Safe Humane Chicago Teams Up Against Dog Fighting

Safe Humane ChicagoChicago community leaders, city officials, members of the faith based community and the police have all joined together with humane and animal related groups to create Safe Humane Chicago.

The coalition’s mission is to educate children about the dangers of dog fighting, so they will not become involved in this illegal crime. Their goal is also to teach an alternative to violence.

Safe Humane Chicago will show kids how to treat dogs humanely and will bring dogs to visit community centers, churches, and schools. Children will learn how to approach strange dogs, and how dogs are trained through reward and motivation instead of fear or force.

This type of program could become a nationwide campaign to teach communities all over about the dangers of dog fighting and to teach people how to humanely interact with animals.

“Educating the public and raising the awareness of cruelty towards animals can ultimately prevent many of the crimes that are a direct result of this violence,” said Interim Chicago Police Superintendent Dana Starks.

Source: Steve Dale’s Pet World

4 Responses to “Safe Humane Chicago Teams Up Against Dog Fighting”

  1. nora says:

    HURRAH for this organization to step up and take a positive action and to enlighten children about the treatment of animals, dogs in particular. I am sad to say almost every time I take my 67 lb Aussie out in public (he is sooo gentle) young children say the most ignorant things (”scary puppy”) for instance. And their stupid useless parents stand by and say nothing. It makes you want to scream. And when I walk him on the 4 mile Creek Trail close to our house the Hispanic ladies who walk with their children on the path glare at me and my dog (while their kids scream and squeal in fake terror) when I smile and try to be friendly. Absolutely sickening.

  2. Jenny Bark says:

    Nora, I’m so sorry you & you baby are treated that way, it’s so sad. Please remember it is their great loss. Reading your posts for months I think you are beautiful & I have never met a baby that was not beautiful even the poor ones who where trained to be mean. Hold your head up & know that someone greater than them knows you are good person.

    The story above is just great. I hope a lot of places start doing this. A little bit here (thou I think this is a lot) & a little bit elsewhere can change the world. I really think this is wonderful.

  3. Lynn says:


    This organization is doing the right thing by getting in there and getting to the kids. Unless these kids understand that harming animals is wrong, they will believe it’s ok and may grow up to be serious abusers to animals and humans. Must change their frame of reference.

    So how about other org’s stepping up to the plate and following Safe Humane Chicago’s model.

    Nice work, everyone!

    And Nora, like “Jenny Bark,” I’ve never met an animal that wasn’t beautiful.

  4. Dee says:

    I have a pit bull. I get lots of those reactions, and all she wants to do is lick them to death!!!
    In this article, it is good to hear of people being taught lessons other than the ones Michael Vick has taught.

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