Recall Update: Tuesday

Iams Sample Search Update: We have located 2 bags. Thank you for all your help. We’ll release test results as soon as we have them. It may take up to a few weeks. Here’s the original post.

USA Today: Menu Foods admonished by judge for harassing plaintiffs.

“It’s one thing for two people to sit down at the table and voluntarily agree to settle their case, it’s another thing to harass people on weekends through automated phone calls,” [judge] Hillman said to Edward Ruff of Pretzel & Stouffer, Menu’s lawyer.

Pet Connection has the full transcript (PDF).

China says US bargain hunters share the blame. Other Chinese producers suspected problems in exports.
If you’ve missed the news from Friday, here’s a recap:

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  1. DMS says:

    Just wait until the pharmaceutical rice gets into the food chain. What can they be thinking planting that stuff outdoors. Even indoors, I would be leery unless it’s an airtank CDC chamber. But even then, you never know. It’s sheer madness, wreckless with the environment and all of it’s inhabitants. We truly have a moron for a president, everyone from Monsanto is in some high government position of influence, and we are out of luck. Unless we are suffering from chronic diarreah. God knows what else they are brewing in the crops. They may actually end up creating a worldwide food shortage due to inedible crops. I think this is getting more probable by the minute. Then we will have no choice but to eat them and suffer the consequences. Dr. Fox may be onto something.
    Their justification for growing pharmaceutical rice in Kansas is that the climate is wrong for wild rice. but what about other plants, or flooding, climate changes and changing weather patterns. It’s just way too dangerous. I can’t wait till they start putting it in yogurt and some of my other favorite foods.

  2. DMS says:

    and look, the only one with enough pull to disallow the planting of the pharm rice in Missouri is beer giant, Anheuser Busch. The government won’t listen to scientists, but when Auggie Busch speaks, people listen.
    Until now, plants with human genes have been restricted to small test plots. In October, Ventria sought permission to grow its rice commercially on as many as 3,200 acres in Geary County, Kan., starting with 450 acres this spring.

    A previous plan to grow the rice in southern Missouri was dropped when beermaker Anheuser-Busch — the nation’s largest rice buyer, which has expressed concern about the safety and consumer acceptance of gene-altered rice — threatened to stop buying rice from the state if the deal went through.

    That really beats all and shows you that money has more influence than science any old day. I guess that’s why we are in the throes of global warming right now. No one listened to reason. Big business had more influence than the academics. I was learning about it in school in the 70’s. For 30 years the government poo-pooed it. Now what? Who was right? It doesn’t even matter anymore. It is what it is. And so is the GMO threat, and Food Safety, etc, etc.

  3. Helen says:

    DMS: I hate to tell you but your yogurt already has Monsanto in it. rBGH synthetic growth hormone. Read up on it. While you are at it, look up the info on dioxin in milk. Even in organic milk. Monsanto has tried since day one to have it made ILLEGAL to label milk as being from rBGH free cows. I think some states do not allow this labelling. Has anyone been wondering why children are hitting puberty at an earlier age?

  4. danielle says:

    Steve says:
    “At this rate we’ll all be foraging for grubs in four years.”

    HA! Thanks for the laugh! I probably shouldn’t find it so funny, because it’s probably going to be true.

  5. YaYa says:

    We could all stock up on the 17 year locusts/cicadas!

    They are High in protein and heard- tasty too :-þ

    They are pretty cool tho. The first stager should be popping out shortly, they’re in a sort of larve type stage. If you dig down deep enough {I’ve found them in my garden soils bout a foot down}, you’ll find them on their way UP.
    You can see tunnels all over in some areas, like under old trees. If you get one {kind of like a large ‘grub’ looking thing}, you can set it on the ground and come back a little later and see they’ve dried a bit and have their wings and a body color- reddish, showing. Sort of pretty. BIG bugs :-D

    Then they climb the trees and bushes and Sing That song!
    They then Mate and do the egg thing, soon die and then the next batch goes deep again. That’s IT. They, won’t be seen or show for *17* more years. June should be Noisy :-D

    Scientist still don’t know why they do it that way.

    Folks are dipping them in tempura batter and frying them up and other interesting ways to serve them, at Cicada parties! LOL


  6. danielle says:

    Are we sure it’s a 17 yr cycle, and not one of the signs of the Apocalypse? frogs, locusts, melamine, cyanuric acid?

  7. sez who says:

    DMS - you are correct and it’s pathetically sick, isn’t it?…

    While Bayer dropped the push for this GM over 10 years ago for “reasons unknown” … it still got planted and the disaster/s happened. What did USDA do??? Instead of containing and destroying they took the road to fast track it for APPROVAL in November 2006.. That’s how they handled it when the news got out..

    and lets quote one more time what Japan thinks of GM foods.. “We will watch and see what happens in the next 10 years to American Children”

  8. Trudy Jackson says:

    Hi all, i’m the one who has the sick dog I talked about last night. the Doxie. Well, He threw up all night and drank a lot of water. I haven’t seen him go to the bathroom though. I took him in first thing this morning and the vet said He is just starting to dehidrate. He wouldn’t eat at all. The vet is keeping him there. And i said, check the kidney, dog food thing too. He’s running all kinds of tests. So, I will know more later today. But My other dogs are fine. So, He may have pancritities [sp?]. He is overweight and in some pain. so I hope it’s not the food. we were up with Him all night, I was scared to death. He is very sick whatever this is.

  9. Phyllis says:

    Hi All

    Here is a May 30th reply from Iams to my May 2nd objections to their free bag pf food and their treatment of test animals. I wrote in response to a free bag of food offer.

    From : Iams Customer Service

    To : “‘’”

    Subject : Hello from Sharon @ Iams

    Date : Wed, May 30, 2007 07:09 AM

    Dear Phyllis:

    We appreciate you taking the time to write to us with your feedback. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat.

    Comments from consumers, especially during such a scary and sad time for many pet owners, are valuable to us. As Iams and Eukanuba employees, we feel deeply for everyone affected by the Menu Foods wet food recall involving 95 brands, including our own.

    This is an industry-wide issue, and P&G Pet Care is working closely with
    industry partners at the Pet Food Institute ( along
    with pet health experts from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), to provide pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians with current information concerning this issue.

    Our canned and pouch foods are just a small part of our overall production.
    We use contract manufacturers because they provide wet food production
    expertise and economies of scale. This allows us to meet our consumers’
    needs for the variety of wet products we offer, while keeping the cost of
    the food down.

    Formulas for Iams and Eukanuba are developed by expert nutritionists at the Paul F. Iams Technical Center. These proprietary formulas are based on years of research and expertise in dog and cat nutrition.

    Our nutrition philosophy is based on highly digestible animal-based protein
    for essential amino acids, balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid ratios
    for healthy skin & coat, and moderately fermentable fiber for enhanced
    intestinal health. That philosophy of optimal levels of protein/fat/fiber
    gives us a competitive advantage vs. generic or private label products and
    other branded dog and cat foods. Our commitment to quality and optimal pet nutrition remains at the core of Iams and Eukanuba manufacturing and R&D.

    In regards to your comments about the treatment of our own dogs and cats in our Pet Health and Nutrition Center, you have run across some sensational and inaccurate information that first was introduced more than four years ago.

    Let me show you our facilities and policies regarding animal welfare by
    linking you to: You’ll notice that:

    * We only do testing in one of three places: our Iams Pet Health & Nutrition
    Center, in the homes of volunteer pet families, or in places where pets
    already have a home, such as a service dog organization that raises puppies for placement with those in need.

    * More than 70 percent of those studies are done in-home.

    * We’re also investing heavily in alternatives programs that will allow us
    to reach our goal of reducing feeding studies that need to take place
    outside of pets’ homes.

    * We have an International Animal Care Advisory Board made up of experts in animal welfare from around the world, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA). These respected individuals have provided advice that has helped us create the caring home that you see pictured in photos and video on our site, and they hold the authority to conduct unannounced inspections there at any time to provide assurance that we are following our policy they helped create.

    Iams employees are passionate about pets, whether they are our own pets or pets around the world. Caring feeding studies help us assure pet lovers that we can provide nutrition that delivers on the key health care benefits that we declare on every product package. We take the same amount of care with our ingredients, our recipes and our manufacturing processes.

    I hope I have been able to adequately addressed your concerns. If you have additional comments, please contact us anytime through our E-mail Us Now page located on our web site at Or, look for instant answers on our web site FAQ. We would also welcome your call Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time at 800-675-3849.

    Thank you for writing.

    Iams Pet Care Team Member

    The information in this email should not be substituted for advice from your
    veterinarian or animal behavior professional.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 11:31 AM
    Subject: A consumer message - en_US, Email Us

    [Comment:] No Thank You to the free bag of cat “food.” I will not feed my
    cats ANYTHING that has Menu Foods as part of the making or distribution of
    it. They knew for years that entities could be putting various things in
    the grains, gluten, flours and proteins to falsify the nitrogen readings.
    They used it anyway, and in the case of some brands, even added lower grade products to keep production going. They may have added things that were not part of the recipe like Diamond Foods did. I lost my cat last summer to cat renal failure. Her food made her sick.

    The most damning circumstancial evidence is the attitude and actions of the CEO. Delaying notifying the public until he had sold off plenty of Menu
    Foods shares.

    SHAME ON YOU IAMS. You should have been keeping an eye on the production of your products with independent, random monitoring. YOU WERE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. You will not get my business, and I am warning all my friends against these cheap grain filled foods that sell at premiun prices.

    I have used Iams and Eukanuba in the past, but will no longer do so not only because of the pet food SCANDAL that should have surfaced years ago if you were doing your job right, but also because of the abhorrent treatment of some animals by your facilities and MOST ESPECIALLY BY MENU FOODS. The “16 confirmed dead” were mostly innocent cats and dogs fed FOOD THAT MENU FOODS KNEW WAS SUSPECT! It isn’t just PETA that has actual pictures of your at best clumsy, and misguided treatment of your study subjects. Others do too.

    And it appears that many if not most of your workers looks at this care as
    “just a job,” not as the opportunity to carefully and lovingly take care of
    your animals.

    Your paying of vets to recommend your products, and then brag about it, puts me in mind of pharmaceutical companies promoting drugs they KNEW would harm people just to make a buck. Shame on them, and shame on Iams and Eukanuba for following the “everybody’s doing it mind set.”

    I never bought that excuse from my children, and I do not accept it from pet food manufacturers like Proctor and Gamble, Purina, etc. etc.

    I am currently buying Innova EVO, Evolutionary Diet. It has NO GRAINS or any type of ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS. I am NOT BUYING FOOD FROM PETCO anymore. I am buying only from a small local entity that does not carry ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS, OR OTHER RECALLED COMPANIES (Natural Balance excepted).

    [Source:] internet iams truth
    [Brand:] Other
    [First Name:] Phyllis
    [Last Name:]
    [Contact Method:] Email
    [Email Address:]
    [Postal Code:]
    [Main Phone:]
    [Time to call:]
    [Country:] United States of America
    [Privacy Mail:] 0
    [Privacy Email:] 0
    [Privacy PG Brands:] 0
    [Privacy Partners:] 0

  10. Phyllis says:

    Hi Helen — Here is a story for you about early puberty caused by hormones added to cattle feed.

    In 1982 to 1984, my two oldest girls were ages 7 to 10. Both began developing breasts at age 9!! They were both small for their age wearing clothes size 4 to 6x! I had not heard about hormones being added to animal feed. But I sure knew something was wrong. They were the size of a toddler and a first grader, but first the older and then the younger began to develop!

    I was a single mom living on welfare while I went to school. I depended on Food Stamps and bought “wisely” :>( by using inexpensive meat, milk etc.

    Well, as luck would have it — at the time I thought it was bad luck, later I realized that God was really blessing us — I got some welfare workers whose main goal seemed to be keeping me from getting my benefits. Several times they closed my case or lowered my food stamps for things that made little sense to me. They even made excuses as to why I could not get my $ back when I showed them they were wrong!

    In the meantime, someone, I don’t remember who or when, told me about hormones being added to cattle feed. I looked at those breast buds (the girls said they were painful — well, I never experienced that as a girl!) and began to put two and two together.

    I approached my clergyman for a food order to the church food program. Since my benefits were going down, I thought I would get my meat etc. from the church (they had their own farms) and use the food stamps for those things I could not otherwise afford.

    In two months, guess what! No more early puberty! I think one of the girls had even had spotting! The breast buds totally subsumed into their bodies, and both girls approached puberty about on time compared to my family history — ages 11 1/2 to 13.

    I am daily learning more about nutrition and health, and now, thanks sadly to the pet food recall, you all are teaching me about adulterations in food.

    I send my family the information and pray they will listen.

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