Recall Update: Tuesday

Updated throughout the day:

- Toxin confirmed in non-recalled cat food by independent lab. Update: Nutro’s site promises a new press release today. (Nutro Products)

- Itchmo Forums now open. Give help and find help from other pet parents.

- Menu Foods CFO sold almost half of his Menu Foods shares 3 weeks before recall.

- Mounting vet bills? One of these charities can help.

- Banfield’s numbers put total deaths or illnesses at up to 39,000.

- (Seattle) Q13 Fox will have a segment on what needs to be done to safeguard the pet food supply tonight at 10.

One Response to “Recall Update: Tuesday”

  1. Guy Labrecque says:

    Why these compagny’s food take cheap ingredient and sold the food like a premiun food ???

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