Scottish SPCA Warns Cats Being Used As Dogfighting Bait

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

The Scottish SPCA has said that they have found evidence that shows that cats are being used as dogfighting bait. The organization has video footage of Staffordshire Bull Terriers being turned on domestic cats.

They said that cat remains have been found at the scene of a number of organized dog fights. Video of the attacks is often recorded on cell phones before being circulated among dog owners.

It is believed that the cats are being used to rile up fighting dogs. The dogs have a go at the cats before turning on each other. Investigators say that using domestic animals is a “sickening new twist” in the problem of dogfighting rings.

From BBC News:

One undercover Scottish SPCA officer said a group of people involved in dog fighting had recently been caught searching the streets for cats.

He added: “Dog fighting has been a long-standing problem but the involvement of other domestic animals is a sickening new twist.

“Last month we had a case in Aberdeen where a group of men walked their three Staffordshire Terriers around the streets hunting for cats.

“When they found one, their dogs were set on it and the fight was recorded on mobile phones - it was horrific stuff.”

Sarah Ross, head of Cupar Animal Trust Shelters (CATS), said the number of missing cats in Fife had increased in recent months.

She said: “Generally one or two cats go missing each month. However when suddenly eight go missing over a 10-week period, it makes you think they are being stolen to order.”

10 Responses to “Scottish SPCA Warns Cats Being Used As Dogfighting Bait”

  1. Todd says:

    In Britain, it was always safe for cats to be outdoors. However, obviously that is not true anymore…interesting that the increase in dogfighting in the UK (and the cat theft) correlates to an increase in Caribbean immigration, where dogfighting is practically an institution. I can guarantee you that these dogfighting rings are made up of Caribbean immigrants. Immigration from third world countries should be curbed at all costs because this is the result. Third world cultures, except for the eastern vegetarian ones, in general have no respect for animals. When a large influx of third world immigration occurs in an area, animal cruelty increases. Until these bastards are caught and dogfighting curbed, keep your moggies indoors.

  2. Donna says:

    Never post any pets “free to good” home. Too many evil people in the world that take “free to good home” and use these gentle souls for horrific situations. No more free to good home pets. Place value on ALL life ! Stop the dog fighters,any way we can. Better yet, throw them in the dog fighting rings !

  3. Lynne says:

    Pet theft for dog fighting bait goes on in the U.S. too:

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    I agree with all of you. I still see signs in people’s yards and in newspapers “free to good homes”, I call them but I don’t know if it does any good. I believe dog fighting would go way down if media would report, people in law would do their job and people would report of what they hear & see. Sometimes I think we live in a sick sick world. The older I get the more I know, the sicker I feel about everything that is going on.

  5. wescott20 says:

    Research has recently come out that animals are even more intelligent that once thought. Chimps can fashion spears to hunt, elephants show empathy, a dog who was injured once walked to a vet’s himself, and cats have been shown to have the intelligence of human toddlers. All the more reason to have full and complete protection for animals under the law, and the same punishment for animal cruelty as there would be for murder or rape. All of those involved in dog fighting, for instance, should get life in prison or even better, the death penalty. Believe me, if there were such laws on the books, this rampant animal cruelty we hear about every day would go down considerably, and I’ll bet most of the public would not complain about such laws either. I blame the officials and judges who give animal abusers a mere slap on the wrist just as much as the animal abusers…their inaction sends the message that they are condoning such behavior and this only encourages the bastards to continue their cruelty.

  6. Lynne says:

    wescott is right. I saw a story about a raven that actually made a tool and used it. Unheard of.
    (The bird bent a paperclip to use it as a hook to get some food out of a little well the researchers had created.)

  7. beth says:

    i don’t know if the human race can get any sicker.. when i had some kittens to find a home for, i ask them alot of questions. then i put a price on the kitten, they didn’t want it then, but guess what they had big dogs out side. pitbulls ! but i can’t remenber their names… we just need to stay strong for them that cannot speak!

  8. mittens says:

    Todd-your racist rant is particularly unappealling and terribly misguided. that your hysteria wasn’t noted astounds me. and furthermore, it wasn’t always safe in england for moggies to be out and about before ‘ third world immigration”( as if there wasn’t a long history of such immigration going back to your empire days. great britian has had colonies in the caribbean for some time.). ridiculous native born caucasian annoying tools also have a history of stealing people’s outdoor pets for sundry purposes. i supppose you believe there was no rape of white women until ‘immigrants’ moved to england.

    i live in a community of largely but not exclusively 3rd/4th generation black caribbean immigrants. every year we have a giant parade with all the islands represented the population is so tied to that area of the world.there is absolutely no evidence of dog fighting in my neighborhood. indeed i’ve never seen any of the more commonly used breeds for fighting about- and i would notice. i have never seen any sort of animal abuse. my friends from the islands consider such a ’sport ‘ appalling and immoral.i have been treated with nothing but respect and kindness here -and i see many of my neighbors walking their family pets. my favorite is a rather large young guy- all thugged out with the bandana and the low slung pants and all the bling walking his two ‘toto’ lap dogs.

    there was more evidence of dog fighting when i lived in an inner city neighborhood filled with recent immigrants from latin and central america. the one consistant theme of dog fighters is not their skin color, immigration status or country of origin( although indeed it’s true dog fighting is legal in some other countries)- it’s affiliation in a gang.

    positing that using cats for bait is something new is rather ignorant. cats and smaller dogs have always been used to train fighting dogs.

    this novel idea that europeans have that americans and dark colored immigrants created the very concept of crime and criminallity and thrust it on their virgin safe pristine shores is a self serving , often racist, myth floating in a mist of raging denial. and the idea that just because some ‘ eastern’ cultures are vegetarian and thus superior is fairly fanciful thinking. thank god in india the bulls are sacred and women are treated like crap. of yes that’s advanced- save the animals- abort a female fetus and beat your wife legally while enforcing a caste system and denegrating human life. nice.

    and my cats are smarter than a human toddler….and they leave less of a carbon foot print.

  9. Lois Kimball says:

    I saw a made for tv movie or some type of tv drama show years ago, more than 15 maybe 20, seems like Edward Asner was in it, that featured dog fighting. I knew very little about it then. It showed cats being put in pillowcases and killed by the dogs. I have never forgotten that, it still sickens, enrages and saddens me. Those images have always been a fundamental factor in keeping my cats indoors and busting a gut to make their indoor life as fulfilling as possible.

    And while atrocities of many forms run rampant across the planet and justice seems to have moved to the Arida Solar System, I can only hope all the people who cause such suffering (to animals and humans), famous and otherwise, fry in a particularly brutal corner of hell for all eternity without hope of parole. I hope their frying starts soon, and their victims are in charge of the terms of their retribution. Perhaps the story of Sekhmet’s rage in Egypt could serve as a template.

    Other than that, I wish us all peace and joy.

  10. Ryan says:

    i think It’s the latin culture that started dog fighting
    In Newyork most of the dog fighting goes on within the latin community
    whoever started it doesn’t matter
    the people who use cats as bait should be cut up and used as dog food

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