Recall Update: Thursday

New, Non-Melamine, Recall: Ol’ Roy dry dog food recalled due to salmonella.

Recall-Related News:

China Promises To Install Food Safety System:

China promises better monitoring of export foods, but a basic food safety system won’t be in place until 2010. They are aiming for investigation of 100% incidents and recalling 80% of foods that require recall.

“Recently, our country has had a series of export food problems, and that has triggered a lot of overseas attention about China’s food safety,” [Chinese food safety official] Wei said in a separate posting on the Web site. “This has put us on high alert, and led us to seriously look into the reasons for the problems.”

The New York Times says, it won’t be an easy task: “But the challenges facing China are enormous because its regulatory system is weak and enforcement is difficult.”

Ironically, the FDA still does not have the ability to force mandatory food recalls.

But, does this mean China admits the tainted food came from them? There’s no clear answer from China (reg. req.)

While Beijing has strongly defended the quality and safety of its food and drug exports, and even denied that the toothpaste it exported was unsafe, government regulators at the same time have stepped up safety inspections and shut down companies accused of producing unsafe food or counterfeit drugs.

Also, melamine-tainted corn from China was recalled in Greece and Poland:

…a spokesman for the European Commission said on Wednesday that food safety officials there were investigating after Greece and Poland reported finding traces of melamine in corn gluten and rice protein imported from China, forcing the rejection of one shipment and the withdrawal of tainted feed from the market.

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  1. Debbie4747 says:

    Here’s what I posted at Consumers….what’s not to like?

    16 deaths is old news. Please try thousands. It’s time our government passed some real laws to protect us from the very foods we eat, feed our families and feed our pets. Whatever ingredients are in a food item, they should be listed in the ingredients section of the wrapping. That would include all ingredients, including those that really should not be there. I also think that the ingredients should be spelled out. A good portion of them most can’t pronounce and surely have no idea what it really is.
    There is such a push to do away with trans fats, but you never hear about a push to take the melamine out of our foods. Yes food designed for people, not just the pet food.
    Also it would be nice if there was a law that would demand a manufacturer, once they have been notified they have poisons in their product, to come forward and identify the product, the poison and recall it off the shelf. A lab in Texas, ExperTox has found acetaminophen (Tylenol) in a certain brand of dog food. Neither the lab or FDA can anme the manufacturer due to confidentiality, so they say. Meanwhile this product sits on the shelf just waiting to poison more pets. This contaminant is lethal to pets, especially cats. We have known about this for a couple of days now, and still it’s out there. The public isn’t even warned which brand so they can at least avoid buying it. Shame on this government for allowing this to continue.

  2. steve says:

    Everyone should write to all the National news stations, Larry King, Gretta, Nancy Grace etc………………..

    Maybe someone will have a love for animals and take on the story.

  3. Susan says:

    Lou Dobbs should hear about this. He’s given coverage in the past.

  4. steve says:

    Just emailed Lou Dobbs. Hope everyone else will do the same.

  5. steve says:


    I have an idea! What about Rosie O ? Does she have pets? She is usually able to stir up some ****!!

  6. scooterkid says:

    E. Hamilton and others

    E. my heart hurts for you….losing one pet is difficult enough but you have been through hell with this mess.
    I would very much like to write my congressmen and senators and any other people/organizations that can/would be enlightened or at least reminded (constantly) of all this recall information.
    I am not very good at putting together the text in an email/letter. I would appreciate it enormously if you E. or some others posters would send me sample letters/emails that I might use for this purpose.
    I am a 61 year old woman living in the S.E. United States with 3 furkids (cats).
    I have lost two cats in the past two years but I cannot say it was or was not part of the food problems. Even if the food I fed them was not tainted I do believe it was not good food I was feeding them (never suspected pet food manufacturers were anything but ethical). Maybe if they were eating better food one of them, my Scooter, might have been able to fight off his long in duration illnesses. Thank you for your consideration of my request. My email address is Thanks again, Gail

  7. Lisa Clay says:

    Perhaps if Paris’ dog had eaten and gotten sick from the recalled food, it would still be in the news… and I could CARE LESS about her saga even though the media thinks many of us DO care. Just a slight rant…

    I have to do some research, but I do remember in the 70’s some changes were made. Phosphates were a big deal and were eventually removed from products, or reduced to a very low “safe” level. I also remember colored toilet paper that was cancer causing due to the cancerous dies used to make the pretty colors. That also brought about change.

    Interestingly enough there was a news article either yesterday or the day before about Stop n’ Shop having contaminated chicken in their NJ and NY stores. I live in NJ and shop there, but this didn’t make even the 10 PM news. Perhaps all the news stations should be required to have a DAILY RECALL UPDATE on all the dangerous products. They could carry it between the sports and the weather. I guess it bothers me that NO NEWS organization IS making a big deal about any of this and they should be.

    In my opinion, I sincerely believe that it will take a HUMAN death (and probably more than 1) before ANYONE takes this seriously. This is so much larger than people understand. All the melamine tainted chicken, and pork, etc. that has been said to be safe for human consumption… WHO can say what is exactly SAFE without a lot of tests. I won’t feed the recalled pet food to my pets, so I know if I were a parent I wouldn’t be feeding the tainted meat to my family.

  8. Lisa Clay says:

    Steve - Rosie O actually CRITICIZED the media on the pet food recall when it happened BECAUSE she said that the media should be reporting the loss of our soldiers in Iraq, NOT our dogs and cats. I was so upset, I tried to e-mail the View… multiple times and could NEVER get through.

  9. steve says:

    Has anyone noticed that there is more pet food commercial’s on lately or is it just me? Maybe I just wasnt paying attention before.

  10. steve says:

    Lisa Clay,

    Didnt hear about that.

    Figures she would say something like that. “B****”!

  11. Lorie says:

    I have tried to post twice in the past on Consumers complaints about FF and Iams after I saw how they responded to the NUTRO issue, My 2 post never appear either. I guess someone didn’t like what I said.

  12. Susan says:

    There are human deaths and horrible illnesses every year from E. coli 0157:H7 and yet it is not routinely tested for to get the USDA sticker. Nothing happens until local health departments get illness reports from doctors and hospitals. Then, the USDA says, “Duh, gee whiz, guys, don’t you think maybe you oughta recall?” I think we need to step on our elected officials HARD. They have to stop sucking up to big businesses and listen to us. We vote them in. I don’t care how much money they get from big businesses. They wouldn’t be there without us–the old one person, one vote folks. Business can’t vote them in or OUT.

  13. Lorie says:

    Ok here is the email I sent to Lou Dobbs:

    I am hoping you will touch on more of the ongoing pet food scandal. They now have found pain killer in the pet food and are not being forced to disclose the brand. My 2 cats were affected by this fiasco in March from a pet food that has yet to come forward and probably never will, my cats are both on the way to recovery not know long term affects. I have incurred 2k and vet bills and in the mean time the media and government seem to be doing nothing about it. These people are getting away with murder literally.

  14. Lisa Clay says:

    Steve - HUGE ads for Stop n’ Shop pet foods in my area with additional adds on brands like Purina, Beneful, etc. and lots of items are on sale…

  15. steve says:

    Take a look at the largest TV advertiser list.

  16. Lisa Clay says:

    ARTICLE on ROSIE’s Comments on the View - March 27th, 2007

    Specifically, Rosie said of the recall, in that condescending Rosie voice viewers of The View have come to know so well, “I thought this was interesting. This has been all over the news. It really started on March 16 and since then 15 cats and one dog have died, and it’s been all over the news. And you know, since that date, 29 soldiers have died, and we haven’t heard much about them. No. I think that we have the wrong focus in the country. That when pets are killed in America from some horrific poisoning accident, 16 of them, it’s all over the news and people are like, ‘The kitty!’ It’s so sad.’ Twenty-nine sons and daughters killed since that day, it’s not newsworthy. I don’t understand.”

    Mercifully, the ladies of The View didn’t break out in another verbal brawl, but it was clear that Elisabeth, along with Joy Behar and Barbara Walters, were surprised by Rosie’s remarks. In fact, all three women appeared quietly stunned that Rosie would even bring this up. (Significantly, there was no applause from the studio audience, as there almost always is when Rosie makes one of her speeches.)

    Elisabeth calmly noted that the pet food story concerns something that is in almost everybody’s homes.

    Walters thoughtfully remarked on the importance of pets in peoples’ lives and provided much needed wisdom when she said that just because people are worried about the health and well being of their pets, “It doesn’t mean we don’t worry about [the war]. There’s a whole discussion about Iraq every single day.”

    Rosie O’Donnell
    “Because people are dying and we’re at war,” O’Donnell interjected. “I just think it’s interesting that so much news coverage is about the kitties.” Notice that she didn’t say “cats” or “dogs,” as she had earlier. She was losing ground, so “cats” became the less serious sounding “kitties.” It certainly didn’t appear at that moment that Rosie had a dollop of sympathy for anyone who has unknowingly served their beloved pets poison and watched them die, nor for the dozens of pet owners whose animals have been sickened as a result of eating tainted food.

    Rosie, buy a clue. The story about dangerous pet food has been in the news for a week, and may remain in the news for days or weeks to come, because it is an expanding story. It isn’t over yet.

    I’m not naïve. I know that because this story is of personal concern to millions of Americans that local and national newspapers and news programs will continue to report on it in part to boost circulation and ratings, respectively. But this story is also an outstanding example of the media providing a daily service to citizens, something the press is supposed to do. The list of recalled pet foods grew day-by-day last week, and the constant reportage added increased urgency to a story that seemed at first to be about something that had already happened, rather than something that was just beginning. In fact, it wasn’t until a day or two into the story that I found three cans of cat food in my cabinet that had come from the Menu Foods plant that is the origination point of the poisoned food. The date codes didn’t match those on the company’s Web site, but the simple fact that they came from the processing plant in question was enough for me. I threw them away.

    On behalf of my cats Lefty and Charles, and the uncounted pets out there that have been spared sudden kidney failure, I would like to thank the media for badgering me until I took action and for continuing to remind pet owners of the dangers at hand. Keep up the good work!

    I really don’t understand why Rosie (or anyone) would complain about or callously use this terrible situation to make a point about something else.

  17. Susan says:

    I wrote a letter to Hill’s re the z/d making my cat sick. They are looking into my problem and sent me a coupon for z/d ultra, which is dog food.

  18. Lorie says:

    Lisa Clay

    The day Rosie made that flip comment about the pet food recall and it only being 16 pwts was the day I wrote her off for good.

    On that day she was saying we need to focus more on the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq and a month or 2 later she was calling our troops terrorists and fighting with Elisabeth about how we were the ones cause terror on the Iraqi’s. She is a total bafoon and I am glad she is off the view

  19. Susan says:

    Why doesn’t Rosie complain about the media coverage of Paris, Britney, etc.? I don’t ever want to hear her big fat yap again. Good riddance!

  20. scooterkid says:

    Linda Says:

    If anyone has an opinion on a good water filter, I sure would appreciate it.

    Linda, I have been looking for a good filtering system as well. An online friend of mine sent me this link. I like what I see….

    Welcome to New millennium Concepts Ltd (

    There is the basic systems. On the left in the category “accessories” you will see the PF-4 elements that can be added to any one of the basic systems….these elements will remove:MTBE (Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether)

    PF-4â„¢ filters are also designed to adsorb:

    DBCP (Dibromo-chloro-propane)
    THMs (trihalomethanes)
    Herbicides & Pesticides
    Heavy Metal ions

  21. steve says:

    Lisa Clay,

    Horrible!!! I have never liked the woman but for a slight second thought about her big mouth. Her big mouth wont do pets any good.
    I will keep the rest of my thoughts to myself. I don’t think profanity is allowed .

  22. Trudy Jackson says:

    What in the world are you talking about? I want to give the pets a memorial. They are the ones who paid the ultimate price. I have lost 4 and hospitalized 1. All were rescued by Me. You don’t even know where the money would go or who I have talked to. Itchmo, or Petconnection. We are going to lose our house, if you want to know things. But I am going to keep going and fight the good fight. My pets are My babies. that’s what i think about day and night. and i’m sure some people would like their pets recognized.Make sure they didn’t die in vain. We didn’t leave them when We had the tornado and We didn’t leave them when We had that terribe hurricane. So, Don’t ever put Me in the same light as “those people” who would profit off pets!!I’m not one of Them.
    And you don’t even know where the so called profits would go. Or who I give My donations to.

  23. scooterkid says:

    oops, my email address was wrong in my last post…here is the correct email address


  24. Lisa Clay says:

    Steve - If P&G took a % of that advertising dollar and tested ALL their ingredients and published the findings, THAT would be a $ well spent.

    In recent days I have begun looking into WHO actually REALLY makes the products I use. I know lots of big companies own lots of little companies, but you need to really research well. This way, I can truly NOT give my business to ANY company involved in ANY part of the recall.

    My comments on Rosie would not be allowed on this site. Suffice it to say, I’m not a BIG fan of Donald Trump, but in the Rosie war, I was on his side.

    Just want to mention, GOOGLE now has an archive news search. I have started researching older pet food recalls, to see a better history. There were quite a few in the late 90’s where it was dry food tainted with bad grain. I plan to do more research so that I really know my pet food facts.

    Note to Trudy - are you including stories on pets that ate the food, but are “seemingly” alright? I pray for my 3 fur kids as they have all eaten the food, but so far, they are okay (not perfectly healthy) but okay. My one cat had a seizure 2 weeks ago - don’t know if it is pet food related, but if could be. She is alright, came out of the seizure, but I hold my breath every day when I come home from work that she will be there to greet me like she always is. I have another cat with kidney stones, on clavamox for life. The 3rd developed a UTI, was treated with clavamox, and is okay now. I plan to get all their blood and urine work repeated in a few months, not knowing the long term affects of melamine.

  25. Amy says:

    Trudy - I’m just trying to make sure that you’re not using our tragedies to earn a profit; I would hope that if you collect these stories and sell them that you would do the right thing with the profits and not use the money to pay off the house you’re about to lose. Your defensive response is causing me to question your intentions. If I remember correctly, when I questioned what you planned to do with the profits on Monday you told me that “a portion would go to charity”, a PORTION? Whatcha’ planning to do with the rest of the PROFITS? Covering your time and expenses in compiling a book is one thing, paying off your past due bills is quite another. That’s all I’m saying.

  26. Gerry says:

    Question.. what does certified organic by quality assurance international mean? Is that a sneaky way to say that my organic peanut butter is from China? I must be losing it! Iam not trying to stand up for Rosie at all but..maybe back than when this first happened she didnt realize like alot of other people that this was so far reaching. That is no excuse for what she said Iam just thinking that maybe like alot of people she thought it was 15 pets not thousands like we know. She may have been trying to put human life before animals in her head. I just happen to like animals better…that didnt sound good!

  27. Trudy Jackson says:

    Please send Me Your email address. i’ll send you My letter. thanks and good
    Amy, You hurt My feelings real bad. I am very upset. I have put rescue first for My whole life. I help animals all the time. I don’t even know if i can write it, and that does cost a lot. And I don’t care about the house. If I did and had a secret, I wouldn’t have mentioned it. I care about this mess that’s going on. I’ve been all over this hick town telling everyone about it. I put things in the paper, because they don’t. The pain of losing the pets I had is enough. I am on anti-depressions right now. I also hope they are not from China. I have already been in touch with Itchmo and with Petconnection. just anyone who would think i would do that makes Me want to cry.

  28. Trudy Jackson says:

    Lisa, It’s only-
    I don’t know what happened there.?

  29. steve says:

    Yesterday I noticed someone saying that they were going to have have something about pet foods on Anderson 360 CNN re: what the lab in Houston found. It wasnt on last night and not tonight either. Did I miss it?

  30. Amy says:

    Trudy - I don’t know you from Adam, so your feelings shouldn’t be hurt, I’m just trying to figure out your intentions. If you are truly going to use the profits to help all pets then that’s fantastic. However, I know nothing about you beyond what you post in these comments just as you really don’t know anything about me and there are many opportunistic people out there who would use these circumstances to gain a profit, you may or may not be one of those people. Regardless, I still feel, in the spirit of goodwill, any profits that come from telling our stories, if there ever are profits, should be turned over to the organizations that help our pets: Itchmo, Pet Connection, the Humane Society, ASPCA, etc. We’ve already been raped by the pet food industry, I personally have a stack of vet bills resulting from all of this; we certainly don’t need anyone cannibalizing our ranks.

  31. Moony says:

    Man, Itchmo’s servers don’t seem to like me tonight, or they’re overloaded or something. :/

    E. Hamilton, I just want you to know that your stories of what happened with your cats contributed immensely to me getting a clue on what happened to my cats, and helped save my Spike’s life. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    I got an email from NB today. They actually answered my question about acetaminophen testing, unlike my first email which never got answered. They said they test for acetaminophen, aflatoxin, vomatoxin (sp?), melamine and cyanuric acid. They didn’t say WHEN they started testing for them, tho. Hopefully they will answer that tomorrow or so. Hah - not holding my breath, tho.

  32. Lisa Clay says:

    Trudy - I recognized your name from Bengal Cat Rescue. I’ve been registered on that site since November 2005 and so I know you have been heavily involved in cat rescue. I normally post from my work e-mail, but for Itchmo, I use my personal e-mail. I will e-mail you tomorrow.

  33. E. Hamilton says:

    Every single TV station and radio station is required by the FCC to do certain things and complaints need to be filed with the FCC about every one that is *not* performing correctly.
    It will cost the TV stations and radio stations time and money to deal with those complaints and it makes no nevermind to me that it does. They are gonna either cover the story or they are spend more than they want to defend themselves.
    I intend to start filing complains on Monday, I suggest you decide what you want to do.
    If the media will not cover the news that viewers are wanting covered then they can spend time and money, in court, saying why.
    Hefty fines can result and ratings for advertisers money will be affected.

  34. Jenny Bark says:

    Trudy if you can use the story of our 2 girls and our other babies you have my premission and our thanks. Premission means just that. All of stories need to be told and I hope someday to see your book in every house I visit. I ‘ll e-mail you tomorrow, going to bed now. One more thing please hon, remember you are God’s child too and I’m positive he wants you to take care of youself too. How are you ever going to help another baby if you don’t take care of yourself?

  35. DMS says:

    And a spokesman for the European Commission said on Wednesday that food safety officials there were investigating after Greece and Poland reported finding traces of melamine in corn gluten and rice protein imported from China, forcing the rejection of one shipment and the withdrawal of tainted feed from the market

    I wonder how they get contaminated feed withdrawn from the market in Greece and Poland. Maybe the FDA/USDA could try that here.

    China’s goal of recalling 80% of the food that should be recalled by 2010 is not a very high standard to aim for. But just the same, maybe the FDA/USDA could try that here, too. Just so we are all clear on our expectations concerning food safety. Instead of diluted, it needs to be reconstituted–as in a basic, undeniable right!

  36. xyz says:

    I read the Consumer Reports blog entry. Yeah. Another icon down in flames.

    E.Hamilton, thanks for the reminder about the TV and radio stations when it comes to news. I can’t express my feelings for your loss but thank you for
    being inventive and a catalyst for change. Same goes for all of you working to make a difference under the worst of circumstances.

    Does anyone know if the lab sample from the manuf. was factory sealed?

  37. 5CatMom says:


    Shortly after the recall began, I contacted many pet food companies regarding their manufacturing and testing procedures.

    Most of them couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer my questions because THAT information was proprietary.

    NB was an exception. Their nutritrionist answered my questions. In fact, she told me everything I wanted to hear. So I switched to NB for my cats.

    Unfortunately, I later learned that NB’s information was NOT accurate.

    NB said “we test”. The translation: We delegate the testing.

    NB said “we test for melamine”. A short time later, their products were recalled.

    After NB’s recall, I called NB and asked to talk to their TEST DEPARTMENT. They didn’t have one.

    Then I asked to speak to their TEST SUPERVISOR. They didn’t have one.

    Then I asked to speak to their TEST TECHNICIAN. They didn’t have one.

    Then I asked to speak to their person who does their testing. They didn’t have one.

    Apparently, NB’s nutritionist had no idea what was going on - she was just reading the script.

    To make a long story short, I learned to beware of ANY information provided by pet food companies, especially ones that use contract manufacturing companies.

    IMHO, companies that delegate their production, testing and quality control are companies to be avoided.

  38. Chuck says:

    Susan and Jenny and to anyone I might have missed, thanks for taking the time to read my post under heading,

    States crack down on puppy mills, dated 6-5-07

    Jenny, being from PA here, you really have a grip on how Santorum lied.

    So to the rest of the folks here who are talking about writing to their Sens. and Reps, my post will give you a good idea on how they are going to handle this. They are not concerned about animal dilemmas unless there is something in it for them. Sorry to say, don’t expect much if anything at all. You will get appeasement letters, and sometimes they tell you how much they have accomplished in other unrelated matters.

  39. 5CatMom says:

    E. Hamilton,

    Your story is very sad. I’m praying for a miracle for your remaining fur baby.

    You’re right about contacting our elected representatives. If they chose to ignore the matter, then they can’t say later that no one contacted them.

    I called Sam Brownbeck’s office in Washington three times. The screener hung up on me twice and put me on hold so he wouldn’t have to listen.

    That’s OK. Just wait ’til Sam comes to town for one of his town meetings. He’s going to get blasted.

  40. Chuck says:

    Lorie VA 6-7 @ 9:19 Purina burnt us 10 years before the recall, wet and dry. Kidney conditions started, our vet asked what we were feeding them, we took all the foods to her, Purina, and she said they were nothing but garbage.

    To folks like Cathy 6-7- @ 9:33 I say I am basing my distrust on experience. It doesn’t make a difference where wet or dry foods are made, the fact is that they are made of garbage in any facility.

    If people want to think they are right and have to learn the hard way, then I hope they don’t start cluttering up this forum saying they wish they had known. Love their pets, I think not.

  41. Trudy Jackson says:

    Lisa Clay and Jenny Bark- Thank you for Your kind words.
    Lisa, thanks for remembering Me on the rescue list. Yes, I do a lot of rescue. I care deeply for these animals. Don’t forget to Email Me.
    Jenny, thank you for Your understanding. This is just something I feel I have to do. The pets need the memory of them Never to be forgotten. Don’t forget to Email Me.
    Thanks to both!!Bless Your hearts.

  42. Moony says:

    Oh, I’m not trusting them. That’s by far been and gone and never will be again. I’m trying to deduce from what they say if my cat died of acetaminophen poisoning. I got another email from them today which was more detailed and reversed at least one thing the first person said - that they test for acetaminophen. The new answer said they don’t yet but they will, but they’re waiting to see what the FDA says about the Texas lab before doing so. I’ve offered the remainder of my bag, as well as asked the questions I forgot to ask yesterday, that being if they back-tested any of their products, and if they’ll do the same for acet. And WHY are they waiting for the FDA in order to start the testing, ’cause that sure sounds suspicious to me.

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