Recall Update: Thursday

New Recall News: Melamine found in more animal feed.

Melamine was added by the Ohio company that was making the food.

The companies have confirmed that Tembec added melamine as part of the formulation of the products to improve the binding properties of pelleted feed. Melamine is not approved as an additive for animal or fish/shrimp feed…

The Tembec and Uniscope products also reportedly contain a urea formaldehyde resin-type ingredient, a raw ingredient used to make the binding agent in these products. FDA is investigating this use of the urea formaldehyde resin-type ingredient in the Tembec and Uniscope products, and will take appropriate regulatory action if warranted.

The US firm may have exported this tainted food to other countries. The products have been recalled.

Menu Foods Update:

Menu Foods releases financial info related to the recall. Legal fees and settlements are not taken into account.

Pet Connection has a PDF of their quarterly report.

Menu Foods CEO, Paul Henderson, says:

Notwithstanding the significant costs of the recall, I am proud of the timely and professional manner in which management of the Fund dealt with this situation.

We know lots of people who may take offense to that statement, including Iams, who looks to have pressured Menu Foods to initiate the recall.

Here’s the Menu Foods CEO’s sworn congressional testimony:

Well, again, relative to the facts as they actually transpired, the conversation that took place with Iams, they, they essentially shared some information with us. We got together the next day, and essentially in a, in a rather lengthy meeting, both parties exchanged what they knew. Being that individually there wasn’t enough information to, to draw conclusions. But together, it looked as from a circumstantial evidence perspective, as if we had the basis for a recall. They opted to recall, we went along. We announced first.”

Continue reading his words at your own risk:

Menu was the first manufacturer to act, with its recall initiated weeks ahead of other manufacturers. Our proactive action in recalling suspicious product, despite the fact that it tested clean for all known toxins, undoubtedly saved the lives of many cats and dogs.

Check out our non-recall news below. And as always, we’ll keep covering all pet news.

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  1. Flamin says:

    urea formaldehyde resin-type ingredient ! Sounds like they finally named the 5 toxin!

    so far we have….
    1. Aminopterin
    2. Melamine
    3. cyanuric acid , one named melamine derivative.
    4. glycerin/diethylene glycol
    5.urea formaldehyde resin-type

    please check for accuracy & update, and or correct my list to make sure we all know what these named toxins are. Could there be more toxins, or viruses?


    PRODUCTS: Wheat Gluten
    Rice Gluten
    Rice Protein
    Rice Protein Concentrate
    Corn Gluten
    Corn Gluten Meal
    Corn By-Products
    Soy Protein
    Soy Gluten
    Proteins (includes amino acids and protein hydrosylates)
    Mung Bean Protein

    Question, I wonder how this effected poultry, pets, and people. They put it in the water back in 2/1/06!

  2. Helen says:

    Jay, yes, Natura’s response was the direct opposite of Wysong. What I was trying to say was only that if we want a company to change canners, and if we have no other reason for not supporting them, boycotting for life would mean that just because they were using Menu foods at the time of the debacle we will never buy anything again no matter what they say or do or what kind of food they produce. The only way to make it an incentive is to boycott until our conditions are met. This is all I meant. If we have other reasons for lifetime boycott in addition to Menu foods, then that is something else. There are plenty of them I would never buy from no matter what they say or do. Not anymore. My criteria have changed a lot lately. No Procter and Gamble, for example. Never, not a single product. I had not decided to boycott their whole product line for life until they flexed their muscles at Itchmo. I am really going to miss those Oral B toothbrushes though. They are all I have ever used.

  3. Lisa Clay says:

    I just wanted to add my thoughts on this - regardless of what Nutro does, no matter who they use to package any of their products, I don’t ever intend to buy their products again.

    I bought SO many pouches and my cat Peaches LOVED that food the most! My cat Maggie loved the gravy in the Nutro food. Hacoona would eat whatever food was there.

    Even if they told me their product was safe, I would still worry. I worry about the foods I feed now and all of them are said to be safe. None by Menu, none made by Menu, none made in or near a Menu plant, and no foods with any grains at all.

    I still expect to see more recalls. So far the Corn Gluten in dry food is safe in the US. However, it is NOT safe in other countries (I believe South Africa). To me, it is a matter of time.

  4. Flamin says:

    Hi Helen, Lisa, Lorie, YaYa, and others i may have missed!

    For those who are interested, I found this story about cyanuric acid,Melamine history, and Cross-contamination Risks. It’s a long read, and very interesting.
    I didn’t believe the Cross-contamination story, neither do they. However I’m not to sure about no risk to humans or pets eating the melachickens, melafish, cows, ect.

    I am totally clueless about this formaldehyde at this time. To tired to research this one.

  5. YaYa says:

    Flamin! Good to see you back here {I probably missed other posts tho}, I’m flyin’ out the door right now but will read it all when I get back, Ok?

    But let me say, Even to MannaoPro told me that the issues with their recall on UniMilk in March was related too: “scorched proteins in the drying process of the product”;
    I’d add Soy {Protein} Isolates and all Isolates too, to the list.

    Dr. “Don” at Nutrition Dept said to me that they were confident that the issue was investgated and resolved.

    They found NO Contaminants in the UniMilk Replacer products they produce.

    I feel he was Honest in his beliefs he stated to me.

    Tho I did mention I’d seen alot of posting in various Ag sites etc. that folks found not only a gray Color to the UniMilk but, also mentions by quite a few folks of a “failure to thrive” issue too.

    He said yes I know, I’ve heard that too.

    But we found NONE of the Contaminants, that are in the forefront of the public right now, in our products, “I am certain”.

    He said they did extensive testing.

    I spoke to him last week Thursday or Friday.

    {forgot to Post bout it tho}

    I just wonder with the GM {type} ingredients and such just what other types of ‘things” could be IN the “contaminants” themselves. Hard to identify ‘things’.

    I know sounds odd.

    Just my direction of thinking lately.

    TTYL, YaYa

  6. 4lgdfriend says:

    Helen said: If you boycott a company for life to get them to change canneries, what is the incentive? How about boycott until they change canneries if you otherwise would buy from them? I am NOT going to boycott Natura for life for having used Menu. They are looking for another canner and said they were going to get away from Menu even before the recalls began to expand.

    “Said” is the word that worries me. I see no good reason to trust any of them, ever. Use, only if absolutely nec. Trust, never. Give ‘em an inch they’ll take a mile. Do we need more proof?

    So hey, let ‘em suck up to us.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Jay — i hope you wrote to Trader Joe’s about your opinion. I certainly did. I now have tuna (cat) to take back as both cats threw up from it while I was out of town last week! TJ claims that it is okay, but it is not.

  8. Lorna says:

    I have written P&G indicating my disgust with their continued animal testing(I’ve posted their response previously),and their handling of the poisoned pet food scandal, followed by my response indicating that I have seen the copy of the lab report (CYA in Iams Large Breed)and wondering who they think they are kidding with their web site.

    Here is their reply.

    Thank you for contacting P&G Pet Care. We are aware of the web blog posting on and we appreciate this opportunity to provide you with the facts.

    The article posted on Itchmo is false, and is unfortunately misleading consumers. As you know rumors of this nature can happen from time to time.

    P&G Pet Care has reviewed information on the chemical testing of the unconfirmed sample of dry dog food as reported on the blog site. Although the pet food brand tested cannot be verified because the sample was taken from an open unmarked bag, we take any reports of this type seriously. Consequently, we followed-up this rumor by testing retained samples of Iams Large Breed dry dog food from the very same product lot that was reported.

    Based on expert analytical testing, we were not able to quantify either melamine or cyanuric acid in the retained product samples tested. Most important, we have no information from any pet owners of any health issues associated with feeding Iams Large Breed dry pet food; therefore, we have confirmed that there is no reason for concern about these chemicals in this dry dog food or any other dry Iams or Eukanuba product.

    In addition, our manufacturing teams and scientists have confirmed that it is essentially impossible for melamine or cyanuric acid to get into a sealed bag of our dry pet foods. We are fully confident at this time that none of our dry foods contain any cyanuric acid or melamine.

    If you have any additional questions, please call Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time at 800-675-3849.



    Consumer Relations

    P&G Pet Care

  9. Helen says:

    4lgdfriend, regarding the boycotting issue. No, I am not so trusting anymore either. I was only responding to the earlier comment about boycotting. Just because I am willing to feed something now does not mean I am going to blindly assume they are fine and will remain fine. That is different from a boycott. There is nothing the company that poisoned my cat can ever do that would ever get me to feed any pet any food they ever make again. I am boycotting them and also others, but my reference was regarding using boycotting to hurt Menu specifically. If companies get the idea that if they change canneries they will get some customers back they may go to the expense of changing. If they know you will not buy from them whether they change or not, why would they change? That was my only point. I was not suggesting that anyone go running back to one of these poisoning murdering liars, nor will I be suggesting that. Just trying to be clear. :)

  10. Lisa Clay says:

    Hi Flamin - thanks for the link!

    Cross Contamination is not a concern! REALLY? And what about the products with excessive amounts of melamine that were also “not made on the same equipment” or “not made with any grains”?

    Sure I believe them! I feel much better just reading their information. Just that they agree with the FDA and USDA alone is cause for doubt.

  11. Flamin says:

    thanks YaYa for the update.
    We consume lots of Soy {Protein} in our house.

    “I just wonder with the GM {type} ingredients and such just what other types of ‘things” could be IN the “contaminants” themselves. Hard to identify ‘things’.

    I wonder the same thing too.

    the cable man is here….


  12. menusux says:

    More Menu reports:;k=27688

    Menu Foods insists it will survive recall fallout
    Susan Taylor, Reuters
    Published: Thursday, May 31, 2007

    “Menu Foods Income Fund insisted on Thursday that it will survive the fallout from a huge recall of contaminated pet food that is expected to cost at least C$45 million ($42 million), as more customers cancel orders and lawsuits mount.

    “Executives said they were confident that a bigger line of credit will help see the company through the recall, expanded several times and dubbed one of the largest in North American history.

    “Menu Foods also expects to once again begin shipping many of the recalled pet food brands in the second quarter and into the third quarter.

    “”All of those things essentially will see us, in my opinion, through the recall,” Henderson said.

    “”He’s (Henderson) been in the situation where his back was against the wall,” he said from Toronto. “They were very good at managing their way out of that.”

    “But it won’t be easy for Menu Foods to find its footing again.

    “Cormark Securities analyst Aleem Israel said he is not concerned by small customers who have canceled orders because the biggest customers need Menu Foods’ capacity.”

    This is all predicated on the larger customers being able to sell Menu-produced products; if no one’s buying them, the larger customers who are still with Menu won’t need the capacity.

  13. ann says:

    Lets see what happens when Innova pulls out……..and sales fall from their other big customers, because their customers aren’t buying grocery store dog food anymore……

  14. YaYa says:

    I noticed in that P&G letter that THEY did not state they used an Independent Lab {just caling it expert analytical testing} Themselves, for the “retained” samples.
    They do not state either that the “retained” samples were from a= CLOSED MARKED BAG.

    Retained does NOT equal- CLOSED MARKED BAG to me.

    And why would “we” trust “retained” samples or the P&G testing of such?

    Name the Lab. {or did they forget to type it i the letter?}
    Let us check on their Ethics and practices, their standards and record of Quality Controls.

    Whose Interests do THEY represent?

    Have those “retained samples” been put into the hands of a disinterested 3rd party? {for safe keeping and to prevent tampering}

    Can they provide Witnesses?

    Was the Fox allowed into the “retained samples” hen-house?

    Makes ya go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. ann says:

    Didn’t they say that cyanuric acid degrades in light? Were the Iam’s samples that they tested correctly preserved? We’ll get the results shortly from Itchmo

  16. ann says:

    I don’t trust companies that do animal testing. Period!

  17. ann says:

    Since Iam’s said that it is impossible for food to get contaminated from a closed bag, I wonder what their excuse will be if the bag is sent to the lab sealed, and found to be contaminated?????

  18. JJ says:

    JennyG I also had read that Natura would be looking for a place to build their own cannery so they could watch the food from start to finish and run tests on the batches.

  19. petslave says:

    probably say that itchmo did it

  20. JJ says:

    ann think Iams is afraid that contamination will be found? Itchmo will let us all know exactly what is found in those bags that they received, unopened too!!

  21. petslave says:

    All these companies that want to separate themselves from the big guys & the little guys that want to expand production should go in together & build one big canning plant for high quality pet food production

  22. ann says:

    I spoke with Natura today. They told me they are still looking for a cannery to purchase.

  23. Jay says:

    One can hope that they are looking for one in the USA rather than China. How will they find a cannery in America when I can’t find a single alarm coffee maker NOT made in China. Good luck to them.

  24. YaYa says:


    I hope you See this post!
    You must have been on Holiday lately :-) {hope it was Good}

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    There is a site if you can not find them in a higher-end “health food” type store, it has the regualar pricing and books and some info. I don’t personally know this web-site owner, but looks very decent to me for purchases. {it’s in the USA too}

    {oooops I forgot the URL for the Homeopathic Lab and Remedy facility in Wisconsin for you! I’ll look it up again and post it later :-P}

  25. JennyG says:

    petslave - I had kind of though along the same lines….Something like Natura should buy their own cannery and then offer to make some of the other small companies foods.

  26. Ruth says:

    Lorna: its the same letter P&G sent to Itchmo. Do you think they could have come up with a different letter or a different answer?

    Waiting for the new IAM’s tests results…….sigh

  27. Leslie k says:

    Has anyone had a dog with urinary problems;blood in urine & urine not concentrating ? I seem to remember seeing these symptoms posted. He was marking in the house about 2 months ago also. The problems seemed to go away when I started home cooking, but he was running a fever over the long weekend & is lethargic & hesitant to jump onto furniture & laps. His blood work was normal but the urine culture is not in yet. Their old food was a mix of Iams small bite ,Iams light, Pur 1 sens systems & SD oral care. The Pur 1 was contaminated w/large amounts of Vit E. Since the recalls began I have tried Wellness, Evo, Canidae, Cal Natural & Evangers. I don’t have any of the old food for testing because of the Pur 1 contamination. My vet is saying she doesn’t think it could be food related. But he has never had any problems before this other than w/his eyes. He’s a chihuaha & they bulge. Scratches them all the time. I will look back in the forums also.

  28. Flamin says:

    Lisa, I don’t believe the cross contamination story either. That’s why I stopped buying Royal Canin puppy mini 33. It’s not on the recall list, but Royal Canin recalled more products, and stated the cross contamination story. I feel, if that’s that case, then recall all their products, and start over if they care about pets like they state on their web site.

    Many companies are like this, and these are the premium, organic, human grade foods! So whether we pay more for organic for our pets, and our family, at this point I believe nothing is totally safe. Unless your once of the global elite. They sure don’t consume food stuff from walmart, or whole foods!

  29. Lorna says:

    Lorna: its the same letter P&G sent to Itchmo. Do you think they could have come up with a different letter or a different answer?

    Prolly not,Ruth.
    We’re all too stupid to know the difference anyway,aren’t we??


  30. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    If a manufacturer — of pet food or any other substance — will tell one lie, they’ll tell two. “Protect your shareholders” at all cost. Human and animal life be damned.

    Call it a boycott if you will, there is nothing in the social contract which states I must purchase your products. As a matter of fact, you broke the social contract the moment you adulterated your products, printed and attached a label to a can of food which states “100% beef” all the while knowing that you quietly lobbied the FDA and other regulatory agencies to actually have 65% beef content labeled as “100%.”

    Is that how they work with their salaries? Duane and Mr. Henderson: I know we told you that you were paying you $100,000 this week, but really, we are allowed to put in 65% and let’s just say we’re even?

    Does this work in any other context? Why is this not consumer fraud? Why should they feel like victims?

  31. Katie says:


    My dog food problem was with Eukanuba senior maint. In late Feb. we had all the symptoms everyone else had. My dogs blood tests showed high normal BUN and CREAT. She drank a lot of water - like 200 oz instead of 40. In late Feb. her urine wasn’t abnormal. I started home cooking on March 28th and symptoms of water drinking, slight fever, restlessness, etc. disappeared. Late April, I had urine tests and blood work redone. BUN and CREAT. still high normal. Urine was showing blood both cells and hemolyzed and a few WBC’s. Urine culture was neg. I kept a log of symptoms and food, etc. since Feb.2. My dogs problems arose depending upon a new bag of food being opened. My vet thinks symptoms and lab tests are a result of food. Two weeks ago, we had more blood in urine, but no fever and again culture negative but we had some casts this time. Right now my vet has me feeding a kidney diet - home cooked (low phos) and taking it a little easy on protein. Repeating blood work and urine the middle of June. Whatever was wrong with the food, we think she got a smaller dose but still some kidney involvement. The thing I was told, was get them to drink water! if anything is there it will help flush the kidneys. Some have reported UTI’s and bladder infections in dogs after eating suspected food. I have also heard that sometimes the urine cultures never grow out and there is thought to have a 5 day instead of a 3 day culture. Did they do a urinalysis - microsopic for casts or crystals.? something I found strange on Euk during Feb - Apr my dogs pH was 8.0 (very alkaline for a food with a urinary acidifier) now on home cooking the pH is stabilized at 7. Someone mentioned to me that perhaps my dogs protein in urine was high and pH high due to excess urea - you might want to ask your vet to relook at urine and blood work.


  32. Leslie k says:

    Katie- Thank you ! Will see the vet in the morning. I’ll ask them to do a longer culture & recheck the urinalysis.Don’t have the paperwork for the levels yet. I have 3 dogs & the only other problem was the runs in the lab/elkhound mix. I think it was from the abrupt food switch,he’s always had stomache issues. I’m afraid Remy was affected because he’s so much smaller.I thought we had made it thru safely! I know Iams & Eukanuba are the same co, & they were eating 2 types of the Iams. Also the Pur 1 had the excess vit e all over it. Couldn’t find anything but short term research on what that can do to them. Luckily they didn’t eat much of it.

  33. LorieVA says:

    Leslie k,

    My girlfriends dog was having bladder control problems while on IAMS small bites needed to wear a diaper at night time. She removed the IAMS placed dog on INNOVA and antibiotics for some kind of bladder infection. Everything cleared up. INNOVA was to expensive so she switched back to IAMS with vets assurance that it was fine, with in a week problems started all over again, was concerned dog might have bladder cancer. After rethinking it she realized it was the IAMS, and switched to Canidae which is more affordable. Within 4 days of being off the IMAS no more diaper no more problems. So there are issues with IAMS in general not just the large breed. IMO : )

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