Second Possible Chinese Exporter Sells Chemicals

We would like to caution that no exports from this company has been identified as being contaminated and that the only source of information linking Suzhou to the tainted wheat gluten is the one identified by the FDA as the source. We are looking for the FDA to tell us if this lead has been investigated.

A manager at Xuzhou Anying told the AP that the tainted wheat gluten was also sold to another Chinese export firm — identified as Suzhou Hengrun Import & Export Corp., Ltd. (Formerly known as Suzhou Textile Import and Export Co.) That firm’s Web site describes themselves as “one of the 500 largest foreign trade enterprises in China since 1991.” With revenues exceeding US $100 million. Quite a bit larger than Xuzhou, and possibly a larger trade partner with US companies. Their recent name change suggests that the company has been expanding into other export opportunities.

A list of their chemical exports do not contain melamine. Here’s the list:
Rifadin, Clarithromycin, sulphamethoxydiazine, Ganciclovir, glucuronolactone, NITROFURAZONE, Ibuprofen, Pyrazinamide

NOTE: The direct link to Suzhou’s Web sites resulted in a redirection to an x-rated site. Please exercise caution and shield your furbabies’ sensitive eyes.

Thanks to Mr. Spocko for the tip

UPDATE: The USA Today has a very enlightening article on the sensitive trans-Pacific investigation and how the Chinese regulate their food supply. Here are the key points after the jump.

  • The official Chinese government stance is that the problem is not related to China
  • The Chinese company named by the FDA is cooperating:
    Mao insists that the discovery of melamine, if it is confirmed, would be the first time this has happened in China. “We are fully co-operating with the investigation,” says Mao. “We are helping the authorities. We know that the sale of agricultural products to the USA is a sensitive area. We do not refute the news, but we need to know more about it.”
  • Menu Foods confirms that the tainted wheat gluten was sold as human-grade
  • Top FDA official says “no evidence” that the human food supply is tainted
  • FDA overwhelmed with complaints:
    Normally the agency gets 5,000 consumer complaints a year on all products. “This issue has generated about 9,400 reports of concerns or complaints. The sheer volume is extraordinary,” says von Eschenbach.
  • FDA has tested 430 samples of food

Kudos to Pet Connection.

11 Responses to “Second Possible Chinese Exporter Sells Chemicals”

  1. Steve says:

    The Gift that keeps on Giving

    I officially will not buy any product even remotely connected to China now.

    Even if I have to starve. Thats the end of it. Whatever it takes.

  2. Harry says:

    I noticed that Xuzhou Anying is based in Peixian. A Google search on “Peixian”, a town near the large ciy of Xuzhou, gives, as the first link, a site about the “Dog Meat Manufactory” in that town. The actual “Dog Meat Manufactory” link ( is to a site with pictures of dog meat and a stolen “101 Dalmatians” animated graphic with Chinese characters for “woof” coming out of its mouth and barking sound effects. Disney should sue.

  3. Steve says:

    Harry, Disney is in bed with them.

    HONG KONG As Hong Kong Disneyland prepares to open on Monday, Disney will hold off building a similar theme park in mainland China until it has been assured that it will be able to air Disney shows on Chinese television, according to Robert Iger, the company’s president.

    What Americans need to do is mass boycott China until this unregulated trade with them is brought under control and they get their act together over there. I’m not optimistic. And I don’t want America to have to stoop down to that level anymore.

  4. 4lgdfriend says:

    from doolittler: “There is no requirement that pet food products have premarket approval by the FDA. However, FDA ensures that the ingredients used in pet food are safe and have an appropriate function in the pet food. Many ingredients such as meat, poultry, grains, and their byproducts are considered safe “foods” and do not require premarket approval.”

    # Posted By Stacy | 4/2/07 8:34 AM

  5. Russ says:

    Just in case anyone misunderstood, the “Dog Meat Manufactory” has nothing to do with dog food, but is a farm breeding dogs to be used for meat. There are plenty of photos of this “farm” at - while you’re there have a look around the site at some of the other horrific pics from China.

  6. Melissa says:

    Please be careful of opening any websites listed by other posters! This site gave me 2 viruses! Fortunately, my antivirus software caught it! These are the names: Trojan Anicmoo and Adware.Iebar!

    NOTE: The direct link to Suzhou’s Web sites resulted in a redirection to an x-rated site. Please exercise caution and shield your furbabies’ sensitive eyes. NOT OPEN!!!!

  7. DeeAnn says:

    We all want the best value for our money. We are finding out that the best value is NOT cheap goods made outside the U.S.A.

    I’ve had it with China. We have lost tens of thousands of good paying jobs to them (plus other countries) and replaced them with low paying service sector jobs. Their human rights stink, their land is the most polluted, river waters are too toxic for drinking or bathing, and their exported food and products to the U.S have been implicated many times. For me it is just the last straw–I am taking a stand.
    Our middle class standard of living is falling I can no longer in good conscience buy Made in China stuff and will be joining other people doing the same thing to try and turn things around.

    Don’t buy if thats your choice, but let the companies know why you will not buy their product. It will be extra work and effort but I am up for it.

  8. betty says:

    The big problem is, when food products come in, they go into food products here and there is nothing on the labels to even tell us where it came from. Just as there is nothing on the labels to tell us if anything in the product is genetically modified. Our Government will not allow it. They do not want us to be able to make informed choices.

  9. Loretta Anderson says:

    this is all I have to say for now about china go #$%$#@#$*&^)@!&& yourself!!!!!

  10. keenisar says:

    Hello! FDA, would someone please check those 25K “Paper” overseas shipping bags???

    “(Kraft paper with interwoven liner made mostly of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE))
    available thru Alibaba®under shipping bags..(Melamine 99% 25kg Polywoven Bags.)”

  11. carol says:

    I think this should show all americans just how important our and our pets safty really is to them, It’s Not!!. they have been so busy trying to be political that they have thrown us to the wolves! The american people need to get off of our lazy butts and take a stand against this kind of crap!, I certainly am!.

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