Reports Of Dog Illnesses From Chicken Jerky Treats Continue

EmmaThe mystery of why dogs have been getting ill from eating chicken jerky treats is still ongoing. There have been no answers from the FDA, and more reports of dogs getting sick from eating chicken jerky treats continue.

In Longmont, Colorado, some veterinarians at a veterinary clinic said they have seen four cases of dogs showing symptoms after eating chicken jerky treats.

One pet owner, Johanna Ohlsson, said her dog, Emma, became sick and is still ill from eating Smokehouse brand treats, including chicken poppers, chicken tenders and duck tenders. Ohlsson said her six-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel started to eat less and drink more, and Emma lost five pounds in ten days after eating the treats.

Emma’s symptoms matched the symptoms of the 70 other dogs that have been reported ill from eating chicken jerky treats.

Ohlsson said she purchased the treats at PetSmart. A PetSmart spokesman said that even though the company puilled the Smokehouse brand treats in September, they later restocked them when there were no conclusions on what the link was between the treats and the illnesses.

The PetSmart spokesman stated, “In all that extensive work, no one was able to draw a direct link between the treats and those sicknesses.” He added that people may be overfeeding their pets the treats which could cause the reported symptoms. Some pet treat manufacturers including Smokehouse will begin putting feeding guidelines on packaging next year.

Ohlsson said she never fed Emma more than the recommended amount of treats.

Emma is still sick, but she is doing better. She has certain days where she is doing well and others where she is extremely tired.

Source: Longmont Times-Call

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  1. “Ohlsson said she purchased the treats at PetSmart. A PetSmart spokesman said that even though the company puilled the Smokehouse brand treats in September, they later restocked them when there were no conclusions on what the link was between the treats and the illnesses.”

    Do I even need to say anything here??? That sound you heard was my chin hitting the desk!!!
    Last I thought no conclusion did not mean safe.

  2. It just never ceases, the denial of anything wrong with tainted products and the could give a F attitude of the Pet Food makers and sellers. It is a shame anyone still buys any of it, helping the manufacturers and retailers to continue getting rich. And only 70 dogs reported. You know darn well that does not include all the hundreds or thousands that will never be reported. Some of them dead already.

  3. This will never end until people wise up and realize that a live animal needs live food to survive, just as we do. Why do you think people have cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. It’s because we eat too many processed foods. When someone opens a bag or can, they are feeding their companion processed food. Duh! Is this too hard to understand?

  4. Guess we all must be incredibly stupid, Linda. Thank you for your genius and judgement. (I thought that was God’s job.)

  5. I cannot find any dried chicken treats that AREN’T made in China.
    If anyone finds a US brand ,can they post here??

  6. IT’S BACK- And so am I..
    Truth of the matter is that bad/broken things that are not taken care of/ fixed- the first time, tend to resurface.
    (if it’s broken –fix it theary). Right?

    We all know that the ‘gov’ is and has done their best to stomp this out, and shove it under the rug, so we can remain in great relations with our friends over there.

  7. Ironically, this was published today.

    Yesterday I received a call from another VICTIM of these tainted BESTRO’S treats-
    Put their 1 1/2 year old Biscon to sleep last Thursday. They live in Flordia
    Product from Kmart.

    They contacted the FDA, who took a statment and plan to get samples for testing. Kmart Claims Dept has contacted them- and guess what?


  8. Shebz, I agree. Look at this article from the pet food industry that was posted over in the forums. The PFI has a ton of money to cover up all that has happened. Unfortunately, this is all politics. Not one ounce of genuine concern over pets has ever been part of this situation. It’s all about the money. They clearly view pets as expendable objects used to gather wealth.

  9. One question. With all the negative news about the chicken jerky treats, why is anyone feeding them to their pets at all? They don’t NEED treats at all, but at least you could choose something else.

  10. Because the news is NOT getting out- OUT THERE- in the world.
    How many of the people who buy pet treats are looking at itchmo? and how many watch TV?
    Do the math because the PFI sure as hell is.
    The cover-up is working.

  11. We tested some chicken jerky treats through Everything came up negative, so it’s still a mystery. We tested for radiation and ran an unknown toxin scan – no clues.

    From talking to people, it’s dose dependent. The smaller the dog, or the more the dog eats, the worse it is. That would seem to rule out germs, so it has to be some kind of toxin.

    The only thing I can figure is it’s free radicals or other substances created by the irradiation process, but that kind of testing and research is so far beyond the means of production labs and private citizens as to be laughable.

    And, of course, since the big push for irradiating our food is coming from major defense contractors and corporate good ol’ boys, you can forget about any answers coming from anyone with resources to identify the problem.

    The mentality that it’s okay to continue selling poisoned food because the poison hasn’t been positively identified, is, I guess, about par for the course these days. I suppose they’ll eventually have to stop selling it when there are no more pets left to feed it to.

  12. What is most disturbing is that someone wants to blame PET owners for not being on these internet sites all the time to KNOW about the poisoned pet treats!
    Did you miss that?
    Did pet owners make the poisoned food or treats??
    Are you working for a nutjob pet rescue place that is so crazy people are driven away from them, a new and oddly PFI type trend.?
    No wonder the PFI treats pet owners like morons.

    Geez, the pet food industry does not worry about any vague arty fsartys effort the pet parents might attempt because this crap about “oh. how dare you not be on the internet and doing research for hours, you must be an awful pet owner? is going on!!
    Oh shut up, just shut up, it is this crap that has done more damage than the poisoned food!!
    I tell people all the time not to adopt pets because dealing with pet weirdos is nasty and not worth it.
    Yeah catlady, I will print out your post and use it to discourage people from getting rescue cats. Not worth it. not if they have to deal with that.
    Let the pets die alone.
    What a friend the cats have in catlady.

  13. Oh that last “anonymous” poster needs to get back in his or her medication fast!
    As for adopting pets, I have done it several times. No bigger problems with than than pets I have purchased from responsible breeders. In fact, LESS problems since the mixed breed dogs as a whole seem to have a hybrid immunity and are not prone to as many breed specific diseases and mutations.
    Dunno about cats as I don’t have any, but at least with dogs there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between bred on purpose or bred by accident.
    As for treats, the only stuff treat wise we give our dogs are Paul Newman’s as it is made in the USA with no wheat. They got used to the small size right away since all they really cared about was the treat not the size.

  14. The FDA doesn’t care. It’s not their responsibility to do their job. Didn’t the government announce that just yesterday. People who aren’t on this board don’t know what’s going on. There is no press. This is all old news to those in power. It’s easy to blame pet owners when you ought to be blaming George Bush. Does the President have a dog? Let’s send as many chicken jerky treats to the White House for Christmas as we possibly can. Cover the White House lawn with them. Let’s see if Laura and Jenna feed them to their pup. Maybe if someone in the White House got sick they would get it. As taxpayers do we provide free vet care to their animals too? I bet we do. I have no health insurance but my tax dollars are paying for the Bush’s insurance. I’m sure we are paying for their pets as well.

  15. RE: “They got used to the small size right away since all they really cared about was the treat not the size.”

    What’s funny is before I quit using commercial pet food, I used to buy cat treats. One day instead of treats, I just grabbed a handfull of dry food and handed those to the cats one tidbit at a time. Their reaction was identical to the $10 per pound treats.

    As close as I can tell, all they really care about is being treated like they’re getting something special. On that basis, there are dozens of safe and inexpensive human foods that can be used for treats, at a fraction of the price of commercial crud. Tidbits of hamburger, cheeze, fish, pork, poultry, etc. work just fine. They get a big kick out of being hand fed bite sized pieces of anything.

  16. Back in April, I fed my Minature Dachshund, Dingo Chick N Jerky treats and he became ill. He had a stomach upset, diarrhea, wouldn’t eat and was lethargic. Normally he is a very healthy dog and very high energy. Two days later I got an email saying the Dingo chicken jerky treats were contaminated with salmonella and had been recalled. Later the bully sticks, pig ears and some rawhides were found to be contaminated and most are made in China and South America. (I didn’t give my dogs those anyway thank goodness!) My Doxie was treated at the vets and recovered but I have not bought any kind of treats like that since. The ONLY commercial treats I buy are milkbone (plain). The colored ones have the dreaded BHT and BHA preservatives in them which is also bad for them. (My other dachsund had seizures directly related to the preservatives). Needless to say, my dogs get home-made food & most of the time, home-made treats. At least I KNOW what they are getting! I just don’t trust anything on the shelves anymore.

  17. I purchased a package of smokhouse chicken treats last week and gave one to my dog on Sunday. It gave her the runs for the next two days. She still seemed active and drank lots of water. Not sure if it was just too much for her size or if something was wrong with it. I won’t be buying those again.

  18. So it looks like now it’s not good enough to closely read the list of ingredients. I had been giving our three dogs Smokehouse Chicken Chips and Chicken Poppers, which they just loved. I had also given them some chicken jerky from Costco. The packages for all three of these products listed one thing – Chicken. Nothing else.

    My wife did notice last week that our smallest dog, a 5lb Maltese, had been drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot more frequently – this just as we finished off the big bag of chicken jerky from Costco. It really has me worried. I’ve been keeping a close eye on him and he seems to be fine.

    The bag was already thrown away, so I don’t know where it was made, but I’m going to check the next time I’m at Costco. If it, or the label for any other dog food/treats there, says Made In China I’ll be bringing it to the attention of the warehouse manager as well as corporate.

    It is now abundantly clear that China is unwilling or incapable of providing safe, reliable products of any type – food, toys, you name it. I looked through some remaining dog treats we have and found some pork skin chews – Made in China – into the trash they went.

    From here on out, if it’s not made in the U.S. (or even better, in our kitchen), I’m not feeding it to our dogs.

    And I’m done with Petsmart – putting the Smokehouse products back on the shelf is inexcusable.

  19. To Steve: While I agree that a lot of the problems stem from Chinese products, here are some things to consider:

    The companies are often based in the US. The Chinese are pressured to make things as cheaply as possible (in a country where many are poor and will do any kind of work to survive) – if they weren’t the lowest bidder, they wouldn’t get a lot of the business they do. It’s the responsibility of the company contracting the work in China to make sure that they are following safe practices, not just consider the bottom line.

    If you think those treats made your dog sick, regardless of where they came from, you should report it. Let’s not just assume that only Chinese products are tainted.

    You should take your dog to the vet to make sure that he doesn’t have a UTI if the symptoms continue, though I’m sure you’re watching him pretty closely.

  20. Our Yorkie, Winston, is getting out of the hospital today after being on IV fluids, sodium bicarbonate, Raglen, Pepcid, and antibiotics for the last week. For the next few weeks, not sure how long, we will be continuing most of the medications an sticking him with a needle every day to administer subcutaneous fluids. In addition, he will be making weekly trips to the vet to draw blood and monitor his kidney values. We expect the final vet bills to be in the neighborhood of $4000 – $5000. I pray that nobody has to go through what we did, but unfortunately that won’t be the case. None of these companies are taking responsibility and the FDA has been reacting at a snail’s pace.

    We were giving Winston Smokehouse Chicken Jerky treats which we purchased from PetSmart in El Segundo CA. He began throwing up yellowish, foamy bile, then lost his appetite, became lethargic, and his breath began to smell bad. We truly thought we were going to lose him.

    Here is what we have found out about this illness from speaking with our Vet as well as the team at UC Davis Animal Medical Center in San Diego. The condition very closely resembles Fanconi syndrome and many do recover, but slowly and over 4 or more months. UC Davis has tracked over 40 cases, and all of them follow a similar pattern. Fanconi is extremely rare, and they went from seeing maybe one a month to 10 and 20. I understand that Cornell is conducting tests to figure out what is in these treats, too. At our pet hospital alone, there were about 7 animals that came down with this affliction. ALL of them ate jerky treats. Unfortunately, two puppies died as a result. The puppies’ owner began some independent tests, and early indications are that the treats may be contaminated with Melamine. What they did not find (thank God) was the additional toxin cyanuric acid. It was this one-two punch of toxins that killed all of those poor animals around March. Many of the pet owners here saved their packages and our vet is sending samples to the FDA.

    We are telling everyone we know to avoid any of these types of treats altogether. It only took a few treats for our pet to get sick, and they want to blame us for feeding them to many? I suspect that they are all the same or similar product marketed under names like Smokehouse, Betros, Wagon Train etc. If it is from China, or a jerky treat, it will never get close to our house again. My belief is that it has been difficult to get concrete proof because not all lots have been tainted. There definitely something bad in these products.

    Oh, and listen to this. We know a woman in our town who called Smokehouse to tell them what had happened, and that something needed to be done. Her dog almost died and still has a long road to recovery. She said the woman she spoke with at Smokhouse was an absolute “b&%h” and said something to the effect that not enough animals have been hurt or killed to warrant pulling them off the shelves!

    I am so thankful our little guy seems to be on the mend. He has been our focus this last week. Next week however, we will start our crusade to get Smokehouse products off the shelves and hopefully put them out of business. We will be contacting local TV and print media, legal counsel, and every person we know. And I hope PetSmart, Walmart etc don’t think they are off the hook for doing a 5 day recall, pathetic. I was at Petsmart during the time they were off the shelves. We thought it odd that there were no Chicken treats but assumed they were out of stock. There was not a single notice or mention that there was a recall. We could have avoided all of this heartache had we known what was happening. Some recall…

  21. To Steve:

    Steve, I agree with Amanda, get your dog to the vet ASAP if you suspect ANYTHING, especially if her appetite decreases or she is sleeping more than usual, vomiting etc.. The symptoms are not always obvious right away and can appear subtle until it is too late. A urinalysis and blood work up would at least give you the piece of mind that your Maltese is OK. I would not hesitate for a moment if you suspect anything.

  22. I have been very lucky. I was giving my dog Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders (made in China). When the news came out about tainted pet food that was made in China I stopped giving him the chicken jerky treats. He seemed fine eating those treats and REALLY loved them but, I was not going to chance his getting sick.

    I was just going to write about WildSide Salmon – a freeze dried salmon treat that I thought was healthy. I guess I didn’t check the package closely enough because while the salmon is from Alaska it is “shipped to be freeze dried and packaged in China”!?!?!?!?

  23. I would really appreciate it if people would stop blaming us dog owners for trusting trainers at Petsmart to advise on what treats to give our dogs. The only thing that we are guilty of, is trusting that a store that advertises that they love animals would care enough not to tell us to buy treats that counld kill our precious puppies. Please read below to hear about the nightmare my husband and I have gone through since July 11, 2007:

    Our two adorable Cavalier King Charles puppies, Lacie, 11 months, and Misty 7 months old, had been eating Smoke House Chicken Jerky treats from Petsmart on a daily basis (not as a supplement for their food, but as a treat after their evening meal). They both became very ill in July with the same symptoms, such as; lethargy, vomiting, diarrea, and anorexia (total lack of appetite except for the treats, which they loved and looked forward to). The test started showing signs of kidney failure which made no sense to the vets because Misty and Lacie are not related, and Kidney failure is rare with puppies. Both puppies received extensive care in the hospital along with test after test trying to figure out what was wrong with them. Vet bills started mounting up to over $9,000. Every meal had to be force fed except their nightly jerky treat which they got very excited about.

    Mid September we found out about the AVMA warning, and immediatelty stopped giving them these treats, Our little seven month old Misty rallied and got better, but our sweet little Lacie never got better and this weekend our precious little 11 month old Lacie got much worse, and had to be put down at 5:30 last night. We were able to pray with her and love on her as she peacefully went to be with the Lord. She surely took a piece of my heart with her. I have been through a lot in my life, but I have never been through the extreme roller coaster pain that we have been going through in the last four months.

    I wish someone had warned us about this product. I thought this product was American made. Only after I saw the warning, did I see in small print on the bottom of the package, made in China. I didn’t know it, but this jerky treat has been making dogs sick well before April 2007. If someone had warned us, Lacie could have been spared this past painful four months of treatment, let alone having her princess life robbed from her at such a young age. Lacie was the most adorable sweet little feminine angel. She loved people so much that I was planning on having her be a therapy dog so that her and I could help people that are ill.

    Please spread the word. After I send this to all the Cavalier breeders. I am going to send this warning to the other small breeds. It is so sad that I have to do this, but as long as Pets Mart and Costco and other stores only care about their profit margin we will have to protect our sweet little puppies on our own.

    I know Lacie would never have wanted any other dog and owner to go through the pain and agony that she and her mommy and daddy have gone through. Lacie was our little angel and I don’t want her to have died in vain, So I will not give up on spreading the word about these poisonous treats.


    Barbara Fafard
    (949) 766-0140

  24. I was horrified to read this story and to find this product in my refrigerator! Some well-meaning friends gave the dog chicken strips to me as a treat, saying that their cat loved them more than their dog did. They were on sale, so they picked some up for me. My question is… How do we safely dispose of them??

    Bella, 3 year old, Hospitalized With Kidney Damage
    September 07

    Causes kidney damage – Smoke House All Natural Chicken Breast Tenders
    (Any brand of chicken originating from China)

    Bella Fishel Pet Smart Case #225486
    S.Fishel –

    Bella became suddenly ill, and now hospitalized with a damaged kidney her life threatened, due to Smoke House Chicken Tenders.
    This was the first time I bought the Smoke House treats. Having read the label, it was listed as all natural, no additives, dyes etc. The treats were purchased on or about August 17. She loved them and I was happy because she typically only likes one treat. By August 23 she vomited bile, and again on August 24. Her personality began to change becoming lethargic, wanting to stay in her bed, loss of appetite. Excessive drinking, urinating frequently in excessive amounts. Urine became orange like in color. By August 28 she was severely dehydrated and lost one of her three pounds.

    Sugar was found in her urine which would typically indicate diabetes. Bella was put on IV and given an antibiotic to take while tests were being done over Labor Day weekend.

    Test results showed only “irregularity” in the lower part of her kidney. Possibly a hole in the kidney because of the malfunction. Sorry I don’t have all the medical verbiage.

    Complete ingredients are not listed on the Smokehouse package, just claims of “all natural” with a guaranteed analysis. (See all information at the end). Dr. then called the number listed on the back of the package identified himself asking for complete ingredients as they were not listed. The only thing the person on the other end accent would say was “all natural, all natural”. Sure enough looking at the small print on the bottom back of the package is “product of China”.

    Dr. then accessed the Cornell University Veterinarian web site available to alumni and I read along with him. There were numerous cases posted, all with the same symptoms, test results and yes, related to chicken tender treats made in China. Never did it cross my mind that this product was made in China. Most cases were reported in the last four to five weeks, mostly but not all small dogs, all symptoms the same, largest number of reports are in the North East.

    Following are primary findings

    – severe damage to the kidney often resulting in complete renal failure and death
    – numerous reports in the past four to five weeks, a larger number on the East Coast
    – chicken and beef treats promoted as all natural
    – it does not matter what the label is, if it is a product of China
    – if caught early enough, hospitalized on IV hydrating and flushing the kidney over days with nutrients may help the kidney heal itself and the pet could then live with the damaged kidney
    -if not caught early complete renal failure is expected
    -most cases reported are related to small dogs
    -initial symptoms indicate diabetes
    -mold is often found when flushing the kidney (casts of mold found in Bella’s urine)

    Symptoms reported on the Cornell Veterinary website are consistent;

    – begins with vomiting
    – loss of appetite
    – lethargic
    – excessive drinking
    – constant urinating in large volume
    – change of color in urine
    – does not respond to anti-biotic
    – symptoms are easily mistaken for diabetes

    Bella’s case is now listed on the Cornell Website, and reported to the FDA

    Pet Smart manager refused to at the very least move the big promotional bin of this poison to the rear of the store, leaving it right up at the register for innocent pet owners to unknowingly feed their pets poison.

    I have been in touch with pet smart requesting them to help get the ingredients. Time is lost analyzing the food. Today a vet at Cornell purchased a bag after reading the report my Vet posted on Bella. He then contacted my vet to say the bag he bought had mold in it despite an expiration date one year from now. I was asked to look closely at whatever was left in my bag, but saw none.

    After Bella was admitted to the vet I went directly to Pet Smart in Nanuet NY, told the Manager what happened and asked her to assist getting the ingredients identified. I was met with a very hostile attitude. Not what you would expect of someone caring about pets. She was only interested in getting my name because she felt I was going to file a complaint. The person at PS headquarters responsible for knowing food ingredients at Pet Smart headquarters is trying to help. After further confirmation about the cause I contacted PS Nanuet again (Saturday) asking her to remove the food from the promotional bin near the register. Again, arrogant, said she would have to hear from headquarters. Being Saturday I asked for a number to reach the party she’d need to hear from. She refused to give me a contact number.

    The information available to vets on the Cornell web site is not public information. No one seems to be aware of this. Dogs are most likely being misdiagnosed when the connection isn’t made to this not so “all natural” treat.

    View full size

    Smoke House Chicken Breast Tenders. Chicken on the right and left side are from a bag I bought today. All but one bag on the shelf which was light in color were the deeper color. The center pieces are from the bag Bella ate from. Because of the difference in color I asked Pet Smart what the difference was. Were there dyes added? The response was “it’s all natural chicken so that’s why the difference in shades”. I pointed out that every single package was the deep color, except the one left from the same batch I bought. There is no information claiming anything about the difference in color. I simply bring your attention to it,

    This product is not on any list anywhere of tainted pet food yet.

    Listed on the back of Smokehouse package: Comments and suggestions 877-699-PETS
    Smokehouse Pet Products Inc
    11850 Sheldon Street
    Sun Valley, California 91352

    Ingredients: Chicken Breast
    Guaranteed Analysis Minimums Crude Protein 62%, Crude Fat 1% Maximums Crude Fat 8% Crude Fiber 4%, Moisture 18%

    Update 9/11/07
    I have noticed one other difference in the bags this morning. The bag Bella ate from and the new one of the same coloring and exp date have different sacks of desiccant than the bag with darker chicken. To me that is an indication they may have come from the same factory. According to a SmokeHouse contact, they buy from five different factories in China.

    Information that differs on the packages back right hand bottom of the bag;

    – The two light bags (Bella’s) reads Best if used by 8/08 on a small white label which is glued to the bag, written exactly as you see, with no other information
    – The darker bag reads is stamped BEST IF USED BY 12/23/08 7175 CPF1B9 written exactly as you see.


    View full size

    View full size

    Update 9/12/07

    I contacted the Pet Smart representative at headquarters to express my disgust with their irresponsibility, as they continue selling and promoting Smoke House Chicken Tenders in their store. I offer to personally purchase each and every bag in the Nanuet Store at the very least, but announce too that I will ask a member of the press to accompany me.

    SUCCESS – Update 9/14/07

    I am contacted by the Pet Smart representative who announces a decision by Pet Smart to remove the product from all stores world wide “as a precautionary measure”. Yeah sure.

    Update 9/17/07

    Through prescription nutrients Bella has regained half a pound, but continues to have no appetite, no energy. Casts remain in her urine (mold). Bella has to receive daily treatments for an indefinite period of time at the vet’s office. We continue to hope.

    Update 9/19

    NBC interviews Bella’s vet with Bella as this manufacturer has not been on any list; the evidence is strong; and the manufacturer is not being responsible. The interview is expected to air on Monday 9/24.

    Update 9/20
    Bella is not doing well after showing a bit of interest in food. She didn’t keep it down, is dehydrated again has lost weight again and readmitted to the hospital for treatments. This poor little innocent dog is suffering.

  26. I hate to say this but CRAP!!! I was eating some of these myself!!! I will NEVER buy my rottie another treat!!! And yes I DID wind up in the ER from eating bestro chiken jerky.They tasted GOOD though!!! That is the ONLY treat I ate of Hera’s was the chicken jerky.strange but tasty!! But now I have pains,vomiting and colon problems as a result and drink TONS of fluids!!

  27. Well, I’ve been giving my half chihuahua, half Jack Russell little boy Tater Tot Waggin Train brand Jerky Treats for close to 3 years now (he was 3 in September, and I think I started buying them when he was about 6 months old), and I’ve yet to see ANY problems with HIM from them (and I watch his health and behavior closely).

    I DID just take him for his annual vet appointment today, though, and as usual, I took a sample of everything I feed him with me, including one of the jerky treats, and I used one of the empty bags of that to carry it all, and my Vet told me EMPHATICALLY to throw all that stuff out, that it was KILLING dogs from kidney failure — even that brand in particular — the tech who was assisting her attested her own dog had trouble and she was using Waggin Train.

    But I’m stubborn. This brand has NEVER been implicated in any of the recalls, and, like one of the folks above, I once ate one and found it delicious. It’s his favorite thing in the world to eat, but I don’t give him more than one a day, and the vets seem to have NO IDEA WHY these treats are causing kidney failure in some dogs — mostly SMALL BREEDS, so I have a theory of my own… I’m thinking the ones who’ve had kidney failure have eaten more than their kidneys could process… That dehydrated chicken is a very CONCENTRATED source of protein, and even on the package it says to feed them only as an “occasional snack.”

    I’ve seen NO issues with Tater Tot drinking more or having urination issues, but I may STILL cut down his nightly ration from a full one to a half one, just to be on the safe side… I DON’T THINK (except in the case of the Bestro and some of the OTHER recalled brands) it’s a case of contamination… It’s a simple case of excessive protein concentrations hitting the kidneys and putting undue stress on them, so I’ll back off on his portion size, but he’s SO USED to getting one as a “midnight snack” before I go to bed (he stands up in his bed and refuses to lie back down until he gets it — WAITS for it), I just couldn’t do that to him (and I feed him less regular dog food in compensation.

    My vet WAS NOT happy that I didn’t just go GEE, AWW and say I’d go right home and toss out an almost-brand-new bag I just opened last week, so she made sure to put a note on the bill warning against feeding him those, too… I give her credit for caring, but I’m guessing MOST of the dogs who had problems from brands that WEREN’T either contaminated or moldy were fed TOO MUCH of the treats, maybe even fed them as their entire diet, because they taste so good, I’m sure most any dog would readily agree to eat nothing else.


  28. I had not realised it was such a serious and common thing until I had my three year old chihuahua diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome in February. In January I noticed that she started to drink and pee excessively. The vet found a high level of glucose in her urine and initially thought diabetes (although she is too young for that generally). She had an UTI also. However there was no glucose in her blood so not diabetes. She was treated for the UTI with antibiotics but it was prety presistent. My vet knew very little about Fanconi Syndrome and I found out far more than she ever did. I sent Rosie’s pee to the University of PA (the test for Fanconi Syndrome).

    I had to travel 90 minutes to a vet that has a special blood gas machine (this is an expensive piece of equipment so most vets do not have it) go find out the dosage of various pills, minerals, vitamins and supplements she now has to take (possible for the rest of her life) as her kidneys are affected and are spilling over with glucose and other nutrients. If she does not take these pills – loads a day – she will get sick and most probably die. There is a doctor – Dr. Gonto – that has made a protocol for Basenjis and this works for other dogs with acquired Fanconi Syndrome.

    I am so mad at all this. I never fed Rosie any of the withdrawn brands – she ate Waggin Train and Dogswell (chicken and duck types). This has affected hundreds of small breed dogs. The vet I took her to has two others that have become infected this way. It is just not right that this is still going on. I will never feed another piece of jerky, no matter where it comes from, even the US.

    And for the poster above me. Rosie had one treat a day at bedtime. Not more than that! It is not kidney failure and it is not due to excess protein. The protein levels in the kidneys are normal. They spill over sugar and other nutrients which has nothing to do with excess protein. It is due to a toxin from the chicken that has been ingested.

  29. I fed my 9 month old Shih-Tzu Dogswell Chicken Jerky and she became extremely ill. The first time she tried one, she had diarreah. I put her on chicken and rice and she felt much better. Four days later, not thinking it was the treats, I gave her half of one. She was up all night with bloody diarreah. She never has accidents and she actually pooped on our bed. She was brought to the vet and received fluids and flagyl. The vet said they must be the cause. I know now I will just stick to her food, dog bones and her kong. A good tip for a Kong is to fill it with kibble and top it off with pb and freeze She loves it!!!

  30. I am trying to get the word out to dog owners whose dogs love chicken jerky! Ours got sick too from jerky from China, but our vet told us about Kona’s Chips that are made in America with USDA chicken… it’s worth checking out:

    p.s. don’t let your babies eat meat from China!

  31. I feel I need to also tell my story about Waggin Train Chicken Jerky treats. I purchased one bag from Sam’s and would rip them into and give one to each dog as a treat. This was the only new item in their diet. The bag lasted about 2 to 3 weeks (alternating with their regular treats I had been giving them), I was having some problems with diarhea at times not sure which baby it was and never connected it to the treats just thought some were having a stomach issue. No one seemed sick. I gave them the last of the bag (two treats that day). Two days later when I got home from work one of my babies was acting very sick, not eating nor drinking and just not wanting to do anything. He vomitted stomach acid that night at bedtime. I took him to work with me the next day to watch him and see if I could get him to drink. After a couple of hours I could see he was getting worse and couldn’t force him to drink. I took him to the vet and they said he was a sick baby and within 4 hours he had died. My vet said the blood work results looked strange and asked if I used any poisions around the house. I don’t use any kind of poisions (I would never risk it with animals), he had not been anywhere but at home. I live on 5 acres with no neighbors in sight. He wasn’t a curious baby either and never got into anything. I narrowed down the other 2 babies that also had diarhea and took them to the vet one had to stay and get a IV overnight the other one (larger) got to come home with fluid under the skin and watch him closely. My furbaby I lost was my smallest baby he weighed almost 5 lbs and was not even 2 years old yet. I am angry that I gave them these treats as I should have searched on the internet first. If we could only go back and do it over again. I know these treats were the cause of my babies death and sickness of the other two. I will never buy another treat from China again as I feel they don’t care about human lives why would I think they would care about my furbabies lives.

  32. I am so sorry to hear about the lost of your little one. Were they Maltese’s? My dog is currently fighting the toxic posisions from Smokehouse chicken treats. I did not realize they were made in China. She started getting sick last week, and i was thinking she had a stomach virus. She had to be hospitalized. Thank goodness I took action when i did. She weighs 8.5 pounds, and lost a pound in a week. Her hair was falling out, she was vomitting, not eating, drinking tons of water and urninating constantly… all the symtoms of those toxic treats from China! Luckily the ER vet i took her to had treated 2 dogs recently with same symptoms and she asked me if i had been feeding Sugar any chicken treats from China. After hydrating her and pumping her with Potassium, she is starting to come back, thank goodness. The FDA just posted a waring about these treats week of Dec 19th. I’ve called them ot put in a complaint and turned over the remaining treats i had to my vet who is also filing a complaint and submitting the chicken to the FDA for testing. These products were PULLED off the shelves in 2007 and now they are back? What the heck is going on? I’m livid and plan to take Legal action.

    Again, so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what i would do if we lose Sugar. She is fighting hard and I too will never give her ANYTHING made in CHINA.

  33. Hi There
    I live in NZ and have just had issues with a Chinese made Duck Jerky treat. Never even thought it might be an issue. My three small dogs, 2 bichons and a toy poodle, had diahorea, vomiting, lethargy and I didnt know what was wrong. I stopped giving them the treats because that was the only thing that had changed in their diets. They seem to be ok now, last symptoms were maybe 5-6 days ago. The brand name was Wampy (I shoulda known better huh?)

    I feel devastated that I actually fed my precious fluffs something that hurt them, could have even killed them. I would never forgive myself.

  34. I will be returning to my vet tomorrow for a another test for my 2 year old doxie I have been giving him harpers beefeaters chicken strips from bj,s made in china I only happened to stumble on the alert about such products by accident I took him off the strips after the dog food recall I was afraid of anything from china at the time I could not find any other such treat made in usa I didn’t hear about any problems with these and it was the only treat he liked so I returned giving them to him he has been acting lethargic And had a couple bouts of diarrhea with a little blood so I took him to the vet for bloodwork his creatnine level is high and the only thing I have done differently is the vet upped his interceptor heartworm meds from brown to green into the over 11# range I am just beside myself I keep blaming myself for giving in and giving him back his treats he loved I’m such a picky nut about his food{natures variety prairie and timberwolf] I wished I paid more attention to his treats but I’m still not sold that it could also be the heartworm meds thanks Sue Leo

  35. On December 17, 2008 both of my dogs (Yorkie 8y/o and Yorkie mix 16 y/o) became ill with vomiting, excessive drinking and urinating as well as letargy. When I took the dogs to the vet she was concerned that both were suffering from kidney failure. She had asked if they had been exposed to pesticides or any other poisons. I am sure that they were not…they were always on a leash when taken out. However both had eaten Ol’Roy grilled chiken strips in the past several days. I had not been aware of any of the warnings regarding chicken treats. Both were hospitalized given IV tx, antibiotics…to make a very long, painful story short…both also developed pancreatic problems. After several weeks of special diets, subcutaneous hydration at home, re-hospitalization their health was very fragile. On January 4, 2009 the youngest of he two passed away and on February 10, 2009 the older passed on. I am conviced that the chicken strips were the problem. I have filed a complaint with the FDA. It’s too late for my dear dogs…but maybe others will be spared this suffering.

  36. Waggin Train treats are all natural. You can get the chicken jerky treats at Sam’s Club 40oz for $14 or get a smaller bag at WalMart. Says their headquarters are in Anderson, SC, so I assumer they’re made here in the US. I don’t have my bag with me to be 100% sure, but my dog loves them and doesn’t get sick.

  37. Please do not trust any chicken strips- Smokehouse, Waggin Tales, whatever- even if the bag says it is Made in USA. My German Shepherd is very ill, on 2 strong antibiotics from the Smokehouse chicken breast strips Made in USA- 100% natural it says. I called Smokehouse in Calif, asked for QC- they said ” we are fairly certain” there is nothing but chicken. Fairly certain? I asked- she told me well, we have two kinds- one made in China, one in USA.

  38. jenna please dont assume on the waggin brand I buy at sams also and the package say all natural but they are made in china .Dont trust sams or wallmart to protect you from china,they are china best customer.

  39. All of these chicken treats are from processed chicken from China. They have repeatedly tainted food products to enlarge profits! baby food, dog food, ect. We thought the waggin tails where made in the usa . The chicken is from China. Our dog experienced a loss of appetite for his normal food “cesars” but craved his jerky treats sound familiar. I never knew the connection until I went on line looking for a homemade chicken jerky recipe and saw all these post.Someday we are going to find out that these treats from China are tainted with something! 3 Lbs of chicken breast at 2.25 per lb will make about one pound of jerky” half the price of store bought processed China chicken. super easy and he love em . Best of all his appetite is returning to normal and his mood and energy level is up as well .Google homemade jerky recipes for dogs ,lots of easy healthy free recipes . And refuse to buy any food related products from China . Good luck everyone hope your pets are ok !

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