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Itchmo will post a full transcript of Panel III (Menu Foods and ChemNutra) Q&A today.

Food safety hearing was live blogged at Pet Connection.

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  1. Donna says:

    Thanks Lorie. I am currently using Merrick canned and Felidae canned and dry. I was hoping to get a nod for both/either. We tried Nature’s Variety frozen raw yesterday, cats wouldn’t go near it.

    I guess I’ll try Honest Kitchen next. I have a list that excludes anything associated with Menu, Diamond, or admits to overseas importing. for some reason Fromm’s, Natura and Solid Gold are not on my list, I’d have to check my notes at home to find out why. I’m tempted to try Kumpi but I have 4 cats (plus a non-furry kid starting college in September) and can’t afford it long term.

  2. Deanna says:

    Because I’m home-cooking (did piles of research before I started) I’m also shopping around for a safe supplement to use.

    I’ve seen a few people in the past have mentioned Missing Link. Now, I am really wondering from anyone…what they know or if they have had any experiences using this product (good or bad!!!)

    I’d like to know everthing including if there are any “imported” ingredients used in it’s manufacturing.

    I thank you in advance!!!!

  3. Deanna says:


    I forgot to mention….that would be the Canine Formula!!!…..thanx!

  4. Sandy C says:

    Donna, Fromm’s is probably not on your list because I read the other day that their canned food is made in China.

  5. Donna says:

    Sandy C…that would have done it!

  6. Chad says:

    FYI on Merrick I was giving my dog the wet food, but kept finding pieces of bones in the food. Some small, one was the size of my pinky. I wrote and e-maled Merrick with my concern but never heard back.

    If you are looking for treats you might want to try They are not cheap and would probably have to be shipped to you. I picked up the “pizza crust” this weekend and my dog likes them. And so do I!!! Yes, they are OK for humans too. Nice to be able to snack on the couch and give my dog the same snack I am eating. Try dipping them in ranch (humans only)

  7. Lorie says:

    Donna, Solid Gold uses Diamond for its dry.
    Solid Gold Mixed Tuna is the only one of the wet foods they outsource read it on there updated safe notes today. Still think I am going to use them.

    Fromm wet is made in CHINA spoke to a lady at my pet food store yesterday who uses it for there dog and another lady for her cat both swear by it and the lady with the cat was burned by NUTRO and has a cat at home on fluids. I am still not brave enough. But Fromms dry is made in WI in their own plant who knows at this point. Nutra wet is made by Menu.

    also Donna which Merrick are you using I started to get parinoid with the new England Boil 2 of the cans I bought and opened were only half full they went in the trash, and every can looks different some is chunky and some is more puree. is that the norm for Organic used to FF plastic stuff. All looked the same in the can

  8. Rick says:

    Lorie Says:

    April 24th, 2007 at 1:17 pm
    Not sure if anyone saw my post on another blog but I spoke with a holistic vet last night for a phone consult second opinion on my effected cat from Purina FF. She told me trust nothing her one cat is suffering from eating Wellness wet/dry both. She also has treated a kitten that waw only eating Wellness dry.

    This has me very nervous… I’ve been feeding my cat a combo of Wellness dry/wet and Merrick wet, and my cat just started throwing up. She seems fine otherwise ,for now. Has anyone else heard anything about or had a bad experience with Wellness? I don’t feel that any of these foods are safe anymore.

  9. Donna says:

    Lorie, we’ve tried a few of the Merrick’s: California Roll, Granny’s Pot Pie, and Surf and Turf, I think. I’ve got one of each variety at home now, haven’t tried them all yet. My kids love them but are used to pate style so they tend to leave the bigger lumps they find (after granny’s pot pie I was left with lots of uneaten potato chunks). I’ve tried 4 or 5 cans as of now and haven’t noticed a difference in the consistency yet, I’ll be on the lookout though.

    Chad, thank you for the heads up on the bones. I will look through the can very carefully before I give it to them…hopefully I can fish the bones out, can’t say the same for the damned melamine.

  10. susanUnPC says:

    AZSue: “This is about money…follow the trail. Quit with the politics already!” I don’t follow. Can you explain how following the money doesn’t have to do with politics?

    I wish it weren’t political, but the viability of regulatory agencies has been severely threatened during the Bush administration and Republican majorities in Congress.

    I wish every politician would do the right thing and protect our food supply. But some politicians think that industries should self-regulate.

    And I think we’re learning that we can’t trust industries to manufacture pet food responsibly without oversight and the fear of mandatory recalls.

    Are you from Arizona? If so, your senator, Jon Kyle (R-AZ), is the #7 recipient of agribusiness donations. He got $454,059 in 2006. Ask him if he wants to strengthen the FDA and if he support Sen. Dick Durbin’s call for a new food safety agency. Ask him if you can count on his vote to expand FDA and food safety agency powers. Or will he vote with the GOP minority against regulations? If you voted for George Bush, ask him why he appointed the top executive at the National Food Processors Association as head of the FDA. Ask President Bush why he’s forcing the FDA to cut back on its budget as well as its inspections by 50%.

  11. Lorie says:


    I wasn’t trying to scare anyone with the Wellness thing but please take your cat off the Wellness she said all 4 or 5 of her cats were throwing up from it that is how it started and now one is at deaths door, she said it seemed to be more gastro intestinal problems than kidney but still doing its damage, said the really sick cats number for kidneys was coming back in normal limits and about a week or so later he just crashed. Now remember this is a vet trying to figure it out and she can’t. Just knows what she was using, and that she saw a nother kitten this week eating only Wellness and vomiting.

  12. Rick says:


    Thanks for your response–and I know you were not trying to scare anyone–these pet food companies have already done a good enough job of that. It’s good that you posted the info. The info we get here may be more helpful than what our esteemed govt/pet food companies/media gives us.
    I guess we need to find out if anyone else has experienced the same thing with the Wellness cat food. My dogs eat it as well, but they seem fine. Did your vet say anything about the dog food?

  13. Lorie says:


    if you want to know the truth she ahs reported the Wellness dog food for a different reason she is convinced it caused her 2 year old dog to develop cancer……………………… which we have all ready discussed cancer is another issue with pet food all together I was horrified to find out how many foods since this all started use BHA BHT or both in their food Hills RX is one of them what a crock it is band by the FDA as a cancer causing agent and the put it in our little peoples food.

  14. susanUnPC says:

    Very scary about Wellness! Hope people are reporting to the appropriate agencies/groups.

    Aren’t many of Wellness’s products made at Menu Foods? (Which, I forget.)

  15. Lorie says:

    Reporting is very hard to do called FDA this Am still have yet to return my call. After hearings today not surpirsed they seem to be run like the Mickey Mouse Club. Also some one mentioned it earlier pet connection all lets you report issues or deaths caused by recalled foods not ones that are suspect.

  16. 4lgdfriend says:

    Suggest adding SOY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE to your RPC/Corn Gluten Forum! For instance, Fancy Feast: If you feed any of their (1st word of label being) MINCED, CHUNKY, ROASTED, FLAKED, SLICED, W/GRAVY, OR ELEGANT MEDLEYS, you feed wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate . Only the ones labeled FEAST do not contain these.

  17. 4lgdfriend says:

    VETCETERA:”I expect our bill to Royal Canin (who told us they will pay for testing of any cat that has eaten Hypoallergenic in the past six months) to be in the $8,000–$10,000 range”

    SIX MONTHS? SO HOW FAR BACK DID CONTAMINATION OF ROYAL CANIN GO? Does this indicate knowledge of contaimination far further back than publicly admitted so far????????

  18. 4lgdfriend says:

    FDA: The suspect shipment of rice protein concentrate was imported and offloaded during the week of April 2, 2007 by Wilbur-Ellis, an importer and distributor of agricultural products, including rice protein concentrate, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The source of the product is identified as Binzhou Futian Biological Technology in China.

    Compare to 6 mo cited by Royal Canin. Or is this magnanimous offer just because they want to keep VETS business????????? Nuts to pet owners.

  19. susanUnPC says:

    Everyone, I got a letter in reply from Fromm about its wet food plant in China.

    It’s quite a good letter, but rather long so I posted it in the Itchmo forums for your reading:

  20. menusux says:

    New Recall–

    LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Recall

    On Friday, April 20, SmartPak initiated a voluntary recall of a single production run of the LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food.

    The particular lot of food recalled included rice protein concentrate that was supplied by Wilbur-Ellis, the same company that supplied rice protein concentrate contaminated with Melamine to Natural Balance. This was the first time that our supplier purchased and used rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis. No previous lots were affected, nor do we use rice protein concentrate in any other formulas of LiveSmart dog or cat foods.

    Thankfully, the product was just produced, and only a very limited amount of product had left our facility prior to the recall (less than 1200 pounds). We have notified every affected pet owner via both phone and email.

    We have not had any reports of injury to any dogs. Dogs who have consumed the LiveSmart Weight Management food and show signs of kidney failure (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting) should be seen by a veterinarian.

    We have temporarily suspended further distribution of the LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food. We will notify you when we have the product back in stock and will continue to update our website as more information becomes available.

    On AVMA website.

  21. teric says:

    They need to pay the $8000.00 to $10,000. vet bill plus money for pain & suffereing plus an additional amount to cover any vet bills that may occur in the future.

    My guess is the crooks will say “they agreed to pay for testing” not pay for the entire bill. They should be sued along with the rest of these companies.
    What’s this about going back 6 months. Has their products been contaminated that long?

  22. Chad says:

    “Unfortunately at this time it is impossible to produce cans that meet our
    quality standards here in the USA- there just isn’t a human food plant that
    can do it, we searched extensively for over 18 months.” LMFAO

    But these quality standards can be met in China??? Seriously how retarded to they think we are?

  23. susanUnPC says:

    I’m skeptical too, Chad. Surely the labor cost + ingredient costs have to be major factors, even if they deny it.

    And, btw, doesn’t Purina have a plant in China, and in another SE Asian country?


    Goldy has a new diary at DailyKos:

    “Salvaged” pet food: it’s a cow eat cow world
    by Goldy at HorsesAss

  24. AZSue says:

    Here are my answers to your questions and concerns:

    “Are you from Arizona?”

    Originally, yes. Been living in another state for 25 years. Recently moved back 3 months ago.

    “If so, your senator, Jon Kyle (R-AZ), is the #7 recipient of agribusiness donations. He got $454,059 in 2006.”

    You should check your facts…you are wrong! He was the #5 recipient of agribusiness in 2006. You did get the amount right, though!

    “Ask him if he wants to strengthen the FDA and if he support Sen. Dick Durbin’s call for a new food safety agency. Ask him if you can count on his vote to expand FDA and food safety agency powers. Or will he vote with the GOP minority against regulations?”

    If you want to know how this senator will vote, why don’t you ask him yourself?

    BTW…Do you know who the #6 recipient was? (see above link again)
    It was…
    Ben Nelson (D-NE) $426,950 in 2006. That’s a difference of $27,109 from the #5 recipient. Not a big gap, in my opinion, considering the amount both senators received.

    “If you voted for George Bush, ask him why he appointed the top executive at the National Food Processors Association as head of the FDA.”

    1) Why would you ask (in a round about way) if I voted for George Bush? There is a reason that we elect our government officials by secret ballot. Do you go around asking people that you don’t know questions that are none of your business often? You would be very surprised if I actually told you who I voted for. But, of course, I’m not going to do that. That is one of those rights that I cherish as an American citizen.

    2) Why don’t you ask him this question yourself if you are so interested in the answer?

    “Ask President Bush why he’s forcing the FDA to cut back on its budget as well as its inspections by 50%.”

    1) Again, why don’t you ask him yourself?

    I couldn’t help but notice that when you copied my post, you left out what I consider to be the most important part:

    “As far as I’m concerned, they (meaning everyone in Washington) are all in bed together.”

    I meant exactly what the above sentence says. When push comes to shove, they will all cover each other’s butts.

    I will not bother to ask you, or anyone else, to leave politics off of this board any longer…I can see that it is fruitless. Bash away! lol

    Sue :D)

  25. Curtis Edwards says:

    This is America !! this stuff shouldn’t be happening to our beloved pets !!! We can put people on the moon, but we can not control our borders, and protect our little pets ??? What good is the FDA and our congressional leaders, if this is part of their job they were elected to do, then pray tell, what is their job !!!!!!!!

    My heart goes out to every pet owner who have lost a pet because of tainted pet food. and the pure neglect of the system that was designed to protect us all, as well as our pets… its simply pathetic in my opinion !!!!

  26. Russo says:

    9Q9kRl Hello
    I am Russo

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