Say Hello To Hello, The Dog That Does It All


Hello the dog seems to be able to do it all.

Her owner, a Taiwanese shopkeeper, says that Hello can sell betel nuts, known locally as penang, in his store. She opens up the refrigerator, picks up the penang, puts it on the counter and collects the money from the customer. He says that many customers come to the store just so they can be served by Hello.

Hello can also go shopping by herself. She carries a plastic bag in her mouth that contains money and a shopping list. At stores, she waits in line. When it is her turn, she puts her front legs on the counter and drops the bag in front of the cashier.

Hello’s owner says his dog is extremely clever. His only problem with Hello is that on hot days, she stays out longer in the cool stores instead of hurrying home. On those hot summer days, he tells Hello: “Come home early, don’t stay there for the coolness.”


2 Responses to “Say Hello To Hello, The Dog That Does It All”

  1. e wem says:

    It is hard to read dog stories from asia. I know from a Taiwanese acquaintance they eat dogs there. He said dog is considered good for health and warms the blood. He admitted eating dog

    Hopefully, keeping pets like this may turn the hearts of some of the dog-eaters

  2. Andrea Dickson says:

    Well, people here in the US eat beef and chicken and pork. It’s not that different, really. I mean, I felt sick when I saw dog restaurants in China, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of great Chinese people who love their dogs and wouldn’t dream of eating one.

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