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  1. Maltese Lover says:

    I know my 2 Maltese dogs died of prematurely from commercial dog food. At that time I swapped Iams and Science Diet. One died prematurely of liver cancer and the other of Cushing’s Disease which is cancer of the pituitary and was supposedly rare at that time (several years ago). The Maltese and Poodle that I’m now raising are 2 1/2 years old and solely been raised on home made food and are in pristine condition (vet’s words during their checkup in Jan, not mine). I suspected something going on with the commercial pet food 3 years ago when I was going through the same thing many of you are going through now. In fact, when I told my vet that I’m raising my dogs on homemade food and she asked why, I told her I suspected that commercial dog food is junk and I predicted (in Jan) that something eventually like this would happen. I feel sorry for all of you who lost your companion animals the last couple of months. I think we all should hit them in the pocketbook and stop buying their products. I propose that every label include EVERYTHING…if the product is imported, and all “hidden ingredients” even though I would never buy commercial food again (from past experiences). The commercial pet food industry is NOT concerned about your pet; they are concerned about turning a profit from road kill and left over “junk” from rendering plants and whatever is left over in the manufacturing plants (I don’t see it as a coincidence that the same companies that own commercial dog food are food manufacturing / labeling companies like Procter and Gamble, Nestle’, Del Monte, etc…

  2. Kiki says:

    Maltese Lover:

    I love maltese too and one of mine died at age 3 years from a rare autoimmune disease (hardly possible since she had papers and there was no history of disease in her bloodline). Now I have a 2 1/2 yr old maltese-terrior mix (she looks like a maltese with the heart of a little terrier - fearless!) and a 2 1/2 year old poodle terrier mix (he looks like something cute, smart like a poodle, active like a terrier). They only eat human food with some side kibble by Fromm’s. I agree with everything you have said. We are not up against name brand pet food here - we are up against a few huge multinational conglomerations that control the entire US food supply.

    Anyway, from USA Today:

    “…Pure melamine makes clear, rectangular or needle-like crystals (implying harmless). The melamine-cyanuric acid mix forms crystals that are round and yellow to dark brown (why our pets died), said Hoff….”

    Frankly I don’t want ANY crystals forming, if you ask me. Why should we have to eat plastic and acid? The FDA is freeing the animals that have eaten this stuff back into the human food supply. We are getting exposed no matter what. For those of us who have turned out back on the pet food industry, we will be again feeding our pets poisoned food. There have been no long-term toxicity studies to rule out bioaccumulation in our organs or tissues. They have not ruled out antagonistic effects on our DNA, they have not determined the dose or toxicity level that is considered safe. Just because we don’t croak within a week doesn’t make it a safe, wholesome, nutritious ingredient to eat - by either humans, pets, or livestock. If it is not needed or useful as an ingredient, then it simply should not be permitted.

    My take on this is that industry feeds industry. If we all start suffering from a variety of chronic diseases, then the medico-pharmacologic industries can make pretty good living peddling their ware.

    The bottom line is that there is no money in health, wellness, & vitality. The government is not interested in anything that keeps us healthy or in prevention of diseases. Nor is there any money in sudden or acute deaths (eg. acute contaminations that cause panic). From an economic standpoint, there is money in diseases that can be effectively managed (low dose toxicity that is considered safe - we keep eating and the effect is subtle). Overtime, we don’t work as well, parts go bad (kidney, liver, heart, tumors grow, auto-immune responses occur, etc…), the medical and pharmacologic industries keep us alive with various treatments and meds and we can continue to work to sustain their economy and eat their poisoned food and eventually we die, but not before they have sucked the life, vitality, and money out of us…

    Great way to wake up in the morning…

  3. Love my pets says:

    I adopted a cat from a shelter 11 years ago. At the time, his estimated age was 7 to 10 years but I believe he was younger. On February 14, 2007, he dropped dead. He had been completely fine one minute and was dead the next. His diet was prescription Eukanuba Low-Residue and Sheba. In January, our local Petsmart posted fliers in the store that said they were discontinuing Sheba. We fed our cat Sheba because it didn’t seem right to limit his diet to a single dry food for life. We decided to try some other wet foods not so much for the nutrition but for variety. We tried Nutro and Iams in pouches. When the recall was first announced, more than half of the Nutro and Iams pouches in our possession were on the recall list.

    We took our cat’s body to the vet for cremation services. After sleeping on it, we called and asked that they do a post mortem. Only a couple months prior to his death, the cat had had a complete medical work up including a geriatric profile and there were no problems. That did not fit with what happened. Since veterinarians and the general public did not know about the pet food problems at that time, no one knew to look at blood chemistries or to look for melamine crystals in the kidneys or related structures. The post mortem was done at a high level only. The vet found that our cat had one small probably not functional kidney. His heart walls were slightly thickened, but he was a very large cat and this can be normal. The only thing the vet could surmise with the data from the post was that he suffered some sort of heart issue that killed him.

    I know we have only anecdotal evidence that the food was responsible for my cat’s death and I have not called FDA because of it. I’ve decided that I will call today. The animals that died before the recall deserve to be counted even if we have less direct evidence of the link. My cat was one of the great loves of my life. I miss him so much. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can talk to the FDA people without crying the whole time like I am now.

    Oh, in case it helps anyone I am feeding Nature’s Variety frozen raw diet now until I get the grinder I need that is on backorder to make my own pet food. To transition from commercial food (canned and dry) I am feeding my cats canned Wellness. My dogs like Pinnacle, Solid Gold and Wellness. I have my dogs off dry food completely. I have one cat that will not eat anything but raw food after about 5 weeks of transition and two other cats who are die hard dry food eaters. My dogs are about half to three quarters of the way transitioned to a raw diet but still want canned mixed with in.

    All the best to you and your pets.

  4. Linda says:

    Maltese lover,
    What do you feed?

  5. Maltese Lover says:

    Hi Linda,

    I alternate meat sources. Usually lean (93/7) beef (ground; cooked), sometimes calf liver (boiled), and baked chicken. I crush a good multivitamin from the pet store and put in their food. The Maltese will eat veggies but the poodle is a little more finicky but has done extremely well on an all meat diet. Just make sure you give a multivitamin. I think after reading everywhere, if you cook the veggies and blend them in with the meat, this is a good balance. The only carbs they get is from beef liver. I scramble an egg in a little olive oil and also mix this in with their food.

  6. Maltese Lover says:


    My hope is (as far as meat is concerned) is that if animals like chickens and cattle have eaten the pet food (which appears to be the case) that their systems will have filtered out most. I’ll be a little more aprehensive about giving my dogs liver (certainly not chicken liver anyway…it is usually calf liver that I feed them). A relative of mine has a chicken ranch and he raises them. The chicken waste (poop) goes to the cattle industry for food (chicken poop is high in nitrogen) so you are correct that all of this revolves.

  7. Carol says:

    I don’t know how to bring an article here into my posting so I’ll just ask if anyone else can look at the NYTimes article written today by Keith Bradsher about “Ill pigs in China”—does anyone know if this is being linked to the problem with melamine? I can’t find anything but my computer skills “are horrid”

  8. Anonymous says:


    What a disturbing article. Readers can use this link:

    Here is a portion of it that will make you want to read the whole thing:

    Hong Kong television and newspapers were full of lurid accounts on Monday of pigs staggering around with blood pouring from their bodies in Gaoyao and neighboring Yunfu, both in Guangdong Province. The Apple Daily newspaper said that up to 80 percent of the pigs had died in the area, that peasants were engaged in panic selling of ailing animals at deep discounts and that pig carcasses were floating down a river.

    The disease reportedly started killing pigs after Chinese New Year celebrations in February, but is now spreading. The state-controlled news media in China have had a few reports on the wheat gluten problem and almost nothing on the pig deaths.

    A man who answered the phone at the city government in Gaoyao, 140 miles northwest of Hong Kong, confirmed late Monday afternoon that pigs were dying there. He declined to give his name.

    Both departments said last week in written responses to questions that they were not testing wheat gluten imported from the mainland for the presence of melamine scrap, a residue from the manufacture of a chemical used in plastics production. The presence of melamine scrap in pet food has been linked to the deaths of as many as 4,000 cats and dogs in the United States, and prompted the culling of chickens that ate contaminated feed.

  9. My Dog's Mom says:

    I have an eight year old lab mix. She has had allergies since she was six months old. At the time I tried home cooked, and limiting her to one protein source, but she has a mind of her own. Anyway, I went back to feeding her commercial dry food, a lamb and rice mix.

    Since the recall, I switched to homemade: rice, oats, carrots, peas, green beans, cottage cheese, eggs, peanut butter, apples. Anything I like to eat, they do too.

    The change in her is remarkable. Her bad breath is gone, her coat is softer, and the itching, licking and torment she was suffering has been reduced to almost nothing. In a few weeks!

    I’m sold. I don’t want to go back to the other stuff. What’s the point?

  10. Monika says:

    I keep forgeting to ID myself and in haste hit submit without posting my name. The above was me.

    Just to add to that article - the government there is doing so much harm - worldwide. Keeping everything hush hush from its people. I am so outraged at the way they handle their business. It hurts their own people, it hurts us and it hurts countless animals - it’s a viscious circle and it’s all connected. People who eat meat (and i’m not even one of those people) should know about this - should be outraged - something needs to change. People that don’t eat meat should be outraged just as much as the ripple effect of what is happening there violates basic human rights (they don’t KNOW there is a problem and could be buying “discounted” meat and consuming pigs with a god-knows-what kind of disease in them).

    For starters, we must BAN all chinese imports. Not just test them, but ban them outright. And then China needs help (its people need help!!) from their own government. A gov’t which is so secretive and corrupt - the very reason these outbreaks start and linger. It’s sickening.

  11. 4lgdfriend says:

    From the USA Today piece: MORE CLUES HERE TO THE FURTHER EFFECTS: “Still unknown is whether it’s simply the crystals physically plugging up the microtubules in the kidneys that is causing the damage, or whether some as-yet unknown compound is also poisoning the cells that line the kidney.

    “There’s something more going on than just the mechanical blockage. Because you wouldn’t see so much necrosis (cell death) and inflammation,” said Powers, who is also a professor of veterinary diagnostics at Colorado State University. “

  12. Anonymous says:

    [USATODAY] Hogs and chickens have been given feed that included up to 5% of the tainted pet food. Using pet food that didn’t meet company standards as a small portion of animal feed is a common practice, though no one at the time knew the dog and cat food was tainted with melamine, which would have made it unfit for use.

    5% is pretty specific. Someone paid specific attn to know how much was used. It did not meet co standards (common practice) means they KNEW it was inferior crap. The co that SOLD IT TO THE HOGFARM KNEW it was tainted w melamine.


    Where are the indictments??

  13. Debbie4747 says:

    I agree that we really need to ban these Chinese imports immediately. How many stories, besides our own do we need to hear before the fda and our own freak show of a government will learn that the stuff we get from China is not just crap but flat out dangerous and deadly.
    I heard on the news that the White House fed the Queen lamb…not pork…not chicken, but lamb. Not even fish that may have been imported from China..lamb.
    That article of the pigs in China is just so sad. And these farmers are selling them at a discounted price. Does that mean they are going into their own food chain? If that’s allowed, why are we still bringing in their crap? We know they couldn’t care less about human lives much less the lives of animals. And our government is doing all it can to protect them. Really, my neck hurts from shaking my head so often!

  14. 4lgdfriend says: PFI CYA:
    “No amount of regulation would have found the melamine,” says Duane Ekedahl, president of the Pet Food Institute. Instead, he says, the Chinese government should step up to help certify its food products - or otherwise be stung by consuming nations that shift their trade to more careful trading partners.
    … “The US system is not broken; that’s an oversimplification,” says Mr. Ekedahl. “We shouldn’t have to inspect it here. [Foreign governments] should inspect it all there.”

    FDA BS

    “The total number of food-borne illnesses has not increased, and that is an important message not to be lost on consumers,” says Dr. David W.K. Acheson, newly-appointed director of the FDA’s food safety and security staff

  15. Patty L says:

    Carol, here’s that NYTimes article about the dead pigs in China. They are so secretive the cause isn’t given.

  16. Lisa Clay says:

    Has anyone considered that the amount of melamine in the food supply could hurt INFANTS, the ELDERLY and the IMMUNO-SUPPRESSED? I realize that it’s consider safe for the rest of us, BUT how are they CERTAIN without actual data? And HOW can we TRUST them either?

    I decided at the beginning (March 16th if you use the official recall date), not to feed any product made by Menu at all, regardless of the Menu factory location. Additionally, I decided not to buy any products ever again, made by ANY company who used Menu (even if they stop) and that includes Evo and Instinctive Choice (Life’s Abundance). Maybe I am carrying this all a bit too far, but better safe (even if slightly paranoid) than sorry.

    I’m not sure how one gets a law passed with regards to foods, but EVERY company should be REQUIRED to list WHERE their product is made and WHERE their ingredients come from. If THEY buy from a supplier, then the supplier MUST provide this information as well. Otherwise this all fades in the news media and eventually the same thing will happen again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    How many other cases from “CROSS CONTAMINATION”??? See PetConnection piece : Cat that DIED was eating OTHER nonrecalled FLAVORS of a recalled food plus a late recall “cross-contamination” food made at the Menu plant that “did not contain wheat gluten. Supposedly.”
    VET: “I hope people realize that this ‘cross-contamination’ isn’t just some hypothetical possibility; Scooby is dead from whatever ‘cross-contamination’ means. That’s a lot of cross-contamination.”

    Were ingredients being substituted or was tainted stuff mixed into Menu’s raw material stockpile as one tipster suggested??

    VET: “One of the most heartbreaking consequences of the poisoned pet food is something rarely mentioned in the media, or even on the blogs: the longterm health damage done to pets who recovered ”

    [usatoday]some as-yet unknown compound is also poisoning the cells that line the kidney.

    “There’s something more going on than just the mechanical blockage. Because you wouldn’t see so much necrosis (cell death) and inflammation,” said Powers, who is also a professor of veterinary diagnostics at Colorado State University. “

  18. Sylvia says:

    I know they’d be eating lamb. At first I was horrified because I thought Matt Hasselbeck was on the list. (My hero) I figured they must have put an implant in his brain to get him to hang around with them. But then I saw it was Tim, thank goodness.
    I wondered about the cross-contamination issue, too. The crystals would have to be absolutely deadly for due diligence to have produced a bad product like that.
    We’ll get those indictments in spite of all the new U.S. Attorneys. They don’t want to radicalize a bunch of average pet owners and turn us into frothing Fair Traders.

  19. 4lgdfriend says:


    “The UK reported that unauthorised genetically modified rice intended for animal feed had entered the market from China via the Netherlands. ”

    “Businesses in Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain were also named as receiving consignments of the rice protein concentrate. ”

    That GMrice gluten came from GM rice. WAS GM RICE USED IN PETFOOD? “Those familiar with the body of GM safety studies are often astounded by their superficiality. Moreover, several scientists who discovered incriminating evidence or even expressed concerns about the technology have been fired, threatened, stripped of responsibilities, or censured.[13] And when problems do arise, they are not followed up. For example, animals fed GM crops developed potentially precancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, damaged immune systems, bigger livers, partial atrophy of the liver, lesions in the livers, stomachs, and kidneys, inflammation of the kidneys, problems with their blood cells, higher blood sugar levels, and unexplained increases in the death rate. (See Spilling the Beans, August 2004.) None have been adequately followed-up or accounted for.” “FDA officials told the media that melamine is ‘fairly non-toxic’. The derivative pesticide cyromazine, sold as Larvadex and Vetrazin by Syngenta, is not all that toxic either, (oral LD50 for rats 3387mg/kg) and is actually fed to chickens to control fly larvae in their droppings.
    The widely used crop insecticide cryomazine is actually absorbed by plants after being sprayed, and is converted into melamine. This could be another possible source of gluten contamination. And when cryomazine is consumed by test animals, it is converted in their bodies, like the plants, back to melamine. Since melamine was found in some 873 tons of wheat gluten from China the dilution in the vast volume of pet foods being recalled must be considerable. So perhaps melamine was a smoking gun, a symptom and not the primary cause of so many animals becoming sick, and even dying.

    Pesticides are used extensively on rice crops, and many varieties of GM/transgenic rice have been planted in Asia. This may account for the presence of melamine in rice protein… But perhaps other chemical compounds in the transgenic/GM/genetically engineered rice, corn, and wheat from China, not yet identified, or at least made public by the FDA, may be involved in the tragic pet food poisoning pandemic.”

  20. menusux says:

    4lgdfriend Says:
    May 8th, 2007 at 10:10 am PFI CYA:
    “No amount of regulation would have found the melamine,” says Duane Ekedahl, president of the Pet Food Institute. Instead, he says, the Chinese government should step up to help certify its food products - or otherwise be stung by consuming nations that shift their trade to more careful trading partners.
    … “The US system is not broken; that’s an oversimplification,” says Mr. Ekedahl. “We shouldn’t have to inspect it here. [Foreign governments] should inspect it all there.”

    OK–how many of you think that Duane-o sits in his office all day, keeping tabs on the pet food crisis?

    “”The key element is: Is the purpose of the organization such that it will bring value to membership? It can’t be just a collegial organization. People don’t have time for that today,” says Duane Ekedahl, vice chairman of Smith Bucklin & Associates, a D.C. firm that manages 140 health care, technology and business associations.”

    Business Trade
    Full-Service Management

    Pet Food Institute–along with clients like the American Spice Trade Association, and one I have no idea how he got:

    National Organization for Competency Assurance.

    There’s more on Duane-o on the internet–just Google his name and you’ll find out–I don’t want to post it here because it might appear to be internet stalking. Basically he has a Pet Food Institute hat, a Popcorn Board hat, and so on–all at the clients link above. He’s a hired gun that can’t shoot straight.

  21. Anonymous says:

    note that Syngenta, maker of cryomazine is mentioned as one of the big GMO pushers: “FDA officials told the media that melamine is ‘fairly non-toxic’. The derivative pesticide cyromazine, sold as Larvadex and Vetrazin by Syngenta, is not all that toxic either, (oral LD50 for rats 3387mg/kg) and is actually fed to chickens to control fly larvae in their droppings.
    The widely used crop insecticide cryomazine is actually absorbed by plants after being sprayed, and is converted into melamine. This could be another possible source of gluten contamination. And when cryomazine is consumed by test animals, it is converted in their bodies, like the plants, back to melamine In spite of concerted efforts from the GM industry and from the
    political establishment to prevent truly independent research on the
    health effects of GM food, there is now a mass of information in the
    public domain to demonstrate that such food is potentially dangerous.

    We will never know how many GM varieties have been developed and then quietly abandoned before reaching the regulatory process as a result of deaths or physiological damage during animal feeding trials, since studies by Monsanto, Syngenta and the other GM corporations are conducted in-house and under conditions of great secrecy. But we do know of at least seven cases where GM varieties have been withdrawn because of direct evidence of health damage (5) (6) (7); and there are many instances of human and animal deaths arising from GM feeding trials and premature release onto the market of GM products (8-12).

  22. Sylvia says:

    “The lunatics have not only taken over the asylum, they have taken over our food supply. Heaven help us!”

    Even super-fundamentalist conservative Christians are aware of the dangers in GM crops. This is about the human/plant versions to produce drugs are just too much!

    On top of the above, I think Washington state is allowing a human/barley experimental field, even though our government is solid Democrat. The first thing the locals had to explain to me when I moved here is the difference between Washington state Democrats and my concept of Democrats. And we have most of that stuff from China coming right through Seattle, too. No hope here for the local level to inspect or stop much of anything.

  23. Sylvia says:

    Don’t mean to get carried away, here. But that pig illness sounds a lot like Ebola. Remember the Ebola researcher that went over the bridge in Memphis? And the medical examiner, O.C. Smith? Read up on that. I know someone in law enforcement in Memphis. Nobody thinks Wiley’s death was an accident.

  24. e wem says:

    Sylvia, the pig illness is bad isnt it. Many rat poisons kill by internal bleeding.

    I am a super conservative fundamentalist Christian who took all the pre-med biology and chem along with my math degree. I am horrified by GM practice for scientific and religious reasons.

    By my faith God created such a fine world and we are destroying His creation. Given ‘dominion’ over the earth does not mean the right to destroy. It means stewardship. These creeps are destroying the genetic wonders of life without my consent, without even informing me.

    By science these people are fools. Because they understand that a certain gene segment produces a certain result - say exretion of insecticidal toxins - how do they know what else this gene segment influences? They do not. They can know some of what it does, but they cannot even guess all of what it does. They cannot predict how all the functions of a gene splice affect the host in the long run, not even the parts these fools think they understand.

    There is also the case of the bees who picked up genetic components into their DNA from pollen gathered from GM crop. Apparently spliced genetic component can more easily junp into the DNA of a host that merely eats the product.

    Think about that when eating an onion spliced with toad DNA.

    There is no informed consent when an allergic individual eats an apple that has been spliced with material from a brazil nut to which he is allergic.

    Evolution or creation, we had pretty much a steady state of known allergens. No longer.

    Now they are let lose an herbicidally resistant GM rice that can cross pollinate one of the worst weeds threatening agriculture. Soon the super weeds may choke commercial rice farming.

    There is no informed consent to the use of human DNA in the food we eat. To me this is religiously cannabalism, and scientifically the way to create host livestocks for ungodly super pandemics since they are now part human and therefore may breed pathogens more ammenable to living in human bodies.

    Several major universities have already developed test rats with human brain cells in their brains. Will their reasoning be superior? I don’t want to know because that is all we need - pests with higher intelligence

    Our government thinks we are too stupid to understand this. My poor dear pets

  25. Sylvia says:

    It’s definately Frankenstein Time. Well, better get out and enjoy the sun while we can today!

  26. Sylvia says:

    OFF TOPIC! Recallers please ignore.

    Regarding illness in the poor Chinese pigs mentioned above. It looks like, (no vet here), this is more Ebola-like due to the bleeding skin lesions. Found this scary gem in Yale Global Online:
    China Bug – Is It Ebola-like Bird Flu?
    Andy Ho
    The Straits Times, 28 July 2005
    “Alas, this stonewalling can kill as the H5N1 acquires more lethal genes - like Ebola genes.
    Although it has never been officially seen outside Africa, the intrepid reported last April an Ebola outbreak in Shenzen, next to Hong Kong, which the authorities denied. Now, Boxun sources tell them that the Sichuan outbreak is the rapidly evolving Ebola SZ-77 strain which can infect birds, so it may be tied to bird flu at Qinghai.
    Incredible? Pittsburgh-based genomics expert Henry Niman told The Straits Times he has noticed a gene in H5N1 ‘that is an exact match for an Ebola gene. So it is possible that a dual infection in birds or people may be leading to a new H5N1 - or a new Ebola virus.’
    Yes, a swap between bird flu and ebola viruses can happen. Dr Niman said: ‘They just need to be in the same host cell.’
    Let’s hope this has not really happened yet. Otherwise, we could all be in the same boat, a rapidly leaking one at that. ”

    All I know is, “Houston we have a problem! IN CHINA!!!”
    And I regret eating their farmed Tilapia fish.

  27. Sylvia says:

    I’ll put this here, too, since it follows this thread about the poor pigs and the GM feed effects. I don’t see a massive bleedout mentioned up there as seen as a GM effect, but who knows? It sounds more like a disease the way it is spreading, but with no Mission Control operating in China, maybe it is a slow feed recall!
    (Like here)

    Don’t know if it is significant, but the city where the pigs are bleeding out is near a Cargill mill and a couple of oilseeds crushing plants. (General area and a branch office is around there.

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