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27 Responses to “Recall Update: Wednesday”

  1. 5CatMom says:

    From May 24th, 2007:

    “Menu Foods separately announced today that it will release its financial results for the first quarter of 2007 on Wednesday, May 30, 2007.”

    Also, Menu Foods stock closed Tuesday at $4.20 (Can).

  2. andy121106 says:

    Menu Foods has already closed the communication lines with the owners of pets that they were responsible sickening and killing. Now they will announce thier first quarter financial results soon. Sounds like business as usual to me. With the low publicity the media has given the pet food recall and the FDA’s slow response and coverups and companies secretly replacing product to avoid a recall they can do this. Our furkids, pets, companions deserve more than this! Where has the AKC been on this matter? they should have been on of the leaders, the info on their web site has never been up to date through the entire recall and is still pitiful.

  3. Susan says:

    Because Menu’s recall was so close to the end of the 1st quarter, and the recalls were so slow, I am hoping their 2nd quarter results will show hit. Their stock value right now is almost half what it was in January and has remained that way for a couple of months. So, please, don’t be disheartened if they don’t show a big loss right now. Just remember that the 1st quarter ended March 31st.

  4. 5CatMom says:

    Good article by Ann Meyer, Chicago Tribune:

    “Natural pet food sales booming after recall”

  5. Carol says:

    I emailed NBC News and CNN yesterday trying to bring attention to the continued victimization of pets and pet owners by MF. I was in my local grocery store yesterday and was talking to a check out clerk who knew I had 2 sick cats from the recall and she said how nice it was that MF had announced it was going to “take care” of pet owners who were affected by the recall in those early days—well, I set her straight and when I got home I thought that maybe if more people knew (even ones not affected) how MF is now NOT HELPING pet owners as they promised and how after less than one week after finally posting “the corrected claim forms” that there was a court order to stop talking to us—another horrible coincidence or carefully planned???–just maybe more people would stop using their products… I was disillusioned into thinking they would do the right thing as I have posted a few times now—this nightmare just keeps going and going and going—I’m sure there are many pet owners like me who made the decision to be aggressive and keep treating their sick pets as MF (or whoever they had used) would reimburse vet bills which as we all know can be in the thousands–mine so far for my 2 are $2400. plus… What a great PR story about “helping” in the beginning MF had but how about now???? More people need to know the real story now. I hope the news media picks this up.

  6. Black Lab Owner says:

    One thing I think you will see happen is an even greater attempt to shove this under the rug. This administration’s strategy is destruction of the government (read Grover Norquist’s oft repeated quote) and the return to complete laissez-faire capitalism. In other words, get your hands off my money and let me do my thing! One need only read Dickens to grasp a picture of the ideal conditions they would like to restore.

    The overload of scandals and indifference within government agencies is no accident, nor is it incompetence. It is by design to 1) poison the public discourse against believing that government can be an effective tool to better people’s lives; 2) steal as much money as one can to enrich one’s family and friends and thereby entrench one’s power; 3) bankrupt the government through deliberate fraud, waste and overspending so that it “can be shrunk and drowned in the bathtub.”

    Don’t believe me, do your homework and read their own words. They haven’t been shy about detailing and outlining these goals for the past twenty years. The only problem is that most people (this administration, its supporters and enablers) have no real clue as to what the consequences will look like. We are starting to see it. The canary in the coal mine is our pets.

    Please don’t give up fighting the good fight to maintain a safe food supply! Your energy and outrage, sense of right and wrong and every act you report help keep me going, too.

    Thanks, ITCHMO, and every one else who cares!

  7. Steve says:

    Exactly, this is no time to go back to sleep.

  8. Steve says:

    “The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year — far more than the official $248 billion deficit — when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA TODAY analysis shows.” printedi…

  9. kellie says:

    Holy cow,
    I just passed out and had to be revived(kddng).
    I called evangrs as week an asked for a ONE can sample to try for my kittiesand I was wondering why they didn’t ask me what flavor, oh well.
    Ten minutes the UPS guy drops a HUGE box on my porch.

    Hmm..i didn’t order anything recently, I look at it, it’s from evangers.

    Ok thats a big box,



    WOWZERS!!!..24 cans..SAMPLES!!!

    woo, why didn’t anyone tell me that?

    *does happy dance*..and I just spent 50 bux yesterday on a bunch more food for my kitties, if i’d only known.

    Is this what everyone else received too?

    So far my cat likes the box and packing paper more than the food but i’m hopeful.

    I know this is a sample because all i gave was my addy, no credit card or anything and there’s no bill.
    My phone is broken at the moment so i can’t call to make sure this is right…
    Wow what a great and generous company.

  10. kellie says:

    ok my post is filled with errors, not sure why, it’s correct in the notepad i pasted it from..anyway.
    it’s supposed to say.
    last week i called for a sample and ten minutes AGO the ups dropped off the box on the porch.

  11. Steve says:


  12. menusux says:

    kellie Says:

    May 30th, 2007 at 11:56 am

    My phone is broken at the moment so i can’t call to make sure this is right…
    Wow what a great and generous company.


  13. kellie says:

    menu are you saying i received a case as a mistake?

  14. Abby Kelleyite says:

    The link to Zheng Xiaoyu’s conviction and sentence is at China Ex-Regulator Gets Death Penalty. The link you currently have is to an apparently unrelated February conviction and sentence of Wang Zhendong, chairman of Yingkou Donghua Trading Group Co..

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Thanks Abby. We’ve changed the link to the correct story.

  15. YaYa says:

    Carol, been thinking here and You my well be on to something.
    Menu Foods has a fairly well know ‘insurance adjustment’ company doing the aftermath work. And plenty of Attorneys to, Expensive ones.

    Attorneys who SHOULD/would have known, approaching clients with attorneys in particular, is a HUGE NO NO.

    Pushing the envelope on this, and in that manner was bound to get the Court’s order to Cease. {the Court really acting in the Victims best interests}

    Thus Delaying {for who knows how long} any and ALL movements on the Whole case{s}.

    Clever of them.

    It should have been handled by {paper} letters, totally disclosing the whole procedure on paper, and that each client might consider hiring an attorney too. {total openess{legally} and honesty, period}

    Certainly Not by the phones and not boiler room tactics, not seeking anything More than to Pay for the damages the Victims state {500.00 limit?}. Period.

    They also attempted to glean information for their {MF} defense {etc.} and to discredit others claims etc. in {future} Court as well.

    Yes Menu foods has been “busy” in their settlement process.

    Carol didn’t you say you filed an ‘old’ and new claim form? {but didn’t send in the latest one?}
    I wondered, if you got legal consul for yourself?
    Something to protect your Interest in this mess?

    I’m So happy yours are pulling through. I know the bills are really hurting many of us.
    {tho my issue isn’t Menu foods}

    Ive got a couple of weeks before I go Boing! again after the vet.

    I can’t decide if I should also do the Rabies thing now either, or insist to wait more, if I can {the 1 or 3yrs vaccines- whatever, don’t know, sigh- some more}

    I just don’t want her to have to ‘handle’ anymore right now. It’s the Law. I guess Here, they actually go door to door and check too, I was told. Sigh.
    {they got to have those state/county fees!}

  16. Traci says:

    “kellie Says:

    May 30th, 2007 at 11:56 am
    Holy cow,
    I just passed out and had to be revived(kddng).
    I called evangrs as week an asked for a ONE can sample to try for my kittiesand I was wondering why they didn’t ask me what flavor, oh well.
    Ten minutes the UPS guy drops a HUGE box on my porch.”

    Wow, sheez.

    I’ve been buying a couple whenever I can make it to Mudbay Granary, NOW you tell me… :P

  17. straybaby says:

    “I just don’t want her to have to ‘handle’ anymore right now. It’s the Law. I guess Here, they actually go door to door and check too, I was told. Sigh.
    {they got to have those state/county fees!}”

    speak to your vet, you may be able to get a medical waiver on the Rabies until she can handle it.

  18. kellie says:

    call the 800# on the website and ask for a sample pack. i got 24 cans, 4 flavors, 6 of each.

  19. YaYa says:

    I’ll give it a shot {again} with the Vet Stray, this is taking quite a while to ’stop’ with her tho.
    I find it ridiculous anyway, as she’s not been “outside” in her nearly 12 years and the Vet knows that.
    I miss my old country Vet back ‘home’ :-(
    {he insisted I keep all my cats {then} Inside!} And they got the usual ‘normal’ vaccines. He’s retired now. But all those cats were Healthy then.
    This one was up to date until this Mess started.

    I wish Some-one would give Us “stats” on how Long this Garbage will take to Leave their bodies And the damage to heal!

    FDA might not talk about the Food issue but, where are some Vocal Vets, to talk about THIS issue LOUDLY! SOME Idea{s}! Grrrrrrrr

    Really sort of Sickened by the Lack of “protests” and Help from, a *Group of Vets* talking Out about this. Really!

    1 or 2 here and there— Don’t Count, in my book.

    There are “other groups” too that aren’t Talking too.
    I won’t support Them in the Future, that’s for sure.

    Just makes me Sick all the way around and Disgusted!

  20. Carol says:

    I mailed both claim forms and got confirmation that they were combined—-just in time for them to have all my info and not have to talk to me!! I have not contacted a lawyer as I’m afraid that this will just add to my unreimbursed expenses!

  21. menusux says:

    kellie Says:

    May 30th, 2007 at 12:20 pm
    menu are you saying i received a case as a mistake?

    It might be a way of welcoming new customers. Evanger’s is going great guns:

    “The company was at near-peak capacity before the Menu Foods recall hit in mid-March. Now Evanger’s is running longer shifts and looking for a larger facility as it struggles to keep up with demand, said Holly Sher, president and co-owner with her husband, Joel. It has put in a bid on a 70,000-square-foot food manufacturing plant that would triple its capacity, she said.

    “The Shers, who purchased Evanger’s in 2002, decided from the start to buy ingredients locally, purchasing most ingredients within 40 miles of their plant. Its line includes gourmet recipes, such as an organic turkey with potato and carrots dinner for dogs and a growing business of hand-packed whole chicken drumettes, whole mackerel and beef chunks.”

    They’re committed to tripling the amount of food they produce, so the full case might be a way to welcome you aboard. E-mailing them would let you know whether it was a mistake or not.


  22. ann says:

    The case from evangers was no mistake. I asked for samoples of cat and dog food, and got afull CASE of each. They are very generous.

    Trudy Jackson - I’m glad you got your dog to the vet. I hope he is OK

  23. e wem says:

    God bless you guys. I am contacting Evangers today. I cant afford to buy something the cats wont eat and purchasing ingredients from 40 miles around sounds like kitty gets a gift from the good guys.

    Thanks a million for the info

  24. YaYa says:

    Carol, don’t know if you’ll see this now it’s at the bottoms of threads now but; years ago I was in volved in class action suit, simply because of my Product Warrenty cards I’d sent in.

    “They” sent me a very short form to sign and I was In. About a year and a half later I was ‘awarded’ my part.
    Thaousands of people wer in it. So it was not Huge or anything. BUT, I did nothing more than sign the one paper. {I actually forgot about it!}

    I did Not Owe any Attorney a thing.
    I did not have to be Present at the hearings etc either.
    This ne might be a little more involved, maybe needing some “evidence” from clients etc? {by mail?}

    Since Menu has been less than up-front init’s actions to this point, could you consider joining one of the Class action suits?

    The settlemnts will be down the road, no ‘immediate’ reimbursement, but you’d probably get what you need.

    Maybe give it some thought.

  25. YaYa says:

    Carol, I just spoke to an attorney {In the city near here}, and asked if it would behoove you to Join one of the Class action law suits {there are plenty in the USA} and he said YES.
    I explained pet parents that were not going to sue and just wanted the settlement previously offered by Menu, now have none or little hope to get reimbursed. That Menu has been given an Order to Cease communications.

    In a Class Action Suit:
    He said You’d be represented by the Attorney who set up the Class action suit{s} {of your choice or by State etc}.

    That it would probably Not involved much on your part alone.

    I would call several of these Firms, {And visit their web-sites} and ask some questions, get paperwork sent to me etc. and look things over and make a decision {which one etc}. They might be interested in copies of your paperwork etc.. Pretty easy imho.

    I think there is a list of the Firms {so far} in the section here.

    It might be a while before you receive ‘awards’ {a couple years?} But you’d be getting what you seek now at least, then, I’d think.

    A this point this is just another “route”; maybe better for Pet Parents too?

    I hope this helps You and others.

  26. Judy Boone says:

    6:57 PM PDT, May 31, World News Print E-mail story Most e-mailed

    China won’t take rap for poisoned exports
    By Ching-Ching Ni, Times Staff Writer
    5:32 PM PDT, May 31, 2007


    From China to you
    click to enlarge
    Related Stories
    - China’s additives on menu in U.S.
    - Chemical is used in feed in China
    BEIJING — Chinese officials on Thursday defended the nation’s medical and food safety record and declined to take full responsibility for the presence of deadly chemicals found in cough syrups and toothpaste sold abroad.

    The comments come as China faces mounting pressure following a recent series of health-related scandals that set off alarm bells around a world increasingly reliant on Chinese exports.

    One of the most serious cases involves the use of an industrial solvent in cold medicines that is believed to have killed at least 51 people last year in Panama.

    That, the Chinese say, is not entirely their fault.

    According to the results of a government investigation, two Chinese companies sold a chemical laced with diethylene glycol, an industrial solvent sometimes used in paint and antifreeze, to a business in Spain. The Chinese are at fault for calling the product “TD Glycerin,” a misleading name that could be confused with glycerin, a harmless, more expensive sugar substitute.

    But the Chinese clearly stated that the product was not meant for medical consumption, the report said.

    The Chinese also did not know the Spanish would resell the chemical in Panama, where it would be renamed, “pure glycerin,” and lengthen the expiration date from one to four years.

    “The Panamanian business people are mainly responsible because they changed the scope of use and shelf life of this product,” said Wei Chuanzhong, vice minister of the Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

    In the case of the tainted toothpaste, officials admitted the presence of diethylene glycol as an ingredient. But used in limited amount, they say, it is not harmful. The toothpastes sold under the named “Mr. Cool” and “Excell” have been pulled from the shelves of the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

    Contaminated pet food that killed cats and dogs in the U.S. prompted one of the biggest product recalls in recent history. It helped shed a global light on a problem that has long plagued Chinese consumers who have grown used to seeing mass food poisonings and death from bad medicine.

    In a show of resolve, Beijing earlier this week sentenced the former head of the State Food and Drug Administration to death for taking bribes and approving untested drugs that have led to dozens of deaths in China. At the same time, China announced its first recall system for unsafe food products.

    Clearly annoyed by the bad press China has been getting, officials on Thursday also blasted media reports that they say exaggerated China’s flaws and overlooked the fact that more than 99 percent of Chinese food exports to the United States in the last three years had met quality standards.

    “No food can be 100 percent safe,” said Li Yuanping, deputy head of the food safety import and export division of the quality supervision agency. “One company’s problem does not make it a China problem. If some food is below standard, you can’t say all Chinese food is unsafe.”

    While it is evident that Beijing is trying to show the world it is capable of containing the latest crisis, observers say it is more important that the export-driven Chinese economy learns its lessons about the long arms of globalization.

    “Whether it is food safety or health-threatening chemicals, China’s problems are no longer local,” said Guo Weiqing, a political scientist at Sun Yat-sun University in Guangzhou. “Any harmful product made here could quickly spread around the world and become a global problem.”

  27. Second Chinese Food And Drug Official Sentenced To Death | Itchmo says:

    […] Just two months after the top Chinese food and drug regulator was sentenced to death, a second regulator has been given a similar sentence for accepting more than $300,000 in bribes. The first official is still facing the death penalty. […]

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