Recall Update: Thursday

Preview of next week’s FDA report on China?

The Chinese government says that two suppliers who shipped tainted food to the US were “special individual cases.”

They also say that the “FDA inspectors … expressed satisfaction with the quality controls and tracing measures in place at another exporter of vegetable protein, Sinoglory, saying those met U.S. production standards for similar products.”

It is unclear how many facilities the FDA visited, or whether they were allowed to make unnaounced visits. We do know that the two accused companies were allowed to raze entire buildings and dismantle equipment, preventing the investigators from being able to conduct their work properly.

Other news:

Pet food sales have fallen 4 percent and have not recovered since the recalls began, according to the Pet Food Institute. There are no numbers on how many people have transitioned to home cooking for pets.

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(Thanks Peggy and mike)

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  1. Helen says:

    Kibbles -n- bitsofplastic?

  2. Helen says:

    Purina Dog Choke and Purina Cat Choke?

  3. Genny says:


    I know about FF making your kitties sick but I don’t remember why you were using Pepcid?? Can you remind me?

    And about being bored listening to others kids’ crap, etc…Amen.

  4. Genny says:

    Helen’s on a roll. ( ;

  5. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Not only my family is feeding Purina One–my best friend is feeding her 14 year old large lab mix dogs O’Roy canned and Kibbles n bits………..:o( Both are very healthy. Imagine that. She will not change.

  6. LorieVA says:


    My cats like Katie’s dog seem to have some kind of GI irratation from the poisoning. So report says that Cyuaric Acid caused GI liesons in lab rats??

    So my cats both seem to have normal kidney function after slight peak in CRE and now have GI issues.

    people make me ill thinking everything they ramble on about their kids is interesting and that I really give a crap but yet let my cats be poisoned and I am suppose to get over it andmove on,like it happens everyday. GRRR

  7. Helen says:

    LorieVA: The really crappy part is that it DOES happen everyday. :( We just caught on all at once.

  8. LorieVA says:


    Intentional Animal Murderer ‘S

  9. Helen says:

    Old garbage

  10. Debbie4747 says:

    And how about “Royal Pain in….” and “Natural Strife” and “Benefulla-you-know-what” and MF= well that’s self explanitory I think,

  11. martin says:

    How about:

    Royal Crappin

  12. martin says:

    MF= well that’s self explanitory I think,

    Good one Debbie4747!!! LOL!!!

  13. Genny says:

    Thanks Lorie,

    I ask because a friend’s cat pukes a lot and wondered if it would help. As far as she knows, the cat was not affected by the recalls re: kidney issues but something is going on and vet can’t determine what.

    Kids vs cats — I always say “Who needs kids when you have cats!” You have almost the same issues with caring for both - room, board, food, health but they usualy want turn on you when they are teenagers. Pets are just animals is still the sentiment as this food debacle continues to prove. Sad, ain’t it?

  14. LorieVA says:


    What food is the cat eating, it would never hurt to try PEPCID it is regualr PEPCID from grocery store 1/4 of a 10mg tablet once a day as needed.

  15. Genny says:

    Menu Foods. Making Pets a Memory One Day at a Time.

  16. Helen says:

    Well my cat is my little soul sister. Anyone who doesn’t get it will never know what they are missing.

  17. Genny says:


    We’ve talked about her condition a lot but my memory’s drawn a blank. She feeds a couple of different kinds. Might be Friskies wet, not sure.

  18. martin says:


    What kind of food is she eating? Mine puked about 3 times a week when I was feeding her Purina One.

  19. Genny says:


    don’t know. i emailed her and waiting her response now.

    my cats were eating purina one dry until the poisoned food deal. purina one regular then first bag of purina one weight control type when this all hit. i noticed that they were throwing up more than usual, tho not every day, on the weight control. they were shedding a lot so i attributed it to that altho not all puke was hairballs. looking back, it sure looks suspicious to me now.

  20. Cynthia says:

    It is time to impose a ban on Chinese imports.

    If our goverment won’t do it, we need to take matters in own hands and never buy from anyone who deals with China. We need to stop buying all products from China, food, clothing,electronics, etc., etc. And that means staying out of Walmart too. “If Wal-Mart were an individual economy, it would rank as China’s eighth-biggest trading partner, ahead of Russia, Australia and Canada,” More than 5,000 Chinese enterprises have established steady supply alliances with Wal-Mart.

    …it is time to ban the import of all Chinese gluten and protein concentrates.

    If China could impose a four-year (and counting) ban on imported U.S. beef due to a single sick cow, then the U.S. is certainly more than justified to ban imported Chinese gluten and protein concentrates in light of the evidence already known. This is a product tampering case of massive proportions, and only an import ban on suspect Chinese products can start to restore public faith in the safety of our food supply.

    It is also the only legal and economic tool available to force the Chinese government to fulfill its obligation to assure the safety and purity of the billions of dollars of agricultural and manufactured food products it exports annually to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    Despite the overwhelming evidence of widespread and intentional adulteration, the Chinese government has refused to accept responsibility, and refused to let FDA officials into the country to inspect the manufacturing facilities in question. This is simply unacceptable, and only a broad and immediate ban can send a strong enough message to the Chinese government that their total and complete cooperation is absolutely required if they are to retain the U.S. as an open market. Only a costly ban can incentivize China’s honest brokers and producers to pressure their own government to crack down on those cheaters who are undermining the integrity of their industry.

    It is time for the FDA to stop dithering and prevaricating, to stop protecting the identity of distributors and manufacturers at the expense of consumers, and to stop focusing on allaying public fears even as the known risk to public health steadily expands. It is time for the FDA to stop promising costly border inspections it simply does not have the resources to thoroughly carry out.

    It is time to impose a ban on Chinese imports.

  21. LorieVA says:


    Get the cat off whatever the food is esp Friskies, some pple on here say it killed there pet. My cat was poisoned and lab were nromal for first 3 weeks.

  22. LovingMyPets says:

    Hey, how many people are there posting on this Itchmo blog? Every time I come here and read the posts, I see the same approximately 12 people posting like crazy from morning to late night.

    First of all, where do you people have the time to post so much in the first place? . . . and is there no one else to chime in? How about taking an hour break from the freakin’ computer and go make some homemade food for your fur babies instead, huh?.

    I’m starting to wonder . . . is this a PF, FDA, etc. bashing cult of 12 people? Geeze, these posts are getting old.

  23. Genny says:


    I copied your reply and emailed to her. Still waiting for her response of which food makes kitty puke. She bought an expensive food grinder when this all broke and is going to make her own cat food but has had very little time to start the program and process of transitioning the foods.

  24. Genny says:

    Lorie and Martin,

    I want print the explitives she used previous to her response below but here’s the rest:

    “”… is friskies. ugh “”

  25. Cynthia says:



    You must be one of us. the” bashing cult of 12 people” (and proud of it) How else would you know if you weren’t here all the time too?

  26. Katie says:


    Hi Lorie, be sure and tell them to do several follow-ups. My dogs urine and chems in Feb didn’t look way off. In April, Creat and BUN and urine were more abnormal. Last Fridays urinalysis looks worse. My dogs now has 3-5WBC/hpf,still has a trace of protien,blood is now 3+ and 4-10 RBC’s/hpf and granular casts. No bacteria growth. Vet says definitely kidney disease and since we can trace to food - it’s food related. She’s now on a homecooked kidney diet.

    Be sure your friend tells the vet, the drinking of water and upchucking occur when eating the Iams. Documentation of events to a vet are more meaningful.


    PS Glad to hear your kitties are doing great!

  27. Genny says:




  28. molly says:

    Cynthia, I agree with you, totally boycott China. We need to come up with a list of items (specific) that contain stuff from China, not shopping at Walmarts is a good place to start. Menusux, thank-you for posting the link to pictures of dollar store dog treats. Very helpful, as always. :) .

  29. Cynthia says:


    I will definitely work on it and post it on the forum. I’ve collected a lot of info already and I have to say it’s overwhelming to know what’s coming out of China. It’s really got to be hurting American businesses.

  30. Lorie says:


    I am so sorry about your dog test results this whole thing makes me so mad. After hearing you talk about labs being semi normal to worse makes me nervous. Maybe Geisha having anormal lab was just a fluke. Geez.


    I am glad you told her to get off the friskies. If these freakin people would just tell the truth, and what is up with this busy body making comments about our blogs. What a weirdo

  31. Leslie k says:

    Barb,Martin & Genny- Got my lab test results back on the Pur 1 sens systems dry dog today. Thank god the white crystals are not melamine ! Also no cyanuric acid. They had to test multiple times because the results kept showing vitamin e. But that is clear. They finally figured out that is was spilled into the food batch before cooking or stored at such high temps that the vit e turned white.The good news is its not toxic. The bad news is vit e isn’t supposed to get dumped into food being processed. Also don’t know what else the vit e was exposed to when it was in the wrong area.Obviously Purina has terrible quality control ! They were very responsive to my complaint. Sent me a kit for samples & a free coupon for more Pur food.[not that I would ever use it again!] They did reund all the $ I had spent on new better food which was contaminated by it . But not until after I said I was having it tested privatly.

  32. martin says:

    Leslie k,

    That’s great news that it wasnt toxic and NO cyanuric acid!! YAY!!!

    Did Purina fess up that they spilled the vitamin E into a batch? I would assume they had other complaints about the white crystals.

  33. YaYa says:

    Friendly observation for: ‘Lovemypets’-
    Perhaps you should check ALL the Itchmo Blogs and Forums? Oh and do a roll call on all of the Lurkers.

    It sounds as tho you have no reason to be here, perhaps the Email alerts would suffice your purposes.
    You sound happy and content with the way things were.

    Why be here at all?

    Many of us are trying to stay AHEAD of the next additions to this Huge Food fiasco, including Human.

    Where do you find the Time to complain about Us?
    {we are Usually and sooner than later CIVIL with each other here and have a Direction}

    Many no longer Trust the Government to look out for Our Foods etc.

    The latest Tainted HUMAN Meats was mention HERE first, by one of *US* more than a week ago. As of Yesterday the FDA did not even YET have it Recalled or listed.

    It hit the National News this morning. {nearly 2 weeks after AFTER it being Posted by One of *US*.}

    Have a Nice Weekend.

    I hope you enjoy your ‘Hamburgers’ over the weekend.

  34. YaYa says:

    Hey Gang! ROTF here! Thanks for the Laughs! Luved those what, acromyns? LOL!
    Toooooo Funny!

    I Luv the ways you “bit_h” :-P

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