Recall Update: Tuesday

Iams Large Breed

Iams Pet Food Testing Update:

We reported on a lab report linking Iams Large Breed dry food and cyanuric acid several days ago. Since then, with the help of our readers, we have been able to locate 2 unopened bags that match the lot numbers and have sent it for testing at a separate facility. One bag has been sent for testing, and another is being held for any needs that may arise in the future.

Once the second independent lab reports on the findings we will report the data here.

Other Pet Food Tests:

We have also heard of several other pet foods not on recall lists testing positive for melamine, acetaminophen (yes, the painkiller drug), and cyanuric acid. Currently, we’re focusing on one test at a time and we may pursue other tests once this one is complete.


Itchmo and the other pet food recall bloggers are featured in USA Today.

Check out our non-recall news below. And as always, we’ll keep covering all pet news.

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  1. 4lgdfriend says:

    Good to see media recognition of the only useful sources of information during this crisis! This includes all who searched out and posted tips and responded to those in need. Thanks to all of you. You have been our lifeline.

  2. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    ok–my co-workers are feeding their dogs Science Diet, Nutro and Iams. Is there anything I can tell them to change their minds. So far their animals are all well. My other co-worker has a new puppy and she was feeding her Pedigree. She took her to the vet for shots and the vet told her to feed her Iams or Science Diet. I told her DO NOT FEED YOUR PUP that junk–she is now feeding her Innova. I tell ya..
    I want to change my Canidae to Timber Wolf Bison–I emailed the company and they would not disclose where they make their food. Comments on Timber Wolf???????? Thanks.

  3. skijor says:

    “Although *some* of their reporting attempted to be unbiased, occasional articles seemed to be eggregiously “throwing a bone” to the petfood industry, incorporating industry hype. The fact that this was done without disclaimer and posters who objected to the blatant inclusion were banned from the petconnection site calls into question their underlying motives.”

    Is THAT why I’ve had trouble posting there since my first post asking for emergency recipes? I thought it was some mysterious spam filter, but it seemed odd. My understanding of computers is limited. I thought I’d just entered something wrong.

    BTW Great job, itchmo. I’d throw some money in the kitty to support food testing but I don’t do paypal. Do you have an address for luddites to send $$?

  4. Gail B says:

    “Comments on Timber Wolf????????”

    All I can say is:
    “they would not disclose where they make their food.”

    That says it all for me - I won’t buy or recommend any product from a company that will not disclose all relative facts about the manufacturing process. Ingredients, source of ingredients, manufacturer, etc.

    I wrote a polite email to Timberwolf with my concerns…never received a reply.

    Nuff said - no sale.

  5. barb says:

    does anyone besides me find it suspicious that ALL the findings were from the same lab???

  6. Katie says:


    Labs run quality control with each test. It verifies testing equipment and methods and reagents and personnel. Perhaps this lab heard people ask: please check for all known agents, not just melamine and its derivatives.

    I for one would not be surprised to find out there isn’t more poison in the food. With everything that has been dumped into pet food in the past years…

    Also, in the past companies did their own testing or paid to have tests done behind closed doors. They than determined what they wanted you to know. Now the rules have changed: people are having their food tested INDEPENDENTLY.

    The FDA regional person I spoke to told me it was something I could do on my own too. In hindsight: maybe they know by the time they find it, tell the company what they found, and wait for the company to do what is morally and ethically correct - it will be a cold day in h_ _ _* so by pet people doing it, it’s getting done and reported. May wake up some of those companies hiding behind closed doors.


  7. K9Rescue says:

    In “56 Responses to “Recall Update: Tuesday” on June 5th, 2007 at 11:07 am, purringfur Says: [snip]

    and Itchmo Admin asks:

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Should we start a thread in the discussion forums listing what UNOPENED food we have in our possession so others may request it if they want to test a particular brand?


    It appears that many unrecalled products may be/are contaminated with toxic substances. Further, we know that the FDA, PFI, and mftrs are not going to be forthcoming in discovering, much less disclosing, which foods are not safe. So, I think a database/forum for listing *just the facts* of specific unrecalled yet suspicious foods that people have had problems with and have retained “just in case” would be a great resource.

    If Itchmo starts such a list, feel free to include: 2 unopened cans of Royal Canin Urinary SO (Feline), 5.8 oz., Best Before 10/2008, obtained from a DVM in 2/07. This Rx food caused my kitty to projectile vomit within 10-15 minutes of eating a small amount of it.

  8. Karen V says:

    I don’t know that all the testing was done at the same lab. There are new ones (and I think Don’s might be different from Steve’s).

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