Satan Went Missing!

Satan the CatA black cat named Satan had been missing for three weeks and was then found in a bathroom wall. 2-year-old Satan had found his way through a hole in a neighbor’s apartment wall during some plumbing work and was then walled up. While the owner was searching the neighborhood all over for her cat, Satan was stuck in the wall. The owner’s granddaughter came to visit and went to the downstairs apartment and heard meowing behind the bathroom wall and knew that it was Satan.

To rescue Satan, a hole was cut in the wall and he was squeezed through. Satan was down to 11 pounds from his normal weight of 18 pounds and he survived by lapping up water that had leaked through the wall. Satan spent some time at the vet and is now safe and sound. This is one case where you can say “Thank goodness Satan is alive”. (We posted this story just to be able to write that last funny sentence.)

5 Responses to “Satan Went Missing!”

  1. e wem says:

    What is it with cats. My cats were always trying to get into the walls of our apartment through a small opening under the sink. We had to block it off.

    I love a happy ending

  2. Sylvia says:

    That name in the context of the story is too funny! Thank goodness the little girl heard the cat’s cries. I would suggest a new name for the cat, but what if they renamed him, “GOD”?

  3. Andrea says:

    You have to wonder what Satan did to earn his name. I had a cat with a name that I can’t post here. He earned it. It had to do with the night of the runny feces that I found all over the entire bathroom - even the ceiling. I can’t even remember what his original “nice” name was.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Oh, Andrea, I was eating when I read that. We have all been there but I am trying to repress those memories now.
    Until I am done with my raisin bran, anyway!

  5. Wendy44 says:

    LOL Andrea. My cats have many nicknames, and funny enough one we called “little Satan” because she was soooo naughty. We also had one sometimes called “Mr. Pee-pee”, but thank god we got that problem taken care of.

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