. I was really confused…..I somehow got the idea that all those warehouses belonged to Co. A, not the one suing. I also believe I read who has the warehouse in PA that has a bunch of tainted gluten (well, flour really) that it’s trying to find a use for…..let’s pray it doesn’t wind up back in ANY food. It’s pretty confusing trying to follow these guys……I think they try their best not to leave a trail.

    I’m also confused about Sunshine Mills that recalled Ol Roy biscuits. Somehow I thought that was another PF company that also made a big name dog biscuit. I threw out all my dog’s biscuits & treats after that recall. I believe that was Co. C. Now we get to talk in code & really confuse everyone……

  93. thomas says:

    Where did the company in Ohio that is canadian owned get its melamine that it added to its product and then sold to uniscope ?

  94. IAMSickofcrapinpetfood says:

    Someone above mentioned just looking for wheat GLUTEN that was supplied to PF manufacturers. Why not look for the rice protein concentrate used as well, since the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate both turned out to be wheat flour? Am I missing something?

  95. menusux says:

    One chain at a time–the “rpc” chain seemed to be more straightforward–from W-E to CB (supplier in some cases) and in others directly to the companies who made the food.


    There’s no law against melamine for other uses. The company appears to have the greatest portion of it’s business in the timber & paper industries:

    It can also be used as a coating for paper:

    “Paper Overlay: 4 and 5 foot width capability

    “Melamine, top coated Solid, Decorative, and woodgrain prints
    Range: 45, 60, 80 gram weight”

  96. Steve says:

    Sorry if we all ready caught this.

    Thu Jun 14, 2:21 PM ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Colgate-Palmolive Co. (NYSE:CL - news) on Thursday warned counterfeit “Colgate” toothpaste that may contain a toxic chemical had been found in discount stores in four U.S. states.

  97. YaYa says:

    Thearticles I’ve read about Tembec give one description of the melamine they used: it was “pure” melamine. {I’m believing this to mean, it was not “scrap melamine”}

    I don’t know if Canada bans melamine for industrial uses or not. being a Canada based corp.} I also thought WE banned melamine for ‘everything’ here in the USA, maybe not, learning this.

    It sure does not sound like it was out there for “Agricuture use” for food/feed binders. But somehow the Tembec corp. slipped it in anyway; reminds me of the Chinese guys saying it was not meant for food use either when they shiped theirs here.

    Who’s teachin’ who?

    Also on those sites we’ve been watching and checking on for the Grain products {like the Anying/Biatan etc gangs} Most of them who post {let’s say Glutens} products for sale ALSO sell Other grain products like meals and such.
    In many Varieties, soy, wheat, rice, greenpea, corn, etc.
    When we’ve looked for Glutens, we’ve found a mirad of other grain junk too. Meals, flours, glutens, husk, hulls etc.

    Can anyone find a USA or Canadian company selling Melamine for INDUSTRIAL use on line any where?
    Nitrogen type products.
    They could be shipping it in from Canada since they are Canada based maybe?

    I don’t know if this might help or not but the Chemical ‘recipe’ {you know hydrogen, nitrogen, etc} for Melaine is: C3H6N6
    It’s supposed register chemical # is: CAS 108-78-1

    Hope this helps the hunt.

  98. Jay says:

    In looking over the PFI list (for which thanks), I couldn’t help wondering which of these companies operate their own rendering plants. It seemed like the Texas company was also involved in that industry. To produce pet food at a higher quality than before, the rendering of dead, wounded and diseased animals for pet food (along with various inanimate parts like collars, etc.) should not be a part of the chain.

    Just another question for them: do you use rendered contents and how do you know what is in it when you buy it and mix it into your product?

  99. menusux says:

    How about this?

    “This is why we are the first choice supplier to leading melamine processors the world over.

    “is also used in coatings, molding powders, flame-retardants, paper and textile, and concrete plasticizers. Its unique physical qualities – such as strength, color retention, sound absorption, smoothness, moisture resistance, transparency and flow – enhance the performance or appearance of your product.

    They’re in LA.

  100. mittens says:

    melamine is extensively used in fertilizers. it boosts the nitrogen content of the soil. urea is also used for the same purpose but is cheaper than melamine. with all the talk about being a ‘ protein boost’ and thus tossed into food it’s most common food associated use is actually fertilizers.

    those laminated table tops so common in partical board ikea like furniture is often melamine.

    when i was thinking of this last night and reviewing agribusiness crap-( ugh the science. i was never good a chemistry but apparently neither are the ‘ scientists’ at the FDA.)i thought what if it was bags labelled ‘ melamine’ meant for protein boost but it was was actually bags of melamine based fertilizer with pesticides added like they do for GMO crops? that would explain the other substances found-all pesticides. clearly they’ve been pullling the mela-tein schtick for sometime- and it may have been causeing long term problems for pets. but the sudden deaths of young healthy animals indicates poison. bags of pesticide laced fertilizer would be a poison. and as we’ve seen the production atmosphere in china lends itself to widespread abuses- wouldn’t mislabelling be common?

  101. mittens says:

    ya ya

    i posted the specs of a company called melamine chemicals inc under another post- where i can’t recall as ive been at work for 20 hours straight). they were an american melamine producing company located near a fertilizer plant. they were bought by borden and changed their name.borden sold them.

    “The MCI operation is the second largest producer of melamine crystal in North America. Melamine crystal is used as an ingredient in a wide range of products including adhesives, plastics, coatings, countertop and flooring surfaces, fire retardants and other applications. Borden Chemical has owned MCI since 1997.”

    MCI was located in Donaldsonville, La. they shut it down when the couldn’t find a buyer. i’m not sure they ever found a buyer.

    borden still manufactures melamine based resins for various uses.

    “Borden Chemical Specialty Resins is a global supplier of phenolic, urea and melamine resins.”

    dow chemical makes or at least offers both melamine and a large variety of agricultural and food producing products including pesticides and fertilizers.

    monsanto, the largest seed producer in the entire world creates an array of non food products also- the gave the world PCB contamination.

  102. deej says:

    Anne H is a good place to start.

  103. Purina Puke says:

    You know who’s really going to make money in all this mess? Therapists who people go to when we go bonkers.

    I used to love buying toys for my cats. Smokey is really playful. Now I guess I have to check every single toy I buy to see if it has made in China on it.

  104. deej says:

    oops - except in this case - just took a quick look and don’t see them listed there. ??

  105. Krista says:

    There is a USA patent that allows melamine to be used in the making of Biuret, a NPN (non protein nitrogen) animal feed for cattle and other ruminants.

    Biuret purification

    11. The method defined in claim 1 wherein said higher molecular weight urea condensation products comprise a member selected from the group consisting of triuret, MELAMINE, cyanuric acid, ammonium cyanurate, ammelide, methylene diurea and combinations thereof, said desorbent is aqueous, has a pH below 7, and is contacted with said biuret-containing desorbent at a temperature of at least about 50° C., and said higher molecular weight condensation products constitute about 5 weight percent or less of said biuret-containing extract.

  106. High Note says:

    It is so unbelievable! Everything I pick up any more says made in China! I never realized I was buying so many of their products. Those manufacturers should be really rich by now with their child labor. I am really upset. Just bought some underwear and it said made in china too. Can’t the U.S. get anything from another foreign supplier? What happened to our manufacturers in this country? Are there any left? Did China put them all out of business with their low prices? This is so sick! The U.S. buys all these low price products from and then really marks them up for us to buy!
    My dad said years ago to only buy U.S. products and now I know why!

  107. YaYa says:

    Menusux Great lead!
    Mittens- thanks and get some Sleep!
    Krista that’s one i’ll look into too {esp. for the Agri aspect}

    Royal DSM what a ‘lovely’ company tho. Another rule the world one.

    Royal DSM {I believe the dsm part stands for Dutch State Mining} A very old company. Originally a Dutch state owned Coal mining company :-P

    Now involed in Nutrition/pharma/petrochemicals/GM and biotechs. I could go on but won’t.

    Oddly I kept getting a link for but it won’t come up for: “American Melamine Industries” I believe linked to, DSM had diveseted/quit a 50/50 partnership with them on either June or July 30 or 2006. The links to it won’t work anywhere. Not even the “annual report” that talks about the break-up.
    {I find that odd}
    here’s that one {of 2} link: http:/

    They had/have an office/branch in Tempe Az, and one on the East coast in like NC I think.

    DSM has a partnership too with the North China Pharmaceutical Corp. Ltd.
    DSM is building anew plant in Shanghai.

    They also just aquired a large plant in Canada.

    This was a blast to spend time at diging if ya want :-P

    We’ve also been talking about polymers alot.

    this one just popped up, haven’t looked.

    It makes since to me that a “pure” melamine would come from a Corp. IN the USA for and “industrial” Tembec. There aren’t that many either.

    I also think someone Knew exactly what they were doing. IMHO

    They might have not had anything t do wth the Begining, but they are certainly in the middle of this.

    Here are the names too, I found of in the last few days of 2 chemicals; might be involved in the Bee issues. I don’t remember see anyone post them so I will. Maybe ya’ll can take a look at them?

    1st: Imidacloprid
    2nd: Folidol

    {second one caught my eye, might have something to do with “folic acid”? those pesky antagonist?}

    The name of the Rice I was talking about this morning early on another thread was Ventria,gonna be some yummy stuff.

    I’m working on the Bt63 {rice} it’s from China and illegal. {Japan was back testing shipments to Aug. 18 of 2006 for it over the winter}

    Also a {3} shipments of it in “Rice Protein Meal” form was shipped to Greece and discovered. 88 tons of it. It says some was destroyed some was “re-exported” back to China. {it was meant for Animal feed products}

    Other shipments of this Rice was discovered in Sweden? back in the Summer of 2006. Some was destroyed some ‘re-exported’.

    I know I’ve got anther one from last summer of discovery and ‘re-exporting’ it to China.

    Now to me- that’s alotta Rice products getting dumped back on ones door step that NOONE wanted.

    All last Summer 2006

    All Illegal. {not to mention reports it is in the China crops {regular rice crops} and Their food chain now too}

    Then we’ve got the usual characters like Monsanto and Bayer with their “illegal” grain crops being sent out in Export and rejected and RETURNED to the USA. Now I Keep wondering WHERE the HXLL is this CR@P?????????

    And when the China Bt63 Rice goes out, its goes out for Animal Feed products.
    And It’s Illegal for Humans OR Animals.

    All GM/GE grains Rejected. Rice, corn mainly.

    WHERE is this stuff and where does it go once back on the Exporters doorstep Hmmmmmmmm?

    Do ya thank maybe “someone” there got a cut-rate deal and maybe made Glutens etc. from it?

    I’m looking at this as only 1 aspect of the whole sickness issue here.
    But one with some Real bad ‘air’ to it to begin with.

    What about the last 2 years of USA rejected and re-exported Corns and Rice?????

    You wouldn’t think a company would sell it Real cheap would you, to get rid of it?

    And WHY the Heck they don’t Destroy ALL of the Bad shipment instead of sending them BACK to the country of origin for them to “do something with” it???? DUH!

    Let’s say you are a Farmer and a bag of regular soybean seed cost you 6 bucks an acre for seed, and a bag of a “primo-superdooper ” manufacturers soybean seed cost 42.00 bucks an acre to plant; would the Primo crop grown one be considered “expensive”?????

    Get my drift???????

    Disgsting what the mind can come up with in this mess! :-P :-D

    Juuuuust thinkin’ here.

  108. Steve says:


  109. Krista says:

    It’s the month of April/May and Tembec delivers/distributes for/to Uniscope it’s product which by their own admission (according to FDA report) contains melamine.. It’s in their formulation and they make and sell to distributors. So because of the pet food recall and the melamine scandal Uniscope decides to test and they find melamine in their livestock feed ingredients.. (well yeah) Tembec didn’t just now start using melamine, especially at a time like this, they have been and they say so….FDA says several comapanies have found it… The gist of this is that Dr. A - said melamine was not allowed in any form in animal feed.. FDA responds by asking them to please stop and for others to watch for it. Try to avoid it… they say.. not much teeth in this release when you use words like “ask” and “please avoid” in the title……..01643.html

    FDA REPORT - May 30, 2007

    Tembec and Uniscope Voluntary Recall Feed Ingredients. FDA ASKS Feed Manufactures to AVOID ingredients containing Melamine.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Alerting livestock and fish/shrimp feed manufacturers about a voluntary recall of products used in feed production because SEVERAL have been found to contain melamine and related compounds.

    THE FEED INGREDIENTS were MADE by Tembec BTLSR Inc. of Toledo, Ohio and Uniscope, Inc. of Johnstown, Colo.

    Tembec, a contract manufacturer for Uniscope, makes AquaBond and Aqua-Tec II, which it distributes for Uniscope. Uniscope makes Xtra-Bond using ingredients supplied by Tembec. All of the products are binding agents that are used to make pelleted feed for cattle, sheep, and goats, or fish and shrimp.

    The COMPANIES have confirmed that TEMBAC ADDED MELAMINE as PART OF THE FORMULATION of the products to improve the binding properties of pelleted feed. Melamine is not approved as an additive for animal or fish/shrimp feed.

    The companies have stopped adding melamine to the feed products.

    TO CONTINUE with this FDA press release click the LINK….

  110. Steve says:

    As far as bee deaths Organic Bee Keepers have reported no problems with the Organic Farms they serve. Just your standard problems they normally deal with time in and time out that have been part of beekeeping since it began.

    Bee Dies offs are closely linked to Large Scale Chemical Based Farming.

    Go Figure

  111. Krista says:

    High Note -

    I share your feelings!! It’s beyond awful.. But wait, there is more!!!! Did anybody see Lou Dobbs the other night?

    Chinese Cars to be exported to USA………….

    Communist China is also, well, now exploiting a gapping loophole in that wonderful trade arrangement called NAFTA. Are you ready? One of China’s largest car makers is about to build an assembly plant in Tijuana, Mexico, the purpose? To build and export vehicles into the United States. And it will be duty-free. (all by 2009)

    Here is the transcript if you care to read it all…click and scroll way down

  112. Steve says:

    Krista Says: at 8:20 pm

    Americans want cheap stuff right? Or is it Corporate America’s joy ride after decades of running on the legs of Americans and the free ride are rapidly coming to an end?

  113. YaYa says:

    Steve, you Nailed it perfectly!

    We’ve been lead to believe that the cost of products to make things for us, were Not within the manufactureres control.
    Prices Had to go Up. Not!

    Profits. They’ve wanted Profits to go Up, and we get a Cheap, cheaper “duplicate/replica”, of what things WERE, {once upon a time}.

    Actually, nothing like the Real thing “inside” {now} at all.
    Oh yeah, maybe the product label’s picture’s the same :-P

    Many of the same companies who make the Foods we {and our pets} eat Now are Huge in the Pharmaceutical Biz, wonder why.
    Don’t they have confidence in their Food products making and Keeping up Healthy?

    GM crops, alot of the push and thinking behind them are to “feed a starving world”; but in the process are the ones eating it right Now, getting sick from it?

    Such a nobel quest. Profitable too.

    They try to shove it down our throats too and Sneak it in to the food supplies. Over and over. Until they have no fight left and allow it.

    As far as the Bees, some of those GM crops and their “special” abilities, with built-in pesticides etc. are Highly suspect. And the GM crops are hard to contain and spread to normal crops.

    I think the Rice genome was only completed in 2000.
    And Nowwwww it “children” are Out.

  114. Purina Puke says:

    High Note I share your feelings too. What makes me so angry is they don’t even NEED all that money. It’s all GREED. They’re making much bigger a profit then they’ll ever need at OUR expense. They don’t care if it makes us sick, and they do whatever it takes to keep things quiet as long as they get to be rich.

    It’s a sad day when you realize your government will sacrifice it’s people’s health for wealth. It reminds me of all those medievel stories about Kings who ate well and over taxed their people to leave them poor and nearly starving…

  115. thomas says:

    An interesting link is ther is another one also that puts ADM front and center with the chinese gov. Also looking up cofco provides a lot of insight.

  116. thomas says:

    The link did not come out o.k. So here we go again

    Another is

    One link has a chart that really shows ADM connection.

  117. thomas says:

    links still are not right listedco/listconews/sehk/20070308/606/f118_e.pdf and for the last one put in f121_e.pdf

  118. Krista says:

    Are you all aware of the extensive GM Rice contamination in the USA as of last year? ( can’t help but wonder where this went when countries started sending it back to us in 2006… ) Europe pulled it immediately from their grocery shelves under emergency order.. Japan also. We left it on our shelves and when the news broke out here, USDA decided to fast track it for approval instead of contain, destroy or alert Americans… The southern states Rice crops now have not one, but 3 contaminations…No studies done. We do not know how harmful this could be to health/safety or how it happened.. Quote from Japan….
    “We will watch the Children of America for the next 10 years and see how they do”

    GM rice contamination disaster spirals out of control as a THIRD contamination incident is identified. Press Release March 2007…

  119. Ruth says:

    Here is another story I read in today’s paper, If importing stuff from China wasn’t bad enough now people should worry about India importing meds. to the U.S.

    Nice reading, now one more thing to worry about if you take medicine.

  120. xyz says:

    For those keeping up with the industry- check rendering publications.

  121. Trudy Jackson says:

    From what I know and hear [I don’t want to affend anyone] India is one of the filthiest countrys’ around the world.

  122. Trudy Jackson says:

    And what os a rendering publication? I’ll look it up when i get back. Have to take a cat to the vets. got something stuck way up in His paw pad. I need more vet bills!!

  123. YaYa says:

    Thanx for the links and articles guys, I’ve got them saved. Now I’ve got to come up with a System! :-D

  124. james ryley says:

    I saw and wanted to mention a useful site:

    It provides free patent searching, free PDF downloading, allows annoting documents and sharing them, and free alerts for new documents.

    If you have a spot, a link to let your users know abou the site would be great.

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