NEW RECALL: Royal Canin USA Recalls Sensible Choice and Kasco Dry Foods

Royal Canin USA is recalling eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products and seven Kasco dry dog and cat food products. Royal Canin states small traces of melamine-related compound were found in the rice protein concentrate provided by Cereal Byproducts — through cross-contamination. This supplier received food marked as rice protein concentrate from the same source as Wilbur-Ellis.

This confirms today is Friday.

The full press release after the jump.

UPDATE: Since issuing the release, RC updated the date codes involved. The new info is: “products with Best By date codes between July 28, 2007 to April 30, 2008 are being voluntarily recalled.”

(Thanks Mike and Carol)

ST. CHARLES, Mo., May 11 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Canin USA is announcing
today the voluntary nationwide recall of eight Sensible Choice dry dog food
products and seven Kasco dry dog and cat food products.
This announcement is based on the company’s ongoing extensive review of
its manufacturing and quality assurance testing procedures, which
identified trace amounts of a melamine derivative from tainted Chinese rice
protein concentrate provided to the company by domestic ingredient supplier
Cereal Byproducts, headquartered in Illinois.
“We deeply regret the concern and anxiety this announcement today will
cause our loyal customers and the entire pet community,” Olivier Amice,
President and CEO of Royal Canin USA, said. “While a very limited number of
Sensible Choice and Kasco products in this recall tested positive for trace
levels of a melamine derivative, Royal Canin USA is voluntarily withdrawing
these products out of an abundance of caution and because we are fully
committed to the welfare of our customers’ pets.”
Royal Canin USA has no confirmed cases of melamine related illness in
pets eating Sensible Choice and Kasco products affected by this recall.
Last month, Royal Canin USA announced it will no longer use any Chinese
vegetable protein suppliers.
The following eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products and seven
Kasco dry dog and cat food products with date codes between July 28, 2006
to April 30, 2007 are being voluntarily recalled:
SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)
– SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Adult (Dry Dog Food)
– SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Reduced (Dry Dog Food)
– SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Lamb and Rice Reduced (Dry Dog Food)
– SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Puppy (Dry Dog Food)
– SENSIBLE CHOICE(R) Chicken and Rice Large Breed Puppy (Dry Dog Food)

KASCO(R) (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)
– KASCO(R) Chunks (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Hi Energy (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Maintenance (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Mealettes (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Mini Chunks (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Puppy (Dry Dog Food)
– KASCO(R) Cat (Dry Cat Food)
Based on today’s announcement, pet owners should stop feeding their
pets the eight Sensible Choice dry dog food products, seven Kasco dry dog
and dry cat food products listed. Pet owners should consult with a
veterinarian if they are concerned about the health of their pet.
The safety and nutritional quality of Royal Canin USA pet food is our
company’s top priority because we understand that the health of pets comes
first. Pet owners who have questions about the voluntary recall of Sensible
Choice and Kasco dry pet food products and other Royal Canin USA products
should call 1-800-513-0041 or visit our web site at
All Sensible Choice and Kasco products have a satisfaction guarantee
and the company will refund or replace the diets that are part of this
recall announcement.

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  1. YaYa says:

    Hi Kellie, I think that sounds like a Good diet for them. I’d make just one suggestion and maybe it’s just me, but I’d recommend getting or using a small electric coffee grinder, for the egg shells. It would do a much better and faster job than, the bag and pounding method. Would make an absolute ‘powder’. Better digestive absorption.

    I use an Electric coffee grinder for my herbs and such and a Different one for my Coffee.

    You might also for variety, try some cooked Lamb or Turkey some time.

    Just thought I’d pass along my thoughts on you questions.
    Sounds like you’ve done a Good job!

  2. Karen V says:

    When doing research with various medical studies on Kidney Failure in Humans (this was about 5 days before they came out with the additional substances of cyanuric acid, etc. - which were all meltdown by-products of melamine - also the Urea used to create Melamine).

    Anyway, found out the part of the chemical combo here is related to (if you follow the wiki links, and understand biochemistry - it helps ;-) a byproduct of amnitriptomen - which explained why they found it originally - noone was looking for melamine at the time.

    I think on the whole, if the kidneys didn’t get you, the liver would (depending on the cocktail described above). In this scenario, dogs would more likely be affected than cats.

    I posted this info on the Animal Board on EBay (one of the many threads on the subject that has fallen off). What I did say is the research took me about 6 hours on the web. My comment was - why the H**L was it taking these guys so long to figure it out?

    And of course, they will not mention all the side effects other than the acute Renal Failure - but there has got to be some. You can’t cause a biochemical reaction in an animal without something going awry.

  3. my3catz says:

    Today, while in another town to take my mother out to brunch, I stopped at a pet store near her home. They had a limited selection of cat food, but all were what would be considered premium brands. The only two that interested me were the Felidae dry and Serengeti (Timberwolf Organics). Another woman was looking at the cat food and had chosen a bag of Royal Canin. I updated her on the pet food recall, and she put the bag back. We both left with a bag of Serengeti. The info I have read about them on their website and on is impressive. Has anyone here fed the Serengeti to their cats?

  4. Lee Evans says:

    Helen: Royal Canin says they haven’t had any illness or deaths from their foods, and voluntarily withdrew it when traces of melamine (don’t they make plastic dinnerware out of that stuff??) were found. The Chairman of the Board says he is not buying any veggies from China any longer. So I feel they waited so long because they had no reason to act more quickly — you don’t remove food from the market unless you have reason to believe it is tainted.

  5. CJL says:

    YaYa, thanks for responding with links and for the welcome!

    Sharon, the who-makes-what link info was incredibly helpful, thank you. It’s also comforting to know that I’m not the only one feeding a product from this manufacturer.

    >>Hi CJL, I have heard of Bench and Fields dog food. I feed my 3 dogs Eagle Pack, and found that Bench and Fields dry dog food is made by them. I found very helpful in determining who makes what - hope that helps.

  6. petslave says:

    I fed a bag of Serengeti earlier in the year. I’ve been feeding all the no-grain formulas for my cats for a year up until the recall. It seemed OK & the cats ate it, but weren’t terribly enthusiastic. It’s along the lines of Innova EVO, but with many more of the ‘goodie’ ingredients like blueberries & such.

    I think a lot of that stuff is added to attract us to the product. I worry about having sooo many of those pretty specialty ingredients because if your pet is having any kind of food allergies, it’s hard to figure out which of the 1000 ingredients it is. Probably not as much of a concern with cats, but I fed my dogs 2 bags of their dog food & they had some of the allergies flare up a little on them, so quit using it for them.

    I opted not to buy the Serengeti again for the cats because I had to drive over an hour for the nearest store that carries it, & the Evo & Nature’s Recipe were more locally available. Also didn’t see any difference in my cats’ health between it & Evo. Now I don’t think I would feed it because their food is supposedly made in the Chenango plant in the NE, which had the cross contamination issues recently. They don’t state that plant as the one they use, but they do say a private company in the NE makes their food on the website (or they did a few months ago). Diamond used to make their dry but they switched a while back after some Diamond disaster.

    At my house, the world of commercial pet food is currently constricted all the way down to canned Felidae/Canidae, with home feeding in between.

  7. JLR says:


    I am trying to gather information on this subject for all animals presenting these symptoms between last November and now in relation to the pet food recall situation. Please email me ( with your history if applicable.

    Many thanks. Sorry I was not posting today. Reading all now…

  8. Moony says:

    Re: liver failure in cats.

    The reason it becomes an emergency when cats go off their food for just a day or so, REGARDLESS of cause, is because they rapidly go into fatty liver syndrome as the liver tries to convert fat to make up for the lack of food and gets clogged with fat cells. Especially if the cat is overweight at all, even just a pound, like my Miaka was. Chances are it failed in the cats like mine because the cats stopped eating because of kidney problems, and the vets didn’t look beyond the liver failure for cause of death. Not to say that there probably ARE cats who died from their liver being poisoned, just putting forth that its a common happening.

    I’ve had two cats die from it, the other being Miaka’s kitten who died at 2.5 years.

  9. Karen V says:


    So sorry for your loss - I believe that is why this particular problem is more prevalent in dogs than cats. 2.5 years is still a baby.

  10. Karen V says:

    Note: advertising (they will be hard to block?) Royal Canin.

  11. Moony says:

    Thanks Karen. Her kitten actually had something wrong with his backend for his entire life, but the vet never figured out exactly what (short of expensive tests). He went from tiny tiny kitten (with tiny mom), to 15+ pound butt-heavy lap slammer who’d get his front end on my lap but not his back end and usually leave me screaming as he tried to haul himself up with his giant claws. We went through two weeks of round the clock hell with him - stomach tube feeding and medication every 3 hours - and still lost him, and I didn’t want to put Miaka through that. Aside from the fact I couldn’t afford it, either. My Spike is still kicking, tho, despite apparent kidney damage.

  12. Phyllis says:

    Martin –

    Trader Joe’s is a gourmet food store that started in CA. They are now in various areas — even here in VA where I am visiting this week. Most of their products are healthier than the average, i.e. few items wih hydrogenated oils, fresh pesticide free produce, organic items etc. But I still read the labels!

  13. Phyllis says:

    YaYa — thanks for your post. I am interested in the homeopathic pharmacy site.

    Norris — if you want we will send you some links for gluten free recipes to make yourself. I have a grandson and daughter with the disorder. She has learned a lot about eating and cooking gluten free. She even knows what restaruants have a gluten free menu. :o )

    People who are sensitive to wheat often have problems with soy too, and with dairy. Dogs and cats are best off without soy. Soy blocks the action of the thyroid if you are hypothyroid. :o(

  14. jean says:

    To the person with the rat poisoned cat/dog:

    Sorry, I’ve read too many posts at once and can’t remember details. Didn’t you think it was Royal Canin food but you’d thrown away the leftovers? Check out Boot’s post above with the Dr Michael Fox web-site: he says RC recalled Rx food in early 2006 for toxic levels of vitamin D3, which acts in the body like rat poison!

  15. YaYa says:

    I’ll post some of the things I’ve found today, at least links AND the Homeopathy links too, Tomorrow. Thing is tomorrow it will probably be in a different thread :-O
    This one has gotten Huge LOL
    And will probably get bumped to the archived ones.
    So probably post under something for dated the 14th.

    I’ve been reading-up on something on how the liver handles “anticoagulants”, at least in dogs. It’s very interesting.

    One thing right now I’ll post about this is: that it can take up to 6 months for the action of an anticoagulant to cease in the Liver of dogs.

    You know so many breeds have things unique to them. For instance, I was told to Never give my SharPei aspirin. They can lose their Wrinkles if you do.

    It made me think, that for some ‘reactions’ to these poisons that our pets have gotten in the foods; perhaps there might be something “breed specific” as to why, some were hit harder than another. Not only the Amount of poison they got. {it’s just a thought}

    More tomorrow.

    I hope you all had a Good Mother’s Day.

  16. JLR says:

    I just finished reading the Vancouver Sun link (Monday 14th) regarding questionable pet food imported fm China. Tri-Natural in Ontario appears to distribute the Active Life wetfood I just started feeding my cats and was recommending in this very thread a few days ago. Tri-Natural’s president feels pet parents are subject to “hysteria”. Who wouldn’t be if they found out they were feeding their animals DDD-origin meat containing the avian flu, anthrax, hoof-in-mouth disease or mad cow fever? Wow.

  17. GPH says:

    To Lynn u asked about the orijen dry food….i switched my 4 labs to it a few weeks ago..the are doing well on it..shinny coats, energy….no problems getting them to eat it they love it…but u should cut the amount back by 25% due to the high protein content…….and lanie if your out there thanks for the info on halo doggie stew, found out it is made not far from me and i checked the ingredients lists , watched the videos, made a call, bought it and my dogs totally love it

  18. Helen says:

    Lee Evans: My own experience makes me doubt. I was told by pet food company “X” that their food was perfectly safe after I contacted them to tell them it made my cat sick. They did not accept my complaint, and they have still not recalled their food, and I have read numerous reports of same food making many pets sick or dead. They know their food is apparently causing serious harm and won’t recall it. Many people have had similar responses from other pet food companies. I only made that comment, not to scare you, but to point out that these pet food companies are being far less than honest with us.

  19. EGB says:

    Mandy, We have fed our three kitties Whiskas dry for a long time and they are okay so far. We are now also feeding Innova dry. We offer them two or three choices all the time. I think that has saved us so far–I know of several instances where a kitty suddenly started rejecting a food she had liked, and it later was recalled. Any food ours reject is removed–and they have a choice.

  20. Leslie Davison says:

    since the pet food recall ( first story in early March )
    i have stopped feeding my dogs “any pet food” regardless of list, or product. i learned from the top breeders in Europe who always said pet food is nothing but “crap” that we do not use for human consumption, so why would we feed our pets this stuff.?
    i feed my own home cooked pet food, and just came back from my vet who was giving my dogs the yearly shots. He commented that my dogs teeth are fabulous ( never clean them, just feed them natural home cooked food ) and they do not have weight problem, or fleas,,,,,and i do not give them any products to keep fleas off, other than my own home remedy,,,,lots of fresh garlic.

    not only are my dogs the healthiest that they have ever been, it is cheaper, safer, and most of all, its food Us Humans can eat, and therefore, my dogs are in the same leaque as Humans in my house, and the pet food products out there, they can send it to ” all the Ceo”s of the industry to eat,,,,”
    i will never buy another pet food product again.
    i would suggest that all pet owners do the same, this is the best response we can give the industry.

    Kindest Regards

  21. Judy N says:

    What was the pet food company you were referring to?

  22. Moony says:

    Yes Helen, we name names here - that’s why they hate us! :D

  23. Jenny says:

    I think the short answer is as someone else suggested a few days ago.

    Only buy products that are manufactured in the corporate owned factory, not outsourced to a third party.

    However, how we establish that for certain?

    Who knows - it seems like a lot of these companies are very very economical with the truth.

  24. EGB says:

    Re the problems with soy—- does anyone know WHY all the chunk tuna in water now is actually packed in SOY broth instead of water???? Makes no sense to me!! The labels all still say tuna in water but if you read the ingredients the soy is revealed.

  25. SKL says:

    Kellie, just read your post about your home-made cat food. May I ask, what do you add the eggshells for? I mean, what nutrient is added to the food from egg shells? I’m curious, I’ve never seen it in a cat food recipe before. Thanks! (PS - I always see bone meal tablets listed; where in the world do you buy them…?)

  26. Helen says:

    Judy N, Moony: I have named the name repeatedly, though it was not part of my point on that post. I wasn’t trying to get everyone not to trust Company X, I wanted not trusting anything any of them have to say. By the way, it was Nutro dry food. Will never buy another product of theirs again even if they are 100% organic grown right here using human grade whatever. Nothing they could ever do will ever win be back because they denied my complaint and lied to me. They will not get another opportunity to do the same. (Oh yeah, and they made my cat sick, but say they didn’t)

  27. Helen says:

    EGB: The soy broth is probably just a cheap local source of canning salt for the location of the cannery. There are still many brands that don’t have it, Crown Prince being one, Natural Sea being another. Natural Sea claims wild caught, water and salt only. Costs an extra dollar a can and is packed in Thailand. Tastes good too. :) These brands are harder to find, and I will always check labels, as I never noticed when the soy appeared in the first place, and then I was of course livid.

  28. Norris says:

    Thanks Phyllis (May 13th, 2007 at 10:02 pm)

    Sorry to hear about the grand kids. I’ve learned a lot about eating and trying to cook gluten free, somethings results vary. But I still eat it ;P

    I’d would like to know what restaurants have a gluten free menu. :o )

    Interesting about problems with soy and that dogs and cats are best off it.

    My 15 1/2 year old Orange and White Striped Tabby has been surely eating well. He’s waiting for is soft stuff now.

  29. Phyllis says:

    Hi Norris
    – I will have some information in a few minutes, my daughter is on the phone right now.

  30. Phyllis says:

    Some Restaurants — PF Changs, McDonalds, Wendys,

    e-mail me at and i will send you information on gluten free for humans. she is becoming an expert at it.

  31. jessica says:

    A topic we were discussing the other day was Innova Evo and whether it was safe for cats who had been dealing with crystals. I checked in with my friend who has been a vet for many, many years and I asked why my cats haven’t had a single urinary or crystal problem since I began Evo. She said, “Innova Evo is a mostly meat diet so he should have acid urine and the struvite crystals would dissolve… At least in the past we have always tried to make the urine acidic.” Now, my friend doesn’t see too many cats anymore, she sticks to dogs, but she goes to several confrences a year and is very up to date on treatments for all ailments. We are talking about struvite crystals here. I don’t know anything about oxalate.

  32. jessica says:


    Egg shells are a natural source of calcium.

  33. SKL says:

    Thanks, Jessica!

  34. Dorothy says:


    Was scanning thru everybody’s comments and I don’t know what I missed but I am so very interested in homeopathic and bach remedies and you seem so full of knowledge and so willing to share what you know. I tried a homeopathic vet two years ago for two of my cats and one remedy was arsenicum and another was phosphorous. I had to go to the vitamin shoppe to purchase because he said it would be cheaper. My bill was over a thousand dollars and he then informed me future calls to him regarding Topsy and Redhead would be $35.00 per half hour. I had to give him up. Unfortunately he is the only one around. The examination consisted looking at them and of his asking me questions re their likes and dislikes. The next day after much deliberation he told me the remedies to use. Topsy passed away from kidney failure and redhead did pick up slightly but he died recently of kidney failure also.

    I do believe if I was able to afford him and he wasn’t so stingy with his info and money hungry I would have continued with him.. He did say I should give them ORganic chicken and meat and also olive oil every day and Vitamin B.drops. I keep buying books but I need to know the proper dosages and length of time they should be given.Homeopathy is easy to administer, but everything else impossible. I tried to read all the messages but way too many. Any info you can give me would be so appreciated.

    Also you told Kellie to put eggshells in the food she is making?? Is that right?
    Dr. Fox suggest bonemeal but never mentioned taurine. Dr. Martin Goldstein believes in Vit c, and he cooks for his dogs and cats and eats same thing with them. I followed dr. fox’s recipe with rice - my cats hated it and I threw it out. Tried veggies, etc per Dr. goldstein - I threw it out. Now I just boil the ground turkey with some parsley or spinach in organic chicken or vegetable broth and what they like the best is beef stew and then I shred the chunks and cut a litle more, but had to stop with the rice and veggies.

    I do keep some cans they are not too happy with - Wellness, Paul Neuman, Merrick (pure mush_ and now pet promise and someone said Purina was involved. I called them and they said they needed purina’s facilities because they are a small company./farm and are expandng now. I know purina had a dog kibble recalled. supposedly friskies and fancy feast are not made at menu but still garbage.

    I give very little dry for a snack. Wellness I find are too big but I give it to them and Trader Joe sells benchfield. Who know they say they use real chicken humanely farmed. and there is another I tried “chicken soup”?

    Anyway, could you tell me a little more about homeopathy and eggshells and herbs. Thanks a million.

  35. Phyllis says:

    Dorothy –

    I dont have much time tonite but I will tell you what I can. My cat died of CRF failure last summer, but the common juniper tincture and fig tree seemed to help her a lot. I actually consulted my naturopath first about detoxifying the kidneys (common juniper by Dolisos — it is clear, and made from the young shoots only), and then I wrote to Dr. Blake at
    I wrote:

    Hi Dr Blake

    I have used Gemmotherapy for several years so am familiar with the products and the good they can do.

    What do you recommend for de-toxifying the kidneys in light of the present pet food recall?

    My trwo cats are taking common juniper 5 drops a day in their water, and fig tree (same) and Rowan Tree — the last is for icky eyes.

    Phyllis Shamoon

    Here is what he said:

    This is a good choice but no more than 6 weeks at one time. OAO Dr Blake

    All I ask in return is you share my web site with three other people or lists and ask them to do the same.

    He actually lists my naturopath on his site! Any way, the program is called Gemmotherapy and Dolisos (now owned by Boiron) and Unda make these.
    I suggest you look up gemmotherapy online (oligotherapy is with trace minerals) and also read what is on

    I agree your homeopathic vet sounds expensive, but most homeopaths spend more time with you than a regular doctor or vet, so when you figure he could be seeing 8 patients an hour instead of 2, maybe it is not so much. I am low income, so could not afford a vet .

  36. Phyllis says:

    PS Writing to Dr. Blake is free. He is in San Diego, CA.

  37. Phyllis says:

    Trader Joe’s canned cat food is made by Menu Foods. I told them I will never buy it while they use them.

  38. Tracy says:

    Hi All.

    Like many of you, this whole thing has turned my life upside down. I have 3 beautufil, adoring, loving kitties who will all be 2 years old this August, having been adoped from a non-profit shelter associated with the humane society, only after our 16 year old beloved Meow-Meow passed away in October of 2005.

    Once this hit the media, I immediately pulled ALL my Nature’s Nutro pouches and DRY from my pantry and returned for refund. Did my share of research, have lost sleep, gotten stomache aches, head aches, suffered anxiety and stress and tried COUNTLESS varieties of “heatlhy” substitutes, INCLUDING Healthy Balance for a while, THANK GOD I didn’t feed them either the dry Venison or canned ocean fish.

    NOW I have them on Solid Gold dry and one of the 3 on Solid Gold canned Tuna, however, the other 2 have proven to be very picky and difficult in eating ANYTHING remotely healthy, so to keep them from going into Organ shut-down, I had previously tried Purina Pro Plan canned Turkey and Chicken flavors and they devoured, so I am now feeding them both Pro Plan and Solid Gold, (the 2 won’t TOUCH the Solid Gold). I even tried Solid Gold chicken, TO NO AVAIL.

    I have been searching endlessly for an answer as to the safety of this Pro Plan. Now I KNOW it is definitely not the healthiest food I can give them, but they will EAT it and if it is SAFE, I’m okay with that. I too am on a very limited income, and home feeding just isn’t an option for me.

    I love my babies more than anything on this planet along with my husband and family, and I want them to be with me for decades to come, and I want them to be happy and healthy.

    Please don’t scold me for the Pro Plan, I can’t stand by and watch them NOT EAT and go into ORGAN FAILURE, I have to feed them SOMETHING.

    Can anyone comment on Purina Pro Plan please?

    Thank you so much.

  39. Tracy says:


    They’ve been eating the Pro Plan now for probably a month, and I have not seen any adverse affects, I haven’t seen any symptoms of anything remotely negative, and it is not on the recall list.

    My vet told me that if there were going to be problems/symptoms, that they would show up within 2 weeks, and it’s been longer than that.


  40. Dorothy says:


    Thank you so much, Frankly I never heard of Gemmotherapy. Do I just go to the Bioron site and purchase common juniper and fig tree to detoxify the kidneys? A few drops in water is easy, except I keep water all over the house and constantly change it. I went to Dr. Blake. He is wonderful and I will email him to ask if he gives phone consultations.

    Do you know what to give your pets on your own from studying and is your naturopath for pets. And what do you mean by the program? I would like to detoxify all of my cats with a few drops rather than try by mouth.

    I am having a difficult time trying to find out who urinated what appears to be bloody urine in an empty litter box and I am very worried. So I would like to try this program as soon as I can.

    Thank you Phyllis. I appreciate your advice.

  41. Alix says:

    they seriously need to figure this stuff out. im scared to even feed my cat and dog!(i do feed them dont worry). if this gets too out of hand ill just feed them rice and meat and things like that. they really need to sort this thing out

  42. ming says:

    I am tired of researching, can anyone guide me the 1 source for updated list of dog food recalled list? =)
    Thanks alot

  43. ming says:

    oh..this is the site. =p

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