Reward Offered In Shooting Of Pet Cat

Daisy MaeThree-year-old Daisy Mae usually goes out on her nightly walks outside and enjoys the peaceful neighborhood. But on Thursday night, something went completely wrong.

The white longhair cat came back to her owner’s front door with bloody injuries. Daisy Mae had been shot during her romp outside.

Veterinarians found that she had a .22 caliber bullet lodged in her abdomen after puncturing her shoulder and lung. The doctors must stabilize Daisy Mae before they perform surgery on Monday. Her jaw and broken teeth must also be mended so she can eat.

Her owner said, “It looks like she was shot while she was curled up sleeping. It was bad enough when we thought at first she’d been hit by a car. Who would do this kind of thing? She’s just a shy little kitty; she didn’t deserve this. There’s a monster out there.”

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $2,500 reward, and Pasado’s Safe Haven is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in the shooting of Daisy Mae.

Source: Seattle P-I

17 Responses to “Reward Offered In Shooting Of Pet Cat”

  1. Lynn says:

    This is dispicable. How could anyone……. So many very sick people out there. My fondest wish is that they would suffer the same injuries……at least ten times over.

    All the more reason to keep your pets indoors.

  2. DCat says:

    Yet another good reason to keep your cats INDOORS!!!!

  3. G in INdiana says:

    That happens all the time out here in the country. I tell my neighbors to please keep their cats inside - away from guns, teeth, and claws. They don’t listen and then get all upset when their cats don’t come home after a “nightly walk”.
    While I deplore the shooting of that pet cat, if she had been kept indoors at least during the evening, she’d be safe and healthy instead of very hurt and sick.

  4. catmom5 says:

    I agree that cats nowadays belong indoors or completely supervised outdoors or in a safe enclosure in their own yard. There are too many evil people who have no problem hurting an innocent little creature like Daisy Mae. It’s just not safe to allow cats out for their “nightly walk” any longer. Sad, but true.
    I hope they find the person who did this and give him/her the punishment s/he deserves AND that no other animal is hurt in the meantime.
    Prayers coming that this little girl recovers completely from her injuries.

  5. Maria says:

    What a hateful crime, which sadly underscores the importance of keeping cats indoors. Kitties raised exclusively indoors, with no access to the outside, likely don’t miss what they never had. It’s harder for a cat who’s accustomed to nightly romps, but the risks are just too great to continue allowing a cat outdoors. I’m constantly amazed at the number of jerks out there who hate cats in particular and wouldn’t hesitate to harm one with a gunshot, poison, etc. Plus there’s the danger of wildlife predators–raccoons, coyotes, etc. I hope this kitty recovers soon, but she will never be the same after the damage done to her. For those owners who want their cat to experience the outdoors, perhaps a harness and leash made for cats–and supervised “walks”–are the best solutions.

  6. Nora and Rufus says:

    And I have to wonder how many poor kitties suffered and died and their owners never knew what happend to them because of the same devil or (devils) who are obviously runnig around thinking it is fun to murder cats by using them as target practice. I hope to God that whomever is responsible for this gets what they have coming. It would only be too perfect that their gun mistakenly discharges and kills them dead. Good thing that Daisy Mae survived and her parents love her like they do.

  7. becky says:

    I’d be heartbroken if this happened to one of my cats. That’s why I keep mine indoors. If you want kitty to have a nightly walk, get a harness and a leash and go with the cat. Or get an outdoor enclosure that keeps kitty safe. Not every one likes cats.

  8. Velvet's Dad says:

    Hopefully Daisy Mae will pull through okay. She still has to undergo surgery. And hopefully from this point forward her owners will see the wisdom in making her an indoor cat. Didn’t they mention she was “shy”? Such a cat would be fine kept indoors–for love and security.

  9. momkat says:

    ONE MORE reason to keep cats indoors only!

  10. Denise Miller says:

    Their has to be some really sick people out there to do something like this. that little kitty never did anything to anyone. This is rally bad stuff. Keep your kitties in doors. There are 2 kitties that roam in my neighborhood. I hope nothing happens to them and they are very welcome to come to my house for a visit but I worry about them. I hope these people that hurt this little kitty get exactly what they have comming to them.

  11. mittens says:

    the entire point should be that people shouldn’t shoot pet cats. period. if humans didn’t go outside their houses they might not get raped, shot, mugged etc but that doesn’t mean people do not have a right to go outside with the expectation of not being the guilty one should they be a victim of crime. the focus needs to be on the wrongness of the deed not the alleged ‘ participation’ of the victim. if we had harsher sentences that were carried out in full with high monetary damages enforced as part of restitution we might have less of the sickness.

    i deplore the fact that i was allowed to run free as a child until the street lights came on and all our pet cats lived long lives as indoor/outdoor pets and this is definitely not so now. today my friends with kids keep them locked up in the house after school creating bored, overweight and fearful kids. perhaps if we focused less on blaming the victim and more on crucifying the guilty instead of turning them into the ‘ real’ and sympathetic victims or outright ignoring the evil doer in order to castigate the victim or pet parent we would be able to let our pets and kids outside without feeling the need to hire armed guards.

    that said i do not let my cats outside- i live in the city and have never considered it. cruel people exist everywhere. they can even break into your home and hurt your pets. but i don’t believe in living in fear ( people have gotten shot outside my house. i still go outdoors even at- gasp- night)and i certainly don’t believe in hand smacking those who are innocent victims of random cruelty by deranged individuals. we should be demanding a safer society through careful law enforcement and being less lenient toward the more youthful offenders (who start out with such lawless actsof junior brutality only to work their way up to humans) not issuing well meaning but useless warnings to those who have done nothing wrong.

  12. catmom5 says:

    Cats SHOULD be safe outdoors, but the harsh reality is they aren’t. The best way to protect these animals is to keep them indoors or outdoors in a supervised, safe situation. Even if there weren’t evil people, there are cars, wild animals, poisons, etc. It’s a harsh world out there and I feel very strongly that, as a pet parent, it is my responsibility to keep my cats safe.

  13. Pam says:

    I hope Daisy Mae makes a complete recovery and I hope that her owner learns a lesson–keep her inside and safe. I will be following the story at Pasado’s is a truly remarkable organization and is covering all the veterinary costs of saving Daisy as well as offering a reward for the capture of this wacko sick creep. I will also be contributing.

  14. Don Earl says:

    I’ll echo the long list of comments that cats are best kept as indoor only pets.

    Among other things, if a pet owner doesn’t know where their pet is, or what it is doing, they also don’t know if it is creating a nuisance to their neighbors. Is it using the flower beds of your neighbor’s prize roses as a sand box? Is it fighting with your neighbor’s pets? Is it stealing food out of your neighbor’s pet food dish? Is it stalking prey at your bird loving neighbor’s bird bath? Is it making fighting/mating noise under your neighbor’s bedroom window?

    I love my cats, and cats in general, but I also agree with Will Rogers when he said, “Your right to swing your fist stops where my nose begins.”. Among the many reasons I keep my cats indoors only is I respect my neighbor’s right not to have my pets on their property.

    Cars, poison, predators (two and four legged), disease, parasites and other hazards make it unsafe for cats outside, roaming loose. It also contributes to a situation where people who aren’t pet friendly eventually, and perhaps rightfully so, resent the intrusion of their neighbor’s unsupervised pets on their property.

    It’s a very sad situation that could have easily been prevented for all the right reasons.

  15. Kaffe says:

    I hope the culprit shoots himself/herself - accidentally of course. And I pray Daisy Mae will make it through all those surgeries. When I was a kid, all our cats had free access outdoors… and so did we kids… no family member of the two legged or four legged kind ever got run over by a car or shot or hurt in any way by some deviant evil being. But then, we lived in a very quiet neighborhood with huge lots and plenty of space for everyone. The world has changed now… there are more deviants tha ever. My grandkids are escorted by an adult even if they only have to go next door to play. My cats are allowed to have supervised romps in the backyard for an hour each day and if the weather is fine, they hang out in their outdoor enclosures. I also take them out for leashed walkies once or twice a week at night. Even with all these precautions, I sometimes worry that some deviant fessed up messed up teenager would get it into his/her head to “target shoot” at my cats when they are hanging out in their outdoor enclosure. Gee… I HATE guns!!!!

  16. Gindy says:

    Folks, it isn’t just humans with guns that kill outdoor cats. It is the wild life that is SUPPOSED to be there (cats are an a invasive species, people, don’t forget that!) It is the bot flies that can infect them, the bacterial and viral infections that wild animals carry and that can easily be transmitted to outdoor cats. It is poisoned food, naturally or unnaturally (read by humans trying to kill other animals like the wild life that is supposed to be around). It is rotten meat that they eat or other outdoor cats trying to defend their territory or mating partners.
    Pet cats belong inside!
    If you want an innovative solution to allowing a cat safely out doors, you build a run for them. This at least will keep them safe from guns, dogs, other cats, and most poisoned food (or rotten meat.)
    This is what our neighbors did for their cats. They used a medium sized chain link dog run and attached a cat door to a side of their house. They then set up the dog run right outside the cat door and covered the ground in it with sand and gravel. They put a few tree limbs in there and covered the top with a roof and the sun side with a tarp. The cats loved it, the humans loved it, and none of their cats was ever harmed in any way.
    And Don Earl, thank you very much from all of those who do not like other people pets (dog, cat, pig, horse, sheep, goat, and yes we have had all these wander onto our farm) on their property. I salute you as a responsible and caring owner.

  17. Anna says:

    I had that happen to my 6 week old kitty 25 years ago. They shot him up with a B-B gun, and kicked him around like a football. Punctured intestines, punctured lung, broken ribs, when I came home late after work (he snuck out when my boyfriend left the house) I was aghast.. took him to Speyers (sp? changed their name, biggest one in NYC) animal hospital where the vets who see everything just cried. Thought he should have been dead. I had to take cabs home at lunch to nurse his wounds for 3 months after surgery. I told one of the cab drivers what was going on. He was from the neighborhood. Later I understand he had some of “his boys” “take care of” the boys who caused the problem. I understand it was nothing permanent. Although I would not have taken that route myself, a violent society has its own karma.

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