Safe Foods List, AP’s Folly, and The Latest Toll

For those of you wondering what IS safe to feed your pet, PetsitUSA has a list of foods that are not a part of the recall.

PetConnection is criticizing the AP of reporting only “official” numbers of pet death which is seriously hampering the news from reaching the mass public. We cannot agree more with them. In the wake of several well-respected and knowledgeable organizations estimating the death toll to be much higher, AP continues to only quote the official number of 16.

Also, their self-reported database has recorded 1,716 deaths as of last night.

If you or your vet has not reported your pet’s illness or death to the FDA, please do.

3 Responses to “Safe Foods List, AP’s Folly, and The Latest Toll”

  1. kim says:

    Please email the AP at and ask them to report the real numbers and the real story.

    If you have a minute, but don’t know what to say, I posted a sample on my blog, you can just cut and paste and send to the AP. Then take another moment to Forward that email to your LOCAL media too.

  2. Kim says:

    Update: I found the email for Mark Johnson, the AP reporter listed on the article my paper ran on Saturday. I just emailed him and the New York City and Albany Bureau Chiefs. I’m not making their email public yet, while I have no qualms about overloading the APs general mailbox, I’d rather not do that to these individuals, unless they don’t respond.

    I am making the emails available to other blog owners though. :-) Email me!

  3. Kim says:

    The AP saw fit to add no new information.

    So, back to contacting the AP. Here’s a link to the Names, phone numbers and email addresses of every AP Bureau Chief - one for each state. It’s on the AP website… happy typing and calling.

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