Remember To Take Your Pills, Lucky

Dog Taking MedicineAmericans take medicine to take our pain away and to mend our bodies. Now, as pet owners, we are administering medicine to our pets and the amount of medication we are administering is significantly increasing. Pets are taking medicine to treat anything from diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, allergies, or even anxiety. In 2005, Americans bought $2.9 billion in pet drugs. This amount was double the amount spent in 2000. The costs of pet drugs are definitely not cheap either. For example, a three month supply of pet chemotherapy medication is around $3,000. Wow. That’s a lot, but if it will prolong my dog’s life and keep him pain free, I will certainly give up my life savings. Make sure you’re stocked up on peanut butter to feed your dog his medicine — otherwise, he will spit it out.

Thanks Mom for the tip on the story!

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