Recall Update: Wednesday

Updated throughout the day.

- Menu Foods expands recalls more food — after FDA says no more recalls.

- Chinese wheat gluten supplier may have also purchased melamine. (Thanks mike)

- Congressional hearing is tomorrow. Email in your thoughts to Senators Durbin and Kohl.

- Cornell scientists say, more toxins suspected, but not yet identified.

- Itchmo’s forums now open for discussion.

- One vet speculates on public reaction if more dogs got sick than cats? (Thanks Pet Connection)

- Nutro says, don’t buy any of their wet products containing wheat gluten.

- Menu Foods CFO dumped shares 3 weeks before recall.

- These charities can help with mounting vet bills.

- Pet Food Accountability Petition now has more than 3,300 signatures total on Itchmo and The Petition Site.


- Royal Canin recalls one brand formula sold in Canada due to expanded recall.

- Canadian victims asked to contact CFIA’s Hugh Baker (info after the jump)

Canadians who wish to report that their pet has been made ill by the contaminated pet food can leave a message at CFIA vet Hugh Baker’s regular office number:

(416) 665-5044

or at his CFIA e-mail address at

If possible he would like to know
- the owner’s name
- the owner’s telephone number
- the owner’s location (City and Province)
- the species and gender of the pet
- whether the pet has died or is surviving
- the name of the veterinary clinic involved
- the type of food implicated
- where the pet food was purchased

Any combination of those details will be acceptable, as he does not want to discourage people who feel uncomfortable providing certain information, but at least the details in bold should be given.

So far CFIA will be unable to do anything immediate for them, but the collection of information MAY be the first step to a constructive response.

Dr. Hugh Baker
Veterinary Program Officer - Exports
Canadian Food Inspection Agency / Agence canadienne d’inspection des
Toronto Regional Office
1124 Finch Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M3J 2E2
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
web address:

19 Responses to “Recall Update: Wednesday”

  1. Ron says:

    Royal Canin in Canada did not recall one brand; they recalled one formula under the Medi-Cal brand.

  2. Louie says:


    Thank’s for the morning stock MARKET REPORT on MENU FOODs.

    Are you sure they were really down 5.81%. I tried to take another look, but your post had disappeared, I think.

  3. Rocky says:

    Here it is again:


    MENU shares are down a bit. The stock is trading at $4.05 (CAN). That’s a LOSS of 5.81%, so far.

    It should be an interesting day.

  4. AZSue says:


    Thanks so much for the link to that Menu Foods stock site! I have a pretend stock portfolio that I load stocks (that I don’t own) into to watch them. Sirius radio was a fun one to watch…crash…anyway, I am going to load in Menu Foods and watch it. Thanks again.

    On a side note…did you notice who one of their site sponsors was? None other than the, “let’s give illegal aliens a credit card,” Bank of America! Now why doesn’t that surprise me? Could this be one of the reasons that the news media is ignoring this whole mess? BofA wields a pretty big club in the marketplace!


  5. Rocky says:


    Yes, they’re a piece of work, alright.

  6. elizabeth says:

    Many senators and congresspeople have their websites set up to require a home state or district address. for emails I believe Sen. Durbin’s is that way. Understandable since they need to hear from their own constituents who voted for them first. I think there is still time to fax to his office, though and sometimes a big heap of paper is more effective than an email. Don’t delay!!!!!

  7. AZSue says:


    You are right! I called Dennis Kucinich’s office (216-228-8850) and they gave me his zip code: 44107

    I also called Dick Durbin’s office (202-224-2152) but forgot to ask for the zip code.

    Both offices asked what state I was calling from and were very nice. I, of course, was extremely nice to them. Being rude, whether it is by voice or written word, will defeat any purpose. The people answering the phones are just like us and the woman from Kucinich’s office was a pet owner/lover, too!

    Treat others as you want to be treated…my golden rule! I also like…Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! (evil grin)


  8. Debbie says:

    Hi, 5CATMOM! : )
    Been meaning to get back to you, and didn’t want this message to get lost in the absolutely wonderful crowd here on the board. Great people! The greatest!!!!
    Anyway, no, I am not Scottish, but I think all of us on this board are “related” by bloodlines that connect to great, BIG compassionate hearts filled with love, care, and concern about animals…AND firmly commited to seeking the TRUTH!…AND JUSTICE!

    Actually, I am Slavic - good people, BUT lookout…very dynamic and outspoken when the truth needs to be told or action needs to be taken! NO fear whatsoever. NO BS from us, neither will we take any BS.

    So if that is how the Scottish people are, then I can understand why you questioned if we are related. : )

    Please keep in touch!…and give all of your five babies an extra hug for me! : )

    ps: I am a one dog and 9 cat mom! Yikes!!!!!! The cats are spoiled brats!

    Everybody, for the past two years, I was feeding my cats “the best,” Nutro dry and canned (fish only) Each one would vomit randomly on occasion for no apparent reason. I attributed their vomiting to anything but the food, and they had no other symptoms, such as weight loss, lethargy, nothing.
    After the recall, I immediately stopped feeding them Nutro even though there was no concern to have about Nutro fish flavors. None of them have vomited since then!

  9. Rocky says:


    MENU shares were down in early trading, but had recovered a bit by noon. However, the stock is currently sharply down at $4.12, a LOSS of 4.19%. There are no buy recomendations for MENU.

    Rocky must sign off for now. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s stock market report.

  10. 5CatMom says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear that you’ve lost dear ones due to the bad effects of the food.

    So many sad stories are posted about sick or dead pets. It just breaks my heart.

    I’m trying to do what I can in remembrance of my beautiful girl, who died after eating Hill’s. What an excruciating process for all involved!

    This website is great. I’ve learned tons. Still trying to get smart about the nutritional requirements of cats. There’s so much - it’s just overhelming.

    I do have a concern after talking with a holistic vet today. I posted it somewhere else but, I’ve lost track.

    Anyway, I’ve read concerns about feeding the super-duper no grain high protein foods to older cats, so I asked the nice vet.

    She said the protein shouldn’t harm a HEALTHY cat. HOWEVER, a cat with poor kidney function should avoid a high protein diet. And she sees many older cats that do indeed have dimished kidney function.

    She strongly recommended that cats be tested by a competent vet to determine their kidney health, as the kidneys can be very damaged before there are any symptoms.

    Lot’s of good stuff on the blog today.

    Take care.

  11. Rocky says:


    Is there any way you can date and time stamp those recall notices, the ‘ol Rockster is having a tough time telling the new news from the old news.

    Many thanks.

  12. Debbie says:

    Hi, again, 5CatMom, thanks for the info about having cats tested long before they develop any visible symptoms!
    The very first time I wrote to you to express my empathy about your “beautiful girl” (I can almost imagine how she laid her arm across you), and then I rattled on about immediate involvement in animal activism in memory of my Cody, (I guess I got off track then), but actually I was trying to express for you to do just as you say you are doing now: “I’m trying to do what I can in remembrance of my beautiful girl…”
    That is very healthy-minded, very beautiful, very loving, very unselfish, and very productive to help save the lives of pets who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. You are doing a great job with all of your contributions on this site.
    And I will continue to fight the good fight in loving memory of my Cody (dog) and my Tiki (cat), who both meant so much to me for so many reasons that words cannot express.

    It’s sad for me to hear that some people believe that this recall is the only time when toxins/contaminants have been found in pet foods. They have been in pet foods all along. And it’s even sadder yet when I tell people about ALL the foods in the recall, and some could not care less. That’s how this area is…no big surprise. It’s like ignorance is bliss.
    Talk to you again…keep up the great work in remembrance of your “beautiful girl.”

  13. Debbie says:

    ROCKY, I have to say it again: you are absolutely a precious gem for keeping us informed on Menu’s stocks! Thanks ever so much!
    Down stocks are the ONLY thing that Menu hears…loud and clear!

    A little FYI: just heard on FOX news, John Gibson’s show, a segment reported that the infamous CFO came across just a little bit too suspicious…and the FCC has some “interest” in him.
    Oh,but Menu had a statement saying the CFO is a man of integrity and (in essence) makes big money and would not jeopardize his position by doing such a thing. —-uh, yeah, right! I guess the Enron guys didn’t have any intentions of jeopardizing their positions either!

  14. Jonathan says:

    Thats nice that Menu can make a statement when their own necks are on the line. Too bad they can’t take appropriate action for our pets their cutomers. Too worried about bad PR and loosing more profit.

    I will be glad to send them soap on a rope when they get sent to prison, hopfully they are forced to eat their own products.

    Hopefully they get sent to super-max, white collar prison is too good for these murdering criminals.

  15. susanUnPC says:

    A popular diarist at Daily Kos will “live blog” the hearing. I asked her to e-mail me the link to her diary so that I can post it here, and you can join in.

    If you’re not a member of Daily Kos, and would like to contribute to the live blogging thread, sign up today so you can post:

    (It’s hard to live-blog those hearings [I can’t do it myself], but some of the folks at DKos are really good at it, so you’ll get the MEAT, so to speak, of what’s going on — almost in real time.)

  16. 5CatMom says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for your work, too. One of my groups is getting tons of emails. People want to know what can they do to make a difference.

    Everyone can call their Senators - that’s real easy to do.

    Like the man said - it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, etc.

    That crew in DC will be a challenge, for sure.

    Talk soon.

  17. Rocky says:


    Thanks for noticing. There’s all kinds of data on the website. Can’t get the insider stuff, anymore. It was available when Rocky first went “on air”, but they took the page down, or something.

    We aim to please. What kind of chart do you prefer?

    Rocky may need to add staff shortly, in order to get out more MENU news.
    We’ll see.

  18. Debbie says:

    Hi, Rocky!
    The insider stuff isn’t available anymore….hmmmm???? The plot thickens!
    I know very, very little about stocks even though we have quite a bit, so I’ll just say for now that I prefer the kind of charts that show Menu taking a nose dive and not picking up…P&G too! But my husband has been following your info to help me to understand it.

    Anyway, for anyone like me who doesn’t understand Menu’s frequent up and down spikes, I asked my husband (who knows a lot but doesn’t claim to be an expert) to explain it to me. Here goes: since Menu is on the hot seat and their shares have become cheaper, people buy the shares when their at their lowest, the spikes/shares go up because of that, and then they sell them when they reached that high. This happens on a day to day basis…and that’s why they’re not staying at a high peak.
    Now from this type of daily action, I gather that Menu is losing money because of having to pay out at the higher rate. Then the stocks go down, and the cycle continues.
    Sound about right, Rocky?

  19. Rocky says:


    Good explanation. Sounds like you’re onto something! Let’s keep an eye on that “monkey business”.

    Many thanks.

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