Seattle Seahawks Donate To Animal Shelters

Seattle SeahawksAmidst all of the news surrounding Michael Vick and his involvement in dog fighting, it’s nice to hear that there are some football players out there that show care and concern for animals.

The Seattle Seahawks are helping dogs at local animal shelters and rescues by donating their old towels. Towels for Shelters is a campaign organized by Deena Cornish, owner of the Uneek Dogs company.

“Towels are in constant need at animal shelters and rescue organizations,” says Deena. “Most people are not aware that this is an ongoing need. I’m so grateful to the Seahawks for their generosity in participating in this campaign and I know the shelters will be, too.”

Longtime animal advocate and Seahawks employee, Karleen, contacted Uneek about donating their old, used towels that would normally be thrown out. The Seahawks are not only dog lovers, community minded and generous, they are thinking green.


8 Responses to “Seattle Seahawks Donate To Animal Shelters”

  1. Stefani says:

    This is a great idea. I think someone should organize a national movement to solicit NFL teams to do some karmic payback to the furries. We should have an organized charity that gets donations from NFL teams for shelter and rescue organizations, BUT ESPECIALLY for bully rescue/rehab and educational programs against dog fighting.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?

  2. Macushla says:

    I sent an email to the NE Patriots suggesting they adopt this great idea. It the least the NFL can do.

  3. nora says:

    This is a kind gesture on their part. Thank you SeaHawks.

  4. Stefani says:

    I have been dreaming about a television commercial.

    It would open with a big burly hulking football player. The camera is on his face and he says:

    “Sometimes people look at me and assume I’m a brute. I’m a big guy — all muscle. If you saw me behind you in a dark alley, you might fear for your life.

    But looks can be deceiving, and I’m really a gentle, well mannered guy — ask my wife.

    And so is Paco.” [Or, insert your favorite name . . . ]

    [Camera pans out to show football player sitting in armchair with a pit bull at his feet]

    “Yeh, sure, when we’re playing ball, that muscle comes in handy. But we know how and when to use it.

    As for dog fighting — I want no part of it, and if I find out one of my team mates is involved in it, I’m turning him in. It’s cruel and barbaric . . . and I wasn’t raised like that.

    Neither was Paco.

    The American Pit Bull Terrier breed has a history as beloved family pet. In responsible hands, they become wonderful, loyal and trustworthy companions, like Paco is. But in the wrong hands — when they are treated cruelly and visciously, starved and beaten, and forced to fight for their lives — just like any other large dog — they can become dangerous.

    That’s why it’s important to ban the deed, not the breed.

    Take it from a couple of big softies, dog fighting is a serious crime. It makes victims out of innocent animals, and warps the values of our young people, so that they too, become a threat to society.”

    [Close the ad with a pitch to donate to an anti-dogfighting campaign, breed rescue/rehab, ban the deed/not the breed group, etc.]

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  5. Lynn says:

    Great advertisement, Stefani! I hope some football team’s PR rep is reading this! It would make an excellent promo.

    And Seattle Seahawks: you’re terrific for donating the towels. A very kind gesture. It does not go unnoticed.

  6. 2CatMom says:

    Stefani: That’s brilliant! If you are not in advertising….you should be!

  7. Klondike says:

    I like your idea, Stefani. And the Seahawks!

  8. lola says:

    i think it is a geat thing they want to do

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