Recap of Michael Vick and His Possible Involvement in Dog Fighting

Michael VickIt all started in April when this investigation of Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, started. The police raided one of his houses in Virginia (dog fighting is a felony in Virginia) for a drug investigation involving Vick’s cousin and found dozens of dogs and dog fighting equipment. About 60 dogs were seized (most of them pitbulls). Over the past few weeks, evidence has been collected, and now even there is an informant that is saying that Vick was at the dog fights and says there might even be a video of Vick at one of the dog fights. Vick says that he was not involved and that it is his relatives that are involved since he is rarely at the house. 6-10 people may be involved with this investigation. On Monday, May 21, the prosecutor, sheriff, and investigators from the State Police and animal control will examine evidence and reports.

(Thanks Pit Bull Lover)

8 Responses to “Recap of Michael Vick and His Possible Involvement in Dog Fighting”

  1. gina young says:

    you don’t think he might have lied about being there ,do you?no way would He lie,i mean come on, a football star and all.ha ha ha

  2. e wem says:

    I feel so bad about dog fighting I cannot create a dignified comment. Those dogs are set up from breeding, to being pushed to misuse their wild instincts. Finally they are expendablle.

    It is so sick we should keep an offender registry like we do for other pervs

  3. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    His relatives were living in HIS house, doing all this stuff without his knowledge? Sorry, but I gotta call bulls**t on that one.

    I have an idea…let’s take Mr. Vick and dump him on an island populated with only violent, murderous psychopaths. Then we will tell him he has to kill one of them before he can eat anything, and he has to live inside a large cardboard box, exposed to the weather. He will be tied down with a chain around his neck and only be freed long enough to fight bare-handed for his food, then it’s back on the chain. If he refuses or fails to win every fight he will be beaten, maybe to death.

    That’s what life is like for a fighting dog, and it would be a fit punishment for anyone who commits this despicable crime. It’s bad enough when it’s a common street punk torturing dogs for fun and profit, but when it’s a professional sports figure who is idolized by lots of impressionable young kids all over this country…well, I can’t say words like that on this board.

    I just hope the kids out there who think he’s cool will now see him for what him really is- a pathetic and sick animal abuser who is such a loser he has to have a dog do his fighting for him so he can feel like a tough guy.

    Michael Vick, you are the lowest of the low, a cruel and cowardly pusbag. If I ever see you in public I’ll not hesitate to spit in your face. You deserve a lot worse than that, you evil piece of crap.

  4. kristy says:

    it’s awful. i have two pitbull mixes. they showed up on my property as puppies, and i was scared to give them away for just that reason. they are the sweetest babies you could ever meet, as i imagine these “fighting” dogs were at one time also.

  5. Pit Bull Lover says:

    The above link is to a news piece bemoaning the cost of boarding the 66 seized dogs. Even if he doesn’t care about animal cruelty issues, perhaps Poindexter, the Surry County DA, will decide that restitution to taxpayers is sufficient motivation for prosecuting the case.

    The video that goes with this story shows a couple of the impounded pit bulls, one of them so sweetly people-friendly, even toward the cameraman, that it breaks my heart to know she will probably be destroyed. I guess it’s better that the dogs are humanely euthanized than starved to death or ripped to shreds and desanguinated, but the torment and torture these dogs routinely endure shouldn’t happen at all.

    Maybe Vick’s not *directly* responsible, but I find it a bit odd that he would suddenly unload the property/house in question for $350,000 - less than half its assessed value - a few days ago. Weasel.

  6. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    God. This makes me sick. I’m a “Pit Bull Lover” too and it breaks my heart to hear that these dogs who have been abused so badly are now just sitting around waiting to be killed.

    I’ve finally found a place I can move into where the landlord will allow me to adopt a Pit Bull. I’m applying at rescues all around here and hoping like crazy I can save just one dog. Now there’s 60+ more that will die because of a bunch of cruel scumbags who thought it was fun and exciting to make these dogs rip each other apart. No wonder I like animals better than people. :-(

    “Maybe Vick’s not *directly* responsible, but I find it a bit odd that he would suddenly unload the property/house in question for $350,000 - less than half its assessed value - a few days ago. Weasel.”

    Yeah, I have no doubt at all that was done under the advice of his legal counsel. He’s moving faster to distance himself from this scandal than he ever did on the field. I hope he gets his hide nailed to the wall for this.

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