Say Woof! Your Dog Should be in Pictures!

Amanda Jones with one of her favorite subjects

How much would you pay to have your dog’s portrait taken? How about more than a thousand dollars for just the photo shoot? Prints are extra.

The holidays are fast approaching and many people are scurrying to get family photos taken before it becomes time to start addressing greeting cards. But across the nation, more and more people are including their pets in those photos. Many a holiday photo has traditionally included the family’s dog, perhaps sporting a Santa hat beneath the Christmas tree. But rarely do these photos clearly capture the dog’s quirky personality for the viewer.

One of America’s foremost pet photographers travels nationwide and schedules photo shoots along the way. Amanda Jones started professionally shooting pets in 1994 in Maine. She has since gone on to shoot covers for Bark magazine and has now published four books featuring her work. Her clients gladly fork over $1100 for the privilege of having their four-legged children photographed by this shutter-clicking genius. Why so much, you ask?

Amanda Jones has a knack for capturing not just images but personality in the pets that she photographs. Viewing her still photos is almost like reading a description of the pet’s soul. The majority of her photos are shot in black and white, with a crisp white background. She rarely uses props, preferring instead to focus her lens directly on her furry subject.

Watching the inner-workings of her photo shoot is a real treat for the owner as well. Amanda shoots one-handed, holding treats or toys in the other hand for distractions. While not a dog-trainer, she has a knack with animals and can get them into poses most people wouldn’t think possible. The calm, Zen-like feel of her portable studio is probably key.

Between now and Christmas, Amanda will be visiting 9 cities and only a handful of settings remain available. Her travel schedule can be found on her website at

6 Responses to “Say Woof! Your Dog Should be in Pictures!”

  1. Lynn says:

    I’ve had professional photos taken of my dog. I can’t tell you how pleased I was. The photographer wasn’t a hobbyist, but did this full time [dogs and cats only] and was much in demand. She had a way with animals. At the time my dog was not expected to live much longer but she managed to photograph him in such a way where he looked very healthy. I can’t tell you how much joy I had in showing the pictures and the comfort they provided after he died.

    Suggestion: try to get the negative and photo rights so that you can make notepaper or cards, too.

  2. Lynn says:

    Gosh, Amanda is good! Take a look at one of her shots:

    Black pets a so difficult to photograph. Yet she did it.

  3. NH says:

    How much does she cost? Her website doesn’t say (at least I couldn’t find anything).

  4. Lynn says:

    It’s there somewhere: $1100 for one pet. I think it’s an additional charge for additional pets or for YOU to be in the photo, too. She’s got an email address on the website if the answers aren’t on the faq.

    Price isn’t unreasonable. She takes about 150 shots and there’s a lot of labor that goes into making sure the pet is well photographed. I mean, we are talking heavy gymnastics on the part of the photographer, I would imagine. :-)

  5. Moonbeams says:

    The price for a “great” photo - as much as your pocket book can manage and maybe even your charge card too!

  6. Nancy Bueno says:

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