Reports Of China Sending Cats To “Death Camps”

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Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

The Daily Mail is reporting that China has started an aggressive plan to clean up Beijing before the Olympics by rounding up cats and putting them in “death camps” on the edges of the city.

The government has been warning citizens of the diseases that cats carry and have been ordering residents to help remove the cats from the street.

Owners have been dumping their cats in the streets because of the warnings, and the hundreds of abandoned cats are then picked up by special collection teams.

The cats are kept in small cages at the death camps. Disease spreads quickly among the cats, and the government simply waits for the cats to die.

Animal welfare groups are protesting the rounding up of cats and bringing them to the death camps, but they are afraid what authorities will do to them.

Qi Yan, the founder of a cat lovers’ group, negotiated the release of 30 cats from one of the compounds, but the cats were in such horrible conditions that half of them died after being released.

Yan said, “These cats are being left to die. It is very inhumane. People don’t want to keep cats in Beijing any more so they abandon them or send them to the compounds. When we went inside, we saw about 70 cats being kept in cages stacked one on top of the other in two tiny rooms. Disease spreads quickly among them and they die slowly in agony and distress. The government won’t even do the cats the kindness of giving them lethal injections when they become sick. They just wait for them to die.”

She added, “We have tried to negotiate with the government to stop the round-ups and to introduce cut-price neutering services so that people can afford to keep their pets but they won’t listen to us. They are not thinking about the cats. They just want to get results in the quickest way possible, by clearing as many cats from the city as they can.”

Hu Yuan (pictured here) has been running one of the few refuges in the city for abandoned pets. She has taken in 70 cats over the past year and is caring for 250 abandoned cats.

Yuan said that if she doesn’t take them in, the cats will surely die. She added that cats are dumped on her doorstep frequently.

The round-up has been particularly intense in areas around Olympic venues and in streets and alleys surrounding five-star hotels where guests will stay during the summer games.

Animal welfare groups estimate that tens of thousands of cats have been collected in the past few months.

Christie Yang of the charity Animals Asia, said, “We understand that with the Olympic Games the Beijing government is eager to show the world the city in a good light. But capturing and dealing with cats in such an inhumane way will seriously tarnish the image of Beijing and the Games.”

Source: Daily Mail(Thanks Amanda and to many readers)

48 Responses to “Reports Of China Sending Cats To “Death Camps””

  1. susan says:

    This saddens me terribly.

  2. shibadiva says:

    It’s letter-writing time. There are some good links in the Itchmo forums, including the list of Olympic sponsors. Try HSUS and those folks as well.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    China makes me sick. For the most part they are barbaric.

  4. Nora and Rufus says:

    They got the Olympics and they murdered our family members. SICKENING.

  5. DeniseA says:

    Myself, family and others I know in the Animal Welfare Community will not
    watch one second of the Olympics…please contact the US Sponsors and
    let them know you will be boycotting the Olympics and why.

  6. Nancy G. says:

    I don’t see why anyone would even consider going to these Olympics, they are a farce. This just shows how the Chinese government still doesn’t get it. People know what’s going on there, the roundups of dissidents [despite their promise not to, when they were awarded the games], and now this. Rather than making the place “look good”, it makes them look terrible. Boycott the Olympics, don’t even watch them on tv.

  7. furmom says:

    Long ago I couldn’t figure out why anyone would go to the olympics in China, given their human rights, health problems. But that aside, wrt to this cat story, if they do succeed in seriously reducing the cat population, they are going to get the shock of their lives. When rats take over Beijing instead of cats, they will need a Pied Piper to solve their image problems. The world may look the other way while human and animal rights are violated, but they definitely won’t ignore rhodents crawling everywhere.

  8. shibadiva says:

    Furmom, good point about rats. Maybe they have enough terriers (dogs under 35 cm. high) that evaded the 2006 dog cull…

    No, they really do not get it and why on earth did Beijing get selected…was it to drag them into line?

  9. Jodie says:

    This isn’t surprising at all. The Chinese gov’t doesn’t give a rat’s ass (good point furmom!!) about its own people…never mind other living creatures. It will be interesting to see how many Olympians encounter breathing problems in one of the most polluted cities on the planet. Have you seen pictures of Beijing?? One can barely see the outline of buildings thru the smog!!! It’s absolutely disgusting.

  10. Claudia says:

    Here is my letter that will be going out to each and every international sponsor of the Olympics. I will hopefully be able to reach a head office of some sort. Often, the people that work at these organizations have no idea what is happening. I feel bad for the young Olympians who have worked so hard all of their lives only to have their name associated with this travesty of an event. Feel free to copy and use:

    Cat culling in China — please pull Olympic support

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I came across this article today on a couple of online news services. It brought me to tears at work.

    Even if I was not an animal lover, I would agree that this treatment of these poor cats is nothing less than barbaric. This follows the Chinese government’s lack of concern for its own people, dogs and overseas consumers of its exports. I feel for the good people of China, but I cannot support any organization that turns a blind eye to this blatant disregard for life.

    As a supporter of the Beijing Olympics, I urge you to withdraw your sponsorship in light of this travesty. If no action is taken, I, like many others who are disgusted, will cease to be a consumer of your products.

  11. Amanda says:

    The marathon world record-holder said yesterday that he was unlikely to compete at the Beijing Olympics because China’s air pollution would damage his health.

    If athlete’s can’t perform their sports, why bother going at all?

  12. Highnote says:

    I was thinking the same thing myself Furmom about mice and rats taking over this unclean country. The plague would come next. I heard they had cases of bird flu too.
    I will not watch the Olympics on TV! This country thinks little of pets. They think of them as only food. It all sickens me! Those poor little babies probably being starved to death and heaven knows what else. I look at my own little black cat and I cry to think that so many like her are dieing in such a terrible way.
    I wish the president had never got that loan from China so we would not have to deal with them at all. They have helped in killing our pets and continue giving our country bad ingredients for human consumption and pet consumption. I am still afraid of their vitamins and anything that comes out of China. I do not feel they will ever improve their quality standards. How could they change when they eat the very thing we love. Our pets!

  13. Klondike says:

    I think the corporate ‘partners’ and sponsors drove the choice of Beijing to host the 2008 Olympics because of their desire to get some market share in China. That is the big fish everyone is looking to land per what I read on the financial web sites. And maybe these ‘partners’ told the Chinese government that it would be a good idea to clean up the feral cat population so as not to frighten or offend Olympic tourists. Ferals seemed to be an acceptable part of the Beijing culture until now.

    All I know is that the corporate partner’s silence speaks volumes.

    Marketing Beijing 2008
    Marketing Beijing 2008

    Partners and Sponsors

  14. momkat says:

    I’m so fed up with China!!!
    I’m boycotting everything made in China. I was already boycotting Kraft Foods because they use milk powder from China…among other ingredients.
    They’re just too uncivilized over there and they don’t care.
    I can’t even imagine going to the olympics…and eating melamine in their baked goods. It’s not illegal there! The athletes train so hard and are so hopeful…and the air there is so bad! Who’s idea was it to have the olympics in China anyway!????? They must have been paid well to make that choice!!

    I’m so disgusted!

  15. The Lioness says:

    I’m so grateful to Ms. Yuan and others like her inside China who are enlightened and who are helping these animals. She is an angel. The cats in the picture used with this story all looked pretty healthy, too.

    We do not have television, so we will not be watching the stupid Olympics. We also do everything we can not to do business with large corporations. (Not fully doable, but we research our options when we need to shop and are very careful.)

    I hope they all rot. (The people supporting this mass torture and murder, that is.)

    ~The Lioness

  16. NH says:

    This story doesn’t surprise. I haven’t bought something that was made in China in a long time and I hope you all start to pass on buying items made in China as well.

    That cute little knick knack you see in the window? Made in China. That bird bath you bought at the Christmas Tree Shop? Made in China.

    China doesn’t deserve my hard earned cash. I’d rather take the money I would have spent on something made in China, and give it to a non-profit animal organization.

    Oh, and the Olympics being held in China? I for one will not be watching.

    Just my .02 cents.

  17. Stefani says:

    Maybe we should see if we can get one of the high profile athletes to withdraw and make a statement.


  18. Claudia says:

    Stefani, that’s what I was thinking. I have written to a media relations person at the Canadian Olympic Committee seeing how the rest are untouchable. I want to see if I get a response. On the Olympic committee is Becky Scott who is well-known around here, but she is and has been involved in the winter Olympics (next to be held in Vancouver). I wonder if there are any local Canadian athletes going to the summer games? I’ll be checking it out. Perhaps you could see who might be outspoken enough to do this in the US.

    BTW, I don’t see a whole lot of news and outrage on the part of humane societies around the world. Don’t find as much as I though when I Google the subject. What gives?

  19. shibadiva says:

    Klondike and Claudia, I was noticing the same eerie silence from the big humane organizations. It’s rather similar to what happened during the pet food crisis. Money talks, and China is a huge market.

    I wrote to our local humane society yesterday wondering if they would consider posting something on their website about this atrocity. To their credit, they DID! (And they’re also going after the seal hunt!) (We’re in Toronto, Canada). Good for them!

  20. Katie says:

    I saw this article in our local paper yesterday. Really made me sad.

    You are all exactly right. Why haven’t the news corporations come out against this; why haven’t major corporate sponsors made statements; and I wondered too… where are the animal rights organizations??

    shibadiva, exactly; “Money talks, and China is a huge market”


  21. Claudia says:

    That’s great Shibadiva,

    I’m going to contact the Winnipeg Humane Society to see if they too can carry the same ad (OMG, the Toronto HS page just came up with the seal hunt pictures — I wish I hadn’t seen that — just broke out in tears. Again. Dammit, that’s sick, it’ll never leave my head, and now I’m thinking how can we criticize, when our own country won’t stop this disgusting practice — those people need new jobs) . Maybe our HS can also say something about the seal hunt. Sigh. If I couldn’t write letters that might make a difference, if there weren’t so many animals to help, I think I’d kill myself.

    “The human race is a blight on this planet. Eventually, the viruses will have their way with us and the only things left to walk the earth will be the arthropods.”

    – V. Hickling

  22. shibadiva says:

    Claudia, it shocked me to see the response to the seal hunt in the Globe and Mail this past week (for y’all, the G&M is Canada’s national newspaper). 99% of the comments were from knuckle-draggers that pointed to atrocities in China, France (foie-gras), the US and elsewhere to excuse our seal hunt. This time, I think the EU will really try to make a point.

  23. Lois Kimball says:

    The seal hunt is revolting, shameful, repugnant, disgusting, and barbaric, but not the point of this article.

    For any American or Canadian to think they can totally boycott products made in China is, at best, naive. Entire segments of our markets are exclusively manufactured in China. Try buying shoes, slippers, vacuum cleaners, and myriad other products that are not manufactured there. It is impossible. Five years ago it was possible. Today, it is not.

    And while this article is enough to make any lover of felines very, very ill, what about the readily available articles and images of the barbaric marketing of domestic cats, kept in horrific conditions, for sale as meat in that same country? These are cats who look exactly like my cats and your cats, not some weird species bred for meat purposes.

    For the fleeting pleasure of cheap goods, the U.S. has sold itself lock, stock and barrel to a country that simply does not value life, whether it be feline, canine or human.

    When will Americans wake up and quit bowing to the god of cheap goods while turning a blinded eye to the heinous acts that accompany the production of those cheap products. And those atrocities are directed against both humans and animals.

    Someday, there will be a reckoning, and I pray the critters have the last say.

  24. Sharon says:

    Well at least we are now safe in the knowledge that President Bush won’t be bothered by any cats while in Bejing. Remember when he was personally handed tickets to the event? It was right about the time our pets were dying. Let’s all salute the American flag. In twenty years either the flag of China or the flag of Mexico will be flying above the White House. Our politicians are sell outs.

  25. Cate says:

    Ugh! I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about all the suffering those poor cats are going through. It’s horrifying.

  26. Claudia says:


    I beg to differ in the opinion that it is impossible to find products that are not made in China. My shoes (the ones that are in my closet right now) are made in Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Italy and Canada. I don’t buy anything that says Made in China. My pots and pans are made in Italy, Germany, Canada and the good ‘ol USA (All-Clad). My knives are made in Japan. My food comes from local farmers first, then provincial sources, then Canadian sources, then the USA, then outside North America. I will not by fish, shrimp, and other things that come from China.

    Yes, it is difficult trying to source out these products, but I go to specialty stores and ask if they can get certain items in or I search the Internet and order products from the UK and other European countries. I do my research. Yes, they are all more expensive, but I would rather save up a little longer and buy from an artisan or a company with a proud history rather than sell out and go to WalMart because I want it now. I also make darn sure I need the product, not just want the product if it must come from that region (outdoor cat heating pad for my ferals is one example - ironically).

    My philosophy in life is to live “light” — uncluttered and not wasteful.

    I cannot support an economy that places no value on living beings of any kind.

  27. Claudia says:

    Oh yeah,

    I’ve also written to the Chinese ambassador in this country. I would urge all of you to write to your Chinese ambassador and let them know that this is not a “happy welcome” for us visiting countries to the Olympic games. That those that concocted and are carrying out this scheme will bring shame to the country, the government and its people.

  28. poodluv says:

    Hu Yuan…
    BLESS YOU!!! You can not save them all, but THANK YOU for CARING!!!

    You are an angel.

  29. shibadiva says:

    Here’s an interesting take on the story from Best Friends, suggesting that the Daily Mail article may be “unfounded” and that any rounding up of cats is no different from what happens here…

    Also, a theory that the doctor is an animal hoarder…

    And…”calls for boycotting the Olympics or for boycotting Chinese products seem misplaced. Boycotts are not always an effective tactic. They may be unjust and inappropriate. As a practical matter, boycotting a popular event such as the Olympics may not advance the cause of animals or animal groups in any way–and could work against the animal groups and the animals.”

  30. janet says:

    I saw on the TV news the other night that many dental labs are outsourcing their work to China Ibridgework, crowns) and the products are coming back with lead and bacteria and people have gotten sick. I called my dentist and he said it is true that many dental labs do this but his lab does its work right here in town. Nothing was on the other news channels and nothing was in the newspaper either. My dentist said people shop for cheaper crowns and that the cheaper labs outsource to China. The cheaper labs charge $75 per crown (outsourced) and the other USA labs charge $200. I’d love to boycott China but everything seems to have something in it that comes from China. It also seems to me that therre is some kind of a cover-up by the media. I checked it out on the internet and it’s true.

  31. janet says:

    Some dental labs have been outsourcing to China. My dentist confirmed this. If you shop around for cheaper crowns or bridgework, you’ll probably get them from China and they come complete with bacteria and lead. Only one news channel covered the story and theerre waas nothing in the newspapers about it. Makes you wonder if there’s some kind of coverup.

  32. Claudia says:


    Thanks for finding the Best Friends article. While it is true that this may be part of something that had already been going on, it doesn’t make it right. I can see something like this being stepped up as a result of the games being held. I also know that there would be ramifications for these Chinese animal organizations should the government find out it was they who let the rest of the world in on the “secret.” It’s very difficult in this day and age to determine whether or not we are dealing with a “tail wagging the dog” situation. I had tried to find confirmation or evidence of a hoax before I jumped on the bandwagon. I found several instances that pointed to the same article as well. That doesn’t make it a false report.

    Regardless, China still skins animals alive for their fur, they trap, torture and eat them and have little regard for their suffering. Many famous individuals have dropped their support of the Olympics because of China’s involvement in Darfur (Stephen Spielberg being the biggest name, and George Clooney is trying to convince the official timekeeping company to drop their support as well). China needs to look at itself in the mirror and begin a complete overhaul of what’s reflected.

    As for Hu Yuan, she is a hoarder. That’s clear. But is it out of what she feels is necessity and compassion (because of what she knows and sees) or is it out of mental illness. I know several people who have kept a few extra cats because they didn’t want them to be euthanized at the local SPCA. We don’t know, but the cats being hauled away in tiny cages are disturbing at the least and I truly don’t think that any animal housing unit on the edge of town will be any better an environment than the poor people of China get to live in.

    I will monitor the links provided by Best Friends. I’m glad they did print their article. Perhaps more will come of this and we’ll find out that the truth is somewhere in-between.

  33. pheephee35 says:

    My first thought was, “what will they do when the rats and mice take over the city?” One reason I love having a cat is that just the smell of him to a mouse or rat and they stay far away. I will be writing them too.

  34. Plabuddy says:

    I hope the rats and mice do take over the whole country, then all the people start dying horrible deaths like they did when the plague killed countless numbers of people due to the overpopulation of rats.Then the deaths of all these cats and all the pets that died from China poisened products will be avenged. Seems like poetic justice. Sorry to be so graphic, I am just so angry. We must boycott the Olympics!! We must boycott China!!

  35. shibadiva says:

    Claudia, well put. The links to the Asian animal welfare sites at the bottom of the Best Friends article were heartbreaking, but that information is common knowledge to most of us on Itchmo. I can almost imagine the horror these good people face every day with not only animal abuse, but the cultural norm in parts of China. I can almost imagine it because here in North America, although we mostly don’t eat companion animals (horse meat is a delicacy though), many people feel they are disposable and do not deserve any special consideration.

    I wonder what a Hindu would think of the case at Hallmark Meats with the abuse of the downed cows?

    Getting off topic, and making no apologies for North American abuses. What I wanted to say was that (and I love Best Friends), the article seemed apologetic that we would even consider pointing fingers, yet to quote: “Irene Zhang, Manager of Animal Rescue Beijing, and a friend of Best Friends, has written that Ms. Wu, the Founder of Animal Rescue Beijing, has talked with the managers of the parks in Beijing, and was told that they are no longer seeing cats being trapped by the authorities, and that that activity has stopped.”

    That sounds like an acknowledgement (at least through a friend of a friend of a friend) that a roundup was taking place. And the links leading to the atrocities in the Chinese food industry somehow also seemed dissonant after denials about this story that’s circulating on the net and being repeated in blogs and which will show up in Snopes sometime soon as an urban legend…

  36. Claudia says:

    Some day there may be hope for China and other communist countries. One day, like the former Russia, China will fall apart at the seams and perhaps there will be a young, compassionate person who truly cares — that people will not be afraid to follow. That is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Fear? Maybe in a generation or two. Young Chinese people are beginning to think more like us, here in the west (as noted by the many international students I have met). It would be nice to see something like that in my lifetime.

  37. Anonymous says:

    ESAD China!

    The U.S. supports bringing in all their toxic crap. It makes me sick!

  38. Donna says:

    May be we all need to get to gether and help support the compassion work this lady is doing. One person ………..can make a difference.

  39. poodluv says:

    I guess here on itchmo for ’some readers’ your damned if you do and damned if you dont….

    You complain about what they are doing to the poor animals…..

    and yet you STILL complain about ONE poor soul that’s just trying to help the animals because she DOES care! Instead you call her a hoarder….

    Hu Yuan..AGAIN I say ‘Thank you’ for doing as much as you can.

    Some people are afraid to do more or just REFUSE to do more so out of fear of making themselves look bad for not doing MORE they call others ‘hoarders’

    Some sick way of justifying your OWN laziness maybe….

  40. Claudia says:


    I don’t think anyone is condemning Hu Yuan. I am sure she is doing this out of love and compassion. It is an observation and a comment made by someone from another site.

    Anyone who has 250 cats in an apartment obviously has their reasons, but sometimes they do not see that living that way may be unsustainable. Perhaps I would do the same in her situation. I have my own gaggle of cats at home and my mother has more than I, so I don’t just pay lip service to saving cats. The worst part about a situation like Yuan’s, and I have seen this happen many times working for an animal shelter; a well meaning, senior has many pets and upon death, no-kill shelters are scrambling to find spaces for them because their relatives don’t want the SPCA to put them down. It is one thing to re-home 10 or 20 animals, but something quite different when you are talking about 250.

    I commend anyone for taking on the cause of saving animals, but there has to be a realistic plan for the cats’ sustainability and health, and support for the individual who is caring for them. Hu Yuan may be a sane hoarder (I think we use that term because it is not the norm to house so many cats in such a small space, not because we want to villify her). Other agencies in China are saving cats as well, but they have procured a facility or have arranged for foster homes until the cats are adopted and do not take more than they can realistically look after.

    I have personally known an individual who had 2 dogs, 4 ferrets and 22 cats in a 900 sq. ft. home and even though the entire family of four pitched in with feeding and cleaning, it was a full-time job. They had put up shelves on their kitchen walls for the cats to sit on and the pariah cats lived on the television set because they were too afraid of the others. With that many in such a small space, there are bound to be territorial issues.

    These cats were cared for impeccably. They all saw the vet when necessary and none of them went without love. But that was 22 between four people. None of us know the Yuan situation, but I can only imagine what the workload might be like. Bless her for trying. I invite you to read about others that have been in this situation (Bertha Rand — 50 cats, Donna and Jack Wright — up to 692 cats), and they both just started out not wanting to turn them away at the door for fear that they would be put down. You may enjoy a book called “Cats I have known and Loved by Pierre Berton.

    Good on you to take Yuan’s side. Not everyone should play devil’s advocate.

  41. poodluv says:

    You have made several good points and I agree with you.
    I am not one that is ashamed to admit when I’m wrong, and perhaps I was wrong. Maybe I took what you said the wrong way.

    It just upset me when I read that … I couldnt help but think ‘how dare someone critisize this poor woman for doing all she can….’
    it made me angry for her to be referred to as a hoarder when there are obviously very FEW people willing to go out of their way and care for the strays in china. The only kind of label that she deserves to carry (in my opinion) is ‘one of the few CARING souls’ of china, certainly not hoarder…

  42. Claudia says:

    I can look at it that way as well :)

  43. Wescott20 says:

    In my family, because we are so disgusted with China (especially their atrocities towards dogs and cats) we try to boycott Chinese goods the best we can. As Lois Kimball stated, it is very difficult, though. The best way to do it is to buy less goods. Those we do buy will cost more, but they won’t be made in China. Chinese goods are poor quality as well, to add insult to injury. Sure they’re cheap…you get what you pay for. I also will not be watching the Chinese hosted Olympics…choosing China for the Olympics was a horrible decision.

  44. johnypaycut says:

    the rats can have bejing… (maybe they’l outlast the rest of the 2legged 1’s?
    i suspect the goofy communists can’t figure it out? i’l spell it out> you don’t
    behave like like a cruel dicatorship ,and expect the rest of the world won’t
    see thru it.
    killing cat’s and dogs, tibet, massive miltary, posion foods?
    come on you dummies…

  45. rikki says:

    I began boycotting all things China awhile back when they killed a lot of their dogs. Next came the pet food nightmare last year. Even though I was boycotting China at that time I certainly wasn’t aware that ingredients were being sourced from that country. We here were fortunate at my home and none of the pets got sick…but that is only because we were LUCKY, plain and simple, imo.

    So I learned more and became even more aware of where things came from - I look at it as a way to honor the many pets that were poisoned by the tainted products.

    I’m at the point now where I even hound my doctor and pharmacists about where my medication and vitamins are produced. I’ve eaten organic for many years, local as much as possible, but see that a lot of organic frozen veggies are being shipped from China now. Oh I bet they really are strict about their organic certification too!! (Rolling eyes)

    I refuse to contribute to their reign of terror and do so by intentionally not purchasing products labeled “Made in China” - they might slip a couple things by me with some “creative” labelling but I’m getting pretty good at reading the fine print (or in some cases the no print!! That for sure is a signal it’s not something I want - lol)

    It is NOT easy to shop sometimes but it is something I feel strongly about: China has no regard for their own people so they certainly have even less for me and my family. I have no intentions of supporting them economically for that attitude either!

    I’m very sorry to read about the cat situation and how it is being addressed - just one more reason for me to reaffirm my now long-term committment to boycott China.

  46. nancy says:

    i’ve been trying very hard to stop buying ‘made in china’ since i first found out about cat and dog torture 2 years ago. this reinforces my position in boycotting their products and not supporting their cruel regime.

  47. Pam says:

    How many people have a Emotional Support Cat! Now there is a website that makes ESC patches go online to Pup’parel if you don’t see them ask her when will they be up for sale!
    Great to wear on your cat when you are flying she even make x-samll vest so cats can wear them, you just have to order a x-small dog vest. Also make sure your cat can walk in a harness and lesh before taking them on a airplane this will make them look more of a working animal not just a pet.
    Also go online and look up the laws on flying in airplane with your ESC you don’t need to pay for the cat to be with you just read the law first to see what it say!

  48. Simone says:

    I agree, I just don’t understand why China is so rigid for change in the treatment of companion animals. I have campaigned and sent letters. I created petitions and I have gotten people involved as well. They do nothing but lie to the world and act like it doesn’t even happen. I am ashamed at being a human being, because our own people are ignoring our cries to protect our companion animals. I think they have suffered enough. They need to end this cruelty for good and forever.

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