Robbers Steal Dog Poop — Instead Of Cash

This is definitely one story to add to the Stupid Criminal’s Hall of Shame.

Robbers who stole a newspaper-wrapped package from a woman outside of a bank have gotten away with something a lot less valuable than they had hoped for.

A woman was waiting in line outside of a bank to withdraw money when her dog suddenly needed to take care of business. She then asked a bank employee if she could have several pieces of newspaper to clean up after the dog.

After wrapping her dog’s poop and taking care of her financial transaction, the woman left the bank and was waiting to cross the street to throw the package away in the garbage. But then a robber suddenly approached her and took her newspaper-wrapped package of poop.

“A motorcycle stopped swiftly before me, the man on the rear seat seized the package from me, and they sped away,” she said.

Amused police are investigating the case while “laughing at the stupidity of the robbers”.


4 Responses to “Robbers Steal Dog Poop — Instead Of Cash”

  1. Moonbeam says:

    This is a “riot” - I hope they got poop all over their greedy fat paws as they dug into their loot!

  2. KAE family says:

    Once the package is ripped opened: “What the crap!!!”

  3. Lynn says:

    What goes around, comes around.

  4. Janice says:

    What a shitty and ever so appropriate outcome for the robbers!

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