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Is Chinese firm that made toxic wheat gluten operating under another name?

A trading site lists as a URL for the firm that was shut down:


BINZHOU Shandong China
Zip : 251900
Tel : 86- 543- 6333315
Mobile Phone : 13792263688
Fax : 86- 543- 6333567
Website :
Contact Person(marketing): liyunxiao

Going to that URL lists the following company name: Wudi Jinliang Corn Development Co. Ltd.

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  1. menusux says:

    Those of you old enough to remember Watergate should remember Nixon uttering the infamous, “I am not a crook.” when the scandal began heating up. Apparently he thought those words would be enough to stem the tide. They sure weren’t and it came down to resign or be impeached–he chose the former. Coming clean with what went on and how deep his involvement went in it may have allowed him to finish out his second term; assuming the Ostrich Position gave him two choices–neither of which he liked. It’s just about a textbook lesson in how NOT to handle a crisis.

  2. Sharon says:

    I made another emergency visit to the vet last night with Kuma. I asked if her decline could be related to acetaminophen and was blown off again. After four vets and thousands of dollars no one can tell me what is killing my cat or how to stop it. Our life revolves around giving meds and one diagnostic test after another while she wastes away. God help us.

  3. Rick says:

    did you try California Natural dry? It’s made for pets w/ allergies & I’ve heard from a few people who had allergy prone pets that are doing well on it - and they make their own dry.

  4. Susan says:

    Right now I am making my own cat food, but I am looking for a dry food. There just isn’t enough info out there on cat nutrition. Each site seems to disagree with the others. So who is right? I don’t think anyone knows for sure.

  5. Maureen says:


    I feel ok homecooking organic chicken, beef and lamb (soupy, no grains) along with Innova/Evo for my cat. He’s thriving on the combination and he likes the Innova. Lost weight, sleeker, shiny fur. Happy. The vitamin/supplement thing is hard to figure out among all the different recipes, especially now we know so many ingredients are sourced from China.

    Hope you hit the right combination. I don’t mix the two, and give him the meat in its juices in the morning.

  6. Kiki says:

    Susan, I’m not bashing you at all - I’m bashing commercial pet food and all the filthy ingredients that are put into it. I think you took my post personal when it was completely about the pet food companies.

  7. pam says:

    i switched my dog to canidae last week…both wet and dry so i really hope it’s tylenol free. my 2 cats are still eating friskies and fancy feast wet and, since last week, nutro complete care dry. i’ve had a bad feeling about purina since the beginning of this recall mess. the cats only get the wet flavors they got before i had the oldest one checked out at the vet…her bloodwork was fine. whiskas hasn’t had a recall or sheba. are the labs separating the companies by product or corporation?

  8. YaYa says:

    Sharon, I don’t know what to say about all the Vets you’ve been to see for your poor cat! I’m disgusted for you. I just had a couple thoughts for you tho, maye give them a thought yourself.

    Can you take a Friend IN to the Vet with you, that will give Moral support? One who believes in the poisonings the way you do?

    Also, I’ve had to do this before for my Own health issues, but I’ve gone in with notes in hand and Stood my ground and TOLD the doctor I need this test or that etc. That “He” needed to LISTEN to me and just DO IT!

    Use your phone,be direct and stern with the peson on the other end vet/nurse/tech/receptionist whatever. Find out in Advance, Before you even get to a Vets office {a new one maybe again} HOW they will receive you and your Problem First. Then decide “they” are the One? If not Call another.
    Don’t go in cold turkey and be at their mercy, CALL and talk to Them First before deciding. {save you money too}

    My Vet here said, Listen, I WORK for YOU and I’m going to Listen to what you say and think and together WE will figure this out.

    Can You go In and Tell the Doctor/Vet I want my Cat/dog tested for and Treated for POISON. If it Acetaminophen you suspect, it needs to be Addressed asap. There are specific things they need to do.

    I haven’t caught up on everyhing here but I think you said You ARE now feeding Homemeade right?

    If not, do it.

    To HELL with the friggin’ Bags the Vet pushes on you. Tell him/her NO!

    I’d not tollerate that sort of Vet and would walk out. And find another by Phone First!

    The Bulls horns need to be taken and Hung on your wall NOW!

    I’m SOooooooo Sickened by your experiences! I could Not put up with it as long as you have. And surely your Cat/dog won’t last long enough to wait for the pass-offs to continue.

    Go Kick some BUTT!

    {sorry to be ‘harsh’ I’m PO’d! about this treatment you’ve gotten, not to mention your Cat/dog!}

    Totally Obscene of Them!

  9. Lorie says:


    just be careful with FF I am sure you have seen my story on here but incase you haven’t I used FF for over 6 years and 2 cans into a new case of FF elegant medleys my life was changed forever that fateful day in March.

  10. YaYa says:

    I’m with Lorie, Pam, she and I both had problems with Purina products {and I also had Iams dry cat hairball care, as an issue too}.

    Tho mine was the Canned Friskies. All of the sudden after years of those two foods {and a brand new purchase of 15 or so new cans mid Feb. 07} my previously Healthy cat, had a nose dive and very weird problems started. It’s taken months to get her straightened out and she is now the past few weeks looking and acting Amazing on Homemade wet and Kumpi dry Cat. We’re not done yet but getting there :-D

    I was on the phone with the Vet BEFORE the recalls saying it was *the food*. {probably my years in public health working then? :-P }

  11. Moony says:

    I just had a disturbing thing happen with a food I bought to test out on my cat - ActiveLife Chicken & Ocean Fish Fricassee. It comes in plastic containers and has a shrinkwrapped label, and a sticker on the bottom saying ‘Certified 100% USDA Ingredients’, its motto, and a Best By date of 06-31-2007. Since you have to take the shrinkwrapped label (which says Made in USA) off to open it, I did so…and the sticker on the bottom also came off.

    And under the sticker the container was stamped with an expiration date of 11-27-06.

    Needless to say, Spike is not getting any of this food, and I have emailed the company telling them about it…and asking for my $2.69 back. I’m going to call the store as soon as I can and let the owner know - she indicated she was iffy on carrying it anyway.

  12. KatieKat says:

    Sharon, my prayers are with you and Kuma. I could not even fathom how you must feel right now! BIG HUGS for you both :)

  13. KatieKat says:

    Lorie, Pam, Ya Ya…I had issues with Iams dry Hairball (a new bag) in early December, I knew in my gut 3 cats can’t all be worng and quit feeding it back then, I called Iams about it and was told about thier quality testing blah blah blah…I used Iams dry Only for close to 25 years, never again will that stuff come into my house!

    1 cat puked it immediatly right back in the bowl, and he is not a puker
    2nd cat walked away from it, he never did that and always had a very good appetite.
    3rd cat that ate it and kept it down was pretty sickly for a couple of days.

    I might add these are young cats 4.5 and under

  14. Helen says:

    Amy, Funny as it is, I looked up all of Colgate Palmolive products and already didn’t use any of them. No need to throw any out. Hee hee hee. Found a great natural dish soap that smells just like fresh pears. Yummy. There are a few P&G products I will really miss, but they are now gone forever.

  15. Helen says:

    Gerry, If you are not able to find Method, try Arm and Hammer. Everything makes me itch, but Arm and Hammer “Free” does not. Also it has no phosphates.

  16. YaYa says:

    KatieKat, That was the same month I bought the Iams dry Cat hairball too. {December 06}. I’ve saved the remans as per the FDA instructions, I called on The recall weekend and left an emergency message. They called me back at 9am on Monday the 19th. I reported my suspicions and they recorded Everything. I’ve got case# with them. {And No, *I* did Not care if they were Not on “the magic lists”}

    We talked several times.

    Alas, they’ve not called for a while now.

    My foods were Not the recalled ones. But it’s on the record.

    I hope if you had some left, you kept you bags remains, just in case.

  17. JJ says:

    Regarding all the fish thats in cat and dog food. In the forums dingbat posted a link to world net daily that has an article from 6/4/07 describing exactly the conditions the fish are raised in in China and the amount that is shipped to the US. It is so disgusting to even relay a little of the article that I urge everyone to go and read that article as you will never, ever be able to eat or feed any type of fish to yourselves let alone your pets! Since these sick, contaminated fish are treated with antibiotics too maybe acetimenophen is one of those things they use? I read the article and will not ever under any circumstances eat fish ever again nor will any pet I have either.

  18. JJ says:

    Helen where do you find the Arm & Hammer Free? I’ve looked in a couple of stores and have not located it yet.

  19. Helen says:

    Homegrown, Natura says they won’t sell their foods through the big chains because 1) they do not appreciate how those megastores do not do proper storage, care, etc. and cannot answer questsions about their foods, and 2) they only want to support small local retailers because those owners know all about the food they sell, store it correctly, do not the food is fresher, and because they believe the small local business is the right thing to support. I like that about them. My cat looks five years younger after switching to Innova.

  20. YaYa says:

    Oh yeah JJ, that was a Really pukey post about the fish! :-þþþ
    Ain’t No fish here any longer! {for months now} LOL

  21. Helen says:

    JJ, they have it at all my local grocery stores. I have used some other Arm and Hammer formulas without itching, but some do make me itch. I guess I am super sensitive to those “perfumes” and find them stinky anyhoo. If you can’t find the “Free” (liquid) in a store that carries other A&H formulas, ask them to stock it? They might just do that. Otherwise, if you are not super sensitive to those perfumes try one of the other scents. They are all free of phosphates and are biodegradable without being nearly as expensive as other eco-friendly brands. It is actually cheaper than the more popular brands of “itchy” detergents.

  22. YaYa says:

    Mooney, What IS that food yu bought? I’ve never heard of it before. Can you post the Brand and address or phone# of even a URL website if it’s on there {the containers}?

    That Dating is Utterly Disgusting! And a Real bad time frame for Any foods made round then. The FRAUD of the USDA sticker should be Reported!!!!!!

    Sounds like “someone” repacked BAD foods and is reselling it now. Could even be re-canned stuff for all we’ve seen!

    That is against the Law!

    Please let us know more will you?

  23. ckmcfadden (Wegie Mom) says:


    I certainly applaud your deciding to switch your business away from all major mega conglomerate manufacturing co.’s such as Proctor and Gamble and Colgate Palmolive However, I don’t understand if it is because of the Tylenol - acetomenaphin connection. All Tylenol is acetomenaphin but not all acetomenaphin is the brand Tylenol. Was the pet food contaminated with acetomenaphin or Tylenol brand specifically? I don’t think the lab had a any marker for the Tylenol brand specifically. Was the formerly recalled acetomenaphin only the Tylenol brand? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Tylenol or Colgate Palmolive because I hate the big conglomerates and their grip on our politicians and economy, but lets make sure we snub thm for the right reasons.

    I totally support buying from independents, local and organic sources but I think we need to be careful with everything we buy now.

    P.S. I am a phonetic speller, so please excuse any spelling errors of product names.


  24. menusux says:

    And in the midst of salmonella recalls and acetaminophen ones which don’t happen, Mr. SmithBucklin has the intestinal fortitude to update the PFI website with the following:


    “Consumer Confidence in Pet Food Remains Strong in Opinion Surveys Conducted by PFI

    “Seventy-three percent of consumers say they are “confident or very confident” in the safety of their pet food according to three rounds of public opinion surveys conducted by the Pet Food Institute.

    ““Continued, strong confidence in pet food products is a testament to the fact that Americans’ cats and dogs are living longer, healthier lives due in large part to the carefully formulated, safe and nutritious pet foods on the market,” said Duane Ekedahl, president of the Pet Food Institute.”

    Duane-o’s the kind of guy who whistles “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” at wakes and funerals too…..

  25. Helen says:

    ckmcfadden (Wegie Mom): We started boycotting Procter and Gamble because they tried to threaten Itchmo to stop reporting on the open bag of Iams that tested positive for cyanuric acid. Boycotting Colgate Palmolive because Hill’s Science Diet is not being upfront about their food either, after numerous reports of illness and death naming these brands.

  26. petslave says:

    “The contaminants were found in foods that are not among the more than 150 brands recalled since March 16, Coneley said.”

    Brands, not companies, so it could still be one of the companies that has already had a recall?? Does brands = companies? So much terminology, no wonder they can confuse us.

  27. petslave says:

    guess i double posted that one–sorry, computer is giving me fits tonight

  28. petslave says:

    well, maybe not. anyway, is Purina a brand, or are FF & Beneful examples of brands made by Purina?

  29. Moony says:

    YaYa, its says its made in the USA by Active Life Pet Products, and their barebones website is at Distributed by Fromm Family Foods in Mequon, WI (877)291-2913. Not sure if the number is for Fromm or Active Life. I bought it in Canada, and it was allowed back across the border because it says ‘Made in USA’, as did the can of California Natural I bought at the same time. Once the shrinkwrap is broken, tho, everything comes off the plastic jar, os it would easily be repackaged. I guess I ought to call the USDA tomorrow…

  30. JJ says:

    YaYa agree that was a pretty pukey story on the fish. I stopped eating it any fish over a year ago because of the mercury in it. My dog does not eat any food with fish in it either because of the mercury but lo and behold now Toilet Fish, YECH!

  31. YaYa says:

    Moony, maybe even call your States Attorney and report the FRAUD: that Someone is using USDA stickers to deceive customers, misrepresent the saftey of the “old” food, and being a health hazzard unde the circumstances these days.

    You know those STICKERS are government “owned”. Someone had to have gotten them {and used them} in a Very “questionable” manner IMHO.

    It could even be a counterfeit Sticker too.

    It’s VERY disturbing!

  32. elliott says:

    I sent an e-mail several days ago to Hills thanking them for the generous check I received from my vet reimbursing me for the $420 on their behalf for the expenses incurred from feeding Hills Science Diet M/D dry cat food. We “had” seven kitties eating this crap. One died 3/29, the day before their recall. The remaining kitties were tested and some continue to receive care due to the repercussions from feeding their poison. The original offer from Hills was $100 per pet. I do not know where the $420 reimbursement came into play, that is between our vet and us. Hills has yet to reply to my e-mail “thanking” them for their “generosity”. But then again, what else would I expect?

  33. Chuck says:

    It’s baffling that with all this information, some people just haven’t caught on yet by insisting to feed their pets crap foods.

    Purina’s Fancy Feast, and all those brands, cheap, medium, or expensive, recalled or not, have always been formulated with sickening, toxic ingredients, aside from the contaminated foods. Sure the pets like them. What choice do they have? Try thinking about the long-term ill effects those foods will have on pets.
    All those companies have been selling us nothing but hype and, some of bloggers here are still falling for it.

    I was informed by a pet food store owner that Canidae uses Menu Food’s facilities. Sure, keep contributing to Menu’s pockets through Canidae. They love you for it.

    How hard is all of this to understand? Yet keep asking if this or that is good or not?
    Read the articles. Read the blogs. Do some research. Pardon me if I offended anybody’s ego.

  34. Kiki says:

    Chuck - I completely agree with you! Why anyone would line the pockets of Menu Foods -no- ANY commercial pet food company is beyond me. I know that for some people there is no choice because of economics. If you have a choice, then do think twice. These companies have been poisoning our pets for years. I have no reason to believe that this is an isolated incident.

    I applaud everyone who has taken a moral and economic stand against these big multinationals - the ones that make all our pet food and all our food and personal care products. The only way they will change is if they are forced to (the only motivation for these folks is profit margins - nothing else matters). If enough customers abandon these corporations, we’ll be better protecting ourselves and our familes and we might just be the catalyst for some much needed change. Good companies will rise to the top, do the right things, changes their practices. The rest can go to @#$% and rot in their filth, poison, and corruption.

  35. Golden Lover says:

    Chuck Says:
    I was informed by a pet food store owner that Canidae uses Menu Food’s facilities. Sure, keep contributing to Menu’s pockets through Canidae. They love you for it.

    Chuck I hear Candiae manufactures there dry at Pied Piper and there canned foods are by Evangers. They are not allifiated with Menu.

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