Royal Canin Vitamin D Pet Death Lawsuit

Royal CaninWe read about this news back on March 21, but we will post this in the best interest of completeness. Why? Because the FDA has yet to absolutely conclude melamine or aminopterin as the cause of death. (Neither has UC Davis’ state-of-the-art lab. - Thanks Pet Connection)

Several readers have speculated that vitamin D overdose could have possibly caused the Menu Foods deaths. More on alleged Royal Canin vitamin D overdose and lawsuit.

In this Toronto Sun article, an attorney (representing a vitamin D victim) is calling for the testing of vitamin D levels in Menu Foods deaths:

With suspicions in the Menu Foods poisoning shifting from animopterin rat poison to melamine used in Asian fertilizers, lawyer David Himelfarb said suspect food should be “immediately” tested for excessive vitamin D.

Himelfarb said the kidney failure seen in the Menu Foods case is “exactly” the same as symptoms that left a Whitby woman’s dog seriously ill in 2005.

Thanks to all our readers who wrote in about this.

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