Runaway Dog Causes Flight Delay

Dog on runwayWe all have experienced flight delays due to weather or equipment problems. How about a stray dog?

A US Airways plane had to change its course when it was landing at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday. A dog was running loose on the runway.

As the plane was about to touch down, air traffic controllers told the pilot to circle around again because the dog was still on the runway.

The dog ran across both runways and dodged airport security workers as they chased him in vehicles and on foot.

For a second, it seemed like the the dog high speed chase was over and that he was caught. But, then he was spotted a little later on the north side of the terminal.

After thirty minutes, the dog was finally caught in the baggage-carrier garage, and the US Airways plane was able to land.

From Arizona Family:

An airport spokesperson said the dog was exhausted and thirsty after his airport adventure. Authorities said the dog could have entered the airfield through a gate when a vehicle was passing through.

He is now in the custody of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. It is believed that the dog is a stray because he has no collar or tag.

This high-tailing dog will be up for adoption if his owner does not claim him after 72 hours.

This is the second time this month that Sky Harbor Airport has had an incident with a dog. Earlier this month, Southwest Airline employees saved a seeing eye dog’s life.

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