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(Thanks E.Hamilton and ticocats)

Urgent Voluntarily Nationwide Recall of Toothpaste

Peter Quinter, Esq.
(954) 985-4101

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Hallandale, FL — June 8, 2007 — Gold City Enterprise LLC, Hallandale, Florida, is initiating a nationwide recall in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the toothpaste made in China involving:

  • Lot #777A – SHIR FRESH MINT FLUORIDE 9 oz UPC # 859750001023
  • Lot #777B – SHIR FRESH MINT FLUORIDE PASTE 9 oz UPC # 859750001016
  • Lot #777C – SHIR FRESH MINT FLUORIDE 9 oz UPC # 859750001023
  • Lot #777D – SHIR FRESH MINT FLUORIDE PASTE 9 oz UPC # 859750001016
  • Lot #2471A- SHIR FRESH ICE SHIR MINT FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE 6.4 oz., UPC # 859750001092
  • Lot #2471B- SHIR FRESH COOL SHIR MINT FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE 6.4 oz. UPC # 859750001115

This recall has been initiated because the products may contain the poisonous chemical diethylene glycol (DEG). DEG is used in antifreeze and as a solvent, and is a Central Nervous System depressant and potent kidney and liver toxin.



Retailers immediately examine your inventory and quarantine product subject to recall. In addition, if you may have further distributed this product, please identify your customers and notify them at once of this product recall. Your notification to your customers may be enhanced by including a copy of this recall notification.

This voluntarily nationwide recall is being made with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. No injuries or illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem.

Adverse Reactions or quality problems experience with the use of this product may be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by regular mail or fax.

Regular Mail: use postage-paid FDA form 3500 available at
Mail to MedWatch 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787
Fax: 1-800-FDA-0178

47 Responses to “Recall Update: Wednesday”

  1. JennyG says:

    Hey - isn’t the posting on the two dog foods confusing. It makes it sound like the other lab findings contracict the finding on the CANNED dog food. But it appears the first item is for CANNED food, and the second is regarding DRY food. Right?

  2. 5CatMom says:

    Hopefully, Menu Foods will lose another customer today.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. xyz says:

    I’m a little lost on the dry food tests. The way I’m reading it is:

    An opened bag was originally sent for testing by a pet parent. That test was positive.

    Itchmo found three sealed bags of the food and sent one? for tests.

    That test was negative.
    Was the opened (by testing lab) bag from Itchmo tested twice, or was the original pet parent unsealed bag tested again to confirm the original findings?

  5. Steve M. says:

    I think Itchmo is being misleading in including the word “contradict” in their description of the results of some of the samples submitted for follow up testing.

    First, while the samples may be from the same lot #’s, they do not appear to be from the same bags. Just because the food is from the same lot # does not mean it will automatically yield identical results. I would even argue that it might be hard to replicate results across an entire large bag of food if multiple tests were run on it. Just what kind of variability could be in a 50lbs. bag.

    Next, different labs are being used for testing. What are their procedures and methods compared to the other lab? Could this account for different readings?

    I believe saying the evidence is contradictory is inaccurate due to the reasons stated above. I believe it would be a contradiction if the same lab had tested the same bags or cans and had conflicting results. At this point I might describe the results as “variable”, due to all the differences I mentioned.

  6. JanC says:

    For those of you who didn’t see this post yesterday, I’ll copy it here. This is the only thing that makes sense to me because I really believe in one lot you can have some food that is contaminated & some that isn’t…..which makes this situation ten times worse. I know a lot of people are buying two or three bags from one lot if the bag they open agrees with their pet……as you can see (& also from the lab results that Itchmo has received on two different bags from the same lot) this will not always work. Maybe this is the answer to why one lot can vary so much. Thanks, Susan…….

    # Susan Says:
    June 12th, 2007 at 9:07 am

    This is absolute 100% pure speculation, but I wonder….. Regarding the differences in lots/runs: My cousin’s spouse worked at a people food plant in the late ’70’s, believe it or not on the mayo line. They had recipes for each brand. When the Helllman’s run was done, they didn’t empty and clean the machines; they’d start the Grand Union run. So the first 50 or so jars were actually the previous brand and then gradually the jars would become more and more the current brand. My speculation is if the giant bin is still 1/4 full of “wheat gluten” (even if the new recipe calls for barley or whatever) is the beginning of the run “cross-contaminated”? Then, the company has to recall the entire lot number, yet the bags/cans will test out at different levels. I know I shouldn’t speculate, but I do wonder about it.


  7. menusux says:

    PF Companies to Jump from MF to DM?

    Houston Chronicle June 13, 2007

    “But Katzman said the massive recall of pet food this quarter by manufacturer Menu Foods should provide an opening for Del Monte, since Menu Foods was a major contract manufacturer for other pet food brands. Menu Foods recalled more than 150 brands of pet food that contained melamine after owners said their pets had become ill.

    “That company’s fall from grace in the pet food industry, he said, may prompt other companies to begin using Del Monte as a contract manufacturer.

    “”Numerous pet food companies such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate and Nestle-Ralston used Menu Foods in contract manufacturing and are seeking excess capacity,” he said. “Del Monte has it and thus is in a unique position that is likely to be additive to earnings for some time.”

    “A limited number of national brand manufacturers also offer private-label wet pet food products, in particular Del Monte Foods Company. Menu believes that Del Monte does not currently have a commitment to the private-label wet pet food market (or have limited their private-label offering to select customers) and, in some cases, lack the manufacturing capability or capacity to produce the same assortment of containers and recipes as it does.”

    Looks like P & G, CP & N-R are actively looking for places other than MF.

  8. Susan says:

    Ah ha, Menusux, I love that! Let MF eat sh**, puke, choke and die! What company does Del Monte use? Is it MasterFoods? I know someone uses them. Are they any better?

  9. purringfur says:

    What are some of the theories on the poisoned foods that have been brought up over time on this and other blogs/sites? Is it more than greed?

    With some of the high concentrations of acetaminophen and aminopterin being found, do you think the variety of toxins can be just from the use of scrap melamine & cyanuric acid? If the spiking, even with contaminated industrial scrap, has been admittedly going on for quite some time, how can we account for this “mass deadly spiking” THIS time? Was it just a matter of adding too much? Why were there so many deaths and illnesses this time? Some have said that the crystals in the Menu Foods animals do not match the crystals found in other animals. Researchers have also stated that the cyanuric acid/melamine mixture does not account for the chemical and cellular damage being seen — are there still unidentified poisons responsible?

    1. Chinese ingredients manufacturers artificially boosting protein levels of “wheat gluten” and “rice protein concentrate” by adding melamine & cyanuric acid scrap that was previously used for industrial purposes that happened to be contaminated with poisons (aminopterin [rat poison] & acetaminophen [paracetamol or generic Tylenol])

    2. Contamination by ingredients manufacturers that may run both melamine and acetaminophen on the same machines - “cross-contamination theory”

    3. Pet food manufacturers having their own bags of melamine & cyanuric acid to spike protein levels so tests show brand name foods test to the proper amount of protein per their recipe without needing to add “real” protein sources - money saver

    4. Purchase of genetically-modified wheat (flour) that manufactured its own rodenticide, among other poisons - “wheat gone wild”

    5. Purchase of “wheat gluten” and “rice protein concentrate” with cyanuric acid that was intended for ruminants (animals with 4 stomachs that can safely consume it)

    6. Use of acetaminophen instead of glucosamine/chondroitin to relieve arthritis in pets (cheaper than GC??)

    7. Recalled acetaminophen from a couple of years ago being used as a filler or a “bad” batch of acetaminophen that failed a QC test and was passed on to another manufacturer

    8. Deliberate addition of poisons, aminopterin & acetaminophen, to knowingly kill pets - Added by whom? And for what reason? A possible threat from China over trading issues with the U.S.?

    9. A government “drill” to test FERN’s ability to detect and trace a deliberate contamination to the food supply using our pets as the test subjects (FERN = Food Emergency Response Network - set up by U.S. Homeland Security after 9-11 terrorist attacks to test and monitor the safety of our human and animal feed supplies)

    Did I forget any theories to date? What do you think?

  10. Elaine says:

    Last night on Portland news: ICE raided the Del Monte plant in North Portland and arrested over 150? illegals. That plant had a lawsuit against it for terrible working conditions also.

    Again, it is all about the money—-hire illegals, they won’t squeal if you treat them badly and pay them considerably less!

  11. Steve says:

    If Emporia was smart. Those Menu plant employees would walk out and go on strike. Shut that plant down. Menu would try to bring in scabs no doubt.

    Emporia should boot out Menu and the PFI, get that plant cleaned up, rebuilt, and run like it should be. A local corporation where employees are given a stake and sense of ownership and benefits rather then being disposable slaves on a global corporate plantation being built by Henderson, Luba, Weins, and Ekedahl.

    In fact all three Menu plants should.

  12. menusux says:


    DM has its own plant(s), as does MasterFoods. Both are able to crank out pouched PF. The reason N-P may have had MD pouched done by MF might be that N-P doesn’t have the equipment to produce pouched meals. This was what MF believed would be the reason they’d be able to keep their clients. The MF copy at the MF link above goes on to say that MasterFoods has not made themselves available for contract manufacturing:

    DM does do contract work for W-M; recall records show that in addition to the recalled treats, DM produced some Ol’ Roy canned food:

    Del Monte Pet Products
    Ol’ Roy Country Stew Hearty Cuts in Gravy Dog Food
    Del Monte Pet Products
    Ol’ Roy with Beef Hearty Cuts in Gravy Dog Food
    Del Monte Pet Products
    Ol’ Roy with Beef Hearty Strips in Gravy Dog Food

    Del Monte Pet Products
    Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Jerky Strips Dog Treats
    Del Monte Pet Products
    Ol’ Roy Beef Flavor Snack Sticks Dog Treats

    It also shows DM doing some contract work for treats for Dollar General:

    Del Monte Pet Products
    Dollar General Beef Flavored Beef Sticks Dog Treats Treat
    Del Monte Pet Products
    Dollar General Beef Flavored Jerky Strips Dog Treats

    And treats for the Happy Tails store brand for various grocery chains:

    Del Monte Pet Products
    Happy Tails Beef Flavor Beef Sticks Treat
    Del Monte Pet Products
    Happy Tails Beef Flavor Jerky Strips

    While I’ll be glad to see MF lose ALL clients, I still have reservations about this:

    and the possibility that they both had/have a supplier in common.

  13. Elaine says:

    Gosh! Purringfur,

    I think you covered that pretty well!

    All along I have been wondering what actually killed the pets, this seems like a massive cover-up operation by FDA, and I think someone should file a FOIA request, then maybe we would get to the bottom of this.

    I also think the FDA is covering up people food comtamination, because they never would answer questions re poisons in our food supply.

  14. Susan says:

    Will I buy Eukanuba and Iams because P&G bolts for another plant? Absolutely not. The next plant will still be making their crap. There’s a whole lot they need to do before I would ever buy anything from them again. Blaming Menu Foods ain’t enough. Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle-Ralston - you are making pets sick and haven’t recalled tainted products yet. It’ll take a whole lot more than dropping Menu Foods to regain customer confidence. Contrary to the PFI opinion–We ain’t stupid!

  15. Steve says:

    Oh course its a massive cover up. It’s one of the biggest scandals and cover ups in U.S. history.

    Corporate foods are not safe. Toxic, potentially poisonous, causes illness, pain and misery.

    A real Killer

  16. Anonymous says:

    purringfur Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 10:34 am

    “8. Deliberate addition of poisons, aminopterin & acetaminophen, to knowingly kill pets - Added by whom? And for what reason? A possible threat from China over trading issues with the U.S.?”

    I don’t think this is likely, but I’ve wondered if some of this was caused as a form of business sabotage (to hurt a competitor), either in China or Canada/US. Plain old greed + carelessness is probably more likely.

  17. Elaine says:

    Here is the link to the raid on the DelMonte plant in Portland, OR.

  18. Steve says:

    Anonymous at 11:18 am

    What is happening these days makes plain old greed look like a high ideal.

    This stuff where dealing with now, is criminal insanity.

  19. E. Hamilton says:

    Today you need to make sure that all the vets you can reach are keeping up to date on recalls, using itchmo or petfoodtracker instead of the often late and inaccurate FDA site.
    You can also inform the vets that tests are showing several poisons in UNRECALLED foods and that if they continue to sell a food that may cause pets to require expensive vet service it lays the vets open to very serious malpractice problems.

    If you want to do something more and have not filed an FCC complaint yet, you can do that.

  20. menusux says:

    Cyanuric acid can be used to fake a protein test just as melamine can:

    International Herald-Tribune May 8, 2007

    “But chemical producers here say it is common knowledge in the chemical and agriculture industry that for years feed producers in China have quietly and secretly used cyanuric acid to cheat buyers of animal feed. In the United States, cyanuric acid is often used as a disinfectant in swimming pools.

    “Two of the chemical makers said that Chinese feed producers used cyanuric acid because it is even cheaper than melamine and is also high in nitrogen, enabling feed producers to artificially lift the protein reading of the feed.”

    Some cyanuric acid is allowed in ruminant feed as a source of non-protein nitrogen, such as biuret:

    “The food additive feed grade biuret may be safely used in ruminant feed in accordance with the following prescribed conditions:

    “(b) It is used in ruminant feeds as a source of nonprotein nitrogen.”

    We’ve been told that the products from both Chinese exporters were purchased by them from many smaller operations. Some of these smaller operators may have added scrap melamine to fake the protein content before selling to the exporters-others may have used cyanuric acid to do the same thing. The exporters themselves may have added either or both of these before selling to the importers.

    But the real bottom line is that the “wheat gluten” and “rice protein concentrate” were in reality all adulterated wheat flour. Testing what you imported and testing what you bought from the importers would have proven there was no wheat gluten or rpc in these shipments. What everyone bought was contaminated wheat flour.

    Testing would likely not turned up the melamine and/or cyanuric acid, but it WOULD have turned up wheat flour for wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate. And this in itself should have been enough to alert both importers and PF companies that there was plenty wrong with these shipments.

    The importers would have known they’d been had before the material was sold to the PF companies–this would have stopped the sale of it. If, by some chance it did not, testing by the PF companies would have found all of it to be wheat flour. They would have been contacting the importers about the problem with their orders, and it would not have entered the food chain.

  21. menusux says:

    There’d also be no need for “Poor Me”

    Las Vegas ReviewJournal May 19, 2007

    or “Golly Gee”

    San Francisco April 18, 2007

    news items like these because these companies allowed themselves to be cheated. What they’ve chosen to do with their capital is their own business. When what they’ve done with it results in tragedies like these, they’ve made their business OUR business.

  22. Karen V says:

    “The importers would have known they’d been had before the material was sold to the PF companies–this would have stopped the sale of it. If, by some chance it did not, testing by the PF companies would have found all of it to be wheat flour. They would have been contacting the importers about the problem with their orders, and it would not have entered the food chain.”

    Wonder if they cared? Remeber - Manufacturers, Not the Distributors (Brand Name) - and not the retailer. So what if Wheat Flour? Its all grain anyway, right? Whose gonna notice?

    Just a thought.

  23. Sharon says:

    They are all criminals and ought to be put in jail. Apparently if you have enough money in this country you can get away with murder. Big surprise, the Bush administration is corrupt to the core.

  24. menusux says:

    No business can afford to stay afloat by letting people dupe them. If not one of them cared about what they put in the pouches, bags and cans, they certainly do care about keeping their company in the black.

    Staying there means no brainless actions like not testing–just ask MF about their chances of corporate survival from not testing.

  25. Elaine says:


    Didn’t you have a post on here about the lab that did the FDA acetominophen test? I can’t find it, would you repost?

  26. Leslie k says:

    Does anyone have a bag of Evangers dry dog pheasant & rice formula ? I need a 4.4lb bag with the date Oct.19th 2009 followed by the code 001. I have 2 open bags .1 of which seems to have caused problems for 2 of my dogs & 1 of my neighbors. The dog who ate from the other bag had no symptoms;however she only had about 10 pieces. If anyone has 1 or can find 1 I will buy it for testing.

  27. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Leslie k,
    Did you see what JanC posted above? Between her story and the Iams recent testing results, there may not be any guarantee of the same result with the same product. I bought the canned Evangers. My dogs did not eat it, but they are fussy anyway. There were several stories on the canned Evangers in the form that is unfavorable. Maybe for peace of mind, you can still get yours tested just for the record. We would believe you and in a matter of time, the truth would unfold.

  28. TC says:

    Sharon Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 12:19 pm
    They are all criminals and ought to be put in jail. Apparently if you have enough money in this country you can get away with murder. Big surprise, the Bush administration is corrupt to the core.**********

    All power ends up corrupting absolutely given enough time, so be sure you don’t just limit this to one party or administration. Whenever big enough $$$ are involved, anyone can get away with anything, anywhere.

    I was just reading an article on the guy who governs Turkmenistan in my New Yorker magazine (a country which I previously knew nothing about other than an obscure reference I heard once in a Toby Keith song of all things:) All I kept saying to dh is why would ANYONE put up a maniac leader like this…then I did a quick review of all the presidents and administrations in my country over the last few decades. And decided hiring the wrong people for the job just must be inherent in human nature; or that the need for greed and the addiction of power can eventually ruin even a saint’s ethics.

    Eww. I am going to try to focus on how to find a decent candidate, from whatever party or persuasion, who may help us all more than hurt us before they succumb to corruption. But not sure how to do that yet.

  29. TC says:

    Leslie k - I hope you find the food, and that your dog recovers.

  30. JanC says:


    I agree with tealcsmommy……I would have the food tested that came from the bag that your dogs ate from……if your dogs got sick, you would want THAT food tested. Then you can notify the FDA & the PF company about the results….not that anyone seems to care these days… least YOU will know for sure.

    I’m just really beginning to wonder why one lot seems to vary so much. I did copy the post above from Susan & that really does make sense if you think about it. I can’t think of any other thing that would cause “cross contamination” serious enough for a recall. It’d have to be loaded with contaminants for them to recall it, believe me. Sadly, I’m sure this was proven by more pets dying which forced them to recall.

    I think right now that any food is suspect……nobody really knows for sure exactly which poison or combination thereof has been killing their pets. Every time you turn around, a new contaminant is found. Until they get to the bottom of this & how all these foods got contaminated with all these different toxins, I’m afraid of just about any pet food. Home cooking is a pain in the butt but at least I know my dog will be alive in the morning.

  31. Leslie k says:

    TC &Tealcsmommy-The dogs all seem to be fine. The vet doesn’t think any of it was food related & doesn’t want to retest. Obviously time for a new vet ! I know other bags may be fine. Even the owner at Evangers said it could be in only 1 batch run that day or even only a bag or 2. It would be easier to prove with an unopened bag though. Unfortunately you don’t see anything wrong with the food or get symptoms til you open it & feed it to them.
    Our other friends vet said he doesn’t think NJ got any bad food. Only 1 report of a cat dying from these symptoms. That could be because they haven’t been keeping up with it & don’t know the symptoms. My brothers cat died in early Dec of acute sudden kidney failure. He ate pouches of cuts in gravy that still haven’t been recalled.I also know 2 other people who lost cats to it & the vets just said it was age. 1 was 18 but healthy;the other 1 was only 8.My brothers cat Lucifer was 3.

  32. Leslie k says:

    Forgot to add, we are homecooking but they are so used to dry we’ve been adding just a little to each meal. I won’t even buy treats. 1 of my cats will not eat any homemade treats. I’ve tried multiple recipes. I buy him the Purrz by Zukes. Its grain free & guaranteed tested safe. I think we will only use the Cal. Natural dry. Its the only 1 I feel at all safe with. We will definitely test the open bag. Maybe we can get a multiple food discount. Have 4 more to test ! I feel kind of helpless. I check the blogs every day. Call the co’s I want to try & switch the food gradually & still can’t seem to find safe food. Even cooking w/organic ingredients I wonder what the meat was fed . Or what the fruit or rice or veg were treated with. Still has to be safer than commercially made food !

  33. JanC says:

    I use about 1/4 c Canidae because my dog does like the crunchy dry food….the rest is made by me. I worry too about the meat, veggies & rice I give her but one thing is for sure: there is absolutely, positively no way that what I feed her is going to kill her like a commercial dog food could. I hope & pray that Canidae & foods from Natura are never recalled as they are the only ones I trust right now.

    I did find some organic cookies at Costco for my dog. She gets some rawhide to chew on (she’s young & if she doesn’t have rawhide to chew on, my furniture would be next) & I also just bought some Canidae biscuits. I threw away a ton of treats, most of which were made in China…..nope, don’t think so.

    Leslie, if you have several foods tested, I believe they will combine them into one test. If it’s all negative, you’re home free. If they find anything, they will have to test them one by one & that’s when you’ll get charged for separate testing. Ask when you call them. I’m sure I read that on one of these blogs or forums.

  34. petslave says:

    Leslie K–can you post what exactly the Evangers did to the dogs? A LOT of us are using Evangers & Canidae (their canned is made by Evangers but I think dry is made somewhere else), thinkng they are two of the safest foods left. I searched the forums for negative posts on Evangers but only found it regarding can quality. Maybe this should be put out on a current post & in the forums if it sounds like a poisoning issue.

  35. Leslie k says:

    Petslave- the chi had the most problems. Slight fever, lethargic,gaunt face & bloated body. Frequent urination & accidents in the house. Loose stools. Wouldn’t jump up & acted skittish if we tried to pick him up. High bilirubin,ggtp & very high eosinophils. Low T4. High rbc in urinalysis. Urine not concentrating. My beagle was urinating frequently & accidents. My lab mix had the runs only. My neighbors lab had the sunken face,bloated body,frequent urination & the runs or loose stool at least 6x a day.Also lethargic & all picking at food.[Mine usually eat so fast they sometimes get sick].It started within 3 days of starting the Evangers. I did mix it slowly into existing food. As I decreased it they improved. When I stopped it totally & went to only Cal Nat they had no symptoms in 2 days. Another friend who had the same size & date & lot# had no problems. Her dog only had about 10-15 pieces though.
    I think the dry is made at Ohio which has had no recalls. Like I said the owner is responding well about the problem. Hopefully it will turn out to be something minor. I would prefer to use small private co’s. I just feel I need my own test results also. I don’t mean to badmouth a caring co;but also don’t want other dogs or cats to get sick because I didn’t say anything.

  36. Leslie k says:

    Janc- I talked to the lab already. They might test the ones the dogs & cats just picked at together but because of the illness they don’t even want the Evangers stored or shipped with the others. My neighbors cat kept trying to bury 2 of the dry dog foods. Maybe she should rent her to the FDA. Probably a more accurate test than what they’re doing now.

  37. petslave says:

    wow this really sounds serious. please post it on the discussion forums & on the one of today’s forums where more people are right now. everyone should know this!

  38. petslave says:

    I noticed you did post your dry food request on another forum, maybe I’ll try cross-posting to your comments on this one so people can follow it if they want.

  39. YaYa says:

    Just off the top of my head LeslieK I remember that Acetaminpphen makes CATS swell. Not sure about dogs.

    I Vote, New Vet!

    Please take care LeslieK and babies!
    Keep us posted!

  40. YaYa says:

    Does *NATURA* make the Candid the Evangers Brands what ever all of them all??????

    Someone let me know.

    Midwest is doing their testing and we just found out they may have their testing detection set too HIGH for melamine and cyarunic acid and Can *NOT* test for Acetaminophen at all!!!!!!!

    Please let me know someone If Natura makes Leslie’s foods Ok?!

    IF so, we Need to be VERY concerned here and NOW!

  41. YaYa says:

    LeslieK if you do get food tested, Please send it to the one Lab we can trust right now, that wold be Expertox in Texas. They also told me they can test Open cans and bags as well as unopened. {you’d have to call them for shipping instructions}

    I firmly believe they are spot on, on what needs to be done to find the Poisons.

    I sure hope it’s not the food LeslieK but something is seriously amiss they for your pets.

    Can you put what Open cans you have inyour Freezer in double bags- Zip-loc bags till we can zero in on what you have going on right now there? Please.
    Save the open food.

    I am so sad for you right now :-(

  42. JanC says:


    Canidae & Natura (dry) are made in different places. Natura has their own plant for the dry & is using Menu (with strict oversight) until they can open their own plant for the wet food. Evangers makes their own wet & I’m looking to see if I can find where their dry is made. The only thing I can find is that they make all their own foods, according to the pet food list so they must have a plant for the dry also. Canidae wet I believe is made at Evangers but their dry is made at Pied Piper if I remember correctly. I do so much reading that sometimes my brain is totally jumbled.

    I’m jumping ahead here but I cannot believe the FDA came out to publicly announce they could not duplicate the acetaminophen in pet foods…..naturally, we all made the foolish assumption that they tested the same pet foods as ExperTox (or whatever the name of the lab in TX is)…..I just read a whole big blurb on the FDA’s testing & they didn’t even test the same food. What the hell is wrong with these people? This doesn’t make any sense to me at all & I’m not even a scientist. I would think they’d be a little bit smarter about these tests than me…..but apparently I was wrong. This infuriates me no end…..anyone who doesn’t follow this will now believe that the other lab was wrong……after all, isn’t the FDA out there for our safety & that of our pets…..aren’t they ones to be trusted? Boy oh boy, this gets worse by the day.

    And now we find out that the PFI is putting down that lab…..wonder now just how close the PFI & FDA are……FDA is now following PFI’s lead & testing different food without being specific about that part of the testing & then announced publicly that the lab is wrong…..that they can’t duplicate the results. Oh, puuuuullllllllleeeeeeezzzzzz.

  43. petslave says:

    Leslie–I hope your dogs are doing OK now & don’t suffer any permanent problems. Does sound like it was the food.

    Didn’t you say you thought Evanger’s dry was made by Ohio? Hopefully it’s not linked to these other problems, but Evanger’s seems like a company that will be quick to check on this & actually do something about it right away. Keep us posted about your results & how your dogs are doing. The little pets are hit so much harder than the big ones with this stuff.

  44. YaYa says:

    You know {and I’ll probably post this in other threads today as well} Regarding the testing; A Lab can set “perimeters” for tests just about any way they want.

    That would Also include include perimeters to MISS things.
    And the more you know in advance of what you are looking for, the easier it would be to adjust the perimeters in advance of Testing.

    So when someone would like to duplcate results, they would want to know and do the Same or in the same manner/perimeters as the previous Labs.

    A little adjstment one way or the other; and Voila You Do or Don’t not have results similar.

    It’s a professional courtesy, to ask for the SETTINGS.

    I do know if anyone is Calling Expertox and even bothering to ask them.

    Just thinkng out loud here ya know.

    ‘One time’ I did a test at a Lab/clinic and came up with some results in one State. A few months down the road, I had a clinic in a different State, for the same Patient, call to ask me, what SETTINGS and what Equipment I used for Comparison/duplication purposes. To benefit the patient.
    Otherwise, you can hurt the patient and their treatment and have Misleading results in many directions.

    I suppose if they did Not want to help “the Patient”, the wouldn’t have bothered to call Right? {wink}
    And they might have missed something all together.
    Being helpful or not. Being Part of the Team or the advisary. Question Why.

    {Kinda maybe like comparing a FERN Lab to a, let’s say, down the street ‘Everyday’ Blood testing Lab.

    A FERN Lab, Is one because, of What they can do Over other Labs. The latest and Greatest ‘toys’ there. BTW ones who’s results, that the FDA poo-pooed a couple months back!}

    Sometimes we just don’t, *Want to*, “find out” things.
    With excuses why of course too ;-)

    SO go here and see the Latest at DON’S!

    He posted last night late :-)

    Thanks JanC for the Food info. But boy I am worried over and for LeslieK’s happenings there.

    My head swims too for all the diferent Foods and where so much wet/dry is made!
    I was going to try the EVO {dry} next. I think’ it’s in this same Food ‘family’. :-(

  45. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Ladies–I’m really getting nervous about feeding my dogs Canidae…even though they have been on it for years. This is very scary…may take them off the food. I did try the Evangers wet buffalo, but will not go there again. These posts aremaking me very nervous.
    JanC–I am feeding the same way you are…I do give Innova health bars for treats and they scarf them down.

  46. Leslie k says:

    Hi everyone-Just wanted to tell you we are saving the food. Its dry so I have it stored in the basement in a sealed container.Accutrace & my cousin[a vet] told me that urine samples & some toxins in food can test false neg or pos after refridgeration.I’m definitely using Expertox[thru Accutrace]for the testing. They already did the Pur 1 sens systems dry dog for me. They kept getting a reading of high Vit E on the crystals in the bag. They redid the test multiple times & heated food quality Vit e to see if it really would crystalize & turn white. I just don’t understand how only 3 labs can reset their test protocals to find these toxins. Natura told me they could reset the cyanuric acid testing to find acetaminophin. The only answer I can come up with is they don’t want to find it.

  47. YaYa says:

    LeslieK, from what I’m understanding {and more on this everyday}, that with some equipment there is an “average” sensitivity. Some equipment allow for more adjustments. Also depending on how new or old the equipment is they use.

    I don’t know bout the Natura thing. I do know I was told on June 7th by MidWest Labs, they could not even begin to test for Acetaminophn {if they choose to do so at all} for at least 3 more weeks.
    Whether that is more or new equipment or study-up on different settings etc. I’m not absolutely positive just what he was referring to.
    I’m just relaying what I was told by the MidWest Lab folks.

    If I were there and they could Show me, then I would know more. On the phone it’s tuff at times :-D

    But No acetaminophen testing for 3 more weeks was Clear to me. {that’s IF we decided to do it, at all}
    He said “you’d really need a Lab with Pharmcology abilities for THAT”- acetaminophen testing.

    I guess we could take tuns in calling MidWest Lab and see if they ADD that down the road.

    It’s a Crap shoot. sigh and I hate this!

    Please keep us Up on the latest there and Hug the babes for Us All.

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