Scientists Testing Connection Between Melamine And Mass Bee Deaths

Federal researchers are trying to find a link between melamine-tainted foods and a syndrome dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder.” CCD has been causing alarm as the bees needed to pollinate produce has been disappearing in droves.

According to the article, the FDA is testing bee feed for melamine.

CCD started last year, coinciding with the first known reports of melamine-tainted foods.

No link has been found, but researchers at the Department of Agriculture’s Bee Research Laboratory and the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine are testing commercial bee feed for melamine-related compounds and doing feed tests on honeybees.

“I was curious enough and wanted to be complete enough that I thought it was worth doing,” Jeffery Pettis, the bee lab’s research leader, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Thursday.

Since some commercial bee feeds are protein-based, using ingredients like brewer’s yeast and soy flour, the possibility that melamine could be causing the unexplained bee die-off is worth investigating, Pettis said.

However, he said he does not believe that melamine or anything about the bees’ diets ultimately will be linked to what is killing them.

“Our commercially available diets contain protein in them, so it’s not out of the question,” he said.

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29 Responses to “Scientists Testing Connection Between Melamine And Mass Bee Deaths”

  1. Flamin says:

    Hurray, it’s about time! I hope they also test the bees boxes, imported bees from Asia, as well as the bee feed!

  2. Gary says:

    And with less bees, comes less food production and even more importing. Things are looking good America! Oh my.

  3. Flamin says:

    Not just for America Gary, CCD has hit other countries as well. If this is indeed true, ( which I believe it is ) not only are our pet food supplies limited, but the human food supply too. Less honey bees, less food production. Now factor that into severe storm damaged crops, fires, food crops competing to make more ethonal/less going into food production, high gas prices, pests, GM foods…..

    food will be scarce.

  4. flamin says:

    I hope they also start testing the yeasts imported from china too! These yeasts are also in pet food, and human food.


  5. Mandy says:

    And the domino effect just keeps on going…

  6. Gary says:

    I have the bad feeling, we may be seeing the first harbingers of things to come for the world. Man in his glorious “intelligence and foresight” may reap what he has sown.

  7. Gary says:

    In a related note, here’s something else to ponder of things to come, right on the heels of the imported food tragedy.

  8. Sandy says:

    I wish it affected the FDA , CEO’s of petfood companies that poisen pets, wasps and spiders instead of the bees

  9. xyz says:

    The time frame is equally as important. I’ve not heard if CCD kicked up a notch in late Oct., being early in the winter, but that would be my guess if the feed was poisoned. The lack of predators entering the hives seems a tip off to something out of the ordinary. Thank you, Jeff Pettis, for being curious.
    We could use more of that.

  10. Cynthia says:


    Goodness, it’s beginning to sound like something from the Book of Revelations!

    “severe storm damaged crops, fires, food crops competing to make more ethonal/less going into food production, high gas prices, pests, GM foods…..
    food will be scarce.”

  11. Trudy Jackson says:

    While I was thinking about the bees, I had some himmingbirds come here already. I usually have tons of them. anyway, I fed them and now their gone. and they are gone from 3 of My neighbors too. Does their food come from China? I’ll have to check,

  12. 4lgdfriend says:

    point is, nothing is safe from the scourge of the profit motive.

  13. 4lgdfriend says:

    now, just a very few months back, anyone suggesting a connection b/w dead bees and tainted imports would have been called a nut. It is indeed good to see that people are starting to ask wider questions.

  14. Helen says:

    Flamin, did you feel like a nut a month ago when you brought this up? It only took them this long to be WONDERING if there is a connection b/ China and CCD. Sigh. Yup, I feel so safe now. *groan*

  15. Flamin says:

    Yes Cynthia, it sure is! Hi Helen, I guess I’m a nut, lol However we nuts tend to think outside the box, and i’m just glad they are finally going to test the bee feed too. Just to rule this out as a very real possibility. I wonder what your friend the beekeeper thinks about all this. I hope other countries effected by CCD will also test All Yeast, bee boxed/hives, larva, imported bees, amino acids, everything needs to be checked. I’m wondering how this will effect honey, bee pollen, royal jelly products.
    What gets me is the FDA/Codex knew about all this for years. Whats more, they are allowing the tainted hatchery fish, chicken, turkey, duck, pigs ( what did I leave out ) into the food supply. They sure don’t care, do they.

  16. Flamin says:

    I just feed the hummingbirds sugar water in their feeder Trudy. I don’t put any red food coloring in it, just purified water, mixed with sugar. I have lots of flowers nearby, so I think they should do alright.

  17. YaYa says:

    Hate to say this but IF it proves to be the same line of Contaminants we’ve been dealing with; THIS might finally get the Whole nasty thing into the Light and STOP it!

    And they Have to Save the Bees or we are on a short Countdown til the end.

    Should I cash in my 401K and take a trip?

    This would just about be the ONLY thing Important Enough to get them off their Dead A&&’s and FIX this!
    It just MIGHT Be “Serious”!

    I’m allergic to stinging critters, Bees in particular but, Thank Gawd for the Bees!

    Oh yeah, one more thing. This started over a year *1* *YEAR* ago in Europe and Asian countries. That would mean what We have known about the contaminants from our Own experiences, is TRUE. It’s been going on a LONG Time.

  18. YaYa says:

    Trudy, I always Made my own Hummingbird food.

    {of course the commercial ones have all the additives and presevatives etc in the} But I just mixed Water and Sugar {make sure the Sugar is all melted} and a tad of Red food color. They loved it.

    Took about 3 days for them to empty my feeder. {which I always cleansed real well each time I filled it}

    Check a web site for a recipe for the Hummingbird food and make your own. I’d at this Point, consider All Foods pre-package Highly suspect!

  19. Helen says:

    Flamin, My point is that you are not a nut and never were. The two threads in forum about this Honeybee Dieoff and Vanishing Honeybees led me to some great articles. Organic bee keepers are not being affected by this. The locations of CCD do not conveniently correspond to GM crop locations. HOWEVER, what I have not read is how many of the commercial bee keepers all took their bees to the same location last year to pollinate. The majority of the commercial bee population for example pollinates California’s almond crop. This could also account for a sudden devastation over such a wide area. Were they all poisoned in the commercial pollination work with something that ended up poisoning the honey? Or was it in fact contaminated feed? No, you are not a nut at all.

  20. Flamin says:

    Thanks Helen :)

  21. Jen says:

    That’s interesting. I’ve been hearing about the bees a lot lately, here in Texas it’s hard to find any.
    Keep us posted on the bees!

  22. Moony says:

    Here’s a really stupid question…

    Why do the bees even NEED to be fed? Are they not getting enough nourishment from what they pollinate? Were they bred to be too big to subsist just on what they can find?

  23. 5CatMom says:


    Around here, there’s not much left for the bees to find. Much of the pasture and woodland areas have been replaced by urban development.

  24. e wem says:

    When I was a kid there were bees in every yard. This was before weed n Feed, Round Up. These were wild honeybees, not beekeeper hives. A bee sting was a part of child hood. it taught you to be careful.

    People had clover in their lawns. Now people keep everything pure grass and few flowers. They treat their lawns with every kind of grubicide. They cut the grass before anything can bloom or seed.

    I have areas I do not cut. I can go in there a get free tree seedlings to propagate. Neighbors who manicure their yards never see a seedling of anything.

    My neighbors use insect foggers all summer. One neighbor uses so much herbicide on our shared drainage ditch the trees around the ditch barely leaf out.

    This week I saw two honeybees on my weeds and was overjoyed. They are so precious I don’t care anymore if they are Africanized bees at least they are pollinating.

    The pet food poisonings have opened our eyes to what has been changing in our world. With no thought to the future, business is manipulating the environment.

    Everyone should watch the Charleton Heston movie ‘Soylent Green’. It seemed extreme when it came out years ago, but no longer. Right down to the side issue of how society became detached from the world it lives in, lost its rights to the elites, and was now being poisoned.

  25. Flamin says:

    Honey bees need supplemental feeding in the winter time Moony, to stave off starvation. And the important fact that 5CatMom & e wem mentioned about the changing environment. Mankind has been destroying the environment for generations.

  26. Barbara says:

    Hummingbird lovers,
    Your hummingbirds will begin to thin out after late May. They switch to insect food and are busy raising families and feeding the chicks insects, but they’re still there. They’ll come back in late summer.
    I feed mine only sugar and water - no red dye or additives. One part sugar to 4 parts water is a good solution. (You may want to make it a little stronger if you have a cold snap - they need extra energy then.)
    I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and I’d like to say what a great resource it is! It’s really helping me stay aware of new information as it comes out. I’m recommending it to all my pet-loving friends!

  27. Bridget says:

    I heard in a news report that Einstein once said that if we lost our bees, the earth would die off within four years.

    I’m glad this is finally being investigated since I know people here have been thinking this for weeks.

  28. Helen says:

    Moony, I imagine the bees need to be fed in the winter because the bee keepers take most of their honey to sell.

  29. Deb says:

    I’ve been reading through news and posts at Itchmo for quite some time but this is my first post …so hello, my name is Deb.

    Itchmo, thank you! What in the world would we do without you? Scary times we’re living in and I’m so thankful for this wonderful site and forum. I’ve learned a great deal and have been prayerfully researching to help put the pieces of this massive puzzle together. Off topic (not bees) but I’ve found a small trail leading to pharmaceutical problems which I intend to follow to the end. Wish me luck!

    Bees …not a single peach this season. The tree is bare! I watched for them late spring when the tree was blossomed out as I do every year and not one little bee. I thought it strange to say the least, now I’m worried. We did have a frost (as usual) but it’s never affected the entire crop. No bees, no peaches? 12 - 15 bushels the past 2 years. Another really strange thing is that my 15 year old lilac bushes were completely bare. I know they don’t need pollenating …can someone tell me where my lilacs went?

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