Residents Complain About Odors From Nutro Products Pet Food Plant

Residents in Spring Valley Lake, California seem hopeless and baffled at what to do with the smells coming from the nearby Nutro Products pet food plant. The odor is taking over their community. Another city, Ogden, Utah, bought a Nasal Ranger to crack down on the smells coming from an American Nutrition pet food plant.

Residents are complaining about the smells and said the odors are getting worse from the pet food plant. They added that they can no longer run into their house to avoid the smell. One resident said that Nutro must be laughing at the whole community once they shut their doors.

Many want the plant to be shut down until the odor problem can be fixed, but a court order would be required.

A spokeswoman for the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management: “Working on a cooperative compliance agreement is the fastest way to achieve what we’re all looking for, a quick and equitable solution that will finally bring an end to the odors that have plagued Spring Valley Lake for long enough. We realize that it has to stop, and this is the quickest way to do that, rather than getting mired in years of legal action.”

The district is requiring Nutro to install a regenerative thermal oxidizer, which incinerates volatile organic compounds and other organic matter at temperatures of about 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. But the plan won’t be finalized until mid-October, and an estimated completion date is uncertain.

Residents said that the city needs to go after Nutro and fine them until they fix the problem.

The Nutro pet food plant opened in March 2006, and residents in the surrounding areas began to complain about the smell in May 2006.

The plant manager said the company has already spent about $4 million on installing carbon filters and extending the plant’s chimney.

Despite this, the residents say the odor is still there and wonder if it will go away any time soon.

Source: Daily Press

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31 Responses to “Residents Complain About Odors From Nutro Products Pet Food Plant”

  1. Sharon says:

    The residents should contact OSHA and the EPA. If the smell is that bad outside of the plant the working conditions inside are sure to be in violation of the law. To be dealing with this for over a year requires legal action against someone. I would go after the Mojave Air Quality Management district. It is obviously not doing it’s job. Get a court order to shut them down.

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  3. Pukanuba says:

    Same as with the other plant….makes you wonder exactly what it is they are cooking up in there. I don’t even want to think about that one….

  4. purringfur says:

    If the smells are worse, I wonder what is different about the food ingredients (chemicals, additives???) or manufacturing process to produce the worsened smells???? Something must have changed.

    The food I cook for my dogs smells like an inviting kitchen with aromas of meats, vegetables, and fruits. People are waiting in line to become one of my dogs. THIS is how a pet food plant SHOULD SMELL.

    If I were the residents affected, I would complain that my PROPERTY VALUE HAS GREATLY DIMINISHED as a result of the increased stench. Who would want to buy a home that has a wicked smell permeating it inside and out? Soon, this area will be red flagged as a place NOT TO BUY A HOME! Speak up, residents!

    Residents: GO AFTER NUTRO and the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management! You shouldn’t have to suffer as you are!

    COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR PROPERTY VALUES. Get some of the wealthy residents who are well known around there to complain, and you’ll get some SWIFT action! Stick together and be persistent!

  5. highnote says:

    I can remember when we had a meat packing plant in the town near me. The odor was terrible when you would drive by it. There were no houses near it though. It was in the industrial part of town.
    There should be a zoning law prohibiting any of these plants to be built near any residential places.
    I know the wind can carry smells quite a ways though. I feel for all these people. It was bad enough for me to drive by such a smell, These poor people have to live with it every day of their life.

  6. purringfur says:

    Oh, I forgot to add…

    RESIDENTS: Keep this story alive in the media. It can be your best friend for accomplishing a goal!

  7. 2CatMom says:

    What’s that smell? Its the ghost smell of all the carcasses of animals Nutro killed with its contaminated food…thousands, if not tens of thousands of animals killed through the company’s profit comes first motto! Too bad the executives don’t have to smell it everyday.

  8. Cathy says:

    It’s probably the smell of the fungus that is in their food or in the spray that they use the mask the taste of the bad meat.

  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    I think that’s where thr rendering plant is next door? So, if that’s it, the smell is from all the dead dogs, cats, road kill, rotten food, etc. So Nutro must be cooking it up in their food.
    I think the rendering plant is called D&D Disposal .

  10. straybaby says:

    “I think the rendering plant is called D&D Disposal .”

    Dead & Diseased Disposal? ;)

  11. Don Earl says:

    Am I correct that “Mojave Desert Air Quality Management” is an official agency in charge of oversight?

    You’ve just got to love the friendly and thoughtful advice to residents not to take legal action to correct the problem.

    The way things are getting in this country today, I’m starting to think an official system of bribery should be put in place. A company wants to put a stink factory nextdoor? The officials responsible for oversight could then put up a page on EBay where both citizens and the company could offer bribes. The officials would get a 10% commission on the bribes and the rest would go toward reducing taxes. This way, at least, citizens could collectively offer competing bribes which would give them an equal say in how such things are decided, and even if they weren’t the highest bidder, there’d be tax breaks as a consolation.

  12. stargirl says:

    the plant has already spent over $4 million to rectify the situation, held community meetings, and put up taller ventilation stacks. residents want the plant shut down. are they willing to help all of the employees find new jobs and pay their bills in the meantime?
    i dont know all of the facts but its too easy to fall into the trap of seeing this as a big evil corporation versus poor little residents dichotomy.

  13. Jay says:

    Always nice to see the company PFI people put a word in. Thanks for verifying that there is a problem and you don’t care.

    It is big food versus people! They must be stopped at every step or there will be more killings and so-called recalls — never ending.

    If you work for Nutro, have a conscience and contact media, agencies, and elected officials anonymously and tell how it is to be in the JUNGLE.

  14. Katie says:

    Stargirl, while the company may have spent $4 million for carbon filters and to raise the chimney that was probably the Cheaper route to take and the reason they did it. To pacify the neighbors. Than the company holds meetings to say: hey look at us! good corporate citizens; we care about you. Perhaps they should have added the $4 million to the cost of the regenerative thermal oxidizer. Than they would have been good corporate neighbors.

    It is the same old story everywhere in this county. I live in AZ the copper state. The copper companies tell the community we will not pollute the ground water or the air. We will leave the land as we found it. We will cause no harm. We will provide lots of high paying jobs. Than they leave. Superfund site is declared. And who now pays the bills for clean-up. Taxpayers.

    Lately the companies and EPA and the other government agencies are all using scare tactics. If we don’t lower std’s - no jobs. If we sue - the companies will close up. They want us all to go away and not make any noise. Same goes for the PFI. The good people of Ogden,Utah need to continue putting the squeeze on Nutro.

    Stargirl, how would you feel if you saw your property value fall to zero.

    The citizens need to put pressure on their town gov’t to change zoning laws, get actively involved at town meetings and find people like themselves (who can’t be bribed) to run for town government offices. I agree with Sharon, contacting OSHA might be helpful, but not sure the EPA would care.


  15. Lynn says:


    I daresay we are justified in assuming the worst when it comes to any plant. Common sense should tell you that nothing foul-smelling should be coming out of these chimneys. And just because the plant purportedly held town meetings and installed new parts doesn’t guarantee that the problem will go away.

    Frankly, I think this is a distress call that warrants FDA, EPA, USDA, and OSHA on-site investigation, paying particular attention to what is going into the food.

    I can only hope that the citizens of this town forget what they’ve been told by plant personnel and take action by contacting the federal agencies I’ve mentioned in the preceding paragraph. And stay on it. Don’t give up. Get credible answers.

  16. straybaby says:


    it’s not up to the community to take care of any workers that may lose their jobs because of this. it wouldn’t be an issue if Nutro wasn’t polluting their living spaces. seems to me, it would be up to Nutro to pay severance, job re-training and/or relocation to another plant. the community is not causing the problem, Nutro is.


  17. Carol Johnson says:

    Stargirl…regardless of what Nutro has done…they have not corrected the problem

    I think the real question is why does it smell so bad…what is going into the food…which is supposed to be premium??

    Wholesome ingredients should not create this type of issue.

  18. Beth says:

    I switched from Nutro Lamb and Rice when all THREE of my dogs started
    chucking yellow foam. I had fed the same feed for 15 years… you tell me, what’s this foam all about? (No need to say, I no longer feed Nutro!)

  19. Lynn says:

    Yellow foam…..bile acid……liver’s not liking the food very much.

  20. Jenny Bark says:

    People should not have to live this way smelling some evil shi** & only God knows what it is doing to their health. You are talking about their homes that they paid for & are paying taxes for. You better believe it is their RIGHT & DUTY to protect their kids, old people & their sick.

    It’s is Nutro’s job to take care of the people who WANT to work for them, after all they make enough profit.

    Trudy Jackson, how close is Spring Valley Lake to San Jose rendering plant. I don’t know too much about Calf.. Remember Quinn, the beautiful service dog they picked up & took to San Joe rendering, his story on Itchmo Aug. 23,07. A little more if you click on the article in SJ mercury news. Maybe just maybe Quinn and some of all our babies is letting Nuto & this rendering plant know what they think of them.

    I keep copies of Quinn’s story, copies of the book Food Pets Die For & the warning letter from FDA against Iams to get people off of by-products pet food.

  21. Beth says:

    Lynn–I switched as soon as I realized all three of my dogs were barfing up
    this yellow foam. It wasnt every day, but several times a week and I DIDN”T like it. I fed Nutro to all of my dogs and weanded the puppies that I whelped on to Nutro puppy lamb and rice. Probably fed nothing but Nutro for 15 years, They don’t get my business any more..
    With the dog food recall, I looked at the label of ingreients on the lamb and rice…too much stuff that didn’t sound good…so I switched to Innova.
    I had a finicy eater that I had to hand-feed the Innova. So I began preparing a Strombeck diet. They all “dance” at dinnertime. It is an expensive diet since I am feeding for some elevated liver enzymes…but at least I know that (hopefully) it is safe with tofu from the grocery store, cottage cheese and white rice from the grocery store + bonemeal and vitamins from the healthfood store.
    I’ve HAD IT with the pfi.
    This food scare has to END–for our pets and also for human consumption!

  22. Cathy says:

    And of course, Nutro tells everyone that their dry food…has no melamine in it…was not recalled…therefore, it is safe. Bull….! Safe doesn’t drive people into their homes from noxious stench.

  23. Anonymous says:

    while I agree the smells emanating from a plant should not be this bad, a vital piece of info is missing. Was the plant built near a residential area, or did people knowingly build homes next to the plant? Happens with small airports a lot - people build a nice big house by the existing airport and then piss and moan about the aircraft noise.

  24. straybaby says:


    you know about the tofu recall? if not, go to the fda site for the recall info.

    are you feeding meat? or just tofu?

  25. Sharon says:

    Dear anonymous, the plant just openned a little more than a year ago. I kinda think the residential area was there first.

    This reminds me of the local newswoman who said people who complain about freeway noise shouldn’t have built next to it. If she had a brain in her head she would have known the homes were there for decades before the freeway was ever built.

    There is certainly no shortage of ignorance around here.

  26. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jenny Bark, I’m in N.C. so don’t know all about Cal. But I have been looking up a few things. The You tube- Inside a Rendering plant I think is owned by D&D Disposal. West coast Rendering . It’s located in Vernon Cal. Los Angles County. someone told Me it was right next door or across the road from Nutro. Gross. They make it into Protein Meal.

  27. Beth says:

    Straybaby–Yes, I did see the tofu recall. I marched right into the kitchen to see the brand of tofu that I got from Kroger and it was not listed in the recall. This tofu is Azumaya and says “Azumaya tofu is made from soybeans that were not genetically engineered”….but I plan to do some more investigating.
    I am SO SICK of all of these recalls. DAMN, can’t eat chicken, can’t eat beef, can’t eat salads, so I buy TOFU–now, can’t eat tofu.
    Is this ever going to end?
    I am feeding a Donald Strombeck diet (tofu, cottage cheese, white rice, CaCarbonate, multivitamin) and just a small amount of Innova. No meats.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of meats-

    Expanded ground beef recall.

    Notice the production dates. If I’m reading this right the possibly contaminated beef has been around for about a year. So, uh, a little lax om the testing there, don’t you think?

    Yes, another “duh” moment.

  29. purringfur says:


    “Based on consumption patterns, the Company believes that the vast majority of the recalled product has been consumed.”

    We wouldn’t want to hurt the big beef ranchers’ or store’s profits, now, would we? What’s a few people getting sick, anyway, when there’s soooo much profit to be made?

    Sort a like the 20 million mela-chickens and 50,000 mela-porkers being released for sale, even after the FDA said the feed was adulterated, which violated rules about known adulteration of animal feed… and therefore, the animals for human consumption were to be destroyed. DIDN’T HAPPEN.

    Those little piggies went to market (and so did the chickens) and didn’t stay home! And we cried, “FDA, go away, go away! We don’t need you cause we know we’re on our own, own, own.”

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    […] a protest against Nutro’s pet food plant in the area. Residents have complained about the odors coming from the plant since the plant opened in May 2006 and want the plant to be shut […]

  31. Can't take it any more says:

    Anonymous (Sept.29th), area residents have been here long before the Nutro plant.
    Nutro told us we would not notice them at all. Well, they came into town bulit themselves a big ugly building and began to stink up 3 cities! The buliding we can
    live with. However the stink is more than we can stand. We are going into a 3rd year
    of this hot, thick, steamy stinch. I hate to go outside. You only go out if you have to.
    I can honestly say I’d rather live next to an airport than this rotten smelling Nutro plant. Nutro needs to think more about people than padding thier pockets! SHAME ON
    NUTRO PET FOOD PRODUCTS and MARS CANDY CO. who now owns the plant.
    STOP PRODUCTION until you can clean up this mess. We can’t take it any more!

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