Royal Canin Recalls Medi-Cal Prescription Food for Cats

Yet another recall. A prescription canned cat food is being recalled by Royal Canin.

Another brand of cat food is being recalled after Royal Canin Canada discovered from Menu Foods that one lot of its product contained contaminated wheat gluten.

The affected product is Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula canned food.

In a statement, the company says they learned late Monday from Menu Foods, which makes the product, that contaminated wheat gluten had been used in this product.

Royal Canin Canada says this is despite repeated assurances they received from Menu Foods that no contaminated wheat gluten made its way into Canada.

“After being repeatedly reassured by Menu Foods, as reinforced by FDA public statements, that none of the contaminated wheat gluten had made its way to Canada, we were completely shocked to learn yesterday that this was not the case, and that this wheat gluten had been used in the Feline Dissolution Formula canned product,” said Xavier Unkovic, CEO of Royal Canin Canada.

Full release after the jump:

April 10, 2007


Guelph, Ontario — As a result of new information received from Menu Foods late yesterday, Royal Canin Canada is recalling Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula canned diet because one production lot (January 08 2009) contains contaminated wheat gluten. This product is produced for Royal Canin Canada by the Menu Foods Ontario plant. Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula canned diet is Royal Canin’s only wheat gluten-containing canned product. This is the only Royal Canin or Medi-Cal product being recalled.

Royal Canin Canada has informed all Canadian veterinary clinics that Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula canned diet, prescribed exclusively through veterinary clinics, should not be fed to cats. Although only one production lot was affected, to eliminate any risks to cats, Royal Canin Canada is proactively advising veterinary clinics to remove all of the Feline Dissolution Formula canned date codes.
This product is not available through retail outlets.

“After being repeatedly reassured by Menu Foods, as reinforced by FDA public statements, that none of the contaminated wheat gluten had made its way to Canada, we were completely shocked to learn yesterday that this was not the case, and that this wheat gluten had been used in the Feline Dissolution Formula canned product” said Xavier Unkovic, CEO Royal Canin Canada. “Once Melamine was identified as a contaminant by the FDA on March 30, we immediately implemented a screening program for raw materials and finished goods including Feline Dissolution. Feline Dissolution canned product in our warehouse tested negative for Melamine. Unfortunately, the one code lot of Feline Dissolution Formula canned that was affected had already been shipped.”

“As animal health professionals and pet owners ourselves, we know this recall will cause concern for our customers as it has for our entire Medi-Cal/Royal Canin team,” said Dr. Brent Matthew, Veterinary Division Director. “We deeply regret that this has occurred.”

To date, Medi-Cal/Royal Canin Veterinary Diet has not received any reports of illness in cats eating this product. Royal Canin Canada has advised veterinary clinics that it will provide financial reimbursement for veterinary costs to ensure the health and wellbeing of cats eating Feline Dissolution formula canned diets. Medi-Cal / Royal Canin’s veterinary experts and representatives are available to support the veterinary clinics and pet owners.

Pet owners who are feeding the recalled product to their cats and have questions related to the recall should contact Royal Canin at

21 Responses to “Royal Canin Recalls Medi-Cal Prescription Food for Cats”

  1. 5CatMom says:

    Hey Xavier,

    Why don’t YOU know what’s coming into your plant. Ever heard of LOT NUMBERS, ever heard of QUALITY CONTROL?


    Why don’t you jerks listen to pet owners who say your food killed their pet?

    What a bunch of morons.

  2. Martin says:

    Say bye bye to your fortune!!!! Royal Canin - the most expensive pet food sold in the retail chain can kiss their a** goodbye!!!!!!! You claim it’s the best food on the market. Your’s is NO BETTER than Ol Roy. How can you market it as such? May as well pay .19 cents per can (it’s the same stuff and will do the same damage)!!!!!!@!

  3. Martin says:


    Royal Canin USA wishes to assure pet owners that our dry and wet pet food products are not involved in the ongoing FDA investigation related to the recent nationwide pet food recall initiated by Menu Foods and other companies.

    We want to inform you that the recent recall announcement
    by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 10
    does not affect any Royal Canin products sold in US retail stores or available in vet clinics.

  4. Deb says:

    Now, how many vets will be calling all their clients to alert them of this? That is if Royal Canin has the decency to inform them first. I am so completely appalled that these store that all have “frequent shopper” cards did NOTHING to alert their customers that they purchased food that would potentially kill their pets. All these grocery stores and big box pet stores have our phone numbers. I’d love to hear from ANYONE that received a phone call from Petsmart or Petco. How about your local grocery store? You don’t get discounts without providing the card. They have everyone’s contact info. How about they use it for something other than marketing? This is one time that big brother could have prevented thousands of deaths!!!

  5. catherine pierson says:

    was royal canin also shocked when a $50 million lawsuit was filed against them in toronto, canada for problems dating back to 2004? what do they mean this is their only canned product containing wheat gluten? how about their dry? their statement is murky at best. my siberian was very, very sick in january eating their prescription limited ingredient dry food. they admit they do not do feeding trials on their very expensive prescription line only do feeding trials on their maintenance line.

  6. Judi Mills says:

    What a crock all this is!!! When are we going to stop shipping in this crap and start using what we all grow in our own countries??? Shame on all these people and companies that let this go on and Shame on them for killing so many beloved pets!! This has sure opened my eyes to what these people really thought about the well being of our friends! Shame, Shame, Shame on all of you! Heads should roll and that Menu foods fella that sold all that stock before this all came out? They should nail him too!! If Martha Stewart had to pay, well, so should he!!
    God Bless all of you that have a sick pet or have lost one due to this…we are so very sorry for your loss…I, too, have lost pets over the years and I am now second guessing myself if it was because of the food??? This is just awful!

  7. CL says:

    Ugh.. my vet recommended Royal Canin so I bought a bag of their dry food (on my tight budget) but now I am afraid to even open it. It’s sitting in my closet next to nearly full bags of Iams and Purina that I am also afraid to use. I wish I could get that money back.

    (I’m feeding Blue Buffalo right now.. if they recalled that I would be at a total loss.)

  8. Jackie says:

    They say the dry isn’t effected… but I am so tempted to just switch to raw!!! It seems like nothing is safe anymore.

  9. catherine pierson says:

    reply to cl take that unopened bag of royal canin back to where you bought it, with or without receipt. tell them this company’s products are being recalled and therefore the safety of all their products are in doubt. no reason you should have to eat that loss. pitch a fit.

  10. Eileen Verbeke says:

    Okay….I hate to ask you all this, what with all you are already doing (And God Bless YOU for doing this work!), but some advice, please?? Our vet has been doing special food orders for their patrons, so they don’t have to deal with store bought during all this. Both of my “chubbies” aka orange tabby cats, eat the OM (overweight management)formula made by Purina, containing NO wheat gluten, but it does have wheat flour. They’ve been checked with a urine test and all is fine (they had eaten IAMS also, and I found one bag at least that was recalled that they’d eaten the weekend before the recall). I’m concerned….is the OM formula from the vet okay? The other part of their daily meals is from Blue Buffalo…bought via “earthanimal”. So far, they turn up their noses at home-made food, even the chicken and brown rice. One won’t eat human food at all, while the other is a regular garbage can that sees fit to stick his paw or face into anything and everything YOU”RE eating, but won’t touch chicken and brown rice. Please….do you think the OM is okay and the Blue Buffalo? I’m really going nuts with this…..we have both dogs doing great with their food, but the cats are really worrying me. Any advice….thank you! Again..;.God bless you folks for doing the best job on the planet of keeping the info going! - Eileen

  11. Martin says:

    I’m in the same boat here with the OM for one of my pup’s. The canine OM has wheat gluten in it along with the OM bone treats so I have stopped feeding it. I purchased some Kumpi, Canadie, Natural Balance & made my some food which the pup’s love but cat’s are a different story. One of my cat’s loves what I made up but the other wont touch it. She will eat the Natural Balance kibble though. I’m to scared to use any Purina products right now. Mainly because most contain Wheat Gluten and Menu does manufacture some of their food. My thought is: if a company uses Menu for ANYTHING,…I wont purchase it. I dont know anything about Blue Buffalo. My mom’s cat’s wont eat anything but Friskies which contains wheat gluten as well. A CAT MUST EAT! If a cat goes for several day w/o food other problems arise per my vet. Why do they put wheat gluten in stuff anyway?????

  12. Martin says:

    Judi Mills Says:

    April 11th, 2007 at 12:14 pm
    What a crock all this is!!! When are we going to stop shipping in this crap and start using what we all grow in our own countries???

    I DITTO your comment Judi!

  13. Eileen says:

    Martin - Well, I’ve now got endless cans of the “solid” type Friskies, even though wheat gluten isn’t on the label as it is in the pouches. I just don’t feel confident. And am the proud owner (DARN!) of 12 pounds of Blue Buffalo, which I’ve seen some negative info on with the K3. In a final denting of my credit card, I went over to order a case of Paul Newman’s Turkey and Veggies for the two cats. My husband is pulling out what hair he has left over his cockapoo.,,…who get all discombobulated eating anything except Little Caesars, and doesn’t take to switching very well. My son’s collie/huskie mix is doing fine with Blue Buffalo, and I hate to tell him maybe he should switch over to Newmans too….at least all of them in one house will then be on one thing! I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been a mess since this started, have done little next to nothing here at home except spend hours online looking for info, since I’m always afraid something will get recalled and I won’t know it right away. The one thing I’m happy about is that where we live - in the north boondocks of Maine, it’s snowing (again)and there isn’t much to do anyway. I just hope and pray that the cats will eat the Newman’s which should arrive by Monday. PLEASE tell me that Newman’s doesn’t have anything “questionable” in it!

  14. CAROLE KOGAN says:

    All 4 of my cats are on Royal Canin Control Formula wet plus Eukanuba LoPH dry. I think some Eukauba dry food was recalled but when I tried checking with their website when this whole thing started “they were conveniently down” for several days. I never did find out if the Eukanuba Vet diets were recalled. As for the Royal Canin, if one is on the list that makes me worry about the royal canin I’m feeding my 4. So far the only good news is my dog is on Pedigree wet and dry and as far as I know that has escaped all noteriety. Has anyone had any experience with Pedigree being recalled?

  15. Eileen says:

    Carole - I recall, off the top of my head, something about Pedigree, but I can’t recall which it was. Have you taken a look at the recall listings here at Itchmo???? They are quicker here for that info then anyone else, I’ve found. I don’t have the list handy near me….it’s in the kitchen. I’ve done so many updates to it, that it started to all be a blur about a week ago. I know Eukanuba also had things recalled, but again, can’t recall which. Please take a look at the entire list here at Itchmo…better to be safe than sorry! Even though our OM (made by Purina) and Friskies “solid” type were NOT on the recall, I’ve just been afraid to use them. Neither have wheat gluten, but with the way they keep adding items, how can a person ever feel secure? I even went researching the vitamins that you add to “home” food ….trying to be sure that the producer didn’t have a bad record. At $1.50 a can for Newman’s….gosh, it’s a lot of money for two cats….but I feel trapped…’s that or take a chance rolling the dice on the cats! We’re not having a big problem getting the two dogs to eat other things…but the cockapoo has a “fussy” digestive system and he’s so little that we’re afraid he’ll dehydrate. I went to the site to try to get food that was more organic, and found the Newmans. - Eileen

  16. Ellen says:


  17. » Blog Archive » Kinship Circle: PET FOOD RECALL: News, Updates, Action says:

    […] * ROYAL CANIN Recalls Medi-Cal Prescription Food for Cats […]

  18. Evelyn Vandemergel says:

    Need to be alerted.
    Have tow dogs
    One cat

  19. Evelyn Vandemergel says:

    Daughter in johnstown Pa. sent me your info’

  20. Evelyn Vandemergel says:

    Worried about america and the way food is being prepared from other countries

  21. Elly says:

    I went away with my entire family on vacation for my daughters wedding for a week. I left my dog with a freind, and my 11 year old orange tabby at home, for my neighbor to watch. My cat has never ever been sick a day in his life. when I came back on April 22nd. My cat wouldn’t eat, but drank alot. Thinking it was stress from being away, I didn’t worry. But after 3 days, he still wouldn’t eat, and was bringing up byo. I took him to the vet on Thursday., they took blood sample and gave some medicine. The next day I took him back they keep him for the day and had him on IV, and force feed him. the blood sample came back saying his kidneys weren’t functuating properly, and his calcium was elavated. they wouldn’t confirm if it was his food. he now is doing poorly, and is still being force feed, and will have to go back to the vet. two days and medication has cost me over $500.00 so far and I’m sure it’s the food. he has been eating for years fancy feast soft can ( cod and sole, and salmon feast) plus he eats Iams for weight control and mature cats. I called these conpany’s telling me it’s safe to use. then why suddenly is my cat so sick?
    I also use Royal Cainn dasuchund dry food for my dog, as well as Nutrience, he so far is fine. I wonder is anyone knows if these products I use for my cat are truly safe. The vet told me not to use them and to use the vets food which is medi-cal royal cainn formula.
    I don’t want my cat to die this way, hope someone knows what I can do to help him.

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