Richard Pryor’s Widow Keeps His Legacy Alive With Dog Rescue Program

Richard PryorRichard Pryor was not only an actor and a comedian, but he was also a lover of animals.

Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, is honoring his love for animals and his fight against animal injustices with a dog rescue program called Pryor’s Planet. The organization’s mission is to help grassroots efforts in saving lives, provide sanctuary and make the world a better place for all animals.

Jennifer said that she and Pryor had a mutual love of animals, and this is what led the divorced couple to reconcile and remarry. After Pryor’s death in December 2005, Jennifer said she has worked even harder to help animals in need.

Jennifer said: “Richard always had a connection to animals, this passion. Even when he was ill and could no longer perform he could still find great purpose and great meaning with his work with animals.” (Just a week before his death, Pryor sent a letter to an Indiana county sheriff expressing his outrage over an animal cruelty case.)

She spends her time transporting dogs, and feeding, housing and playing with all the dogs. Currently, Jennifer and a group of volunteers care for 46 dogs that are in need of loving homes.

Jennifer said that Pryor’s love for animals truly inspired her. She added: “Cesar Millan [the Dog Whisperer] told me something the other day which is very true. Dogs don’t care if you are a celebrity, or rich or poor, or if your bag is Gucci or Prada…they just want to be loved unconditionally.”


Photo: Associated Press

4 Responses to “Richard Pryor’s Widow Keeps His Legacy Alive With Dog Rescue Program”

  1. nora and rufus says:

    I’ll bet Richard P. would have had some real choice words for Michael Vick!!!! This cause carried on by Jennifer for Richard is so wonderful and such a beautiful thing! Thank you Richard and Jennifer for caring for the innocent animals. They are at our mercy and they need us so much!

  2. bengals says:

    I ditto that nora & rufus!

  3. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Bunny the Pit Bull and I believe the talented, brave, truly hilarious, socially ground-breaking, touchingly human, and sorely-missed, Richard Pryor to be one righteous muthaf*#%a until the end of time. Kudos to his widow, Jennifer, for perpetuating the memory of the man - as opposed to the icon/celebrity - in this way.

  4. Lola Endres says:

    I have 2 of the dogs Mrs. Prior was funding in a Missouri shelter. Recently, a shelter in Martinsville, Indiana,
    that ended up with a litter of pups funded by Mrs. Prior was destroyed by flood. We are fostering as many of the
    130 canines that we can - others are at a farm and in county shelters. Joyce Deckard, the Director, lost her car
    and her home was damaged. Visit the website at Our Little Bit of Heaven, Martinsville, Indiana to help or send

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