Recall Update: Thursday

Is tainted food maker in China back in business? Binzhou posts new ad on June 12.

Recall-Related News:

PFI attacks ExperTox’s reputation. ExperTox stands by findings.

“Through our contacts in Texas, which is where the lab is located that conducted the analysis, we have learned there is genuine concern among key toxicological and analytical experts about the lab and the actual test results,” Gallagher said.

The Lab Manager for ExperTox told us today that her company stands by its finding.

Expertox’s Donna Coneley also said she doesn’t have any idea what Texas experts Gallagher and PFI are talking about.

“They never name the experts they’re working with,” Coneley said. “When someone says ‘people I know say this,’ it sounds to me like they’re trying to say there are experts who have looked into this and don’t agree with the findings. But I don’t believe there are.

“To me, it sounds like they’re talking about imaginary experts,” Coneley said.

Coneley said the only experts her lab has worked with about the findings are those with the FDA. In fact, she told us she had the FDA on another line during our interview today.

“The pet food manufacturing companies have had ten-minute discussions with us about how we did our tests,” she said. “But they’re not experts.

Union of Concerned Scientists says FDA is not taking scientific concerns seriously:

The FDA mission statement calls for “helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health.” Unfortunately, scientists at the agency are concerned that science no longer plays this crucial role in the FDA’s regulatory decisions.

Independent science must be the driving force for decisions made by the FDA. Based on the survey responses from FDA scientists, it is clear that the agency needs to demonstrate a greater respect for independent science and improve both the transparency and accountability of its decisions.

Testing Your Own Pet Food?

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  1. Sugar Baby says:

    This is “Sugar Baby”. I’m hacking in from a long-forgotten cannery in Sandusky, Ohio.

    Please, don’t try to contact me as it may alert those above me to my “knowledge”.

    There’s too much for us to loose now. You wouldn’t believe how much these old money-hungry men can sweat when the heat is on.

    I want you all to know i’m proud of you. With your “opening of the eyes”, and your quest for truth.

    Believe me, these guys have it coming.

    It’s unfortunate that you guys cracked the secret kitten/puppy killing plan and not the one to enslave all dolphins. If you guys want to have nightmares like “me”, I’ll fill you in one day after we win this fight.

    You got ‘em on the run.

    Keep up the good fight.

    I’ll keep traking whats going on here, and alert you of any new situations.

    Viva la Itchmo!

  2. Leslie k says:

    Sara- We think it was Evangers dry dog pheasant & rice. The symptoms started within 3 days of eating it.They started to feel better as we added Cal Nat lamb & rice to it. Went away totally when we went to only Cal Nat for dry. I had a problem months earlier w/ Iams small bite & 1 of my neighbors had trouble w/SD lamb & rice. I also had trouble w/Pur 1 sens systems. Had it tested & it had large amounts of Vit e all thru the bag.We are going to test the Evangers,SD & Wellness. I can’t do the Iams because I had mixed in some of the Pur 1 to it.
    I know what you mean about Friday ! I don’t sleep very well on Thursday nights.

  3. YaYa says:

    Well hey, Sugar Baby, thanks for the encouragement.

    I REALLY like the Viva la Itchmo!

    Got em Sweatin’ you say, I like that too :-)

  4. YaYa says:

    LeslieK, how are they doing tonite? Better I hope :-)

  5. sara says:

    Leslie K,

    I have seen some negative comments regarding Evangers ? I may look into the Cal Nat. Thank you

  6. Christine says:

    To Barb, GSD MOM, YaYa, Elaine, Cynthia…

    I am not a spy (though I don’t see how one could ’spy’ on a public website anyway), nor do I work for the FDA or PFI. I am a concerned pet parent as well, which is why I started checking this site regularly in the first place.

    My point, though, is that those of you that comment on this site seem to jump to conclusions. Often times, in regards to specific recall announcements, people would panic despite details in the articles stating that recalls were ‘cautionary’ and not due to any positive test for contaminants.

    When a company pulls an entire part of their line out of precautions, despite any mandate or contamination (which many of the companies did), that shows that they *do* care about the pets and the concern of the pet parents. It shows blatant disregard for profit, which is the exact opposite of what you all like to accuse them of.

    Lastly, it seems that any slight abnormality in your pets’ behavior or health is automatically attributed to contaminated foods. Do parents assume that they must have fed their child contaminated Cheerios if he suddenly acts lethargic and gets a fever? No, because that would be considered insane and ridiculous. As is assuming that any illness that has befallen our pets since the recalls began has to do with tainted food, especially when the pets have not been eating anything on the recall list.

    All the pet food companies have been rigorously testing their product since this all began. No one wants to be the next Menu, and no one wants to be responsible for the illness or death of any pet. If something belongs on the recall list, it will be there. Of course, it is sad when one of our dogs or cats falls ill, but it is unfair to say, “My cat got sick, he was eating Science Diet, therefore Science Diet should be obviously be recalled.”

  7. Leslie k says:

    YaYa-You wouldn’t know they were the same dogs . They are eating well, no accidents, no symptoms & playing again. My neighbors dog also.Its really scary when you se a chi who spends 1/2 the day playing & the other 1/2 on your lap or in your bed just lay on the floor & breath heavily. I’m telling you their faces actually looked sunken ! He had gained 1 1/2 lbs in a week [I think holding fluid]. Know they are back to normal weight & activity. Maybe just a coincidence but it sure seems food related to me.It was the only thing we did differently & my dogs don’t play with my neighbors dog. Other than our yards backing up to 1 another the food was the only common thing. We had tick serology done & it was negative. I’m just relieved it seems to be over. Would like to have the little guy retested for blood & urine but I think it will have to be at a new vet. I would drive up to my cousin but don’t think it is a good idea to use family when trying to prove its food related.

  8. HomeGrown says:

    “Bogus ingredients put consumers’ health at risk”

  9. Katie says:


    I live in the Tucson area. We have a lot of construction going on, I think it’s the reason the vet thought environmental when the tests were all negative. The vets are having a hard time accepting my dogs food as the problem, except for her specialist. Her eyes can get a little watery from time to time and a very minimal crust in the corner but it isn’t what we saw in early March. And, since we went to home cooking no green gunk. What I see now is totally normal.

    Barb, did your dog ever appear to be hot or running a fever? my dog had a really hot dry nose like she was dehydrated and fighting something. Her temp was never above 101 though. It was during that time that she had the green gunk.


  10. YaYa says:

    ***There is a REALLY SAD Story over undr the Fish Food Recall section. Posted by Tammy Today.

    She has lost *47* Fish since Sunday this week through today!!!!!!!!!!!

    These must be like KOI Fish. Some were 20 Years old and 20 Inches long!

    This is Not Getting even Close to Better Imho!

    These sort of fish are PETS too.

    Names, personalities etc.

    Does anyone remember who or what was said a couple weeks ago about Fish necrospy or Fish Vets?

    I don’t but passed along my yearsold info from when I had sea water fish.

    I am Livid and Sickened AGAIN!

    Can you imagine lossing 47 of your pets in less than a week?!?

    Please go Post some hopeful thoughts to her would you.

    Nope not causing a Panic, Not at all :-P

    Course some of us are Up on the whoe picture and been here a Long time for the Duration. And will be till this is DONE!

  11. jean s says:

    Read the linked article at the top of this forum re: Menu Foods future “cloudy at best” and click on the leave a comment to the paper: This article says that “it was found that Menu Foods was not at fault” and “poisoning of hundreds of cats and dogs’”

    Please challenge these clear misrepresentations of facts!

  12. Katie says:


    Itchmo, I promise to be nice! but…. Christine. My dog had all the symptoms of cont. food. When she originally saw a specialist he was stumped. We started to graph her symptoms against what she ate, exercise for the day, anything unusual in her environment. We analyzed what she ate, where she was specifically exercised, etc. And, guess what. When compared to purchases at Petsmart - her symptoms were dependent upon opening different new bags of food, same type but different lot #.s. The FDA has all my documentation.

    Do you know what it is like to be scared at 1 AM, that your dog or cat is going to die? do you know what it is like to see your dog or cat really sick and test after test can find nothing wrong and the specialists have no answer. Than, the recall comes. However, your food is not on the recall. Do you know what your vet feels like when he can only find news in the NYT! because the PFI refuses to include them in : bad food sits on the shelves. Do you know what it is like to be told by a vet that your pet has kidney disease and from this point forward you will need to watch every crumb they eat for fear that it will cause further damage. Do you know what it is like to search the internet for info. on studies done on these chemicals in the labs: mice, rabbits, dogs , cats all have shown bladder lesions, liver lesions, inc. cancer, even the lab animals wanted more water for pete’s sake! Why didn’t the PFI and FDA tell us that was a symptom that should cause a red alert.

    Isn’t it interesting that a dog or cat who has been healthy one day, dies within 24 hrs of eating cont. food. Than there are the pets who have long term issues. CKF problems. Liver problems. Eye problems. Seizures. Eat the food sick. Take the food away no symptoms.

    And, the lucky one’s on the road to hopeful recovery. We don’t know what the outcome will be years from now. But, we do know the day, the exact day, they went to home cooked foods(beef,chicken,eggs,rice,veg of all kinds,yogurt,etc…) isn’t it amazing that the symptoms disappeared! And, low and behold, my dog has hair, dripping in hair. She was practically naked. She has loss the black pigmentation in her skin. She doesn’t itch. She doesn’t smell. She doesn’t have bad breath. She is alert. In fact she acts like she is 6 years younger. Her eyes are clear. The vets can’t believe it. They thought she would be malnourished on home cooking. Duh!!!

    I believe that the dog food companies did something to the formulation of foods that caused my dog to have a bad outcome. Hopefully for her, and my heart goes out to all who loss a pet these past few months, she will have many happy years ahead. And, there will never,ever be another piece of kibble in my house. Someday, when we get a new pup it will be placed on home cooked or RAW.

    I will no longer be ill informed. Thanks to the knowledgeable people on this blog and Itchmo, I am now becoming a well informed pet parent.

    So, Christine: you can think what you want of me, call me hysterical or whatever, but I will be sure that every pet person I come in contact with, will know what happened to my dog.


  13. YaYa says:

    LeslieK, I agree about the family aspect right now. And am So Glad they are bouncing back to normal.

    I’m wondering tho if we have to be more alert to “relapses” for this, for the ones who’ve survived.

    We have no ‘history’ I’m aware of, of such poisonings to refer to for further info. :-P

    I think we are fairly postive for this Time round, the poisonings started back in THIS round- Sept. 06
    Thats when a significant number of pets began to start dropping. {and the Companies who Made the foods did Nothing yet} Teh it went Up even More in December more Dramatically. {folks called Menu Foods {for one company} and got nowhere then either}

    Then Janurary and Feb. 07. And Menu Foods got ther Salary Bonuses and waited 1 more Month for the Stock sales to go in their favor BEFORE a Recall; which would Damges the Stock values and did the Day it Happened and every day since} Nope nuthin’ wrong “here’.
    Do I got that Right folks?

    So we’ve got WAVES, super strong levels and then maybe weaker ones. But all damaging to the pets.
    In the mean time some other funny business has been going on and of course we got On and On the Stick.
    And opened the China door.

    But I think we are going to be seeing not only the permanent damages,in the survivors, but long term relapses possibly too.

    I also think we might need to watch the mre in the heat. Taxes the heart and urinary systems more.

    Aw heck sure, I’m gonna say it’s a Panic, it’s the only thing that will get THIS FIXED! Being naive and giving the benefit of the doubt? I Don’t THINK SO :-P

    Yep, It’s a Panic, officially! :-D

  14. YaYa says:

    Thanks JeanS! Will do!

    And I’ll even ask them about all that rigorous testing they did/do. The type that is Not with the proper {and expensive might I add} equipment nor the proper sensitivities, nor set to even come Close to detecting Acetominophen, or any other “funny business” that might get missed too.

    How’s that?

    I’ll post about all the time frames too!

    Now that is Really Innocent!

  15. menusux says:

    Mentioned here yesterday & today was the fact that the PFI consumer website, Pet Food Report had non-working links. Matter of fact, those links haven’t worked since this crisis began.

    “If the industry can’t see they are paying SmithBuckin, Duane-o and his band of boobs $ for doing nothing to represent them in a favorable light, they love to be cheated. Continuing to pay membership in PFI is also not going to make any possible federal charges re: selling adulterated and misbranded food disappear either. So the question is: why are all of you providing corporate welfare to PFI?”

    We apparently had at least one PFI member reading this thread today and Duane-o (Who must have put his Regional Airline Association hat on for self-defense–another Smith-Bucklin turnkey organization.), Gallagher (Who might have been playing PFI CYA over this on that conference call.), and Nancy Cook were forced to actually DO something today–make the Pet Food Report site work.

    Check it out–the biggest giggle are the interactive pet food labels for things like Nancy’s Nuggets and so on. The giggles start when you realize that according to the guidelines for rendering products, all mammals–including traditional non-food ones–are acceptable.

    Nancy could very well be IN those nuggets, etc., and it would all be perfectly legal!

  16. Purina Puke says:

    “If something belongs on the recall list, it will be there.”

    Uh huh, sure. If that’s true, then why do we KEEP getting NEW recalls almost every WEEK, and finding poisons in foods not recalled? Why are so many pet parents saying their pets died after eating food not recalled of the exact SAME symptoms?

    To think all unrecalled food is safe equals to living in la la land, sorry.

  17. YaYa says:

    Hi ya PPukie, how is it there down on the border? Are you getting the Monsoon right now? Want mine? LOL

    You are Very right, but let me add to your input.
    Not only are Pets STILL getting sick.
    Not only that Pets are Still DYING {including Fish!}
    Not only are Recalls STILL going on
    {wonder why that is with all that rigorous testing they do?}
    Not only are pets having the Same *symptoms* as the ones who Got the Bad *Recalled* Foods

    They are Also having Necrospies Showing: the Same POISONS and Damages as IF it were Recalled foods!
    They are Also have Bloodwork Showing: the SAME Poisons as If they had the Recalled foods!

    AND the Foods themselves, tho NOT Recalled are Showing: the SAME POISONS Plus even More Deadly Poisons NOW than BEFORE the Recalls IN NEW and Proper TESTINGS!!
    Goooooooooo Figure!

  18. Purina Puke says:

    Has anyone had any Purina food tested? I keep hearing that people’s pets got sick eating Beneful and Fancy Feast. Tons of people feed Cat and Dog Chow or Purina One. Any of that been tested? I used to find my cats Cat Chow and Purina One before this whole mess started.

    I am SO much more aware now. I did research. I read ingredients. I want to ask the vet about home feeding. I switched them to Whiskas and while maybe it isn’t the healthiest food around they have actually improved eating it because it has more meat in it than PURINA which is full of GRAIN.

    Around the time of the recall Whiskers my eleven year old kept throwing up and I just thought it was old age or that she ate her food too fast. How naive I was! I am just so thankful that I didn’t lose her or Smokey my hyper two year old.

  19. Purina Puke says:

    P.S. Since this mess started I see tons of Purina food unbought on store shelves. Purina has only recalled TWO Products from TWO brands of food in this whole mess when obviously other brands are tainted. I wouldn’t mind seeing them drown along with Menu Foods…

  20. Purina Puke says:

    By the way hello Yaya! No Monsoons. lol I live in a desert and it’s already getting over a hundred degree weather over here for the Summer.

  21. YaYa says:

    I don’t know if any of the Purinas have been tested YET. But we’ve got plenty to pick from when the time comes :-)

    I’m glad yours are doing better!

  22. jean s says:

    Lorie and Leslie:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that egg whites are bad for cats because they cause some sort of vitamin mal-absorption? Anybody know about this?

  23. Purina Puke says:

    Just a quick FYI. Purina also makes those Beggin Strips that my grandmother’s dog loves. He’s not getting those anymore either. Reading the ingredients, I doubt there was much if any real bacon or real meat in it.

  24. connie says:

    connie Says:

    June 12th, 2007 at 9:57 am
    thought some of you might like to know: I just hung up the phone from talking to Dads pet foods & they tell me they ARE testing for 1.acetaminophin 2 cyanuric acid 3.aminopterin(rat poison)
    4.diethylene glycol (DEG) 5. melamine. & MANY OTHER things
    so good… said they have documentation about ingredients being u.s. products
    They also gave me the phone number of the fda(sorry I know how irked we’ve been so far) to get food tested. 1-800-224-9551.
    the fda # was a mesage saying go to this number for the lab : 1-281-476-4600. the voice that answered said “Ive been instructed to have all questions sent to the email of: (youre gonna love WHO the fda sent this too) Donna Conelley. This is her email address:

  25. Lorie says:

    Purina Puke


  26. connie says:

    jean: yes.
    purina puke: Ive got one sample of purina waiting, but I already KNOW its bad. I just dont know whats in it.
    left town 2 days. WRONG food was fed to the 2 DOGS. 1 dog ill + 4 cats!!! 3/4 cats who got ill do NOT go outside & the dogfood was the ONLY different thing they had access to while I was gone. dog is better. 3 of the cats still needs some meds but shes mending as well. 2 days! it was an open bag of kibbles & chunks that the possums had been eating(cause the dogs WOULDNT touch it when I bought it quite a while ago). thats my 2nd purina issue. 1st was beneful in january. you know Purina is never going to acknowledge some of their products killing animals. Isnt corporate motto “Deny deny deny” ?
    mine is now “dont buy, dont buy, dont buy”

  27. connie says:

    before y’all ask, NO I Still havent had the kibbles & chunks tested. I know what I had here was bad, some has been saved so I CAN get it tested, the rest has been removed so no one can get to it again.
    sara make your own dog treats. open any people cookbook to the biscuit recipe & alter it for dogs ( I havent discovered a good cat treat recipe YET). ckn brothinstead of water or milk(if youre cookin ckn, save the juice) no oil..enuff in the broth(or use peanut butter if you want), got some ewww liver? chop it up, throw a handful in, or beef, or ckn, or flax seeds or any combination of these. add some dry milk, follow the rest of the recipe (close enough to it anyhow :) roll em out, cut & bake till theyre good & dry. my dogs will do any trick I ask of them & pass up rawhide for these! they like them best from the freezer. Put in a baggie they get softer & if you add meat refrigerated is better to keep them safe. Happy bakin’

  28. 5CatMom says:


    Companies that are in the business of making food (pet or human) should NEVER (or very rarely) have to recall products.

    The fact that many large contract companies have recalled hundreds of products indicates that the pet food industry has a HUGE SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM.

    CEO’s have a responsibility to ENSURE that ROBUST QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES exist which make such recalls unnecessary.

    Just because companies can’t test for everything doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t test for some things.

    Determining what testing is necessary requires a through knowledge of your industry combined with proper risk analysis.

    ChemNutra, “the China experts”, apparently weren’t experts at knowing that spiking vegetable protein is common industry practice. The US companies who switched to a new supplier should have understood the risks and modified their business practices accordingly.

    IMHO, US companies (Hill’s, IAM’s, Natural Balance, etc.) that outsourced to contract companies (Menu, Diamond) and then put their pet food business on “auto pilot” are negligent in the extreme.

    The CEO of MENU, Mr. Henderson has an annual salary of $460K (Can). Might be a good thing if he used some of it to go back to school and study manufacturing engineering.

    The “shock and awe” of these guys is just disgusting.

  29. Lisa Clay says:

    Note to Lorie - I was feeding the recalled Nutro pouch food to all 3 of my cats prior to March 16th in addition to Evo, Merrick and Halo.

    Hacoona, my cat who had the seizure, was eating the same food as everyone, including some of the recalled Nutro. In March, her blood and urine were all normal but she needed dental work. Follow up vet tests in the middle of May showed all normal blood work but she was thin and so the vet did not want to do the surgery. She had a seizure on Memorial Day weekend and although recovered from it, still has the twitches. She eats Merrick, Artemis, Evangers, sometimes Halo and begs for “people food” when we eat, so she also gets some of our chicken, and some of my boyfriend’s steak (organic, antibiotic/pesticide/hormone free meat). After she eats meat, she seems pretty content. She has had IBD for years.

    Peaches, who has kidney stones, loved it. She eats mostly Halo now, but also eats some Artemis, Evangers and Merrick. She is healthy except for the kidney stones and she also gets clavamox regularly to keep her from getting UTIs.

    Maggie, had a UTI after eating the Nutro - she also use to vomit regularly in the morning after eating just the gravy from the Nutro. Her urine is okay now. She eats Merrick, Artemis, Evangers, and sometimes some Halo. Her biggest health problem is she gets bad breath.

    Note to Purringfur - thanks for the food name, I will look for the Solid Gold Blended Tuna.

  30. YaYa says:

    Plain and simple inho, anyone who is now Truly Enlightened about the Truth and just settles down over this, is just a dim bulb.

    We Are here to open the Door and let All the Light Shine on it, this disgraceful and disgusting methods of practices that has allowed these Pet Food companies to get away with THIS! It should have Never happen. {it should not Yet be going on!}

    Settling Down just let’s it continue until the Next time.
    There ARE Poisons in the pet foods. Un-recalled pet foods.

    Heck the FDA employees Tell/told US to test *our own* Pet foods!
    {and Now Rejects, the Results????!} HUH?!

    The recent furor these companies state in regards to Testing, Should have been doing it all along. And Now had Better be doing it PROPERLY. Proper equipment and proper perimeters! Not just once but MANY times in the Entire process!

    That means some serious Invvestment in a Lab with Real chemists in it, the Most sensitive Equipment or Shipping to a Acredited Lab with the same, doing the testing.

    Hopefully we can get a statement {the guide questions} from a Lab, to write down, who does it RIGHT and then have that be our guide, to Asking food companies to compare with it.

    “Yeah we test for melamine and cyanruric acid” is NO answer IMHO. Not at all.

    It’s all in the details and diligences of the tester, and the equipment used.

    We’ve already heard how one Lab finds something and another did not. If that’s due to the sensitivity of the testing, if it’s a Yes, Just how good is the Yes?

    Is that going to Help Us down the road?

    You can’t just glean the Recall lists these days and Truly be Safe. Or undrstand what hs bee going on the Entire time. IMHO
    I also don’t think one could Add much in conversation, about the Safety factor, unless you invest more in the Whole Loooooong Picture.

    And *those folks* don’t really understand a Recall process either.
    WHO do they think the complaints Come from to try to get a Company to even check???
    And FDA sure can’t help there! Not an ounce of power unless it’s Baby formula.

    I got a cat Not a Baby!

    And Who knows what it takes to get a Company, let’s say, like Purina; to CHECK to even Start the Recall process, IF it’s Not discovered by the company on their own that, they’ve got a Problem?

    Not listening, not bothering to do it All properly in Checking, Real testing and then Honest Disclosure is Neligence, not owning Up is too, Imho.

    Lack of Honesty and diligence is what we’ve been dealing with. Period.

    Settle down? That won’t get a thing done in this business as we’ve found. Be good little citizen and shut up? That surely won’t fix it.

    Who has learned, *been taught by the very people* we are Dealing with, on just HOW to handle THIS?
    Taught us well.
    Like for like. As hard as they say No, We say YES!

    Who’s been good students to the Pet Food Industry?

    US. And it’s a B_T_H!
    But We ain’t Quitin’ til We become the Teachers!

  31. Lorie says:

    Lisa Clay,

    Thanks for the info. Hope kitties stay on the road to recovery, along with mine and everyone else who have suvived this ordeal. Now we just have to hope we make the right choices with the crap we have left to choose from.

  32. YaYa says:

    Lorrie, Have you heard anything more about the strange animal die-off that was happening there in Virginia about5 weeks ago? Just was wondering. Maybe it was this tulemaria(sp) that was on Itchmo’s homepage yesterday. {from mosquitoes?}

  33. kim says:

    Lorie - so sorry to hear about your friend’s cat with cancer. Has your friend seen an oncologist for a 2nd opinion? If not, please encourage her to do so.

    I didn’t do that, and found out only when it was too late that laser surgery - which I never knew was even available for cats - would probably have saved my Bozo.

    I mention this because the laser surgeon specifically talked about an example where he’d removed a large portion of a cat’s jaw.

  34. Lorie says:

    YA YA,

    I just did a google search for anymore articles on that mess in Leesburg and no new news so far. I will keep you posted.


    She had the vet call an oncologist while the cat was under sedation and they said chemo would by 6 mos at best for about 3K and it would be very risky because of the location of the jaw and it has all ready eaten threw most of the jaw bone. Plus he is 11 years old.

    I still say the radiocat procedure he had done for his thyroid a couple years ago caused the cancer.

  35. petslave says:

    anyone that logs on to & reads the Itchmo forums is either STILL CONCERNED about what’s going on out there, and so does NOT believe everything is OK (aka concerend pet parent as Christine put it)

    or is someone on the other side eavesdropping

  36. YaYa says:

    Connie, are you saying that the FDA is now askng us or telling us to USE Expertox for testing our foods???????!!!!!!!!!!

    For real?

    Or are you saying this is who THEY are now using??????!

    Sorry, I was a little confused reading that post, to say the least :-D

  37. Christine says:

    Katie, Lorie, etc…

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I may have not made myself clear: I do not think that every food is fine. I personally would never feed Science Diet, Euk/Iams, anything made by Purina or Delmonte, any ‘grocery brands’, etc. This is not because I think that they are secretly contaminated, but simply because I think they are poor quality foods lacking nutritional value. I read the ingredient label on every bag, can or pouch that someone recommends that I feed my pet, and I know what ingredients to look for and what ones to avoid. Malnutrition as well as allergies to sub-par products can cause the symptoms you described, and would explain why your dog is doing better on a homemade diet.

    And, yes, petslave, I do check here because I am not convinced that there won’t be more recalls. However, I do think that the FDA and PFI are doing everything they can to find out if anything else is contaminated. I do not think that companies are ignoring test results because they want to make money. From a business standpoint, it wouldn’t make sense for them to knowingly poison their customer base.

    And Lorie, you have no reason to feel bad for my cats. They are healthier and more spoiled than most people’s children. I have kept up on the recall info because I am concerned about what has happened, I just think that some people here have taken it a bit too far when they start to accuse the pet food companies of purposely selling poisonous foods and not caring about the ramifications.

  38. Sandi K says:

    Christine your statement earlier said “All the pet food companies have been rigorously testing their product since this all began.” and then most recently said ” And, yes, petslave, I do check here because I am not convinced that there won’t be more recalls.”

    If you are so convinced that everyone is rigorously testing their product, why the need to come here because you are not convinced there wont be more recalls, your statements contradict themselves. And why would that explain a vet and pet parent testing Nutro food that was not on the recall list after the first recall on 3-16, only to find out it was contaminated resulting in it being put on the recall list on 4-11 and many other foods continually being put on the recall list months afterwards. I also tried to tell them about the food and just got ignored. Im glad you have that confidence the food is safe but I dont and I question if you really feel that way if you have the need to come here to check. I dont know if you have Itchmo’s auto food recall notices sent to your e:mail addy? If not, that might be a good thing to do.

    You indicate that the pet food companies wouldnt purposely add these toxins to the food as it would hurt their business and while that may be true, you can bet that once some of these companies found the toxins in their food, they did not do what they could to pull the product off the shelf immediately and even delayed doing so while they were scrambling to figure out how to deal with it so it wouldnt hurt their profit. There are many cases where it has been found they knew about contamination but did not reveal it until FDA or a private vet discovered it, at which point they had no choice. In the meantime, pets ate the food and became ill or died.

    Im very glad your pets did not come into contact with any tainted food but that is not the case with many on this site. Im curious, what food do you feed your pets? You say you dont feed Science Diet, Euk/Iams, anything made by Purina or Delmonte, any ‘grocery brands’, etc. That rules out alot of foods that people normally bought before the recall, so Im curious what you feed them?

  39. Christine says:


    My cats eat Blue Spa Select dry cat food and Wellness canned, which I’ve been feeding them for about two years. I am confident in these companies, as well as many other holistic lines that are often mentioned here (Eagle, Merrick, Solid Gold). I’m not entirely convinced that the recalls are over, which is why a check this site every few days. However, its more out of curiosity about other foods, and not the ones I’m feeding.

    My point about overreacting is that there seems to be a general consensus among people that comment here that there is some sort of conspiracy going on, which I do not think is the case. That is not to say that I think it’s impossible for there to be more recalls. However, just because one pet has an adverse reaction to a food, that is not an indication that the food should be recalled.

  40. Sandi K says:

    Thanks for the food info Christine

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