Rubber Ducky, You’re The One

Dog in a Bath I feel bad whenever I have to give my dog a bath because he looks like a sad, shivering, skinny rat and I know he is in utter despair. Here’s a chance to give your dog a bath for a good cause- Animal Rescue Foundation. Downtown Dog Lounge is hosting the Animal Rescue Foundation Rescue Benefit and Bathing Extravaganza on Sunday, March 11 from 2-4pm at their Elliot Ave location. All the proceeds will go towards foundation and dogs that were affected by Katrina. (Does anyone else find it totally ironic that we’re having a fundraiser for storm victims through watering our dogs?) By the way, there are also 9 puppies that are looking for a good home! They were transported from Louisiana and have been nursed back to health. So, take your dog to the park and get him really dirty, then make him pay! (By him paying, meaning you’ll have to pay. ‘Cause you always do anyways.)

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