Ridiculous Press Release: Pet Food Institute Edition

Here’s more spin control from The Pet Food Institute. It’s clearly aimed at pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.

Line by line breakdown after the jump. It’s *snark* time. Again.

Them: …issued the following facts about the current concerns over pet food following the deaths of 16 pets.
Us: We would have settled for “deaths of more than 16 pets.” Two words that acknowledge the severity of our pain. We’re saving the better snark for later.

Them: The pet food industry and the [FDA] have worked closely together since the very first reports occurred about possible adulteration in pet foods.
Us: Not true. Menu Foods, by their own account provided bad information to pet parents for at least a week. Perhaps you are suffering from acute recall failure.

Them: …and work to ensure that it never happens again.
Us: We’ve scoured the Web and we’ve read nothing that would indicate any real change in the way the industry would do business (with some exceptions).

Them: …if only one pet dies, then it’s one death too many.
Us: Then stop testing on pets. Try the food yourself.

Them: Consumers can buy with confidence the pet food that is for sale on shelves today.
Us: Isn’t the FDA still investigating who else might have used the toxic wheat? Do you want more dead customers?

Them: …pet food industry and FDA regulators are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
Us: For real? You serious? Please do tell us what you are doing other than writing stuff like this.

Them: [The Pet Food Institute] is a clearinghouse for information about the current recall.
Us: Itchmo laughs in your face. If we wanted crappy propaganda, we’d move to Cuba.

Thanks Steve

18 Responses to “Ridiculous Press Release: Pet Food Institute Edition”

  1. Steve says:

    My Pleasure Friends

  2. Steve says:

    Like a bad meal endlessly repeating, this gaseous belch of this PFI press release keeps offering up odiferous reminders of the sorry state of the pet food industries pr representation. Another thing for brands to think about.

    Your only as good as those your surround yourself with.

  3. Ronda says:

    “Them: Consumers can buy with confidence the pet food that is for sale on shelves today.”
    Well wait a minute, my attention span and memory may be short, but it’s not all that short. Didn’t Purina say the same thing about their foods and then pull Alpo Prime? And also, didn’t the makes of Hill’s prescription m/d cat food also first say all their dry product wasn’t affected. And what about the other brands of treats which were recently recalled as well? We all heard them say, our foods aren’t affected, and then another product is pulled. TV may be dulling my mind, but it ain’t that far gone yet. What a bunch of garbage we’re being fed (along with the crud for our pets).

  4. Jonathan says:

    What REALLY concerns me there is still friggin recalled food on the shelves. We are talking major supermarkets. What happens when a person that doesn’t do the research and have media access goes to get the food.

    I hope they sleep well at night, they haven’t done the due dilligance to even do what they said they would do.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Plus the recall reads like a friggin chinese phone book, oh wait it problalby was made from chinese phone books.

  6. Jonathan says:

    They really leave me with a really warm and fuzzy feeling.

  7. nancy says:

    Them: …pet food industry and FDA regulators are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
    Us: For real? You serious? Please do tell us what you are doing other than writing stuff like this.

    You go Steve-that nearly made coffe come out of my nose!-Nancy

  8. Sue J says:

    I think the biggest travesty is that people are getting PAID real money to write this stuff. C’mon guys, at least give us BETTER propaganda!

    Anyhow, this industry is starting to sound desperate. What will it take to get them to acknowledge they need to change? I think/hope/pray that if we keep up the pressure, more companies will begin trying to address our concerns. I for one have gone back to California Natural, a Natura product, since they at least are making an effort to sound like they take the consumer seriously. Can’t say I am convinced by their PR - but at the very least they’ve ACKNOWLEDGED consumer concerns.

  9. nancy says:

    Hi again steve-
    I gave itchmo the
    snark of the day award on my blog. Sorry it is in name only!

  10. Steve says:

    “It’s Safe”

    So take our advise and don’t think twice, then we and your money will go someplace sunny.

  11. Elderta says:

    I stopped reading at “the deaths of 16 pets.” Just reading that set off my bullcrap alarm.

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  13. susan says:

    I also stopped reading after “the death of 16 pets.” This whole thing has really made me stop and wonder if the media ever tells the truth or are they just empty heads with moving mouth parts and what is it exactly that the FDA does?????

  14. Therese Kopiwoda says:

    Well put….you truly are the King of Snark!

  15. Steve says:

    Lets get down to it. First of all when is the last time your saw someone from the Pet Food Institute come knocking on doors in your neighborhood saying,

    Hello, me name is _____ with The Pet Food Institute and we wondered if you could talk to us about your pet and the foods you choose. We’re researching improvements we could make and you the customer are the most important source we have.

    Forget it, these guys look at a piece of paper with some data and stats on it and thats the closest they ever get to be proactive with people.

  16. catspajamas says:

    I am so glad all this is now under the magnifying glass! This is long overdue. I’m just sorry it took a terrible event like this recall to get petowners looking into it. But that’s how it happens. We’ve been led to believe that the big money interests are looking out for fluffy and fido and also–that they know what’s best–and are honest! This is not so. We’ve believed their fancy packaging and AAFCO & PFI blurbs. We’ve also believed the big pharma interests that supply animal vaccines that many of their products are protecting our pets - certainly we would not expect them to cause illness! There’s a lot we have not known about. All of these industry ties to the pet health businesses must be examined. So i think it’s good consumers are angry. I hope they stay angry and proactive so that the deaths and sufferring of all these animals will not have been in vain. It’s the least we can do, isn’t it? I blame suppliers but I also blame myself if I don’t continue to educate myself and ask questions and be proactively suspicious where big interests affect my animals health. There’s a lot we can do ourselves and it’s high time we all became aware of it and demanded change.

  17. Dee says:

    Sue J. ask “What will it take to get them to acknowledge they need to change?” IMO, the only way to make them change is to hit them in the ONLY thing they care about: their wallets. I have written the idiots at the pet food industry group and told them I don’t trust ANY of them or ANY of the commercial pet food company. No more of that crap for my dog; I’m home cooking from now on. At least that way I can be sure I’m not feeding my dog rodenticide or plastics. Also torques me off that some vets (in the pockets of the industry, no doubt) are telling everyone that it’s so “dangerous” to home cook because we just can’t do it right. Well, what could be more wrong than killing your pets by feeding toxic pet food, the likes of which vets have been pimping from their offices for years? Besides, there are Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists who will, for a reasonable fee, draw up nutritionally sound diets for pets using ordinary human food. Funny how these relatively few vets who’ve been specifically trained in nutrition understand that, gosh, we’re not so stupid that we can’t keep our pets alive & well on “real” food. Nothing would send a clearer message to the morons of the pet food industry than the market for their products drying up.

  18. Shure Pets Rep says:

    I had a Pet Food Company National Sales Manager tell me they did not give a flip on what we read on blogs that only a small portion of pet owners read it. I said the small portion is you Company people who are to busy trying to convert us into buying your foods and to help to make sure you get a pay check, at the expense of our pets.

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