Report From PETA Shows 97% Of Animals In Their Care In 2006 Euthanized

In a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Online Animal Report, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reported that in 2006, they took in 3,043 animals that were surrendered by their owners.

Of these 3,043 animals (1,960 cats, 1,030 dogs, 52 other companion animals, and 1 chicken), the organization reported that 2,981 animals were euthanized. The report filed by PETA shows that only 2 cats, 8 dogs, and 2 companion animals from the 3,043 animals were adopted out. This means 1,942 cats, 988 dogs, 50 other companion animals, and one chicken were euthanized which makes PETA’s euthanization rate 97%.

In response to this report and to many people asking them about their 97% kill rate, a PETA administrator wrote this on the PETA Forums:

PETA makes no secret of having to euthanize most of the animals we take in. Although we do not run an adoption facility (we refer most adoptable animals to well-known shelters with a high rate of public traffic), we have managed to place animals in excellent, lifelong homes. For many of the animals we do accept-such as those who are injured, elderly, aggressive, or otherwise unadoptable-we are a “shelter of last resort,” offering a humane death to those who would otherwise suffer a slow and painful end.

Unlike “no-kill” shelters, PETA does not refuse animals simply because euthanasia is the only humane option for them. Many of the animals we take in are brought to us because they have been rejected by other facilities. PETA receives calls every week from people who request that we euthanize their animals because they cannot afford to have them euthanized by a vet or because the animals would suffer excessive stress and pain if transported. PETA will not turn its back on these animals simply because they might make our “numbers” look bad.

PETA’s not interested in playing a numbers game. When animals come to us most of them are absolutely horrible conditions. They are being ravaged by diseases and have been neglected for months and years. In these cases euthanasia is clearly the only compassionate decision we can make. People don’t drop off healthy animals at PETA’s office (since we don’t have an adoption service). We deal with the worst of the worst situations.

Source: VDACS Online Animal Reporting, PETA

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  1. trucorgi says:

    If you look at the stats
    Stray 28
    Surrendered by Owner 3043
    Others 6564
    Seized 0
    Bite Cases 0
    on Hand 2
    Received From Another Agency 0

    Even if all the owner turn ins were elderly and or infirm, which is doubtful, it would only account for less than 1/3. What about the 6564 “others” and the 28 strays? Are they all the “dangerous” ones? Bites are 0. Seizures are 0. That takes care of the “dangerous situation” theory. I would be willing to bet that 0 are from laboratories and circuses. It is clear that you give them a pass for an inordinately high kill rate because you believe that they do “good” animal rights work. No one is attacking, just stating facts and their opinions drawn from them.

  2. Don Earl says:

    RE: “the more I thought about your comparison the angrier I got”

    Good for you. Anger and fear are very close to the same emotion. So, what is it about my comparison that makes you afraid? Is it because the analogy is close enough to the mark to sting?

    Hitler and PETA kill for philosophical reasons. Hitler figured Jews were better off dead. PETA figures pets are better off dead. They both had a picture of a self created perfect society they believe they’re justified in dictating to others.

    If you find the words offensive, the thing the words describe is worse.

    PS. From the article, quoting PETA: “we are a shelter of last resort”

  3. Pam says:

    I got turned off by PETA a long time ago, but the anti-PETA zealotry is getting to be just as big of a turnoff to me now. It’s starting to bring to mind anti-abortion type extremism seen in groups like Operation Rescue.

    If you don’t like PETA - LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES! Don’t mimic their holier-than-thou histrionic tactics, please. You’ll end up churning even more donations for them.

    I am so sick of seeing PETA KILLS, PETA, PETA, PETA….AD NAUSEUM that I truly wonder about the motives and or stability of those seemingly obsessed by that organization.

    PETA mania is unconstructive and just gives them way too much free publicity, IMO.

  4. Jackie says:

    Don Earl - you’re an idiot and your comments did not frighten me, they repulsed me, as you do.

  5. Don Earl says:

    RE: “Don Earl - you’re an idiot and your comments did not frighten me, they repulsed me, as you do.”

    I always consider the source. From you I consider that a complement. Thank you.

  6. Amy says:

    It seems to me that what a lot of people, in their anti-PETA rage are missing, is the fact that the animals that PETA has taken are animals that have been rejected by other facilities for adoption. Like PETA or not, they’re very upfront about what they do and why they do it. If they were accepting adoptable animals and euthanizing them, they would be honest about it in their attempts to make a point of some sort. “PETA receives calls every week from people who request that we euthanize their animals because they cannot afford to have them euthanized by a vet or because the animals would suffer excessive stress and pain if transported. PETA will not turn its back on these animals simply because they might make our “numbers” look bad.” They’re admitting that they’re not a shelter but that they’re not going to turn animals in need away - especially from poor people who can’t do right by them at the end of the lives. I think it’s a safe bet that if these animals were healthy and adoptable, PETA wouldn’t be afraid to say so!

  7. MM says:

    I just do not believe that PETA is the only option for these animals. I foster dogs, and the group of folks that I work with don’t always agree with the guidelines of our parent organization, so we formed our own 501(c)3 to take in the animals that would be rejected by the parent group. So we keep the dogs that are old, have NLT health problems, and are generally considered unadoptable. For those animals that do have life-threatening health problems, we put them in a home where they will be loved and have a good life until the time comes to put them down; we try to give them one good season of play at the least. The supposition that these animals are surrendered to PETA because there is ‘no one else’ is purely spin and completely false. Any shelter or animal control agency in this country would put that animal down post haste. All one would have to do is say it bit someone, and people do it all the time. Don’t be fooled. PETA would like to see an end to ALL human-animal interaction, and any statement to the contrary is a bald-faced lie.

  8. Patty says:

    Are there statistics for 2005? I know PETA had Katrina dogs and would love to know how many were returned to owners or euthanized.

  9. Vikke says:

    Please do not support this murderous group of hypocrites.

    I’m a long-time animal activist, advocate & rescuer. I’ve been veg for 24+ yrs. I used to respect & admire PeTA.

    I cannot forgive PeTA for KILLING helpless animals. I know they’ve done a lot for animals in general (understatement), but they can’t save animals w/ one hand & kill them w/ the other. How is it they think other people/animal experimenters/slaughterhouse workers/fur trappers, etc etc should not kill animals but it’s ok for PeTA to kill them? They must be retarded to think that no one would notice this hypocrisy & not find it patently ridiculous.

    For PeTA to claim these animals were ALL beyond rehabilitation & death was the only humane option is also an insult to the intelligence of anyone in rescue & anyone who’s found a hungry stray or taken in an abused animal. Actually, to any reasonable person.

    They’ve become quite insane & it’s sickening to think they’re trying to have it both ways. I think they actually believe death is preferable than living under the dominion of humans even as a cherished pet. The 2 morally bankrupt PeTA employees who were found to have killed all those animal in NC & dumped them - those animals were totally adoptable.

    PeTA called for the killing of the Vick dogs (as did the HSUS) & disparaged Best Friends (who took 22 of the dogs & is successfully caring for them & rehabbing some) a “so-called sanctuary”. See
    They’ve clearly never been there & are totally opposed to the wonderful life-saving work BF & rescues/sanctuaries do.

    See for PeTA’s financial report. “Total Operating Expenses - $30,959,406″ - I THINK they can afford to house, rehabilitate & adopt out the 3000+/- animals they kill ea year. They could start w/ a account, which is free.

    I find it hard to comprehend that they only adopted out 8 dogs & 2 cats in an entire year. And that their kill rate is HIGHER than the average kill shelter - it’s a disgrace that an ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION w/ their resources has a higher kill rate than average. That is unacceptable.

    If a small fry like me can save animals on a shoe string budget, like MANY people & rescues do, there’s no reason why PeTA can’t do it. Several horribly-run high-kill shelters have been turned around & gone no kill very successfully. All it takes is commitment to saving animals (duh!). PeTA needs to get with the No Kill movement pronto - see
    More info: m
    See all files/info on Nathan Winograd & files under COMMUNITY-WIDE NO-KILL PROGRAMS

    Plus, PeTA is OPPOSED to TNR & prefers that all feral cats are KILLED.

    I’m aware of all the PeTA-hating groups & have seen their sites. They hate PeTA for the wrong reasons. I’m not among them & I don’t hate PeTA, but I still haven’t found the right word for how I feel about PeTA. Betrayed, shocked, disgusted, horrified, repulsed, insulted, outraged… They need to clean up their act pronto if they want to salvage their credibility.

    Just a few thoughts!

    CATS RULE! Feline Rescue >^..^

  10. David says:

    ‘we are a “shelter of last resort,”’

    What gets me is that the IRS recognized non-profit with a multi-million dollar budget aspires to be no more than a shelter of last resort.

    But I wont bash Peta. Instead, I just choose not to support them, or any high kill facility, for that matter.
    If PETA outrages you, then SUPPORT a good NO-KILL shelter, and if theyre all volunteer….all the better.

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