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  1. Evy says:

    I just wanted to add that anyone who would like to talk about what is going on the company number is 303.693.6533. Evenings and weekends are cool to call. I’m pretty much 24/7 with being the *president* of Kumpi Pet Foods.

    This week has been tumultuous for me and I’ve broken down in tears several times. I just remember the death of my own dog nine years ago that prompted me to even begin a pet food line. It was such a punch in the gut and I cannot imagine what people are enduring who have lost their FurAngels or are struggling with one who is compromised.

    I posted this once on, but I feel it is worth repeating.

    If you purchase ANY pet food product, dry or canned, please keep your receipt and proof of purchase for at least six months.

    Also, keep an eye on your pet for excessive drinking or urination and check those stools (yes - their poopies) and while I know most of you are doing that, it’s a good time to be a bit extra cautious. Not scared, but just be watchful. Remember that contamination or something ‘wrong’ with a food may not happen until the middle or bottom of a bag. So if your pet is doing well so far, just keep a loving eye on things.

    During the summer months treat your pet food like your frozen foods. You want to get them home quickly and away from extreme heat where the fats in the food might get compromised.

    Blessings to all ~


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