Recall Update: Thursday

Wilbur-Ellis Rice Protein Concentrate Recalls:
UPDATE: AP identifies another (fifth) pet food maker that received tainted rice protein concentrate: American Nutrition in Utah. Their products are listed here.

Five pet food makers were said to have received the tainted rice protein concentrate. Four are listed above. More than a week after Wilbur-Ellis issued a recall for all their RPC, American Nutrition has yet to follow through. The FDA is still mum on a complete list of companies.

(NEW) Diamond says pet food sold to hog farm before recall was announced.

(NEW) China says: We’re banning melamine, but it didn’t kill US pets.

(NEW) Iams theat to Menu Foods triggered the first recall. Not the FDA.

Actions you can take this weekend:

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Why now?

If melamine spiking started happening before the Menu Foods recalls, why are we learning about it now? Two theories so far (which can be combined as well):

  1. Greed. Initially, small amounts of melamine was used to slightly increase perceived protein content. As time went on and money kept flowing, the fraud got even more brazen by using larger amounts of melamine in lower standards of ingredients.
    (This is Itchmo’s theory)
  2. Mistakes. Proper dosing and mixing of melamine in foods kept pet deaths low enough to be undetected. But someone got careless and large amounts of melamine got into smaller batches. One batch was detected with melamine concentrations as high as 6.6%.
    (This is David Goldstein’s theory)

Evidence human food is increasingly at risk:

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  1. Kiki says:

    All these latest recalls today (about 3 or 4 of them) that supposedly don’t have any grain protein concentrate - well, maybe they are being recalled for something else?? Wish the FDA would make a few public statements and get the public up to date on wtf is going on….

  2. Helen says:

    Lorie, that is how I ended up finding Itchmo. She had been eating it all her life, then the last bag she started eating hardly any of it, throwing it out of the bowl, vomiting, getting weak, not herself and I didn’t EVER connect it to the food. I feel like an IDIOT. When the recall happened, I really thought it all over and attached finally what the cat was already telling me. Her food did not taste right and she didn’t like it. It made her sick because she was hungry enough to eat some. She would probably have died or had permanent damage if the Nutro dry had been her only choice of food, but I have always liked variety and she had tuna, whatever meat I had cooked, canned food (MIRACULOUSLY none recalled). As soon as I removed the Nutro and found a dry she would eat (Innova Senior), she began to improve, got her strength back (jumping was an issue and now not), she is very very soft and all seems well a few weeks after the change. I will NEVER purchase another Nutro product EVER. NEVER NEVER NEVER

  3. Helen says:

    Kiki: I do think it is the grain, and the problem is they are adding it without changing the label. They figure if the label says RICE they can use RICE PROTEIN CONCENTRATE and who will ever know? Their dishonesty is what is so maddening. No one will tell us the truth, so we have to go nuts scared to death to feed our babies. I am SO ANGRY

  4. CCnDuke says:

    Yes, corn gluten has been suspected in America since the South Africa report… Add processed soy also.
    Please be safe.

  5. Helen says:

    CCnDuke: Everyone thought I was nuts freaking out about corn gluten in dry food. Cat is on a gluten free diet now unless Innova is also lying.

  6. Kiki says:

    this is insane….

    not EVERYONE in the USA HAS INTERNET and not everyone knows about these wonderful websites, you sons of bitches. AND THE MEDIA SURE ISN’T STAYING ON TOP OF THINGS….

    FDA, do you think maybe you can do your job????????


  7. Lorie says:


    These stories are so scary, I think I gave a girl at the nail slaon a heart attack yesterday. The new was on and I said I do not know why their not talking about pet food recall and she looked over and siad it is over. I was like no its not she turned six shades of green. I said what ar eyou using she said NUTRO lamd and rice something dry and I said you better go home and read bag and check out ITCHMO she said but we check the list of recall its not on there I siad just go read ITCHMO and decide for yourself. She continued to say then that he has been acting funny eating more grass than usual and not able to keep up on power wolks with her lately, she almost ran out of there without her nails done I felt horrible but glad I informed someone it is not over.

    Enter btw found a can of canned salmon people food Geisha seemed to like probably OD her on salt now. Topaz would not eat it. SIGH Open a canof shredded turkey white meat she was all over it hopefully once it goes in frig it will still work next time. For some reason once it get in the frig it is hit or miss even more,

  8. Helen says:

    It was so good to see the story on PBS tonight, which talked about national security AND the fact the FDA budget has been cut to ribbons. They didn’t talk about the FDA being full of corporate cronies, but it was at least something. It was such a relief to see SOMETHING about it all on TV, talking about both pets and humans and that only 1% of imported food is ever inspected at all, let alone tested. Most of Americans get ALL of their news from TV. YIKES.

  9. Lorie says:

    I told you the FDA lady asked me about Soy inmy pet food yesterday along with Rice and wheat,however corn must be the new one today. GEEZ. That is like I thought Topaz and Geisha both became ill from FF wheat glutenand SPC the only food they eat in common as a night time treat each have own dry and Geisha had a double does with her corn gluten loaded Hills SD C/D prescribe by the vet UGH Topaz was on Eukanabu Dry. In the morning Geisha would get her Corn gluten loaded C/D wet while Topaz was eating Gluten free FF savory Salmon thats what I get for trying to do the right thing with the crystals. And trying to be nice with a special treat at nighttime. 3 varities of poison to kill my girls. My husband and I have no children they are it. Darn those pple to #$%$%

  10. Helen says:

    After I figured out about the Nutro in March, I was leary of all glutens, and now I am glad. Wish I had figured it out sooner. I feel like a nitwit. My cat is also my baby. My spoiled and adored only baby. I feel so BAD for all the pet parents who feel the SAME as I do and their babies have DIED, and are STILL dying because of all the lying, spinning, truth-withholding, corporate protecting ^SS holes! I can’t STAND it!

  11. CCnDuke says:

    Apr 24, 2007 05:27 PM
    WASHINGTON — They’re found in everything from pizza dough to infant formula, and protein shakes to energy bars. After the tainted pet food scare, the FDA plans to begin testing a wide variety of vegetable proteins imported for use in a host of products.
    The list of ingredients to be tested includes wheat gluten, corn gluten, corn meal, soy protein and rice bran.

  12. Donna says:

    this is like a bad episode of the twilight zone

  13. Helen says:

    CCnDuke: I have been interested to see how long before this came out since I read some time ago the CDC had been asked to watch renal failure in humans. I know they will find melamine and whatever comes with from one end of the food supply to the other. My cat isn’t getting any though (unless Innova is lying, which they might be)

  14. teric says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Natural Balance Expands Recall to Canned Foods”

  15. Helen says:

    I bet there will be a lot more recalls by tomorrow.

  16. Evy says:

    The only thing scarier than the current recall is the misinformation that is being bantered about so freely by well meaning but uneducated consumers.

    MEAL is only indicative that an ingreidient is being offered in the dry form. “Chicken” without the word meal behind it is 65 - 70% moisture and drops to the bottom of the ingredient label with a rather loud thud when that formula goes to cook.

    Rendered meat i.e. ‘leftovers’ used to manufacture glue, etc. is too often confused with the term ‘rendered’ in the meats being used by all pet food companies. Rendered is also a term utilized for water extraction.

    If you look at my website, you will see that my manufacturer has a contract that specifically excludes roadkill, euthanized animals, etc.

    I have been trying hard to be patient with a frightened pet consumer and you all are where I was at nine years ago. Until and unless you can speak personally from inside the industry, I would encourage you not to believe *facts* that you find on web sites online.

    I offer this - today I received a purchase order the The United Nations Ambassador Security Canine Detail - they buy my dog food. So does The New York State K9 Handling Unit and those in NY - the MTA dogs you see in ferrys and in the stations - those are Kumpi dogs as well.

    Please do not tell me how tired you are of hearing me call out those names as customers of mine. I have had to prove personal integrity as well as integrity of product to them. I have read too often how people are ‘not impressed’ by my bringing up those agencies.

    Well, those dogs that were working detail yesterday at the Margaretville, NY incident were Kumpi dogs and well able to withstand the emotional and physical rigor of their job.

    I started my company to go as far outside the box as I could. I’ve got the most politically incorrect dog food label on the market, I know that. But stop and think for a minute - why have I done business for so long with such elite K9 Units (there are more by the way, that have asked to remain unnamed, and I respect their wishes) if my food is so bad. Those K9 Officers are watched over carefully and their health checked consistently. I am not getting calls of worry from any of them, rather I have had calls and emails of gratitude.

    As the recalls unfold, I have been hoping that people would take note and see this is an industry that is in it for profit. No foul ok, this is America. But for ME personally, I hold pet life too sacred to pad my product with layers of corporate fat. It’s been joked about how I answer the phone myself and it’s true. I really care and the comments coming back from first time consumers are the same as my regular customers - it’s going really well, pets love it, etc.

    Do not call out my product line by name and make accusatory statements that you cannot substantiate PLEASE. I am probably one of the safest bets left in America right now, since I am about as un-corporate as you can get. I have turned down brokers from Petsmart, Petco and turned down the chance to do roadshows with Costco. Just too close to corporate for me.

    I value life as sacred and part of that is the nutrition to keep it thriving. Kumpi dog food and KumpiKat food is beyond safe. I understand the hysteria, since I have been involved in dog behavior for over 35 years now. I saw this coming a long time ago and went pro-active to begin my own product line. I NEVER in a million years would have thought that this industry would have come to this extreme though.

    I have overlooked a lot. People who have posted positive comments about Kumpi get bashed. Hey, I am somewhat used to it by now. But please know I am trusting my product to keep my own dog and cat safe - I have for years. And I know I still can now.

    Itchmo, great job on covering things!!! You have weathered a lot and so have many of your colleagues. Thanks to all of you for all you’ve done :)

  17. Kiki says:

    “DR. KEN PETERSON (FSIS, USDA): Thank you. This is Dr. Peterson, assistant administrator with FSIS. As you just heard, because the animal feed in question was adulterated, USDA cannot rule out the possibility that food produced from animals fed this product could also be adulterated. Therefore, should these animals be presented for slaughter, USDA cannot place the mark of inspection on any food that’s produced from these animals, these swine. USDA is offering to compensate producers who euthanize swine that were fed the adulterated feed. USDA is authorized to use Section 32 funds to restore these farmers’ purchasing power.”

    The government sure is quick to compensate swine farmers for the adulterated feed. What about the pets that have died?????

  18. Sharron says:

    Lorie, it’s been my experience that kitties don’t like cold food as much as fresh-from-the-can at room-temperature. Refrigerating changes the texture, too, so that adds to the hit and miss.

  19. Kiki says:

    Complete transcript:

    Transcript of Tele-News Conference Regarding FDA-USDA Update on Recall of Pet Foods Washington D.C. April 26, 2007!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?contentidonly=true&contentid=2007/04/0119.xml

  20. Kiki says:

    And we’ll turn it back to FDA.

    CAPTAIN ELDER: Thank you, and just a couple other comments before we open it for questions. We are very pleased and proud to be working so closely with FSIS. We are continuing our effort with FSIS to trace the adulterated feed. If any additional producers are identified who fed the adulterated product to animals, they too will be offered compensation by USDA for depopulation. And with that, Julie, I turn it back to you.

  21. Kiki says:

    REPORTER: Thank you. I’m wondering on the basis of studies on sick or dead pets how certain you are at this point that these compounds you’re talking about are the culprit compounds and what your late assessment is of the number of affected pets.

    DR. MCCHESNEY: This is Dan McChesney with FDA. We’re still working on the toxicity of these compounds and how they may interact, so we really have no additional information on that. We’re continuing to look at that. And our estimate is still where it was, in the previous stage, in the upper teens for animals affected. As we’ve said in the past, we’re focused mainly on making sure all product that’s in commerce is removed from commerce, following up on things like the recent feeding to hogs. So our focus is on that.

  22. Lorie says:

    Well Evy now that you explained what meal is I was uneducated and I apologize. As I said earlier from what I saw posted as the definition of meal I was making comments because another one of my safety nets was taken away. Meaning your food, now my only problem is I see Kelp in it and I think Kelp is an issue with my one cat who cannot eat Felidae because it makes her gag.

  23. Grace says:

    Evy, For those of us who are just desperate to get something safe *right now* is there anything you can do to expedite delivery. I know you ship within 24 hours but could we get your product by 1 or 2 day FedEx?

    Thanks! By the way, I’ve already ordered my first bag of KumpiKat! :)

  24. Helen says:

    Evy, I have not in all my obsessive research, not once read your food accused of making a pet sick.

  25. Evy says:

    Lorie ~

    No worries. Another thing to remember when purchasing any pet food product is that the manufacturer has a wide variety of sources to choose from - that is sadly being played out in front of everyone right now. Kelp, Yucca Schidigera and Pre/Probiotics are no different.

    One thing you can bank on is seeing Amino Acid Chelated (fill in the blank of the mineral) which is confused with the Amino Acid Complex. Two different things and the Amino Acid Chelate is more powerful.

    That is a link to their site. It is a pricy ingredient, but my pets are worth it :)
    It could be the quality of the kelp in the food you are using that may be the problem. Personally, I’ve been amazed at how many people thought their pet was allergic to something in Kumpi products and they are doing super.

    A word of advice, if I may, about food allergy issues. Please do not get talked into doing the process of elimination diet. Have the blood work done to get a ‘find’ on what is causing the symptoms. Right at the time your pet is most vulnerable and needing relief, it’s not wise to be switching up diets on them. Plus, it’s next to impossible to locate *the* ingredient, since there are often such a wide variety of grades within each ingredient category.

    Grace - I normally ship same day and work to accommodate anyone who wants to pay for Express rates (it varies from state to state and I don’t make any money on that). I normally encourage people to not take that route, since I do get product shipped same day and temporarily using some cooked chicken breast ties them over. Another option for ‘in the meantime’ is cooking a chicken whole in the crock pot - pull off the meat only when it’s cooked to make sure they are no bones (keep the drippings) and puree that two parts chicken meat to one part green beans. After that, add drippings to the consistency you prefer. Put in little amounts in baggies and freeze. *Most* cats love it - it makes a good treat (not full diet forever) and you don’t have to deal with the ‘half a can of canned food left’ syndrome.

    Also, anyone, please feel free to call or write me if you have questions or issues - email is and phone is 303.693.6533. Calls are answered in the order they are received and no, I don’t do any ‘recording for quality assurance’ lol and there is no menu to walk through to get to me. Like dial one for cat food, dial two for dog food, dial three for shipping, dial four for billing, dial five for web information questions, dial six for the trucking department, dial seven for accounts payable, dial eight for accounts receivable, dial nine if you are cornphobic, dial zero for customer service. It’s all just me :)

    Warm hugs to FurAngels all :)

  26. Kiki says:

    Kumpi is not well tolerated by a number of animals, as has been anecdotally relayed via the various forums.

  27. Helen says:

    Kiki: Over the course of what length of feeding? I am now very curious.

  28. Helen says:

    Evy, if your food is “not well-tolerated” by a number of animals, could this be that they are not used to such rich food? What about cats with renal disease? Is your food safe for cats that are supposed to have a lower protein diet? I am now very curious to know why. I am not surprised of so many animals having digestive upset from so much food changing and to richer food also, but I really want to know about the protein levels for sick animals that vets say need lower protein.

  29. Kiki says:

    I don’t know at all. I’ve just read more than a few posts about this product - it wasn’t anything that I’ve followed, but for the name, which is easy to remember.

  30. Helen says:

    Kiki, I was talking about sick as in renal failure. I know for sure with all the food changing, many folks are too scared to let a poor cat even adapt to a new diet, so much digestive upset is inevitable. I looked at the kumpi ingredients and no wonder the critters have a little shock eating it. Changing from friskies to kumpi would be like you eating white bread and nothing else for months and then eating a huge stuffing meal of crab and lobster for every meal.

  31. teric says:

    I know that several people on this site have gotten a bit ruff about Kumpi and Evy. Many think she is only promoting her product. I can say that she is the only one here talking to us & educating us about pet food and the ingredients and that I do appreciate.

  32. Helen says:

    I emailed Evy. Will see what she says about the questions above.

  33. teric says:

    One thing I can say is I bet you will get a reply. She has answered every question I have by email and on the phone. Other companies have not.

  34. Helen says:

    That is fascinating that she covers her own phones. She was really upset over that stuff earlier, and no one even accused the food of making anyone sick.

  35. Evy says:

    Kumpi is not a prescriptive diet by any means and I have been very careful to tell folks that who have written to me about their current use of a prescriptive diet that they are not wanting to feed.

    I guess I don’t understand about the term of a food being ‘too rich’ since many pets have come off of lower cost priced brands and done very well. Ironically, some pets coming off of premium foods have had problems sometimes. It really depends on the supplementation more than anything.

    If a dog or a cat has a relatively clean system, then the transition to a food with pre/probiotics, kelp, yucca, etc. goes well. If however there is a need for their system to detox, then yes, they will develop short-term problems with diarrhea and gas. That is the case for any food that includes those in therapeutic levels.

    I have gone to bat for many of my competitors on pet forums who freaked out that their dog/cat got diarrhea on Canidae, for instance. I have encouraged them not to jump ship because of that. The body in the process of cleansing will tend to do that.

    Genetics play a role in all of this too. Per the renal issues, there are some veterinarians who wanted their clients to feed KumpiKat and others who do not. If the veterinarian is sending their client to an over the counter food and they have personally reviewed the nutrient analysis that can be printed off from the cat food site - that is the only time I feel comfortable in shipping them food. I always ask that they follow the advice of their veterinarian first and if they don’t trust their veterinarian, to ask friends and find one they can trust.

    A truly good veterinarian who may cost more upfront can actually save you money down the line since they know what to test for and when. Referrals and trusting your gut level goes a long way - trying to cut corners on vet care can end up being more costly in the end than you might think.

    Btw, since I get asked this so often lol Kumpel is the name of the dog I lost to cancer nine years ago that prompted me to start my own product line. Literally translated (my dad was from Vienna, Austria) it means coalminer. It has come to be a slang term for someone who knows your most intimate secrets and you would trust your life to. Kumpel was just that to me. When I finally had the capital to start the cat food I couldn’t figure out anything better than KumpiKat and name that after him too, since it was *his* kitty he loved so much that it was being formulated for :)

  36. teric says:

    I have not heard of anyone indicating that Kumpi made their baby sick. I started using the Kumpi a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned before,..kitten loves it and ya all know Nancy by now,….she is starting to eat it. Not real happy about it as she would much rather have the stuff with the wheat gluten crap in it. So far I’ve had no problems and Nancy isnt throwing up like she did the Purina One.

  37. Helen says:

    Glad stubborn Nancy is eating!

  38. teric says:

    Not as much as I’d like but she is eating it.

    If I believed in past lives,…I do beleive she would have been called Nancy the Mule.

  39. Helen says:

    TERIC: CATS are WAY more stubborn than mules! ;)

  40. American Nutrition - Big Trouble - Mislabelling, Adding Rice Protein Concentrate Without Telling Their Customers, oh, Bad « Are You Feeding Your Pets Safe Pet Foods? says:

    […] For all recent recalls, check our Recall Update: Thursday. […]

  41. Lorie says:

    Okay all I just order my first bag of KUMPIKAT, I hope they like it. I really need piece of mind right now, cannot do this to myself or them any longer all this food hoping is killing all of us. I am praying it was the size and odd shape of the Felidae that was gagging topaz and the runny stool from geisha was just too much at one time and not the KELP. Like all of you I really need at least one thing to feel comfortable about now that I ma loosing my faith in all wet food.

    Evy, I put in the optional comments to FED EX to my work address that is all I needed to do right. I live in a townhouse and my mail box is on the corner with all the others.

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